Swimming with Whale Sharks in the Philippines – Video

Swimming with Whale Sharks in the Philippines – Video

The video titled “We Swam with WHALE SHARKS in the Philippines” showcases the incredible experience of swimming with whale sharks in Donsol, Philippines. The video showcases the preparation and unexpected challenges the couple faced in order to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience. From hunting for working ATMs to the exhilarating boat ride journey, the video provides an authentic and exciting look at what it takes to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

The couple’s dedication to going beyond the usual tourist activities in the Philippines is evident. They provide insights into the local culture and the challenges of navigating through a cash-based society in rural areas, allowing viewers to gain a better understanding of the destination. Despite the hurdles, the couple exudes enthusiasm and determination as they finally set out to swim with the majestic whale sharks.

Once in the water, the couple’s excitement is palpable as they have close encounters with the whale sharks, providing a raw, unfiltered perspective of their awe-inspiring experience. The video also highlights the importance of eco-friendly tourism and the need to protect these gentle giants.

Overall, “We Swam with WHALE SHARKS in the Philippines” is a captivating, informative, and thrilling video that provides viewers with a glimpse into the couple’s extraordinary adventure and a valuable insight into embracing sustainable travel experiences.

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The sighting is there so… We need to hurry. Alright. We got to get ready. This is… I think it’s happening. Oh, my gosh! Donsol Whale Sharks 24 Hours Earlier The air conditioner on this plane is not working. Wow. It’s gorgeous here. It’s so beautiful. There are very few airports where you can

Just get off and start taking pictures and just start walking. Yeah. that’s cool. That’s like that airport in Brazil We went to. The same thing just so pretty when you get out. We eagerly made the hour trip to our hotel where we had our first encounter with a brownout,

Which is code for a planned power outage. The Next Morning It was the big day. The weather was perfect. Things looked encouraging, and the time was right. Morning. Where do I sit? Right in my lap. Okay… You okay? Yeah the only thing left to do was find a working ATM. Easy peasy

It’s cozy. or not. The next ATM was a mere 30 minutes away, I don’t see any money. Nope… It doesn’t work. So we took our first trike ride. That was fun. We always like taking new methods of transportation, but we had to take it much farther than we originally intended because the one

And only ATM in the town of Donsol, where we’re saying is under maintenance. So now we’re at the rural bank of Pilar and that too is under maintenance. We’re going to try it twice. No, this is the third time.

We’re going to try it a third time and see if that’s the charm. Okay. Thank you. That’s a big no. All right. The new theme of this video is just ATM hunting. I think it’s harder to find an ATM that works than to see a whale shark.

I have no evidence of that. But that’s what I’m gathering so far. I’m hoping that’s the case. Me, too. We’ve used LandBank before. This is the ATM we used at the airport. When we got here, we just didn’t pull out enough. So hopefully this one works. Yes! Money. We did it.

Oh, my gosh. Three ATMs. Three ATMs to get this done. That is crazy. Thank you very very much. Now let’s go back? Yes. To the whale sharks! Good? Yep. Nobody here anymore. Yeah, I think we’ll just get them. Okay. Yeah, yeah, Did you find an ATM? yeah, yeah.

In Pilar? Pilar. Yeah. So far. Yeah. Here’s the registration form. Okay. Did I already, ah… Inform you about the sightings, right? No. There there’s no assurance. Yeah. Okay, yeah. Movin’ and groovin’. Good luck! Thank you. Thank you so much.

Guys, your tour guide. Hello. Alicia. Nice to meet you. I’m Nate. Okay, good luck. Let’s go. Thank you The sighting… The sighting is there so… We need to hurry. Okay. Oh, wow.. Yeah, They’re all right out there, huh? Oh, yeah. Over there. Okay.

The reason we we’re hunting down these ATMs so much is because the Philippines at large, very cash based society. And when you get in the rural parts like Donson (*Donsol), it’s even more so. We haven’t paid with credit card For one thing, it’s all been cash.

So that’s why we had to go get more. So we’re getting a later start. It’s like, what time is it? It’s 11. Best times to go 9 to 11. So they’ve seen so whales. We’re heading out like really fast. Watch your head. Ah,, thank you. All right, we’ve got to get ready.

This is so crazy already. This is how it always is. It’s so hectic. It always is. This is how it was with the manta rays, too. Yeah. There’s literally like, “we see them. Get in.” We have absolutely no guarantee of seeing a whale shark today.

We have 3 hours on the boat to find one. Fingers crossed we can. I know we’re a little later than like the ideal time is, but there are still a lot of boats out here. There’s hope. They saw some already today. So Fingers crossed.

Okay, it’s been about 10 minutes. We think we saw one. We’re going towards it. I think it’s happening. We’re moving I’m ready. Go! Go! Oh, my gosh! The water is so clear! You can see them so well! We’re going for round two already.

I think it’s the same whale shark. It’s huge! It’s so big! Go! I swam so hard and so far. Holy smokes. Good thing we got fins. I’m like a little motorboat. Oh, my gosh. So intense. Happens so fast, it’s like jump in and you have very few moments.

The boat is still moving. When we’re jumping in. I know, the boat is still moving. I bumped my head on it last time. Are you okay? Oh, yeah. I’m fine. But it is nice because, you know, you’re swimming

And they’ll come pick you up. So you don’t have to swim back to the boat. Which is really… Alright! …. good because we’re exhausted right now. Ready, again? Another one over there. Oh, yeah, yeah! See it? Yeah, I do!

Now you are a good spotter. I see it! Right here. I learned how to be a spotter. He’s right on top, right there. We need to keep our distance, alright? Okay. Do you see it? No. Go! Go! Go! Here! Here! That was great!

Yeah, it was so good! Oh, my. They’re so fast! I know! And I’m just so slow. And they’re just so… They’re just like… Effortless. That was awesome. I finally learned how to jump off the boat. You don’t go underneath this.

You just wait till it goes past you. Babé, what do you think? Exhausting. But so amazing. I’m like, kicking my heart out to keep up with these things, and they’re just, like, gracefully going. And they’re way faster than us. But we got to see a really good one that time.

And it was just our boat there. So like, there was nobody else around. It was really cool. Actually, a lot of the boats have left it looks like. Well, I think everybody’s at that end of the 3 hours. Yeah. And we’re just starting. Yeah. Get them all to ourselves.

Maybe. We saw one. No, we saw at least two, maybe three. I don’t know. But we succeeded. No matter what else happens, we succeeded. So our guide took his fins off. I think that means we’re back in spotting mode. We had a great rush.

That was 35 minutes in, we saw, like, three. That’s great. It’s halfway through our three hour tour and it’s really starting to slow down. I think we’re one of the only, if not the only boat left. And it’s for a reason. And I think the whale sharks are still out here.

It’s just harder to see them because of the way the sun is hitting the water. You can’t really see through the water from our angle right now. So I think we just can’t find them as easily and there’s no other boats to find them and we can’t just like follow the other boat.

So we’re still looking. We still have time. As fate would have it, we did not see another whale shark. Instead, we enjoyed a very relaxing hour cruise off the coast of Donsol. before finally heading back to shore. See whale sharks in the wild Thank you guys so much.

Thank you, sir. This will be interesting. Gosh, the sand is so hot. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, guys. Oh, it is hot! thank you very much. Thank you, sir. Salamat (thank you). Salamat (thank you). Hello, ma’am… So how was it? Amazing!

Have you seen the whale sharks? Yes! We saw some. And if you don’t mind… You can write your experience of your sighting. Yeah. Say, we saw two and a half. People will be so perplexed. Good? Yeah. Okay. Fun! Thank you!

You have a nice day ma’am and sir. Thank you so much Thank you for everything. We had the last boat in and when we dropped off our fins, we noticed this little calendar. And it’s a calendar where you can basically just write

About the experience you had about viewing the whale sharks. And some people had some really cool experiences, like seeing really large whale sharks, a pod of dolphins, a manta ray. We didn’t see those, but we saw about three whale sharks in all,

And they’re actually quite a few up there with the same mention. So even though we saw it on the first 35 minutes, we had a pretty good day. my gosh. my gosh. I guess it’s so freaking hot, Oh, my gosh! Ow. Ow. Phew, that was hot. Yeah, it’s very hot.

Our long day in the sun is over. And we saw three whale sharks in total. And the reason we didn’t see a million like you see sometimes in the photos is because we came all the way to Donsol to do it, which is a more ethical way to see the whales.

They have it completely controlled by the government in a good way. So there’s no feeding of the whales, which happens in Oslo, making them totally change their migration patterns, their feeding habits. They get beat up by the propellers. There’s tons and tons of people just surrounding them and touching them.

So that’s how we decided to make the extra trip over to Donsol. And I’m so glad we did it. It was an amazing experience and it was really just like watching them in their natural habitat instead of going to a zoo or something Later that evening….

When we told people we were going to Donsol, they literally said Where? Or looked very puzzled because it’s a very rural area and not as many people travel here as to other parts of the Philippines. So most of the things that were just right along the beach here. And that being said,

We’ve really enjoyed it so far and we’ve eaten at the same restaurant every single night for dinner because it’s just a couple of steps away from our hotel. And it’s it’s definitely the best restaurant here in Donsol. I think they recognize us, Hi, Big Max.

Hi, Big Max. You’re so wet! You’re so wet. Roxy. Roxy. Roxy, Roxy, Roxy. Yeah. Go get her! Go get her, Roxy! This might be another reason we come here every night. Five dogs. It’s amazing. Hi, Juliette. And how are you today? We’re great! You are always early!

I know! We have to film during the light today so. yeah yeah. You run around too much today? stretching those legs, Yeah. Did you see the whale sharks? We did, yeah! Three! Yes! It was awesome. Not only is this place like, steps from our hotel and steps from the beach

And has a great view of the sunset, but … Juliette and Juliette treated us like family from the moment we arrived three days earlier. And we also enjoyed our dinners with fellow friend and expat Tim. Oh, my gosh. This looks beautiful. What is everything? This is the silver snapper,

This is the orange snapper, red snapper, sole and pink snapper. And the prawns, of course. The prawns are delicious. We’re going to get some prawns. It was frozen three years ago. Maybe that’s why they’re so good. It’s like wine. You just age them in the freezer. Janah, Tim is here also.

And this is the pink snapper, as you said, it is his pink and the red Chanel pink snapper from a pink snapper for you two prawns. And Tim has three prawns and sashimi. One or two? Double. Double! You remember Janah? Yeah. Of course. Yeah. Yeah. We only had one margarita last night.

Yeah. Good to see you again. Amazing. Thank you. This is the best. Fresh tuna sashimi style with wasabi soy sauce. We’ve literally had it every day. So. Good. It’s amazing. Look at that. I just like serve it to myself. Be careful. Don’t eat the bones. Okay, I won’t.

Juliette’s known for her seafood and it is out of this world. So I’m trying the fish tonight for the first time. it’s so simple, so delicious. I got a bone though. You got a bone? That’s my fault. That’s why you got prawns. There’s no bones in prawns.

This is exactly why I got prawns. I especially like them here because I don’t have to work to eat them. The prawns are like… you eat them with a steak knife. That’s how big they are. They’re amazing. The prawns are so meaty and just doused in like

Garlic, pepper, butter, just perfection. They’re so good. And maybe not as glamorous as the seafood, but the potatoes are literally one of my favorite dishes here. So buttery, so peppery, and just nice and crispy on the outside. Thank you, Juliette. Bloopers Huh? Higher. You almost threw it on the flame.

You got your butt sniffed. What did I eat today? It’s Bar-acuda. I’m so embarrassed. I just realized that. Bar-acuda? After three days. It’s in all caps. Seriously, these prawns are so crazy. They’re so good. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better prawn. I think you’re right.

I’ve tried to duplicate it, you know, buy prawns in the market. Yeah. Take them home and throw them up with some olive oil and garlic, you know, Still not the same. Yeah. I mean, it’s so simple. You think it would be easy?

I try, and I still try it once in a while, but, yeah, it’s just not. Not as good.

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