Should you trust your feelings? A short discussion – Video

Should you trust your feelings? A short discussion – Video

Should you always trust your feelings? #shorts

In the video, “Should you always trust your feelings? #shorts,” the speaker challenges the common notion that trusting our feelings is always the best course of action. While it may sound romantic or wise, the speaker argues that our reactions to the world are often based on our perceptions rather than the actual reality. Quoting Epictetus, the speaker suggests that it is our interpretations of things, rather than the things themselves, that disturb us.

The speaker goes on to express concern about the trend on college campuses of encouraging students to unquestionably follow their feelings, particularly when they feel offended. They argue that part of wisdom is the ability to question our initial interpretations and look for other perspectives, which are crucial skills for both critical thinking and mental health.

The video raises important questions about the role of feelings in decision-making and the need for young people to be taught to question their interpretations, look for evidence, and improve the way they interpret the world. This topic is particularly relevant in a time when anxiety and depression among young people are on the rise, prompting the question of whether identity politics may be contributing to these mental health challenges.

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Always trust your feelings it may sound wise it may sound romantic but wise people around the world have noticed that that we don’t react to the world as it actually is we react to the constructions the the perceptions Epictetus said it is not things themselves that disturb us but our

Interpretations of things what we’ve begun seeing on campus is that students are encouraged to to follow their feelings if they feel offended by something then they have been attacked they’re supposed to not question those feelings but part of wisdom is the ability to say now wait a second are

There other ways to look at this these are crucial skills for critical thinking these are crucial skills for mental health and we need to be teaching young people at all stages to question their first interpretations look for evidence and improve the way they interpret the world

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Kids are more anxious and depressed than ever. Is identity politics to blame?

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