Expert Advice on Traveling the Globe: Tips for Traveling Around the World – Video

Expert Advice on Traveling the Globe: Tips for Traveling Around the World – Video

option especially if you are looking for a unique or more local experience in your accommodation.

In terms of preparing for your trip, I always recommend getting travel insurance. You never know what might happen while you are traveling, and having insurance can give you peace of mind. I personally use World Nomads for my travel insurance, as they have great coverage options for all kinds of travelers.

Another important aspect of travel planning is packing. I always recommend packing light and only bringing essentials. You can always buy what you need on the road if you forget something. I also suggest investing in good quality luggage and packing cubes to keep your belongings organized.

When it comes to budgeting for your trip, I recommend setting a daily budget and sticking to it as much as possible. Researching the cost of living in your destination and planning accordingly can help you avoid overspending. And always remember to have some extra money set aside for emergencies.

Lastly, don’t forget to do some research on the culture and customs of the country you are visiting. Being respectful of local traditions and customs can go a long way in making your trip more enjoyable.

Overall, traveling the world can be an amazing experience full of unforgettable moments. By following these expert travel tips and doing your own research, you can ensure that your trip is smooth and stress-free. Safe travels!

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Video Transcript

[Applause] [Applause] hey there how’s it going so I thought that I would start this video by showing my silver play button because somebody had requested to see it it is very old news at this point but I passed 100,000 subscribers back in the summer of 2017 so I am currently at 599,000

Subscribers for those who are looking forward to me getting to 600,000 same here it is taking a while things have slowed down in part because I haven’t been posting a travel Vlogs much for the past like month or so I am currently at 599,000 more to add to get to the

600,000 Mark I’m sure that that will happen sometime fairly soon so this is going to be a video of uh travel tips and tricks and hacks and advice and so in that vein that I wanted to start by talking about a new Travel Service that

I am offering that is very easy for any of you to take advantage of if you would like to and which is also going to be a very reasonable price a price that you can definitely afford so here is how it works you just send an email to the

Email address that is on the screen right here Gabriel traveler and then I will read your email and uh then respond to it and try to answer questions give suggestions whatever based on whatever your particular uh situation might be so for example let’s say you’re going to Greece

And you would like to know what are some of the best uh Greek Islands to visits that are near each other and uh based on your uh you know time frame as far as how long you’re going to stay in that country um or whatever Thailand India of

Course so I have been to 93 countries over the past 34 years of international traveling many of them multiple times I have spent two and a half years in India a year in Greece Etc and so I have quite a bit of travel experience and so figured that I would put this out

There I’ve been thinking about it for a while of giving this a try and seeing if people are interested and uh take advantage of this so um you just send me an email with your questions your situation whatever and then I will do my

Best to answer it and uh I will be much more detailed than I would be in an Instagram message or a Facebook message so I get you know many messages from people and uh for one thing there is often times a delay before I get to the

Time of actually answering uh these uh various messages that come in and then also I’m you know I’m not making money of course answering Instagram messages or uh Facebook or whatever and so uh it is just you know my free time and so I’m kind of trying to fly through them as

Fast as I can if I spent you know a uh fair amount of time you know responding in detail to all messages to all comments Etc then that would seriously use up like a good chunk of my day and so basically I kind of you know don’t

Answer them for a while and then eventually get around to it and then try to fly through them um and be helpful to some extent but this is going to be a much more in-depth you know offering of my travel advice as far as how much it

Costs it is a donation basis so you would just send me a donation via PayPal and if you don’t have a PayPal account then you can still send somebody money to their PayPal account with a credit or debit card there will be a link uh Down

Below in the description and in a pinned comment and so you can just wait until I reply to your message and see how detailed it is how relevant it is how helpful it is to you and then it can also be a back and forth thing you can

Follow up with more questions or whatever then uh you can just uh pay via Paypal based on whatever it’s worth it to you it could be five bucks it could be 100 bucks whatever uh you can afford whatever seems reasonable to you so I’m leaving it totally wide open to your

Assessment and then another option is to pledge to support me on my patreon account which is a monthly amount as you choose usually it’s just like a couple you know $2 to5 or something like that but there will also be a link down below for that so uh look in the description

For more information that is live now you can send me a message today and I will respond likely today or tomorrow as soon as I can and so getting to the travel tips then I’m going to start with the websites that I use the most in the

Course of my travel planning and I’m going to kind of roll into that basically getting ready for your upcoming trip so the websites that I use the most are for flights for flights for hotels flights and uh some of these also you can book like rental cars on xedia

Etc and hotels on Expedia so many of these websites have multiple uses and then I use uh hostle world very very occasionally now but uh for hostiles a go is a nice alternative to sometimes better prices there sometimes more selection but I usually use for most of my

Accommodation because I like the uh layout of this site there are uh good deals lots of selection I get a discount because I use it regularly and then Airbnb of course for accommodation I don’t use it all that often for various reasons for one thing because

Airbnb prices are up there the same as hotels practically these days and it’s a little bit more complicating as far as like booking the accommodation sometimes you have to wait to hear back and then also getting into the room can be more complicated because it isn’t a Hotel

Airbnb can still be a good way to go I used it most recently in Hawaii but I just find to be more convenient uh most of the time for my style of traveling and so these websites are all very relevant to when it comes to planning your trip say you’re just

You know embarking on whatever it could be a weeklong trip monthl long trip but you’re trying to decide where you can go based on time and money so those are the two main factors when it comes to planning your trip as far as what you can actually afford and so these

Websites can be very useful as far as getting a gauge of how expensive a country is go to check accommodation in the main city where you’re going to be uh flying into and boom right there you have a good idea of the general cost of everything based on

Accommodation if accommodation is going to be 200 bucks a night you know that everything else food Transportation entertainment is all going to be also quite expensive if it’s going to be 20 bucks a night you can find you know a selection of rooms for 2030 $40 or

Whatever then you know this is a fairly reasonably priced affordable uh country to travel in and everything else is going to be cheaper as well so you know the basic calculation is just uh how much time are you planning to travel on and then how much money do you have to

Spend just do the math on that how much can you spend each day of course you want to have leftover you don’t want to you know end your trip with zero dollar because who knows what expenses might come up along the way of course so you

Know just a basic piece of advice is plan to spend more money than you think you will spend plan to have you know whatever a few thousand doll or something set aside in case of emergencies but just do that calculation and then uh determine okay I can spend

$50 a day where can I go where I can travel on $50 a day and so if that is your budget then your accommodation is going to have to be very cheap 20 to 30 bucks or something like that and then if you have 100 bucks and you can you know

Afford $50 $60 a day in accommodation maybe and then the rest for your other expenses and of course flights are a major factor when it comes to the cost of your trip and one thing to keep in mind mind is that it might actually be more affordable for you to pay more for

The flight which gets you to a cheaper country so you’re looking at your options and how much time you have and uh you’re checking somewhere that is close by there’s a really cheap flight to get there but then it is an expensive place and so you’re going to be spending

A lot each day and so the cheap flight kind of gets canceled out by the daily costs you might want to fly somewhere that is far farther away more expensive flight and then if it is a cheaper country then that might offset your total traveling expenses so that is just

Something to keep in mind also when it comes to flights then booking flights is very random as far as how much you’re going to pay based on all kinds of factors you know the day of the week that you’re flying whether you book a oneway or round trip how far out you

Book the flight whether you fly into one city in that country or another city in that country Etc one thing to keep in mind is that you might want to book individual flights to get you to that place because whatever is showing up on Expedia or Skyscanner is not necessarily

Going to be the uh best route the cheapest price if the uh flights just aren’t looking that uh good the prices and the layovers Etc then you might want to book those different flights if you’re going to have to have a layover book them separately yourself look for

Your uh flight to one destination where you’re just going to stop and then catch another flight and then check your other flight going to the other destination spend some time just uh sit down with a computer and check Skyscanner check Expedia check Mando check one travel

Check Google flights you know all of the uh various uh different flight uh search engines and the prices can vary quite a bit and so put some time into it be flexible with dates if you can flexible with you know where you’re flying into out of Etc and you can save hundreds of

Dollars easily by uh you know putting an extra research and uh checking all of the potential options and so now I’m going to talk about the subject of handling your money which is of course a very important one so I’m just going to give like a very uh kind of brief overview of

The general money situation how I you know get my money how much I bring with me stuff like that so my uh best recommendation is to have multiple cards credit debit so I have two credit cards I have now three debit cards as I mentioned in

A video when I was in the West Bank Palestine then my main Wells Fargo bank account debit card wasn’t working in the ATM there and so I tried my debit card for my Canadian bank account and sure enough it worked now not everyone can have a Canadian bank account but if

There’s some way that you can have you know more than one bank account and so you have an extra debit card but also just as a extra you know emergency security option who knows what could possibly happen your account gets you you know locked up or God forbid you

Know all the money gets stolen out of your account or something like that to have something totally separate if you can is a uh good idea but you might also be able to get more than one debit card for your account I know that I was able

To do that uh some years ago I don’t know how uh possible that actually is but at the very least then make sure to have more than one card even if it is only one debit card at Le least have also a credit card and so the uh Third

Debit card that I have is I recently got a PayPal debit card they were offering that as an option and so I said okay sure what the heck sent it to me I don’t think that I’ll actually use that very often but the thought on that was okay

This is a good uh backup option just in case so I just like the idea of having money in different accounts that are separated these days with identity theft online you know security threat threats Etc it is a good idea to not have all your eggs in one basket just try to have

Uh you know more than one card in case it gets sucked up by the ATM so that has only happened to me one time in my life and that was in Juno Alaska when I was going to University there but uh it isn’t something that really you know

Happens very often but you never know you lose a card it gets damaged whatever so uh just try to have more than one card but also in addition to that travel with some cash some major currency US Dollars British pounds Euros Canadian dollars Australian uh something that is uh

Accepted worldwide in many places so that if your bag gets stolen and you lose all your uh cards then you have some emergency cash or uh your account gets locked up or whatever and you you just can’t access cash for whatever reason that has come in handy for me

Multiple times having that cash you know two3 $400 something like that you just put in your money belt put somewhere and in a worst case scenario then you can uh at least get by for a few days a week whatever while you get things straightened out with your debit card

Your bank account Etc and then also on the same subject of keeping uh things separated then keep your cards also in different places have one card in your wallet that is maybe just in your uh day pack that you take with you when you go walk

Around a city or whatever and then also uh have uh another one you know stashed away back in the hotel room and speaking of which when it comes to that issue of should you leave your important valuables that you aren’t necessarily going to need but that you just want to

Be safe should you carry them with you or leave them in your hotel room I would say leave them in your hotel room now hotel rooms can get uh broken into it certainly happens it has never happened to me I think that it is just less

Likely to happen in your hotel room than it is to happen walking around a city somewhere and so your passport if you aren’t going to need your passport in the course of the day leave it uh back in your room preferably of course in a safe or at least well hidden something

Like that so uh what I will do if there isn’t a safe uh convenient in the room to put my passport and whatever else uh you know the real valuables then I will stuff them into a uh pocket in my main backpack my big backpack there is one

Particular pocket a zipper um that is not easily noticeable and so of course a smart Thief can still possibly find it it but thieves are in a hurry if uh somebody breaks into your room or whatever then they want to get in and out as quick as possible they’re going

To check the basic places the drawers little bags lying around Etc they aren’t going to you know run out of the hotel room with your big backpack on their back cuz they want to be Incognito they don’t want something that somebody who owns that backpack comes walking past them down the hall as

They’re leaving and recog izes it and so they want to grab the little valuable stuff and get out of there and so if you can just hide you know whatever little uh money pouch or a uh um one of those little uh hidden wallet things that can

Go under your uh pants or whatever I have one of those money belts that I basically never wear because it’s uncomfortable and it’s just not uh necessary uh because you know theft um somebody you know grabbing your backpack off you or whatever something like that

Is just uh quite unlikely and so to wear that money belt every day um is just annoying but I have the money belt and so I um have and so my passport a credit and debit card that I don’t have in my wallet while I’m out walking around my

Vaccination card for covid which is quite irrelevant now I haven’t had to use that in a year and then the money that I just mentioned the two 300 bucks or so in cash that I don’t want to have with me in case you know my wallet does

Get stolen or whatever I leave that in the money belt back in my hotel room and just make sure to hide it somewhere that it can’t be easily Found

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