Stranded on Cairo’s Ancient Streets in Egypt 🇪🇬 – Video

Stranded on Cairo’s Ancient Streets in Egypt 🇪🇬 – Video

Get ready to get lost in the historic streets of Cairo, Egypt, as we take a stroll down the Al Moez street in this captivating video. Experience the vibrant culture and history of the city as we explore the oldest street in Cairo, filled with stunning monuments and historical buildings that have served as Egypt’s capital for Islamic Empires throughout its history.

Get a taste of the local culture as we mingle with the friendly locals, do some souvenir shopping, and indulge in delicious Egyptian snacks. You’ll get an insider’s look at the bustling street filled with street vendors, selling everything from bracelets to shisha, and even traditional snacks like cotton candy and crepes.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Cairo and looking for a great area to spend a few hours, then this is the right video for you! Join us as we take a fascinating journey through the historic streets of Cairo and immerse ourselves in the rich history and culture of this captivating city. Don’t miss out on this exciting adventure through the ancient streets of Cairo.

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Video Transcript

All the size uh 30 man this is a nice little area  to come hang out at for a few hours drink some   coffee drink some tea and just enjoy The Vibes  of Egypt wow look at these streets thank you from  

Bro I appreciate it I’m from the US California  I’m BN love really I’m born Cincinnati my mom   from Cincinnati my daddy see this man selling  some corn right here as well probably at a way   better price than um what I got this morning  what’s up everybody welcome back to a brand  

New video from here in Cairo Egypt now today we’re  actually about to walk cairo’s oldest street and   it’s actually one of the oldest streets in all  of Egypt this here is Al Moz and I’m actually  

Standing right in front of the main gates or one  of the main gates this here is Bob Al futu and   there’s actually a little um plaque here that  talks a little bit about the street so we’ll   go over it before walking down we’re actually  here and we’re about to walk this entire Blue  

Line through the historic Cairo to show you guys  some of the most beautiful um buildings in the   city now it says here that historic Cairo houses  many monuments and historical buildings as it is   of the largest world heritage sites in the world  it served as Egypt’s capital for Islamic Empires  

Throughout its history and Alat was founded by  Amir i al as in 21 ah 641 ad it was the first   Capital established in Egypt after the Islamic  conquest wow pretty damn cool so yeah a lot of   history taking place here in these quarters  and today we’re going to explore a little bit  

Of that together now I actually don’t know  exactly um how long it takes to make it all   the way down to one end but from what I was  reading on um the internet you can actually  

Walk this entire strip in like an hour and people  were telling me that if you come out here in the   middle of the day um it’s completely different  than if you come on out here in the evening so hopefully um we can experience it to  the fullest right now but this place is  

Gorgeous look at this now everybody told  me to walk the street at night that in the   evenings it gets extremely beautiful that  all of The Monuments tend to light up but   I actually don’t have much time left here in  Cairo so I don’t think I’m actually going to  

Be able to do that but like there’s some  street food on out here this place is G gorgeous I love all of the um architecture here  in Cairo it’s pretty interesting and it’s all very  

Diverse I I really really like it it makes for a  very interesting um place to walk around all the time all right well we’ll see what we get into  we’ll walk around observe and most importantly  

Take in all of the Vibes of the old town so you  got a gentleman here selling some bracelets I   can imagine there’s going to be quite the bit of  souvenirs as well a cotton candy machine all kinds  

Of snacks because this is very popular amongst  tourist so we should probably get our hands on   some on a couple more souvenirs because I’m on one  of my last days here in Cairo and to be honest I  

Didn’t really purchase too much actually I didn’t  purchase too much at all I mean I’m missing so   many souvenirs I need to get stuff for everybody  you know how it goes anytime you go somewhere  

Imagine when you guys go on your trips right guys  you go on a onee vacation two we vacation out of   the year and you got to bring back souvenirs  for everybody now my family holds me to that  

Same standard every time and I’ve been doing this  for what six years now so um imagine that every   country that I go to I bring back souvenirs for  everybody but they enjoy them I enjoy them it’s   a win-win look at all the shishas wow those  are beautiful some fresh olives olives are

Amazing a lot of the items that you actually  find in this area or in Egypt remind me of the   items that you can actually purchase  in um Morocco and in Tunisia as well   you see a lot of the same similar items  because of wow this is beautiful because  

Of the um well the relevance in of being  North Africa so a lot of the same similar items man this street is awesome you  know this one actually reminds me of   um this reminds me of the city of Fez that’s  what I’m getting reminded of as I’m walking  

Through here wow it’s extremely busy too huh  um according to the the lady at my hotel who   actually recommended this place she said  in the evenings it gets absolutely crazy   filled with locals but to be honest I  see more locals than tourist in this  

Area right now oh is this one of those up  armored bank trucks that looks pretty damn cool can see a a tower from a mosque  hanging off of over there wow look   at this they’re making Crepes all kinds of good

[Music] stuff I love all of these shisha  too if I was going home right after Egypt   I would take me home one of these but I’ve  already got it in mind that when I purchase  

My first home and I move into it and want  to settle down I’m going to come to um my   favorite places in the world and just go  absolutely ham and and just buy everything   for the place and one of those shisha  I want I’ll come here or to Morocco and  

Pick one of them up I mean look at them  they’re all fully so much detail they’re beautiful oh you can tell they got all the  knockoffs too look they got all the all the   bigname brands but that aren’t the bigname  brands I love it here I don’t know something  

About the City of Cairo the energy I feel like  it’s my kind of place like it really sucks me in wow look at these These are waffles more cotton candy let me know what you guys think of this so  far does this uh Street remind you of anywhere  

In particular anywhere that you’ve [Music] been  wow I really love it here you know what we might   have to do a little bit of souvenir shopping  while we’re here why not let’s actually see   hello sir wow these are beautiful these ones  are really nice too how much is this one sir  

45 45 yes and the bigger than every every  bigger than 100 100 those are all 100 okay   this one’s 4 you don’t have another one one more  no no there a same price same price same price  

Same price okay um I’ll take this one okay um  let me see this one oh that one’s heavy though   that one’s very heavy let me see with inside oh  you have more let’s see Hello Alum all the size  

Uh 30 oh those ones are all 30 30 you are very  amazing price okay here I take this one yeah   you got honest price honest price oh these are  beautiful these ones are 50 lb yeah oh those are  

Finally okay I take that look another color no  he has the best prices in CYO heav heavier than   Gibson this iseline and this is Gibson they  move one at a time this is all uh with with  

Us okay okay then you know what let me do who  what are those what is this uh this is openen   how much is that one 100 oh man I like this what  you can put stuff in inside yeah you can book in  

B in anything Inside Yes okay you know what  but I can open yeah please please I want to see beautiful store oh yeah okay good material I want  I want I buy that one here this one one   minute thank you and this one Shan I’m  amazing shop he has the best prices in  

Cairo honest price thank you thank  you sir now I get to take home some souvenirs and I have bigger than here oh  those ones are bigger any one 200 those   ones are 200 okay let me keep looking and  I’ll come back and I have those are King tot  

Three unit but that’s the big one that one’s  nice okay thank you sir thank thank you so much that’s enough good you want this  exchange for you you can keep it thank   you I appreciate the honest price thanks for  you of course here you are so if you come to  

Almes best store best store thank you you’re  welcome thank you sir all right let’s keep going I needed those you know I like those  little um storage statue things man I want   more of those I’ll think about it though I’ll  probably come back we’ll see I got to keep  

Um walking though can’t spend all the money in  the first spot you know I’ve learned that over   the years especially cuz sometimes you know  there’s more interesting items that come on up yeah according to um everything I read  online about this street it’s very touristic  

It’s a very safe place for tourists to come  and walk around especially by themselves but   I don’t see much tourist at all man all  of these shops are just so gorgeous the   problem with coming to countries like  this is you just want to absolutely buy

Everything look at how how all of these little  um Alleyways these small little side streets look incredible right oh this is a coffee place  or a tea place you know what we’ll come back here  

And have a tea or I’ll come back here and have  a tea at the end of this video maybe I’ll bring   you guys with me we’ll see we’ll see what the  Vibes are like yeah this is crazy area I love  

It hello they got ice cream fresh frish over  here in this direction ice cream cutting candy   uh gentlemen making waffles more cafes man this  is a nice little area to come hang out at for a  

Few hours drink some coffee drink some tea and  just enjoy The Vibes of Egypt wow look at these streets no this place is awesome yeah I don’t  know what I was thinking to be honest my biggest  

Regret of this entire trip is only staying 8  days in Cairo I mean only staying uh 5 days   in Cairo 8 days in total in Egypt um I might have  to actually extend that stay we’ll see cuz right  

Now I only have 3 days left and that’s pretty  much the entire um leg of my n [Music] Cruise   wait I think I actually just told you guys that  wrong no it’s not 8 days it was 8 days it’s 10  

Days in total um but it only counts for 4 days  here um the river cruise and then like one and   a half day in Alexandria so not a lot of time  so my biggest regret is not booking enough time  

Here in Egypt you definitely need like at least  3 weeks to a month to explore it all that mosque   is beautiful right look at all of the detail I  think that mosque is actually constructed from Limestone it says here that the AL akmar mosque  this mosque was built by khalip alar he ordered  

His Vis visor to oversee the construction of  this mosque and the names of the ciff and his   visor al- Mamon were inscribed on it interesting  I didn’t really get much information out of that   but um I guess that’s why you come here on a  tour like these guys because that’s how you’re  

Actually going to learn about those things but  I like you know just walking around enjoying the   Vibes of the cities um losing myself like this  not really the tour Vibe kind of person let me  

Know what kind of person you guys are though  are you the kind to walk around like I am in   countries and just get absolutely lost or are  you more of the I’m I’m only going out if I’m  

On a tour kind of person I mean I completely  understand especially for those of you who   haven’t traveled all that much if you’re going  on a you know on a vacation to a country that’s   a little bit chaotic a little bit different  than where you’re from then chances are you’re  

Probably going to feel safer with they guide but  um I personally feel like Egypt is an extremely   safe country to to visit however obviously um I  can’t talk as like a a solo woman traveling here  

Because I’m not one but if you are one watching  this video that has come here please let me know   what that experience was like that way we can  all um share those experiences with everybody  

And we can all walk away with something you know  like these are the guys that deliver the bread on   the bicycles it’s so cool seeing them um smashed  through the streets with all the bread on their head I heard a horn coming from somewhere there it

Is man all of these streets are just super  beautiful and vibrant who smokes that much   shisha that they literally have a shop right next  to they literally have shops right next to one another look at this little fruit smoothie stand

To be honest I really wish we had um places  like this streets like this where I live but we don’t wow this whole area is super beautiful  I actually do wish I I had a little bit more   time that way I could walk around here  in the evenings once it gets dark because  

I’ve seen pictures online and um a lot of  these buildings actually have like really   colorful lights that uh shine down on them but  unfortunately I don’t have all that much time what is this right here sabil kab of alam  Katura yeah man it’s so hard for me to  

Pronounce those names but I can definitely  appreciate it all look at that that mosque   is gorgeous there’s so many mosque here in  Cairo and all of of them are just extremely   beautiful they and none of them look  um look alike they’re all completely

Different it is a bit weird that it’s  kind of like a pedestrian streets but   you got like all kinds of motorcycles  and um animal powered vehicles walking   down these streets as well wow  look these are ice cream rolls waffles wow that mosque is

Beautiful you know over the years especially  after um visiting multiple countries there’s   one thing I can always say and it is that it  doesn’t matter anywhere any Islamic country that   you visit around the world mosque are always  extremely beautiful and they’re always very  

Unique to one another you’ll never find like two  that are exactly the same impossible these here   are more like shisha shops more like um yeah I  guess I don’t even know what you call it like  

Shops that make all kinds of items out of bronze  and copper and then look at all these like flea   markets man this is beautiful typewriters old  cameras phones wow look at that camera that is awesome how beautiful are those wow I love items like that

Man oh shoot look at this they’re taking pictures  with like a falcon or something yeah that is   a [Music] falcon look and then they got outfits  for [Music] them wow that was a huge Falcon huh  

I think it’s a the Falcon at least here I’ll give  you guys a different view a better view of the mosque I can’t get over the size  of that Falcon it almost looked   like a baby turkey didn’t it it  was huge and you can see the glow  

From the sunset hitting down on the  mosque right now how beautiful is that now as you guys have probably seen  now on my previous videos what I find very   interesting about the City of Cairo and  Egypt as a whole um is that here you’re  

Going to find a mix of all of the of the  big religions around the world you got um   Catholic churches you got synagogues you got  um what’s up bro you got um mosque a little   bit of everything everybody’s welcome  here in Egypt and that is a beautiful

Thing cotton candy must be extremely  popular here in this country as well   too because I see these machines everywhere  it’s always super interesting uh watching how cotton candy is made that’s what I wanted to say what an incredible place to walk  around and just spend a couple hours  

It looks like they got a little stage right  there maybe they had like some concerts there I personally recommend just hitting  all these streats by yourself I think   it gives you a completely different um  perspective and feel of the place and  

To be honest with you guys you get to  spend you know your time how you want   which is which there’s nothing better  you know there’s nothing better than that oh you got ladies right  here look on the corner doing Hanah they love to use the horn here as

Well you know in the area that I’m in  the 6th of October area it’s more um   I guess newer modern there you don’t  really hear too many horns it’s a lot   more quieter a lot more chill but here in  this area the old part of Cairo yeah they  

They literally use them probably just  as much as they use the accelerating Handle now the plan as of right now is to  head to um Aswan tomorrow then I’m going to   be doing a Nile cruise and there are a few  stops along the the river where we’re able   to get off and you know explore other other  places but I’m not too sure if I’m actually  

Going to be able to um Veer off and make  too many more videos so we’ll see exactly   how this series comes out to be wow what a  place I can smell like um some Sage being burned actually like a a large variety  of all kinds of different incense

Man their souvenir shops are  pretty much all up in these small streets wow I like these camels right here hello  how are you how much are the camel price uh no   Engish oh okay uh 500 oh 500 ohas okay okay okay  it’s a little expensive for me thank you thank  

You it’s okay thank you thank you thank you no  the fact that she started off at 500 was just   way too much I wasn’t even going to sit there and  uh bargain that one down the problem is is like  

On the first day I probably would have but yeah  I’ve been here for a few days now so after a few   days in any part of the world you start kind of  catching on to you what prices of things should be man I love all of these like little vintage  

Setups though look they got all kinds  of Polaroid cameras old school cameras binoculars you can see why I say when I’m when I  buy myself a home these are these are the streets   I’m going to come and walk around I’m going  to get myself a collection of all kinds of items

I hope you guys are enjoying this  walk through so far I know you guys   love these little walking tours with  a little bit of narration yes I know I   definitely appreciate videos like this  especially when I’m planning a trip so  

That’s why I love creating these videos  for you guys oh look we got an Italian tour the problem with tours is every time you see  a tour group you look at the group and they  

Never look happy and any part of the world that  you visit you always look at a tour group and   the people in the tour look miserable I’m not  sure why that is maybe just a bad tour guide or  

Maybe they’re just like me when I go on those  tours that’s why I don’t book those tours guys   and like when I want to learn about a places  I’ll just take pictures save the Google map   location and go home and read about it because  sometimes I just want to learn like a little  

Quick fact about a place or a monument and I  really don’t need to know the whole the whole   45 minute rundown and you know usually when I  go on guided tours like that I get bored and I  

Can’t even tell you how many walking tours I’ve  been to especially in Europe that I’ve had to   leave Midway I give them them I give them  their tip and I just leave you know that’s   when you answer the phone and you’re like all  right baby I’ll be there in 2 minutes and just  

Walk away looks like we made it to the area  of like jewelry shops you got diamonds Golds perfumes you know I actually didn’t watch any  videos about this street prior to coming on   out here but I thought this street was a lot  smaller than what it is but we’ve been walking  

Down this what maybe 25 minutes now or so and  I’ve been going at like a little decent pace I   haven’t been stopping all that much [Music]  the homie was singing his heart out right

Now this reminds me of the is this the street  that I was on the other day when I came and did   a market spree no maybe not let me look on my map  is this the same area is this Han let me [Music]

See let me see I think this is  guys yeah it is wow okay this is   the market I wonder if this is man  it looks a lot different than when   I came down the other day I wonder if I  actually went down the wrong Market or

Not yeah I think I definitely went down the  wrong streets I don’t remember any of this to   be honest with you guys but you know what I’m not  gonna dive on into this street anymore because um  

We’ve walk this I think I don’t know I don’t know  to be honest I’ve been putting random locations   on my Uber this entire week and I kind of  just go wherever it ends up and just wing  

It from there but I’m telling you the other day  when I came out here I did not remember it like   this and you guys seen the video so who knows  maybe I maybe I went to the wrong spots maybe I  

Didn’t even go to the right um markets who knows  I’ll know by the time these videos come on out but yeah these areas are super nice  because you actually got a wide mix   of um you know items for tourist  but also items for locals like  

Traditional clothing perfumes look at  them they’re having their lunch right now actually it’s probably their dinner you can never go wrong with a nice little  tea as well I’ve been drinking about like five  

Teas a day since I’ve arrived in Egypt man today  my Uber driver too bad I wasn’t filming he was so   kind he pulled over on the side of the road in  the middle of the drive and offered me a tea we  

Actually bought one from like a little car it’s  a car with like a tea shop in the back um on the   middle of the freeway we bought one earlier today  and he invited me to it and I offered to you know  

Purchase one for him but he said no and said  welcome to Egypt so yeah very much appreciate   that and it makes you feel um very much at home  what’s up bro what’s up bro how are you I’m fine  

Brother brother you don’t one perfume and Madison  oil I bought some yesterday I don’t need any more   thank you I here the market yeah in this market  where on that main street oh thank you bro I  

Appreciate it I’m from the US Cali I born in  love really I born in Cincinnati my mom from   Cincinnati my Daddy G amazing bro and I saw  perfume and essential oil here Co bro yeah I  

Have toac vanill oiled oil the Creed oil okay I  want to give you my 100 years old I’m short on   time today bro thank you appreciate it man nice  to meet you I always find it pretty interesting  

Too how many how many people I’ve met here this  week you guys have seen it on the video see you   guys know that I’m not lying how many people I met  this week walking the street to tell me oh really  

Bro I’m from Cincinnati or I’m from New York or  all these places and I I’ve I’ve even gotten into   some deep conversation one guy told me he was  from Los Angeles he’s like oh I was born there  

And I was like oh really where I started asking  him questions and dude was not born there at all   but I guess they use that as kind of like a little  pitch to start a conversation and then bring you  

Into their shops which by all means I respect  the hustle I’m not knocking it at all all right   well I think we made it to like the main road man  to be honest with you guys I’m genuinely confused

I’m genuinely confused in which area we  are in wow this view is awesome look at that yeah it’s definitely rush hour here  in the city I’m not even sure if I want to   leave yet or hop into an Uber just yet to  make my way back home I mean look at this  

You can see the streets are just jam packed  you hop in a car right now you’re not going anywhere you know to my surprise there’s  also quite the bit of um Chinese   tourist here in the country right now  as well too wow look at that traffic

J see this man selling some corn  right here as well probably at   a way better price than um what  I got this morning here in this area well guys you know what I think this is  going to be the end of this uh little  

Video there’s a nice little walk through to  through the oldest part of Cairo I hope you   guys enjoyed that that was Al Mo Street a  very famous area here in the city and you   can see why it is extremely popping they  have a little bit of everything you know  

What maybe I’ll just stand right here and just  let you guys see The Vibes for a little bit I   mean there’s there’s not many places in  the world where you you see as much as   you’re as you’re witnessing right now going on  I mean this city is pretty crazy man it’s next

Level all right guys well I’ll see  you again soon for another video   not from Caira from somewhere else in  this beautiful country of Egypt later guys I was the one to take a love

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