The 30 Most Hilarious Movie Insults Ever Created – Video

The 30 Most Hilarious Movie Insults Ever Created – Video

In the world of cinema, insults can be as memorable as any heroic speech or romantic gesture. From sharp one-liners to brutal takedowns, movies are chock full of hilarious and impactful insults that leave a lasting impression on audiences.

In the video titled “Top 30 Funniest Movie Insults of All Time” by WatchMojo, viewers are treated to a countdown of some of the most iconic and savage insults in film history. From classics like “Ghostbusters” to modern comedies like “Anchorman”, the list covers a wide range of movies and moments that have left us rolling on the floor with laughter.

Whether it’s Rodney Dangerfield comparing someone’s mouth to a fish in “Caddyshack” or Eric Cartman delivering a song of insults in “South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut”, each entry on the list showcases the creativity and wit of filmmakers and actors when it comes to verbal sparring.

So, if you’re in need of a good laugh or just want to relive some of the best insults ever uttered on the silver screen, be sure to check out this hilarious and entertaining video. And who knows, you may even discover a new favorite insult to add to your repertoire!

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What is your major malfunction numbnuts welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the most brutal hilarious and or impactful film insults s anara number 30 a mouth like that cattyshack Rodney Dangerfield brings humor and chaos to every one of his scenes in cattyshack oh this your wife

Oh a lovely lady hey baby you’re all right you must have been something before electricity at a dinner party his character Al cherik gets right to work dishing out several unprompted quips to hilarious effect he even compares one person’s mouth to a fish with this insult the target may be offc screen but

Sheri’s delivery is so Savage it stings after all it’s hard to sink lower than comparing someone to an aquatic creature plus Dangerfield’s comedic timing is absolutely perfect selling the Moment Like Only He could here the result is one of his best quotes of the entire

Film well the last time I saw mouth like that had a hook in it number 29 stupid lessons the long kiss good night walking down the street Charlie Baltimore is minding her own business before a guy comes for her her partner Mitch Hennessy shows up to help and ends up

Complicating things with another weapon what the hell are you doing saving your life I would have been here sooner but I was thinking up that ham on R line Charlie takes back control of the situation while also criticizing Mitch’s methods in a funny twist this all turns into a classic insult about Hennessy

Street smarts Gina Davis sells the line well while Samuel L Jackson’s reaction turns this into a truly hilarious sequence were you always the stupid did you take lessons I took lessons The Chemistry Between the actors lights up the screen with Shane Black’s script elevating the whole Affair to top it off

Baltimore then dispatches multiple men without missing a beat number 28 dressing up Legally Blonde but it’s a costume party you probably wouldn’t want to come I love costume parties brimming with confidence lwoods shows up to a college Suare dressed as a bunny she then comes across her rival Vivien

Kensington aka the person who made her believe this was a costume party Woods throws back a response that gives Kensington a dose of her own medicine making the word frigid sing nice outfit oh I like your outfit too except when I dress up as a Frid I try not to look so

Constipated the fact that she does it while rocking this outfit just proves that she can defend herself no matter the situation ree Witherspoon gives the performance of a lifetime in a sequence that reveals her character’s wit and integrity Legally Blonde is remembered as a fun movie but it also has insults

Like this that will make you want to grab a pen and paper number 27 the chief’s takedown the big Labowski when Jeffrey Labowski gets picked up by the Malibu police chief he’s not dealing with an easygoing guy indeed the law man doesn’t like Labowski at all and he lets

Him know it the Ty raade comes flying out of the chief’s mouth like he’s been preparing it all day I don’t like your jerk off name I don’t like your jerk off face I don’t like your jerk off behavior and I don’t like you jerk off filmmakers

Joel and Ethan Cohen make this absurd scen sing with funny dialogue letting the actors lean into the craziness of it all it’s a hilarious moment that’s capped off by a comeback and a flying mug we’ll never Tire of watching actor Leon russom let loose on Jeff Bridge’s character this is someone you’d never

Want across stay out of Malibu Labowski stay out of Malibu dead beat number 26 Goldilocks versus baby bear Puss and Boots The Last Wish taking aim at Classic characters Puss and Boots The Last Wish turns the Goldilocks we thought we knew into a completely different person case in point she gets

Into a verbal sparring match with baby bear that turns ugly you’re not even a bear Zing I’m more of a bear than you are the villainous then dishes out out a long series of insults criticizing the creature inside and out it’s wildly entertaining stuff to put it mildly

Florence pews take on the fairy tale icon becomes devilishly fun with each new word you’re a dared fat slow thinking no reading lime diseased flea ridden dingleberry bear you might have expected this animated kids movie to be tame but this moment shows there’s something for everyone to enjoy number

25 Barry manalo’s wardrobe The Breakfast Club after the high school students find themselves in detention they have to endure the Wrath of the vice principal Richard Vernon well well here we are John Bender however does not seem to care about the rules let alone about the

Essay he’s supposed to write so he takes this as an opportunity to question authority and does so in a truly stylish way dissing the older man’s style Bender attacks Vernon from multiple angles cleverly taking the VP down a notch by invoking Barry Manalo yeah I got a

Question does Barry Manalo know that you raid his wardrobe Jud Nelson’s snarling performance gives this line an added Edge inspiring us all to dress a little more fashionable number 24 Benjamin is no one’s friend Wayne’s World the Main villain of this 1990s comedy is Rob Low’s evil producer Benjamin kanaine but

In this scene The Jive is aimed at a sidekick G and his friends confront Russell Finley about his loyalty to Benjamin in a creative way you’re going to be Benjamin’s monkey boy the rest of your life is that it Benjamin’s my friend Dana carvey’s character questions Russell’s Life Choices boldly going

After the latter’s fake friendship with the producer there’s even a hilarious description involving a never-before seen ice cream if Benjamin we an ice cream flavor he’d be prings and G may be more subdued for much of the film but he doesn’t hold back here putting his Target firmly in his place we’ll never

Think of of dessert the same way again number 23 defeating humperdink The Princess Bride during his Fantastical Journey Wesley proves himself a clever hero who can work his way through anything he notably uses this wit to outsmart and insult prince humperdink in this scene questioning the Royals intelligence Wesley also Compares his

Adversary to a warthog and I’ll use small words so that you’ll be sure to understand you warthog faced buffoon all of this and some brutal descriptions eventually lead humperdink to stand down our protagonist defeats his opponent with words like it’s nothing completely demeaning the man into surrendering the

Colorful Choice dialogue only adds to the moment’s appeal making it impossible to forget even after the credits have rolled mixed with Carrie El’s amazing acting this moment inspires us to up our Game drun your sword number 22 have fun having a baby at your prom bridesmaids Kristen wigs Annie is already having a bit of a rough day so when a teenage girl comes into her jewelry shop looking for a friendship necklace Annie can’t help but chime in that sometimes friendship

Doesn’t last forever you’re you’re weird I’m not weird okay yes you are no I’m not and you started it no you started it did you forget to take your Xanax this morning the young girl responds by calling her weird which kicks off an unforgettable insult ridden back and

Forth God I feel bad for your parents I feel bad for your face okay well call me when your boobs come in you call me when yours come in what do you have four boyfriends exactly yeah okay it’s hard to choose a favorite line from this hysterical exchange but when Annie asks

About the girls boyfriends well let’s just say things get pretty inappropriate from then on have fun having a baby at your prom you look like an old mop you know what you’re not as popular as you think you are I’m very popular this s splitting argument may have gotten her

Fired but it kept the audience in stitches and gave us some very quotable moments number 21 ramit in the loop if you take away nothing else from this Oscar nominated political satire it’s that folks in suits aren’t exactly Paragons of virtue why wasn’t I told about this why the would I tell you

About it I’ve told you off twice and yet you’re still here the story follows the fevered activities of British and American political pundits as they navigate a potential Middle East Invasion one such figure welc Tucker is the director of communications for the British prime minister and boy does he

Communicate the bulk of his dialogue is profanity Laten even when he’s seemingly not that upset and in one scene simply discussing departmental responsibilities with his colleague Judy is enough to send him on a flowery tirade Malcolm allow me to pop a johy little Bonnet on your pu you and RAM out of the

With a lubricated horse Judy is not impressed though and almost outshines him with this effortless comeback your swearing does not impress me my my husband works for Tower hamlets and believe me those kids make you sound like Angela Lansbury she’s married number 20 a sad strange little man Toy

Story throughout much of this animated classic Woody and Buzz Lightyear have a seemingly NeverEnding rivalry the two soon become unlikely travel buddies and find themselves in a precarious position let’s just say they struggle to get along and you my friend are responsible for delaying my Rendevous as Star Command

You are a toy after the cowboy goes on a rant about the Space Ranger being a toy the latter fires back with an elegant put down of his own Lightyear’s cold and calm demeanor makes the line extra funny you are a sad strange little man and you

Have my pity sure he might be delusional at this point in the story not realizing he is actually a play thing but the line is comedy gold Tim Allen’s performance further sells it creating an insult that still quot voted today number 19 cherub looking 21 Jump Street in this film

Adaptation of the popular 80s TV show Jonah Hill and shanning Tatum play Schmidt and jenko rookie cops who are recruited to infiltrate a high school and sniff out a drug ring but before they step foot onto the school’s campus they have to get a briefing from their

Chief of police who also happens to be played by a delightfully angry Ice Cube when he tries to warn the undercover cops that getting romantically involved with the students is off limits he’s obviously targeting jenko but Schmidt hilariously misunderstands sir I know we come off as a couple Lady Killers but I

Promise you we will be super professional on the job the captain savagely shuts him down and throws this classic burn his way clearly I wasn’t talking to you big you cherub looking mother I was talking to your partner over here fake ass handsome mgee there’s nothing quite like getting insulted by a

Former NWA member playing a cop Infiltrate The dealers find a supply what if we find the supplier first we don’t have to worry about the dealer God damnet trate the dealers find a supplier number 18 your mom’s chest hair Mean Girls Mean Girls taught us a lot of

Things like how to properly catalog a burn book or like the rules of feminism ex-boyfriends are just off limits to friends I mean that is just like the rules of feminism but most importantly it taught us how to expertly clap back at jerks thanks to the pure Genius of

Janice Ian the resident goth girl and former best friend of popular girl Regina George Janice is frequently the target of errant abuse from random students but that doesn’t mean she can’t deliver in the insult Department herself when one student throws a jab at her while she’s having a conversation with

Katie she does not miss a beat throwing one right back nice Weg Janice what’s it made of your mom’s chest hair the ease with which she absolutely destroys this loser is something we can’t help but admire number 17 take this quarter Uncle Buck you so much a scowl at my niece or

Any other kid in this school and I hear about it I’m coming looking for you in this classic’ 8s comedy John Candy plays Buck a man who’s tasked with watching his nieces and nephew in the midst of a family emergency as he adjusts to Life as a temporary parental unit he hits a

Few bumps in the road but I know a good kid when I see one because they’re all good kids until dried out brain dead Skaggs like you drag them down and convince them they’re no good when he’s called into a meeting with the assistant principal at his youngest niece’s school

They’re counter seems doomed from the start as Buck cannot stop referencing the mole on her chin I’m I’m the wart she’s my tumor my my growth my uh my pimple I’m Uncle wart just old Buck wart Russell that’s what they call me after she calls his six-year-old niece a bad

Egg Buck does not hold himself back in defending Maisy and makes a comment about the obvious growth protruding from the woman’s face take this quarter go downtown and have a WP gnaw that thing off off your face the look of utter shock on her face is priceless and

Oh so satisfying number 16 teeth on fire and Ceno man a teen movie just isn’t a teen movie without a resident jerk and this movie delivers no stop stop it why don’t you make me do this while the story follows a recently defrosted caveman and his adventures in modern

Times it also focuses on the woes of the teenage boy Dave who befriends him Dave is painfully in love with Robin but she’s dating the school jerk Matt Matt uses Dave’s love for robin as a constant source of ridicule and his insults are enough to send even the happiest of kids

Into an instant depression some of us pump and some of us slump should try some pump Morgan might clear up your acne so when he sees Dave talking to Robin he doesn’t hesitate to put him in his place I know about your stupid P King forget it Rob

Someone on your gums if your teeth were on fire yes you would number 15 Michael Bolton office space it’s got to suck sharing a name with someone you loathe and probably worse if that person happens to be famous Michael Bolton that’s me this ’90s hit centers on a group of disgruntled

Employees and their desire for revenge on their employer while the plot focuses mainly on the story of Peter the emotionally numb protagonist there’s also Michael Bol who’s got his own set of problems with a thankless job that’s on the line at a company he hates being

Reminded that he also shares a name with a famous singer is enough to give him some major resentment issues yeah well at least your name isn’t Michael Bolton you know there’s nothing wrong with that name there was nothing wrong with it until I was about 12 years old

And that no Talent ass clown became famous and started winning Grammys it also leads to some pretty hilarious insults especially when he discusses the issue with a coworker why don’t you just uh go by Mike instead of Michael no way why should I change he’s the one who

Sucks number 14 get out of the road The 40-Year-Old Virgin sometimes when you’ve just chased your fleeing girlfriend across town and crashed through a moving billboard in the middle of traffic you’d like a moment of privacy I’m a virgin I always have been Andy is that what all this was

About unfortunately for Steve Carell’s character Andy he’s afforded no such courtesy after he and his girlfriend get into an argument that sees her Bolt from his house and he follows her on his bicycle and winds up flat on his back following a tumble through a two-sided

Sign on the back of a truck he finally gains the courage to inform his girlfriend that all of their troubles have been connected to his virginity that’s why I never tried to have sex with you I was scared and just when you think they’re approaching a moment of intimate honesty a random dude

In a car hurls this Unforgettable insult their way get the out of the road virgin shut up you jerk no that’s okay it’s all right sorry number 13 really thirsty Con Air when you’re a convict who’s done his time and is just trying to get back to

His wife and a strange daughter the last thing you want is to be caught up in some planebound criminal Shenanigans Nick Cage’s character Cameron Poe has boarded a plane with the intention of reuniting with his family after completing an 8-year stint in the clink but a few of the prisoners on board have

Other plans call me Johnny 600 if they knew the truth it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it case in point is Cyrus the virus who doesn’t appear particularly fond of one of the less Savory prisoners and makes absolutely no pretense about it describing him in the most unpleasant

Way possible for me you’re somewhere between a cockroach and that white stuff that accumulates at the corner in your mouth when you’re really thirsty hey even criminals have to have standards number 12 the epic rant National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation I like Frank Shirley my boss right here tonight

When you’ve spent the bulk of your professional life working for a boss you can’t stand at a company that you can barely tolerate you might get a little disgruntled at a less than Stellar Christmas bonus especially when you were planning on using it to put in a swimming pool it’s a one-ear membership

In the jelly of the month club oh God and this exact situation was precisely enough to send Chevy Chase’s character on an extended insult fil High raade aimed at his less than generous employer in this holiday comedy I don’t want to tell him with a cheap lying no good

Rotten for flushing low life snake licking dirt eating inbred overstuffed ignorant blood sucking this rant seems to go on forever and we love every second of it dog kissing brainless hopeless heartless fat ass bug eyed stiff leged spotty lip worm-headed sack of monkey he is but what’s most

Important is that he got it all off his his chest and we got to laugh heartily at his unhappiness number 11 bricks and shelter White Men Can’t Jump this top class setup and perfect punch line really hit home no matter how good their competition is on the court no one

Stands a chance against Billy hoy’s sharp tongue a trash talking Master Woody harelson is the bad cop to Wesley Snipes good and this public put down is jail worthy hey I’m I’m doing two things what what are you doing I’m making them mad most guys don’t play good when

They’re mad look you know you’re embarrassing me that’s what you’re doing yeah well that’s the other thing I’m doing trying to psych out the competition into making a mistake Billy accuses his opponents of throwing up bricks and throws out a jab that hits way below the belt let’s stop right now

And let’s just gather up all these bricks and let’s build a shelter for the homeless so that maybe your mother has a place to live all right word to the wise if you really want to hit your opponent where it hurts drag his mother and sister into it I want your mother and

Your sister out of my house immediately it is is a Priceless play and a Savage slam dunk it’s also one of many classic yo mama Jabs in this Sports comedy now hold on what was you talking about mother when your mother so poor I seen a

Kicking can down the street I said what you doing she said moving number 10 but that’s in Ohio Revenge of the Nerds when the nerd faces off against the jerky jock we got a roof for the underdog and when it comes to their classic exchange we’re sure we pick the right side when

Big Man on Campus Stan Gable rolls up and yells at him from his motorcycle Dudley booger Dawson casually delivers is one of the greatest lines in insult history to no one in particular what are you looking at nerd huh I thought I was looking at my

Mother’s old bag but that’s in Ohio he comes up with this quip so fast it gives us Whiplash it’s just a shame Stan didn’t get to hear it though maybe it’s for the best because that surely would not have ended well for booger number nine yes it’s true Ghostbusters this

Verbal low blow is heard loud and proud by the mayor of New York no less okay making the Environmental Protection Agency the bad guy in your movie is a bit of a hot take but in Ghostbusters that villain is personified by a classic smug 88s jerk everything was fine with

Our system until the power grid was shut off by here after Ray gives an IR rate Walter peek an unflattering nickname Pete vanman uses his dry wit to go straight for the jugular is this true yes it’s true this man has no what makes this line especially funny is how

Straight-faced Venkman is knowing that the mayor was most definitely not asking about that part of Ray’s comment nothing says screw you like mocking a guy’s manhood and it gets an appropriate response from Mr pecker the PE sorry if there’s something strange in your neighborhood insulting its reproductive

Organs may be a good idea all right all well that’s what I heard this City Hall number eight if my dog was as ugly as you The Sandlot ah the ugly joke will it ever get old not for for us and not for ham Porter as we learned from white man

Can’t jump there is no better way to psych out an opponent than to hit him right in the ego it helps that Porter’s delivery is spoton as he lowers his voice and heightens the hilarity with this classic quip if my dog is as ugly as you I’d shave his butt and tell him

To walk backwards a dog can be ugly it’s butt even more so but if your face is worse than pho’s sha derrier you are doing something seriously wrong Porter also goes for another tried andrue tactic bringing up your opponent’s sister to Great results hey is that have

Your sister out there and left field naked she’s naked now shut up Porter hey hey take note batters and take a look in the mirror but don’t compare anyone to a girl number seven motivational insults dodgeball A True Underdog Story an insult spouting Legend patches o hulahan strikes comic gold during his terrific

Team Pepto talks The Average Joe’s with their less than average performance are in need of motivation so this dodgeball Legend rolls in to help are you sure that this is completely necessary necessary is it necessary for me to drink my own urine probably not no but I do it anyway however Patch’s

Motivational style involves breaking his team down and then building them back up again letting them know just how inadequate they really are you couldn’t H water if you f out of a boat it also involves sending them out into oncoming traffic and throwing wrenches at them if

You can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball what questionable as his techniques may be they work one of Patch’s more memorable comments compares the team’s running to what happens inside his shorts I get better runs than my shorts hey whatever works number six Cartman song South Park bigger longer and cut

After Mrs Browski complains about the negative influence TV has on kids and wages war on Terren and Philip’s home country of Canada Eric Cartman has had enough when he can’t hold it in anymore his rage bursts forth in the form of an unforgettable song and dance number that

Crosses lines of decency with every verse I’m getting pretty sick of him calling my mom it’s so catchy cman even gets some backup from his schoolyard Chums come on you don’t know the word Cartman’s stand is hilariously rude a Rise Against parents and a teenage Anthem to top it all off Kyle’s mom

Arrives just in time to catch the end of the song we can’t imagine she loved it right number five chewed bubblegum Full Metal Jacket there’s a ton of insults thrown Every Which Way But private pile receives the brunt of the attention this includes many jokes directed at his

Weight which beat out other references to private Cowboys height how tall are you private sir 5′ n sir 5′ N I didn’t know they stack that high while almost all of Hartman’s rants are R-rated this one is especially Soul crushing giving gum a whole new

Life your ass looks like about 150 lb of chewed bubble gum pile it’s a little hard to laugh when you remember the story’s tragic ending but just looking at the jab itself there’s no denying Hartman has a brutal way with words it’s pretty amusing if you’re not on the

Receiving end of it number four questionable living arrangements Parenthood ah Young Love at one moment it can burn as brightly as the sun the next moment it can turn sour but rarely is that downward spiral expressed so eloquently and with such Pizzazz as in this film he told me he loved me after

Todd breaks Julie’s heart he bursts through the door to apologize and declare his love I thought I’d find you here what does that make you Sherlock Holmes I live here however he is quickly Cent packing with a ringing in his ears Julie sums up her disdain for him in the

Harshest way possible you live with me I wouldn’t live with you if the world were flooded with piss and you lived in a tree sharp and with Sizzle it is a very harsh prize put down and the fact that it’s said to Kiana Reeves is just the

Icing on the cake number three smelly pirate Anchor Man The Legend of Ron Burgundy Ron is furious after Veronica reads the news while he’s trapped in a glass case of emotion and the two do not handle their Mutual anger very well they can’t seem to be near each other without

Verbally sparring when Veronica Cuts in on Ron’s TV time to watch a Cape the two engage in a war of words that has us crying with laughter Mr burgundy you are acting like a baby I’m not a baby I’m a man I am an anchor man you are not a man

You are a big fat joke I’m a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal undeterred by the watching crowd The Anchor Man confidently delivers his zingers with a Steely eye and a stiff upper lip Mustachio does it may be I will have you

Know that I have more talent and more intelligence in my little little finger than you do in your entire body sir you are a smelly pirate hooker you look like a blueberry M Corningstone gets some comebacks in there but we barely heard them we were laughing too hard at the

Pirate thing unfortunately Ron did and let’s just say he didn’t take it too well well you have bad hair what did you say I said your hair looks [Applause] stupid number two may God have mercy on your soul Billy Madison fresh off a speech that leaves the crowd cheering

Comes a Judicial jib that cuts deep Billy at his moment of Triumph is hit with a long and eloquent insult so hilariously hyperbolized it leaves us as shell shocked as Sandler’s character Mr Madison what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely IDI idiotic things I

Have ever heard at no point in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought the combination of the harsh words and the Ultra Cool delivery ensures that this sentiment shall not be forgotten the Added Touch of may God have mercy on

Your soul really pushes this speech over the line making it all the more comically harsh everyone in this room is now Dumber for having listened to it I W you no points and may God have mercy on your soul the laughs don’t stop there though as Billy’s response makes us

Laugh even harder okay a simple wrong would have done just fine but way to cut a man down in his moment of Glory before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for

Occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one French taunter Monty Python and the Holy Grail what are you doing in England mind your own business Monty Python’s French taunter has heckled his

Way to the top and deservedly so a warrior of words with a certain jesa he sits at top the castle wall and awaits a time when he’s able to give passing English monarchs what for I blow my nose at you socalled a king you and all your silly

English nigs but the cream of the crop when it comes to his verbal sparring it’s a taunt from the turrets that will stand the test of time every last word he says is endlessly quote Worthy is there someone else up there we could talk to no now go away or I shall taunt

You a second time decades may have passed since this classic film came out but we still have yet to hear a better insult then I fart in your general direction your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries did we forget your favorite insult let us know in the comments below

I’ll wave my private pots at your aunties you cheesy lot of secondhand electric donkey bottom biters did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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