“Surprising Facts About Lola Brooke You Never Knew | Billboard” – Video

“Surprising Facts About Lola Brooke You Never Knew | Billboard” – Video

Here Are Five Things You Didn't Know About Lola Brooke | Billboard

Lola Brooke may be a rising star in the music industry, but there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye. In a recent video, Lola shared five things that her fans may not know about her, shedding light on her personality and interests.

First and foremost, Lola revealed that she is a true romantic at heart. Despite her loud and energetic personality, she is a lover girl who adores love and affection. In addition to her love for love, Lola also confessed her love for food. Despite her indulgence, she somehow manages to maintain her figure effortlessly.

On a different note, Lola shared that she has a talent for drawing. Whenever a pen and paper are within her reach, she can’t help but doodle and let her creativity flow. Equally surprising is Lola’s passion for makeup. While she enjoys makeup, she prefers a more natural look, opting for minimal makeup that accentuates her features.

Lastly, Lola revealed that she is actually a homebody at heart. Although she brings energy and laughter to any gathering, she truly cherishes her time at home. Despite this, Lola made it clear that being invited out is important to her, as she doesn’t want to miss out on any fun.

These five facts offer a deeper look into the multi-dimensional personality of Lola Brooke, showcasing her as a romantic, a foodie, an artist, a makeup lover, and a homebody. Her openness and candidness in sharing these details with her fans have undoubtedly made her even more relatable and endearing.

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Hey what’s good y’all it’s your girl Lola Brook and here are five things that you may not know about me one of the things I feel people don’t know about me I love love I’m a lover girl I’m very affectionate I might be loud but that’s just because my heart is

Really big so and I’m small so I want you to hear me when I’m like going crazy but I love love I’m a love a girl I love to eat I’m a food girl but I just don’t gain weet I don’t know why it’s in the

Jeans the ABS be sitting no I don’t go to the gym I just work in the studio a lot but it works out for me I guess I know how to draw I do a lot if you put a pen and paper on the desk and it’s near

Me I’m going to pick it up write my name or something drawer just anything that come to mind oh fun fact for sure another thing about me people don’t know I love makeup but I’m not a heavy makeup wearing type of girl girl I like to wear

White beers sweats sneakers a good gloss lip liner maybe some lashes good brows and call it a day but you know Bill booy ask me to come through so I had to like put on a little little some something look cute for them I know when people

See me outside and at the spots doing the things that I like to do they think that I like to do the things that I like to do but I really like to be home it’s really hard to tell that I don’t like to go outside cuz when I go outside I just

Can’t help but to bring energy and make everyone laugh and smile but I like to be home for real for real but don’t but make sure you invite me because if you don’t invite me then I’m going be in my feelings and I’mma like I’m not going

I’m not jacking that you got to invite me out even if I don’t want to go okay but yeah I’m a home body and those are five things that you may not know about Me

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