Taylor Swift Takes the Lead in iHeartRadio Music Award Nominations, Ariana Grande Releases New Album, and Other Music News | Billboard News – Video

Taylor Swift Takes the Lead in iHeartRadio Music Award Nominations, Ariana Grande Releases New Album, and Other Music News | Billboard News – Video

Taylor Swift Leads iHeartRadio Music Award Nods, Ariana Grande’s New Album & More | Billboard News

In this episode of Billboard News, fans of Taylor Swift will be thrilled to learn that she leads the iHeartRadio Music Award nominations with an impressive total of nine nods. The award nominations also highlight the dominance of female artists with all five nominees for the pop artist of the year category being women. Hip-hop fans will be excited to see 21 Savage, Future, and Drake among the nominees in the hip-hop artist of the year category. Additionally, BTS is nominated for fan Army of the year, competing against other strong fan bases. The iHeartRadio awards are set to be broadcast live from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on April 1st.

Ariana Grande’s fans, known as ‘Arianators’, will be delighted to learn that the pop star has revealed the title of her highly anticipated new album, “Eternal Sunshine”, which will be released on March 8th. In addition, Green Day’s chart success throughout their illustrious career is highlighted, showcasing their impressive number of chart-topping hits.

The episode also covers the current trends on Tik Tok, with Low Millie’s “Never Lose” claiming the top spot on the platform. Lastly, viewers will get to know more about “Fairly Human” as the host shares five little-known facts about himself.

This episode of Billboard News promises an exciting and informative rundown of the latest news in the music industry, from award nominations to new album announcements and Tik Tok trends to intriguing artist insights.

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Bts’s Army has to go to war while the boys are still in the military Ariana drops Deets on her new album we find out what’s hot on Tik Tok as we talk about Green Day and hang out with fairly human it’s Thursday January 18th and welcome to billboard news I’m Tetris and

Award season is in full swing today we talk iheard Taylor Swift leads the iHeart Radio awards nominations this year as Army gets ready for battle with the Beehive and some categories become major girl and boy parties let’s break it Down we know she dominated radio and Taylor Swift received nine nods at this year’s iHeart Radio awards jelly roll 21 Savage and siza are close behind with eight nods each while Olivia Rodrigo receives seven see you tonight in a show of girl power all five nominees for pop artists of the year are

Women including DOA cat and Miley Cyrus all five nominees for hip-hop artists of the year are men including future 21 Savage Drake and more and BTS is nominated for fan Army of the year against Harry Styles’s Harry’s Beyonce’s beehive and even more the ihart radio awards are set to air live from the

Dobby theater in Los Angeles on April 1st on box and to a girl that steals everyone’s Hearts it’s Ari Ariana Grande’s fans received new music and said yes and so the pop star is giving them more info on her new project arianators Rejoice we have a new

Album name after waiting a long four years for a new album Ariana has told us the name of her next one is Eternal Sunshine and it’s arriving in less than 2 months she also dropped alternate covers for the album and told us the release date is March

8th fans have been loving her new single yes and even though it came with a bit of backlash for her lyric your business is yours and mind is mine why do you care so much who’s di ride are you excited to hear what else Miss grunde

Has to say let us know in the comments Green Day are legends and I bet there’s some stuff you didn’t even know 2 green day has been a staple on the Billboard charts throughout their decades long career they’ve appeared multiple times on numerous charts and with the release of their 14th studio

Album saviors let’s look back at their biggest chart Achievements this is billboard explains Green Day’s chart success Green Day’s first song to debut on Billboard’s charts was Long View in 1994 the track climbed all the way to number one becoming their first of 12 number ones to date and since then they’ve left their mark on many other Billboard charts

Including the Hot 100 the rock band has two top 10 hits including Boulevard of Broken Dreams which peaked at number two in 2005 and Wake Me Up When September Ends which reached number six also in 2005 the band has earned three number one albums on the billboard 200 chart including 2004’s American

Idiot 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown and 2016’s Revolution Radio which features bang bang Green Day also holds a number of Billboard charts records They are tied with Foo Fighters in Lincoln Park for the second most number ones in alternative AirPlay history with 12 after the Red Hot Chili Peppers and

They’re tied with the chili peppers for the fourth most appearances on alternative airplay with 37 plus they have the third most top 10 in alternative AirPlay history with 25 and the second most number ones on rock and alternative AirPlay with Seven there’s no doubt that green day has left a record making mark on the charts oh sorry I was on Tik Tok let us tell you what’s hot so you don’t have to figure it out low Millie claims the top Spot while three new tracks break into

The top 10 he speeding the right his hand on my he touching a Milo doing good bit I’m flow Millies never lose me jumps to number one after 7 weeks on the Tik Tock Billboard top 50 with a chart posting January 18th debuting at Number Eight Is He Is We I Wouldn’t Mind which has people and their pets moving riding out the top 10 is Cordelia with L life at number nine I think I like this little life this little life so that users can show off why they like this little light and hobes La Diabla at number [Applause] 10 which has everyone lip sinking their hearts out every Thursday billboard will bring you the verified list of the hottest songs on TiK ToK by monitoring music Discovery and engaging on the platform in the United States to find the Tik Tok Billboard top 50 each week

Users can simply go to any sound detail page and tap the top right button to access the charts page hey guys I’m barely human and this is five things that you didn’t know about Me the first thing I would say that is kind of funny that my very first song was actually about pizza I think that’s pretty funny a lot of people don’t know that I have like a pretty big family I have like three sisters and a brother we’re all spread out across the United

States a lot of people don’t know that I’m actually vegetarian and I’ve been vegetarian for like almost 4 years now which is kind of crazy and it’s like really hard to be vegetarian on tour I’ll tell you that I hate like when people make noises with their mouth yeah

Like I’m like okay we we get it and some of my friends know that and then they’ll get up all up in my face and they’re like and I’m like um you’re done I’m like obsessed with cats I love cats so much they’re just so cute and fluffy

Like I don’t know what else to say they’re just cute and fluffy and I love cats and those are five things you didn’t know about me and that’s Today’s show but you want to be here Friday because we got a surprise interview for you and all the new music you can handle

I’m Tas for billboard news and I’ll see you then

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