20 Bizarre Things Found Only in Belarus! – Video

20 Bizarre Things Found Only in Belarus! – Video

20 Strange Things That Only Exist in the Belarus!
Imagine waking up in a country where the locals speak 11 different languages, with 3 capitals and wild animals freely roaming the streets. Sounds crazy, right? But if you visit South Africa, you’ll definitely experience the unbelievable things I just mentioned.
Join me on this journey until the end of the video, and I’ll show you the strange and frightening things that South Africa is hiding.

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20 strange things unique to bellarus known as the green lung of Europe where women prohibit marrying foreigners or famously referred to as the land of potatoes Belarus is an intriguing Eastern European country with peculiar facts follow me to explore bellus to discover the wonders of this country rest assured you will be

Surprised by bellus such as the illegal act of driving dirty cars here number 20 bellerians are highly superstitious one incredibly interesting aspect is the bellian people’s inclination towards quirky superstitions a particularly widespread belief is that you should never whistle indoors because doing so will blow away all your

Money they also say that you shouldn’t clean your house after guests leave until they return home as it is believed that tidying up signifies permanently removing them from your life additionally belarusians hold various irrational superstition s such as if you see a small spider in bellarus

It means you’ll fall ill and if you spot a magpie trouble is on the way the people of this country also fear broken mirrors considering it a bad Omen what are your thoughts on these superstitions feel free to share your opinions in the comments number 19 driving a dirty car

In bellarus is fined a fascinating fact about bellarus is that driving a dirty car is illegal any one caught driving a dirty car can face fines or even points deducted from their driver’s license you may be fined if you drive a car with dirty windows and a dirty license

Plate various sources suggest that the fine could be up to $54 so if you’ve ever driven in bellus make sure your car’s windows and license plate are clean number 18 Belarusian women prohibited from marrying foreigners bellarus is a country known for its abundance of beautiful women with many possessing model-like proportions numerous International

Beauty pageant have been represented by bellarus showcasing women with fair skin and attractive figures in reality bellerian women maintain the pure lineage and characteristics of ancient Slavic ancestry with distinct and refined facial features however Bellis has a peculiar regulation that prohibits women from traveling abroad even for tourism this

Spot intends to debates on social media as many found it unconventional in the 21st century contrary to perceptions bellarus has reasons behind this policy due to the ample resource of such beauty many entrepreneurs and companies sought to recruit Belarusian beauties for various modeling competitions generating substantial profits based on

Appearances however in the long run the beauty of bellerian women would be greatly compromised and some bellerian experts predict severe gender imbalance if this trend continues to prevent such a scenario bellus had to implement regulations to curb the loss of beautiful women number 17 land of world-class athletes and Olympic

Champions bellus has a strong tradition of training world-class athletes particularly in individual sports such as Athletics gymnastics and weightlifting the country consistently breaks its own records on the Olympic stage winning numerous medals Belarusian athletes like Victoria Azarenka in tennis and Daria Doma in Bon have reached the Pinnacle of their respective

Sports serving as National icons and Inspirations for the Youth of bellus overall bellus places a significant emphasis on Sports education for young people and provides resources to develop outstanding athletes number 16 potatoes as a bellian specialty mashed potatoes are a St people in belarian Cuisine rarely missing from any meal with over 300

Potato recipes to choose from such as tokachi a multi- layered potato cake and Cal Juni dumplings filled with minced meat wrapped in mashed potatoes you’ll be delighted to explore the variety one beloved potato dish is draiki crispy potato pancake served with a dollop of sour cream both delicious and healthy

Number 15 traditional drinks of bellarus in addition to interesting potato-based dishes bellarus boasts unique traditional drinks among the alcoholic beverages of Belarus meduka and crambula are quite popular meduka is one of the first alcoholic drinks to appear in bellarus in ancient times it was made by fermenting honey throughout

History honey based drinks have been highly esteemed for their taste and health benefits this drink was used used for entertaining guests as a remedy or simply enjoyed occasionally in daily life meduka from many years ago holds a sacred quality and is reserved for serving on tables during festivals and religious

Ceremonies crambula is a traditional bellian drink with ancient Origins it reached its peak popularity in the 19th century and experienced a Resurgence in the early 21st century it is also a honey based drink with a captivating taste for centuries this distinctive beverage has been companion in home

Meals and lavish parties of the wealthy due to its high production cost number 14 European bison the forest Buffalo one of belarus’s common symbols is the European bison with an estimated population of just under 3,000 European bison in the wild and bellarus being the homeland of nearly onethird of them this

Is the heaviest land mammals surviving in Europe they are tall notably humped and have long shaggy fur each individual can weigh up to a ton stand 3 m tall and move gracefully due to its impressive yet somewhat intimidating appearance it served as a model in the movie Beauty

And the Beast descendants of Ice Age ancestors these bison continue to exist with their warm fur and sharp meat eating resistant horns their numbers reach thousands and in bellarus around 1. 5,000 are present constituting 1/3 of Europe’s European bison population they are often seen on various stamps bellerian rubles and other currencies across

Europe number 13 belarusians have a habit of using public transportation the majority of bellerians use public transportation including trains trams buses taxes and even the subway for short distances of about 3 km walking is preferred consequently in the capital city of Minsk or other major cities traffic congestion is rare and accidents

Seldom occur pedestrians are given top priority in traffic and underground passages are present on Main avenues for safe Crossings walking amid streets under treelined Avenues or through forests in bellarus can be quite fascinating along the way one may encounter wooden benches for resting or enjoying a smoke an interesting habit of

Belarusians is that they don’t eat or smoke while walking contributing to a cleaner environment as littering public spaces is uncommon environmental Consciousness is ingrained in every Citizen number 12 unique Belarusian National Library ranked 25th among the 50 most unique buildings globally the Belarusian National Library is renowned worldwide as a colossal Diamond it serves not only as a cultural and information hub for Eastern European countries but also hosts numerous press conferences of of the president and

Welcomes visits from various heads of state the uniqueness of the Belarusian National Library lies in its construction shaped like a diamond according to Architects this symbolizes the epitome of human intellectual value with 23 floors it is divided into two main sections the first three floors serve as the base of the

Diamond featuring a museum preserving ancient prints art galleries conference rooms and 20 reading rooms of various SI however the most strictly guarded part inaccessible to everyone is inside this diamond storing nearly 9.3 million documents in over 70 languages worldwide the modern transportation system with 27 overhead tracks running throughout the entire Library

Facilitates a rapid and efficient document transfer process capable of serving over 1,000 readers per day under the integration of the fully covered lead lighting system outside the structure always provides an intriguing experience for anyone witnessing it at night particularly this library has a feature of continuously changing colors

Every minute thanks to lead technology do you find this structure interesting if so give the video a like and share your thoughts in the comments the next fact about bellarus will be even more intriguing number 11 belarian New Year customs in bellarus the celebration of Christmas and new year begins on

December 25th and lasts for 1 to 2 weeks with a traditional New Year called caladi the largest holiday of the year before Christmas Eve belarusians have a traditional coocha Feast with dishes made from barley avoiding meat and fat during the traditional New Year celebration in bellarus unmarried girls

Participate in special games to predict who will get married in the coming year for instance a pile of corn kernels is placed in front of each girl’s stand and a rooster is released the rooster running to the pile under a girl’s feet first signifies that

She is believed to be the first to get married in the New Year in another game a married woman hides special items around her house for her unmarried friends to find the girl who discovers a loaf of bread is believed to marry a wealthy man while the one who finds a

Ring is expected to marry a handsome husband another interesting aspect of the belarian caladi celebration is that children often go down the streets to get together wearing handcrafted and cut costumes along with masks they visit houses sing festive songs wish for health and a Bountiful Harvest in return they receive gifts drinks

Or number 10 Minsk the capital city was destroyed during World War II Minsk often referred to as the Phoenix city has risen From the Ashes multiple times throughout its tumultuous history the city was nearly obliterated during World War II but was metic iully reconstructed during the Soviet era today Minsk is an intriguing

Blend of classical Soviet architecture and modern development reflecting the resilience and determination of the Belarusian people the postor War II reconstruction enhanced its Grandeur with wide Avenues and Monumental public buildings designed to showcase the strength and progress of the Soviet state with friendly residence a vibrant cultural scene in green spaces

Minsk offers a unique perspective for visitors to witness the history and contemporary life of bellus number nine land of castles and fortresses while bellarus may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking about medieval castles and fortresses it boasts numerous historical architectural structures over many centuries countless defensive

Constructions were built to protect the population from various Invaders today some of these buildings such as the 16th century Mir Castle and nesv Castle are recognized as UNESCO world heritage sites attracting history enthusiasts from around the world Belarusian castles serve as tangible evidence of stories of invading armies

And noble families that have shaped the country’s Rich history while many of these fortresses have been restored and turned into museums or cultural venues some remain as Majestic ruins allowing visitors to reflect on bygone eras notably nesv Castle is famous not only for its historical Beauty but also for harboring mysterious

Tales the black Dame of Nish the spirit of Barbara radzi will the wife of Polish King sigismond Augustus is said to linger at the castle for over four centuries Bound by Tales of suffering and Misfortune rumor has it that her ghost is still occasionally seen around the castle and the town of

Nish do you still dare to visit this Castle after hearing about this ghostly Legend if anyone anyone knows more about this ghost feel free to comment below number eight Rich traditions of music and folk dance bellarus boasts a rich tradition of Folk Music and Dance a crucial part of its national identity

Belarusian folk music is characterized by tender Melodies and traditional instruments such as the Duda bagpipe symbolum and Lyra folk songs often depict history Legends and the daily lives of the country’s people people and these Melodies have been passed down through generations remaining a cherished part of Belarusian

Culture in addition folk dance is an integral aspect of Belarusian culture with traditional dances like crash aak and lavanica performed during festivals and celebrations these dances serve not only for entertainment but also contribute to preserving belarian Heritage and nurturing national pride the dances often feature vibrant traditional costumes adding an exciting visual

Element to the performances number seven Chernobyl disaster’s impact on bellarus although the Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred in Ukraine it released a significant number of radioactive particles into the Earth’s atmosphere causing pollution in a vast surrounding area including bellarus Bellis alone had to Bear up to 70% of the radioactive dust from

Chernobyl furthermore This Disaster had severe repercussions on the lives economy science and culture of bellarus as the country suffered from the devastation of radioactive materials and the loss of cultural and historical values in PESA region in the south of bellarus the Chernobyl catastrophe also had a profound impact on bis’s

Agricultural production due to the harmful effects of radiation Bellis lost a portion of its total agricultural land about 1/4 of the country’s Forest Area 132 mineral deposits and nearly 350 industrial facilities were also exposed to radiation 2 million people had to endure the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster with over 1.3 million people

Including nearly half of them being children and Adolescent still living in the affected areas the rate of congenital disabilities in newborns in bellarus increased by 250% after 1986 regarding health there has been a significant increase in cancer cases particularly thyroid cancer since the disaster the rate of thyroid cancer in

Children increased by 40 times and in adults it is 2.5 to 7 times higher the impact of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster is indeed horrifying what are your thoughts on this feel free to comment below number six bellarus belaz 75710 the world’s largest dump truck baz 75710 is the world’s largest heavyduty

Dump truck originating from bellarus with colossal Dimensions measuring over 20 m in length nearly 10 m in height and about 8 m in width baz 7571 Reigns as the king of the world’s largest heavyduty trucks this monster not only boasts immense size but also possesses impressive power exceeding 11,000

Horsepower which is six times more than a Formula 1 racing car or equivalent to the power of seven Bugatti Chon supercars combined Blas 75710 holds the record for the highest payload in history with a staggering 450 tons the truck itself weighs around 360 tons what makes it interesting is that

Its wheels are not directly driven by the engine they are connected to generators that produce electricity for electric motors on the axles a colossal baz 75710 can travel over 400 km fully loaded without without refueling inside it has dedicated diesel fuel tanks with a total volume of 5,600 L ensuring extended

Journeys the cooling system includes a substantial 890 L of cooling water and each engine accommodates 269 L of oil number five unique fire jumping Festival in bellarus the annual Ivan kupala fire jumping Festival in bellarus takes place on July 24th every year couples holding hands leap over bonfires symbolizing

Enduring love and warding off Misfortune the Ivan kupala fire jumping Festival in bellarus begins with a dance around a large bonfire participants typically wear their traditional attire people dance sing and celebrate around the fire during the festival girls May release wreaths illuminated by candles onto rivers and attempt to float them as

Far as possible hoping for romantic relationships to flow with the currents of of the glowing flowers men may try to catch these wreaths aiming to capture the attention of the woman who released them number four forget Pancake Day bellarus Has pancake week pancake week known as musin is celebrated in the last

Week before winter to welcome the onset of spring pancakes known as bini are displayed in every home for friends and family to enjoy and are also served during local street festivals Bou are creative with accompanying dishes including ground poppy seeds and Rich mushroom stews to accompany blini this ancient Slavic Festival has

Deep roots in bellarus with each day of the week having different traditional ceremonies one day is called greeting day where people bake blini a traditional bellerian pancake and create a straw Effigy Of lady Mas lenza representing winter the first blind is offered to the poor and the straw Effigy

Is placed on the main Street for the entire week Tuesday is game day for the Youth locals especially the younger generation spend time Outdoors playing games like sledding Wednesday is Sweet Day where people treat relatives and friends to blin Thursday is a day of fun and play

The Effigy Of masin is taken around while enjoying blini and outdoor activities including sledding singing and dancing Friday is mother-in-law’s evening where men Express gratitude to their mothers-in-law by making blini for them Saturday is sister-in-law’s day finally Sunday is forgiveness day this day is considered the most important of muslin

Featuring Public festivals and events belarusians end this day by burning the traditional straw Effigy Of muslin symbolizing the end of winter and the arrival of spring number three bellarus is located in Eastern Europe bellarus was once one of the 15 republics of the Soviet Union for 70 years until it separated and declared

Independence in 1991 however the country still maintains close political ties with Russia clockwise it borders Poland Lithuania lvia Russia and Ukraine despite not having a coastline bellarus attracts visitors with picturesque rossing cornfields ancient forests and Villages that resemble paintings the Serene landscape combines with modernity in beautiful cities and Architectural structure

Minsk the economic cultural and political Center of barus is also its capital featuring numerous national landmarks and being a major tourist destination the former name of the country belarussia is still used mainly in historical contexts some Belarusian citizens find the term belarussia offensive as it evokes memories of the past

Regime number two about 40% of belarus’s territory is covered by foreign forests bellarus is often referred to as the lungs of Europe because it is home to one of the last and largest remaining parts of the Primeval Forest that once covered the European Plain the baaa forest even in the capital city Minsk

Which is highly urbanized the entire city has a refreshing green Ambience the summer temperature in Minsk reaches a maximum of 28° C with mild Sunshine making it an ideal place for people to gather on grassy fields for sunbathing and napping beautiful national parks are also found in bellarus making it an ideal

Destination for hiking enthusiasts and those who appreciate fresh air oh and an interesting fact is that the green stripe on the Belarusian flag symbolizes the country’s forests do you like the forests of bellarus comment below and let us know your thoughts number one belarus’s winter is consistently cold bellus experiences

Bitterly cold Winters with temperatures always below freezing reaching a peak of -1° C during this time people have a 2 we winter break faced with such cold how do bellerians stay warm first regarding architecture houses are built with double layered walls and in between there is a wide insulating space the

Windows are tightly sealed to prevent cold air from entering opening a window to hang a piece of meat outside is fine for a whole week as the outside inv enironment is like a refrigerator with the sealed off house design using firewood for heating is Not Practical due to air pollution and the

Need to cut down trees for firewood instead a hot water system runs throughout the building hot water flowing through metal pipes releases heat warming the inside of the house this hot water also serves as clean water for household bathing needs this system not only saves fuel but also contributes to Environmental

Protection so we’ve explored 20 fascinating facts about bellarus which fact impressed you the most I personally like the unique fire jumping Festival remember to comment on your favorite fact thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated on our latest

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