Smart Mirror Uses Facial Scanning to Measure My Blood Pressure – Video

Smart Mirror Uses Facial Scanning to Measure My Blood Pressure – Video

Smart Mirror Checked My Blood Pressure by Scanning My Face

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, the latest innovation in wellness technology has arrived in the form of the Anura Magic Mirror. This smart mirror is designed to scan your face for 30 seconds, analyze the blood flow patterns in your face, and make a health assessment based on these changes. The process is entirely cloud-based, sending your facial scan to the cloud for analysis.

During a live demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Lindsay from Neurologics showcases the capabilities of the Anura Magic Mirror. With just a quick facial scan, the mirror is able to provide a comprehensive health assessment, including blood pressure, mental stress, facial skin age, and even the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. The results are displayed in color-coded zones, with green indicating good health, yellow indicating average, and red indicating areas of potential concern.

One of the key advantages of the Anura Magic Mirror is its accessibility. It can be utilized in various settings such as hospital waiting rooms, pharmacies, and community kiosks, providing people with a convenient way to monitor their health without the need for appointments or extensive travel.

While the mirror is not intended to provide a diagnosis, it serves as a valuable feedback tool, allowing individuals to gain insight into their health and make informed decisions. Furthermore, the awareness created by the health data can serve as a motivational boost for individuals to take control of their wellness.

The Anura Magic Mirror represents a revolutionary step in utilizing facial scanning technology for health assessments and demonstrates the potential of smart mirrors in promoting health equity and accessibility to healthcare information. The question remains – would you let a mirror scan your face to provide valuable health insights?

Watch the video by CNET

We’re here at CES checking out some of the coolest New Wellness technology I’m here with Lindsay from neurologics we’re going to check out the anura magic mirror Lindsay I think we’re ready to go this magic mirror is going to do is it is going to scan my face for a period

Of about 30 seconds it’s actually going to scan the blood flow patterns in my face and then from there it’s going to make a health assessment based on the changes in my blood flow patterns so let’s check out in action all right so Lindsay I think I’m going to get

Uncomfortably close to this close then it’s going to start the stand there we Go there we go so you can sit back and relax and and it’s all cloud-based so it’s sending your facial scan up with a cloud and analyzing the data So within a second here we’ll have your full picture Fantastic look at how quick that was so yeah so your you know your blood

Pressure is picking up 119 over 88 we calculate everything from mental stress facial skin AIDS we even do your risk of cardiovascular disease risk of stroke so for yourself you’re very very low zero what did the green yellow and red zones indicate specific I mean I’m

Assuming it’s like green is good red is bad and any other specific green above average you know yellow average and if you’re in the red zone it indicates there might be a risk though you should you know see your doctor yeah um so here we’re seeing you know if you had high

Cholesterol high blood sugars so you be in the Red Zone here um you know we’re picking up your risk of hba1c risk of flossing blood glucose and it’s important to note too this is that we’re not giving you a diagnosis it’s intended to be an assessment right really like a

Feedback tool yes exactly yes so what some of the ways that people can use or leverage some of this health information so the nice thing about this is uh you know you could have this Hospital waiting room Pharmacy Community kiosk and it really allows people to get picture of their health without having

To potentially make an appointment drive somewhere it’s especially good in regions where there’s a shortage of doctors it’s a big Health Equity play as well that’s such a great point in terms of Health Equity and things like that and I also think you for me just just knowing just seeing that information and

That data every once in a while it almost creates a little bit of a motivational boost I know that I get that with like a wearable device and things like that when I just see like who this is actually how many steps I walk today or did you know just that

Awareness that’s so often like such a big pce so that’s the inura magic mirror in action would you let a mirror scan your face and the blood flow in your face in order to tell you how healthy you are let us know

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