The Best Filipino Food in Miami: Featuring Philippines Pork Master and Jollibee 🇵🇭 – Video

The Best Filipino Food in Miami: Featuring Philippines Pork Master and Jollibee 🇵🇭 – Video

Exploring the vibrant flavors of Filipino cuisine right here in Miami, we join David on his adventure to sample the best Filipino food spots across the city. From savory adobo to crispy lumpia and everything in between, he is delving into the rich culinary delights of the Philippines right here in the US, specifically in Miami’s Filipino Community.

Tantalizing our taste buds with delicious dishes bursting with Filipino flavors, David is experiencing the rich culture and heritage behind each bite. With dishes like Kare Kare, barbecue, lpia, and more, he is truly immersing himself in the authentic flavors of the Philippines.

From Lutong Pinoy Filipino Restaurant to the iconic Jollibee, David is on a mission to showcase the best of Filipino cuisine in Miami. With authentic dishes, friendly staff, and genuine Filipino hospitality, he is painting a vibrant picture of the Filipino community right here in Miami.

Through his exploration of the diverse and unique dishes, David is shedding light on the Filipino culture and tradition that is well-preserved in the US, particularly in Miami. With a mix of Pacific Islander influence and distinct Filipino flavors, the food scene in Miami’s Filipino community is definitely a feast for the senses.

So, whether you’re a fan of crispy fried chicken, sweet spaghetti, or rich and flavorful stews, Miami’s Filipino food scene has something for everyone. Come and experience the flavors of the Philippines right here in Miami like never before!

From the bustling restaurants to the friendly hospitality, the Filipino community in Miami is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, tradition, and culture waiting to be savored and explored. So, get ready to eat, explore, and experience the flavors of the Philippines in Miami like never before!

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Video Transcript

This is the Filipino community in the United States in Miami this city is known for its Latin Community Caribbean but did you know there’s a small pocket of Filipinos here I’ve been to Manila it was amazing I had Balo and you know what I can’t fly there today but we’re here

At Lon penoy and we’re in experience this place can’t wait first time here look at the flly the Philippines everywhere got fried chips let’s go marju right yes yes Maru nice pleas meet you pleas nice to meet you and your dad’s Darren yes this is my dad Darren

He’s the owner of the restaurant pleasure nice to meet you you this is the king of the Filipino Community here right yes he a little bit so what are we doing in the back so we have a lot I’m I prepared like a lot things so we can

Introduce Filipino cine in a in a good way you is my favorite part of uh visiting restaurants the kitchen man oh wow you already started so yeah so I no I prepared it oh wow wow so we have two ways of Kare just beef and this is like

A a special thing thing it’s crispy PA Kare Kare Kare too but it’s crispy PA so this is so meat with vegetables you have eggplant this one is going to be deep fried o wow deep fried on the side then you well you eat it it’s like you dig

And and and put some sauce and everything like vegetables but this one is the traditional it’s all mixed up then you just eat it this is our barbecue Filipino barbecue we’ll cook it too we we pre it we have the um the Panet which is noodles pet that’s pet

Yeah that’s P oh okay so the whole thing is pet this one this one this making what I see is it’s very vibrant lots of vegetables in your Cuisine it is yeah it’s all mixed up it’s it’s healthy food too they thought it’s all all pork but

We we actually have like a lot of vegetables also so this is cig so we use pork okay from the se but you can order fish or uh chicken or tofu but what is it C cuz I I guess I’ve seen two different versions the traditional cig

Is actually the snout and the ears and liver oh my gosh that’s the wild uhhuh yeah that’s what I offer in Kanto in in in my other restaurant so this is the lpia mhm so the lumpia is a spring roll and it’s a this one’s actually very long

Almost like a cigar very thin and long when I went to Manila I went to the Chinatown there and I had the big big ones you know huge so this one is I think that’s the one that you’re looking for we have something like that which is vegetable

Lpia okay and this one is a fresh vegetable lumpia so it’s big also this is going to be the final one the Leon I’m I’m still preparing it but uh I can show you and we’re not going to do a bule fight today not bule fight yeah

That’s something very special they do in the Philippines a lot of my friends have done a video it’s like a huge thing and then you you throw food so there’s two version of that one is budal fight which is it came from PMA which is a Philippine military in in in the

Philippines that when they say budal fight the first Bud fight is actually a newspaper on the floor and the military they will put all the food there and they will scream bule fight then they have to grab what food they can grab because that’s a but the the traditional

Way for um for something like that is kamayan which is really a Filipino pce whenever you’re in the beach or in with the family you prepare all the food in the table and you eat in the Banana Leaf I’m going to do it one day yeah no you

Can do it here I can do it here I actually grew up in the Philippines so I moved here when I was 14 and then Hulu which is like the most southernmost part of the Philippines where they um you know they have the houses on the stilts

And stuff like that and they they they do like free diving for food and things like and and that’s where the kids learn how to they they learn how to swim before they walk in this in this area yes yes so that’s where um my mom is

From and then she moved to Manila to study for University everybody does right yes and then um so here in I I would say like here in um in Florida there’s a very small community but my dad is definitely one of the pillars of of the community because he’s very much

Involved in like Filipino anything Filipino or involved like Chamber of Commerce um any festivals even we did an U Fest um in Smorgasburg and Winwood so he helped lead that as well so and moving here from um the Philippines is definitely a culture shock for me because obviously America is very

Different um the one thing that I noticed about America versus the Philippines is that Americans are very wasteful and in the Philippines we have this kind of like I guess comaraderie with the environment and just kind of taking care of our own kind of culture um although the life is hard over there

It’s still kind of like I would say everyone kind of is for each other a collective kind of um well let me ask you do you speak uh the main language yes I speak Tagalog tently um and I yeah grew up there and spoke toal all the way and so you were

Born in Manila yes I was born in Manila got it so I know there’s 7600 Islands the second largest island nation in the world after Indonesia which is amazing no I’m excited can’t wait to try the Halo Halo adobo adobo that’s their chicken and pork a language that’s like

A dialect of Spanish in the Philippines yes so there is a dialect called chavacano um in the Philippines and it’s mostly spoken in zamonga area which is the southern most like one of the southernmost part islands in the Philippines and it’s one of the closest

To Spanish so if I I actually saw a video like somewhere that somebody was speaking chabacano to a person who has in Spanish from Spain um and and they actually like understood each other it’s just different diction that they use but it’s the same language almost so the Spanish colonized the Philippines I

Think 300 years 15 16th century until like 1898 I think that’s the independence um and in that time it wasn’t just Spanish the Spanish came from Mexico for my understanding so they have it’s a different type of Spanish that came over it wasn’t just Spanish it

Was like Mexico as well yes there’s also some people from Mexico um that had come through but the first first Spanish people that do that did came here was mellan the Portuguese like um I guess yeah I mean they went to maau they went to Singapore they went all that

Area exactly and then they told everybody the the Spain that um that they found the Philippines and then the people from Spain come started coming over here but actually the Mexican people that had came over um started around like 1700s so um because of there’s still a

Good amount of actually um um connection between the Philippines and Mexico that not a lot of people know about and there’s actually a kind of like a shrine somewhere in um bar Navidad in Mexico on the Pacific side and it’s like their Shrine of Philippines and Mexico um

Connection that’s where they um kind of just I guess where the the ships would go into and from the Philippines so and for my Miami peeps never call a Filipino un chinito they are not Chinese they are Philippines obviously Asian but uh but yeah we heard that a lot of people do

This so yeah there’s a lot of people I mean it’s okay I mean that’s that’s our brothers and sisters I know I know but U we’re definitely more I guess like such like a mix of all cultures and that shows in the food so Chinese influence Indonesian um also like the Spanish

Influence we we we put a lot of like sweet like sugar yes we have flan obviously um and so um the the Indonesian um I guess um influence is really kind of that’s where our roots are really from like um we are we are Muslim first as a country before we were

Catholic so um there’s definitely that type of um history that not a lot of people talk about in the Philippines that’s the Lumia and this is the ton so what’s the difference between ton and Lumia this is banana this is vegetables this is going to be glazed with sugar

Later oh so to ton is a dessert it’s a banana wrapped wrapped in a spring roll wow yeah this one is vegetables amazing yeah vegetable spring roll and so we’re frying this one we’re frying this we’re frying the other authentic uh lpia and we have this another uh fresh lpia so

You have the three Lumia in the Philippines and I think this is the inspiration or that was brought from the Chinese correct yeah yeah some of the best Lumas of my life Fusion it you Fusion it because we have a lot of banana in the Philippines so we and we

Glazed it in the in the and sugar and you also have a lot of manga right mang mango is uh but they call it manga yeah manga is the national food so the Philippines is like a mix of every culture so what does it mean to be a

Filipino I know it’s like the Spanish came you have Amar Indians you have Indonesians were there I mean so for you what is the Filipino well Filipino is really um you can say Filipino is very a humbled person which is we we love to actually entertain people and if you go

To the Philippines everybody is smiling so so that’s uh a difference I guess of a Filipino with with regards to um like ethnicity we are very humbled we are very proud of being a Filipino and um just helping other people also we’re we’re happy doing that like if you go to

The Philippines you lost your wallet or so you can still live and they will still feed you wow yeah so from my understanding the Filipinos are like the Latins of Asia because of the Spanish and the Mexican Connection yes so yeah I think we were the first one that was

Colonized by by Spanish in Asia and actually melan was killed also in in U in the Philippines so wow yeah he was killed there by by Lapu Lau which is our datu in in the southern part they colonized the um the lon and bayas for first the

Last um uh thing that they’re doing is the minda which is a lot of Muslims he was kill there got it yeah that’s the South that’s the south southern portion of the the Philippines which is uh loon H not loon uh mindo I heard they cleaned it up though so I’ll

Go there next time yeah oh yeah it’s good it looks good right good food yeah good food right here we have adobo the national dish of the Philippines you got pork soy sauce bay leaf some other ingredients in there vinegar as well look at this Beauty look at the fat that

Layer it’s perfect love this uh gravy on top just got to keep simmering it and then on the side pork blood stew it actually looks like a the the ink from the squid ink in terms of like the the darkness almost like a purple and you have a chili philippinos aren’t like the

Rest of Southeast Asia they’re not super heavy with the chilies you go to Thailand some of other countries super hot Philippines it’s more I guess it’s a milder spice right but they have spices but way milder so you were born in the Philippines you left when you were 14 is

There a huge uh difference between the generations in terms of Filipino Americans like let’s say your father for instance they grew up over there and had you over there yes so definitely there is a big difference in the generations um I would say the Philippines the first

Generations for example just like me um we’re very connected to Our Roots and very connected to the culture and traditions um I would say if you grew up in America and you were born in America as a Filipino you are there’s this sense of craving as well on the culture and

Looking and finding yourself in the culture because sometimes you’re too American and sometimes you’re too Filipino or things like that in different settings so growing up here I think I have a good amount of both because I have the firsthand experience of the Philippines growing up there we

Didn’t grow up in a very rich family as well we have I have the most authentic experience growing up as well so now here coming through in um growing up in the Philippines for the rest of my ad adolescent life um it’s definitely become um making me proud of where I’m

From more um making me want to become kind of like a taste maker for my friends putting them on to adobo and Leon and all those things so it’s really fun to be around with other cultures as well yeah and I’ll say one of the best things about the Philippines is

Everybody this age group speaks English so if you’re 30 or under everybody speaks English and everybody is connected on the phone it is it really is like one of the most connected countries yes definitely yes I actually when I was grow growing up in the Philippines I went to an international

School so I definitely had you know a good amount of exposure with English language but that’s like a lot of the Filipinos as well even if you didn’t go to International School you will still get a good amount of Education America I’m going to ask you guys should I go to

Bor next time Bor Bor Bai Bai B no everybody’s like go to borai you missed it I like yeah man I need to go I need to go the best island the most Funland I I think Mara Carey that’s her favorite island yeah she’s always there well I

Just see like Paparazzi stuff you know like it’s amazing I heard yeah it’s and then sh it’s like the new destination for Surfers kind of like the next volley but we don’t like that but so a friend of mine bought a property there and he buil his house yeah yeah tall tall

Amazing I mean I have a lot of friends so Mike from uh making a happen Vlog he’s there um who else is there uh will doovic is H huge there yes I’ve seen him uh L LeBlanc also blew up there I mean you got all these guys that just went to

The Philippines and just like found a new home you know yeah but you know cost of living super affordable you know I can go there right now and live for like $200 for the month I can live and eat really good and if you’re hungry and you

Don’t have money people will feed you exactly I want to go for one of those like water festivals there’s so many festivals too oh there’s so much there right now there’s one called sinulog which is the biggest Festival in Sibu um so that’s like one of the main tradition

Is there it’s like a big parade with like water be spilled at you awesome mess up we have to go with the GoPro though oh this is an amazing broth man vegetable chicken woo can’t touch that just burn my hand know that crunchy cabbage got the carrots the green beans and

Chicken the broth smells fantastic the aroma so I have another question for you how many languages do you speak uh just two just two talog and English but my mom can speak basaya so I can understand her there’s 150 languages in the Philippines between 120 and 170 they say

Yes tell me something in toal what’s your name oh wow okay um Kaka which is um how are you which oh that sounds very Spanish yes it comes from Spanish stems from koas and then we just have Filipino conjugations in there Kaka how about I love you Mahal mahak

Philippines you know one of the best things about the Filipinos or that there are like family people when I got on the flight on Qatar Airways so many of them going back cuz the Cru of capital of the world is here so many seamen there and

They’ll get on that flight go to Qatar then go to Manila and every time they’ll be like oh you know and I can always understand the accent I know you’re Filipino yes exactly there you go the accent the the Manny Pacquiao very very strong accent exactly dude butter I didn’t know it was

Butter in this Cuisine I’m joking I’m joking so this is a Sizzler yeah that’s so it’s look like a fajita but not right so what’s the name of this dish I’m going to put it later oh you going to put it later yeah I you going to leave

It on top wow so that’s like the C is for the SE for the seig okay got it so everything’s going on top there no inside it’s going to be on top of so he just placed um the pork in there sauce oh wow that’s this one some

Pepper wow these noodles look amazing what noodles are these over here pan pan this pan so it’s like a super thin almost like glass noodles but looks a little sticky you have uh is that pork or chicken chicken chicken I got some pork here they gave me a little bit of

Try what what do you call these noodles cuz they look like glass noodles beon beon it’s rice noodles rice noodles so lots of cabbage in the cuisine notice almost every dish has Cabbage Dude I just I just had some of this like I I can’t stop no no poil but oh my

God that’s a wow never seen it done like this I mean I’ve seen lechon I’ve seen it like in Puerto Rico I’ve seen all over Miami you have the huge pig but this one is just phenomenal so this is just a pork belly just belly and inside it’s stuffed

With what herbs uh yes lemongrass onions um all scallions all aromatics amazing flavors in there her [ __ ] so definitely it’s going to be crunchy like like tearon right there yes the crunchy it’s all about the skin for me skin for Me egg D EG EG oh wow it’s amazing oh you cracked an egg on it egg yeah it’s I’ll tell you this is probably be my favorite the sing yeah energy mhm yeah so it’s rice um rice paper rice paper rice paper wow everything looks insane man we’re the only one really

Doing all of this like authentic food here in South Florida yeah you know I’ve only so I spent 5 days of my life in Manila and that was that was all I got in terms of Philipino food ever um so I don’t really I’m not as well versed um

But I you know obviously with you guys I’ve been learning more rice um rice paper rice paper rice paper so this one is not fried no it’s fresh it’s fresh FR we put peanuts too what beautiful here we go guys what a feast let SE wow oh the crunch oh my God the

Liron Smoky and crunchy oh wow I thought the Cissy was going to be number one this is going to be number one no yeah this is I think the there go dude that was like so buttery like melted man so good the fat P another piece here there’s like a mix of spices

In here yes so that’s a a SIU seasoning SIU seasoning yeah it’s in uh part of the Philippines where they really cook authentic uh Leon wow so you have Cho on the bottom nice and crispy skin then you have black pepper pepper corn better than the Philippines man thank you oh my

Gosh it’s unreal yes it’s so juicy what are you guys doing to me me what is this this is nonstop yes I know we’re going to eat a lot of food right now and it’s what are we doing breakfast of champion this is how they treat me in

The Philippines no in Miami in Miami this is how they it will be in the Philippines as well so it will be really fun to eat all of this food and it’s just a regular day at 11:00 a.m. in pem Pines it’s I didn’t know there was this

Many dishes a lot of dishes is yes there is and we want to keep um a lot of the dishes in because there’s a lot of Filipinos that are craving for something specific so if you’re craving for something and then we don’t have it then

You know it’s a bummer so we want to try to keep everyone happy here jelly this is tapioca and jelly that’s a Banana Leaf Tea Banana Leaf Tea and this is a stable yes yes yeah every corner has that wow M I love the jellies in the bottom that’s our bubble tea wow

Filipin heavy on the sugar so how do you start this meal I mean it’s some how many dishes don’t even know start with an appetizer mhm oh which is the egg rolls the egg rolls yeah that’s our egg springle that’s vegetable that’s the one that you have to the Lumia also which is

The um the small Lumia there you go I can cut this in youut this off perfect there you go I’ll grab it get I’ll get the with me I love this and you just dip it in the sauce dip it in right here yep that’s the vinegar sauce delicious right there

Perfect here we go it’s been a while good mhm it has you need the sauce right you need it so it’s vinegar and soy vinegar and soy some garlic love the crunch the other one oh that’s the thin ones so this is yeah like cigar on this

Is the pork yeah you have to try and this one has a different sauce yeah sweet chili sweet chili yeah oo they just made these yeah super hot easier to eat yes this is the top cell top cell mhm so it feels like what’s in here just like mix of

Vegetables I’ll pour some of this on top and in terms of the sauce for that is this one always oh you just want to all well I just want to try you’re going to try it I do like the sauce yes yeah the vinegar sauce yeah vinegar soy soybeans

Is King in Asia M yeah there’s so many countries you go to and it’s all soy based yeah so our food is really sour sweet like salty a lot of sweets everything’s Savory yeah very Savory and somebody told me that Filipino food is the comfort food of Asia oh is it

Because it’s like so much different flavors it’s a little heavy as well so I think I kind of agree with that definitely lots of seasonings and flavors in there well after the CH you want to go sleep like that’s like exactly it’s filling I think we’re going

To go with the adobo we have to try the national dish national dish yeah look how beautiful that is one piece is good yeah yeah I guess we have to do one piece each cuz anything more it’s like a lot of food yeah it’s too much you have

To paste yourself I’m going to got two pieces let me try this some rice flavors in a little bit yeah one of the things that you’ll notice in Filipino cuisin is that they don’t use their hands or Chopsticks um they use utensils but they use their hands for The Bu FIP for the

Well the typical really is in the house it’s by hands yes if you’re like eating a fish with the rice you know breakfast that’s you eat with the hands but you know usually it’s spoon and fork and we got that from the Americans yeah um and um we don’t use knife like that

Actually you don’t use fork and knife just spoon andk Spoon and Fork Spoon and Fork yeah I’ll show you how how it works so we do that and we use the the corner of the spoon to actually cut no need for uh knife that’s it oh mine’s so

Tender get some rice nice little bite oh I love with the peppercorn mhm yeah nice glazy sauce on top that mhm like claz so that’s soy vinegar and ber mhm oh I love the national dish there’s a special vinegar that you also use on that one okay so it’s a

Either coconut vinegar mm there’s two another one is the sugar cane coconut is this the spiciest cuz of the chili the spiciest that we have is B Express so Express yeah so that’s uh pork um in coconut milk with the with the with lots of chili chilies yeah wow

It’s all CH we have to try this guys this one you have to mix mix the whole thing everything yep look at that just mix the yolk the egg white oh it’s so good and it’s still hot it’s on a Sizzler so I’m going to get do you want

Some mhm yes please thank you so much I’m going to get with the chili guys I have to try but I’ll give you first that’s the the thi chili that is a thi chili this one so that’s spicy see I usually just see the chili straight get like that nice heat in mhm

This looks amazing and this one over here I want to pull it out it’s pork mixed with blood wow that’s when you you it’s very rare you’ll get it in South Florida the best one South it’s very rare that you get very rare yeah cuz not everyone is

Keen to try something with blood so so if you like blood sausage that’s better you know it’s funny cuz it does have that that element of the Marcia yeah yeah but no rice in it so you add the rice yeah yeah yeah but it tastes better tastes delicious yes it it

Reminds me of the the squid ink even the texture does we have that too you do have that the squid Inc adobo adobo oh wow yeah next time we also have the the jumbo squid Calamar oh my gosh yeah yeah I mean there’s a huge Seafood aspect

That we haven’t even D into yet my restaurant has the the biggest selection in in South Florida for Filipino dish W yes yeah I’m the only crazy one that offers you’re the only crazy one no that’s great I mean we do need this you know that’s one thing that when we were

Looking at the um you know the demographics in terms of how many Filipinos are not that many more passing through because of the cruise ships but in this area in particular there’s a lot yes I have an opportunity actually of getting uh the businesses on the to take

Care of the CR people but I chose to actually introduce Filipino food in in in in South Florida in land so I can cater for to introduce it better for the non-filipino also so good small little it’s like bits of everything in here then you grab the Thai Chili do

Little too hot woo that is hot might need water that’s hot it’s hot dude this little gu the tii chili milk he needs milk I know really any milk but it’s okay we’ll have the halahal later that’ll fix me I love the this one the most just cuz I like that sauce man

Yeah well the the barbecue now M that’s uh Filipino barbecue out there yeah so right here Filipino barbecue so in Japan it’s jakori in Indonesia it’s sat and then in the Philippines it’s just Filipino barbecue barbecue yes barbecue and how many different uh do they use everything pork chicken uh well

If you go to smus we have different version of barbecue CH food mhm so from iners the intes intestines pork and chicken intestines and of the chicken too h of the chicken and then the feet of the chicken and then we call it Adidas because it’s feet

So chicken feet is what we call Adidas in the Philippines it’s so crazy it’s it’s Blood also blood blood skiward oh SK it’s like uh it’s going to the it’s going to be um when you put the blood it’s going to be cated and it’s going to

Be like a jelly so it like crystalizes then yeah it we put it on the skewers and barbecue it and dip it in vinegar so we call that betamax because it’s like Square it’s like the what’s it called the DVD the oldv the old DVD okay so

That’s bet VCR the VCR we almost forgot about that I was born in that time and we have also the um the pork intestine the large intestine MH we call that mag whe mag whe because it’s like a it’s looks like a MAG wow wow yeah no chicken hearts

Though chicken heart chicken Liber yeah everything whatever but the authentic really on the street is the barbecue pork no it’s amazing I love the sauce love pork Smokey juicy as well yes the food’s amazing yeah I’m super happy mhm it’s a very different style from the

Rest of Southeast Asia h yes our food is like really family style y so it’s not like the Americans that you order your own meal and that’s your own blade yeah we sh so for us is like we we order food for the family that’s how we eat that’s

Why I’m having problem now on how will I serve this to the non-american is it like a bowl style or family style but most of the most of them really wants like their own meal got it yeah not Filipino but they uh so Philippines always share that’s why I make I make uh

Like uh the Panet with the Lumia with the meat together got it so it’s like a meal one one meal there you go that’s uh the national noodles the national noodles mhm every um birthday or any celebration we always have this the lumpia and the barbecue oh yeah yes that

Three so what do you call these noodles is this chain no no it’s beon pet p pet yeah mhm man it’s hard to get a small bite here trying there you go oh they’re beautiful so that’s match with the Lumia barbecue sometimes bread sometimes bread sometimes bread we put a inside a

Hawaiian roll mhm with that and then that’s that’s it try it with the lemon yeah try it with that and you’ll see the difference man I’m stilling that chili that was a hot chili my gosh let’s try with lemon so you also you said you use a lot of lemongrass in the

Philippines we have lemongrass that’s inside the inside Leon mhm well these noodles I mean what am I doing here bro way better with that yes mhm in the Philippines it’s calaman C camman see it’s a h a small lime but it’s very strong it’s has a a a

Distinct taste yeah it’s it’s like kind of like a keyme but a little bit sweeter smaller like sweeter what do we have left Kar Kar and K two ways so we have two ways so what’s the difference here this one just is beef only mhm mhm with

Bok choy the green beans and the we we fried the eggplant but inside you have U it’s orinal it’s really oxtail but we have beef only here thank you so much eggplant fried eggplant too I haven’t used a spoon as a knife in a long time I’ll tell you cuz all all my

Filipino friends are like man how come you haven’t bought a place of maati I’m like yeah yo yo who’s paying for that bill it’s expensive now well Airbnb yeah yeah no of course of course just leave it as an Airbnb here we go so it’s peanut yes it’s nice with a B

Choy nice and crunchy yeah lots of moisture in there so you have to get this the shrimp paste a little bit a like too much uh just a little you little it does smell different it’s very strong oo it’s actually intense one with the vegetables mhm it will taste like tast

Like shrimp times two yeah times two I mean it’s very pungent yes it’s like a very very very intense yes but it’s good shrimp shrimp paste is another thing they use all over Asia yeah everybody uses another one is just pork knuckle deep fried so we have a version of

Chicken of this also all of this we have chicken version chicken Bion you also have some some of them you have fish version the knuckle right all the collagen the tendons that that’s what makes it good for me there go it’s the tendance oh my God skin also and dip it

With the um the sauce this is beautiful at this piece this is a huge piece actually wow so crispy so right here this is like chich cha Ron you have some meat some fat vinegar yes so much more flavor yeah I made a verion of pork for the beep

Version of Kare so I made a crispy P which is a popular really um so bar food I made it to aare so you can actually eat it with rice with the stew with the vegetable so it’s up to you how you want to eat it either

You want it to be fried only or you want to with the vegetables or with the sauce yeah yes so I made like another version of that got it yeah cuz all bar food always fried because it soaks with alcohol it helps it helps cuz if not you’re like always it’s drunk yeah

Speaking of did you want to try a red horse we have red horse red horse I’ll try a red horse I’ll try one yeah I’ll try it I’ll try one red horse is their is their National Beer this is the red horse beer the red horse send me like come F come

By good beer that’s a stronger one yeah it’s 8% man I didn’t notice like what the that’s strong strong this is 5% this is the light one that’s the one you have the beach this is the one you have yeah so now we’re going to try the

L on the best thing on the menu right now we have very authentically um seasoned and marinated by my dad that’s his recipe so go ahead and try this um the crispy skin of course from Mr David has to be too much and then um oh I love the cracking go yeah it’s

All about cracking that big piece yeah get that there you go there you go oh my go no look at how beautiful this pieces there you go better than Cuban and CH thank you so now I made that as a w whenever I go to

Any a popup mhm this is what I really show off yes y so I showcase this with Leon with the bow with Taco with um like um like a burrito style uh wrap okay we call it preon and with garlic rice that four alone it’s like uh it’s crazy Taho Tempe right

The taco yeah Taco the taco we put Leon in the sauce with the flour taco the taco oh cuz I think Taho and Tempe T is we have we have that too so so we have like most everything but this is what I’m actually showcasing for Filipino

Guys look look at the inside see all the seasoning in there as well what a monster this feeds like 20 people this is a big bite right here bro the seasoning the moistness it’s very unique it’s insane Anthony berdan said actually this is the best lechon that he ever had

The the Filipino Leon the Filipino Leon oo that’s the seasoning that he tried I mean it’s different I I love Cuban Aon uhhuh but this is something different uh-huh like that that flavor inside the lemongrass as well we were in Windwood also a special event for filippin and

There’s like Cubans that tried it and that’s exactly what they said yeah he said I’m Cuban we have our own Leon but this is way different wow one more thing to try really quick and show you what this thing falls apart bro this is another spring roll yeah but not fried

And you dip it or just pour it on top careful with the garlic there’s that’s garlic yes oh my God garlic that’s not good Super Fresh so that’s like Tha you know this garlic it reminds me of Lebanon like so P like yeah yeah it’s too much actually some we actually put

Peanuts on top oh you do yeah it’s a great Meal m so I know we have some desserts yeah yeah what’s this me when the banana so this is called ton ton and it’s basically a banana egg roll with um kind of a it’s a specific type of banana I

Think it’s plantains right yeah with and then we put jack fruit inside wow and then we wrap it around the egg and caramelize it with some sugar as well and this is dessert yes that’s dessert right there Crunchies it’s like a Savory sweet dessert here we go pleas be add vanilla ice

Cream oh wow so sweet inside yeah you me crunchy unique unique I’ll tell you you got me so full already like I need a bed this the Mochi yes guys this is the Mochi it’s uh theous rice mhm and coconut milk glutenous rice coconut milk and top with u coconut uh so it’s

Coconut um shavings that are cooked right so it’s three different layers oh it’s so soft and cold sticky M That’s Unique too the coconut on top the bomb bro yeah that’s off the chain yes I’ll take some of this home I know that’s an amazing Moi that’s really

Really good usually the Mochi is like this like a little bowel yeah and then the inside what you feel it but this one you feel the whole thing yeah that one yeah and three different layers too three different layers we have jack fruit vanilla and um opan and the Uber on

Top no this this is like I have a sweet tooth sometimes and my call the best M you I’ve tried yes I showas this whenever we pop up this is the only dessert that I have perfect yeah no that’s all you need yeah and super jam-packed with sugar mhm

So this is fandan fandan uhhuh this one boo boo so that’s coconut uh with rice COC of milk with rice this one p p with cheese p with cheese so these are like little rice cakes with cheese Gaba Kaba we call it peachy peachy like kabwa Tarts I guess you would say peachy

Peachy so it’s like a another type of Mochi but cab that one is better and that one has coconut shavings on top yes yeah coconut mixes always every everything better yeah so this is the Mochi that you just tried that’s the Mochi that’s a flan this is the flan who

Has the best flan in the world Latin America or the Philippines I don’t know let me know in the comments below now this one is uh a different fruit oh yam inside with the Sago oh my gosh and it’s uh in coconut milk oh that’s all coconut milk that’s why it’s so

Sweet and this one is the Ube u u the purple yam yeah very unique to the Philippines correct cuz I I don’t think I’ve ever seen a purple yam anywhere else in the world look at that beautiful color nice and purple M it’s almost like a rice pudding it is

Yeah this is phenomenal got to try this you know the the yam man I would never noce as yam like this in uh in India but not purple it’s not it’s not purple is that beautiful yeah it’s also thicker than a rice porridge yeah well or a rice pudding should be thicker one

More how’s my teeth I’m joking this is H Hollow mix mix here we go a mix of everything that’s purple yam ice cream purple yam ice cream we have some jellies in the back got some beans as well oh my gosh what am I doing here so many jellies so you have to

That’s why it’s Halo Halo before you eat it you have to mix everything you should have told me man yeah yeah that’s FL that’s FL there’s like yeah mix so you just put everything there yeah we have banana we have and this thing melts quick yeah that’s the FL wow there

Coconut Nat that’s two type of coconut the red and the green this coconut yeah Nat Nat Nat the Coco not the Coco and and palm um the other one is hard I don’t know it’s hard yeah yeah super thick oh wow it’s incredible how many jellies there are in here that’s banana

That’s the U again U again well I’ll say this this is the most unique most mixed ice cream I’ve seen yeah it’s ice cream with like 20 different things inside has uh ice shave in the bottom mhm hello hello it’s man in the barel no [Laughter] woo that’s amazing do you have a

Philipino flag yeah they is right oh it’s a palm bro I see where oh yeah yeah they use it the clean yeah I’ve never seen that no I saw in the in the cleanest the cleanest uh Village in Asia they have this they clean all the streets with that sh

That’s amazing it looks like uh the authentic Filipino in the Philippines like your grocery store like the miniart that’s the look of the the minimart in the Philippines in Manila I saw like 500 of these everywhere you go there’s one of these yeah I mean it’s quick

Convenient tip in the store this one no credit you know it’s funny I just watched the movie Wonka it says no daydreaming they charg you for that let’s see the Mini Mart so yeah we have chichon always chichon different times you have chicken also chicken skin Chon

Oh wow yeah tastes better it’s um like high in cholesterol oh my gosh I mean I I’ve if you want to die young this one and you guys eat like snacks just like keep going with it so we have like different stuff so what it’s all Filipino all Filipino yeah I’ve never

Seen almost anything here like 100% like all Filipino this is the cakes the panda cakes look at this we haveu oh yeah the Ube cake and the panda cake this is Ube is their like I think it’s is it it’s y so it’s like sweet potato but it’s purple purple yeah looks

Good oh look at this I think I’m going to have to open a bag of these up look ready so you know I told you they they’re very low on spice in the Philippines but they do have prawn cracker spicy flavor Marque where you at so what we

Got over here we got shrimp past shrim and we have um this one is for the Halo Halo all the mix that we put like the the so it’s all coconut gels it’s on the gels it has like jack fruit it has coconut strip do you use durian as well

Um some Halo Halo is a special Halo Halo they put they do durian Halo Halo I like it people don’t like it cuz the smell but hey it’s it’s a spiky fruit yeah so even avocado they We Make It Shake yeah yeah yeah they use a lot of avocado cuz

The Halo Halo has avocado yeah mhm and then over here we have some shrimp paste shrimp we have more this is literally Jello-O guys that’s what it is Jello-O it’s flavor and then I look at this this is you would think this is Spanish man

Aroso and and I saw this dish this one on a lot of lists champorado so this is chocolate rice porridge mix never tried that before P you literally call it hey we have that’s nice dude and that one is our B Filipino Mochi oh wow oh

We’re going to have this this one I have to try I love Mochi but this one is the premix we make our own you make your own yeah we make our own mamitas mamitas Chang it’s a sar soup no there’s a huge influence in Spain mamasita it’s hilarious man you’re

Killing me with this you have hot and sour soup the adobo which is the national dish like this and then this one I saw this on the list as well ginan ginan mix Katan and what’s kinan it’s a coconut milk so coconut milk mixed with it’s a stir fry in coconut milk

Perfect man there’s so many dishes to try then over here just more noodles lots of noodles so these are all instant U powder in the back look at these noodles Canton noodles these I like my favorites are are the thin ones like this the style the glassy

Style like they’re so thin there two that’s that’s different like like spp that one is U oh this one’s U that one is tar Li We call we oh terar yeah that’s that one we we cook in coconut milk and now I’m introducing it with uh

Like a dip like a pizza dip okay got it yes cuz this a very uh Green Leaf super green it’s very healthy for you yeah like this is the important seasoning for us also the the banana ketchup UFC Jon yeah Ultimate Fighting Championship and we will not have adobo

Without this two uh special it’s the soy sauce and the vinegar okay so these are the two main ingredients of the adobo of the adobo and then the bay leaf the bay leaf and the peppercorn got it yeah so you don’t just eat the food but you can also buy the ingredients to

Make food at home and everything is authentic everything comes from the Philippines so you’re probably one of the only places in South Florida that has this that has this WOW amazing like the selection of food that we have some in in downtown that you said yeah yeah

Small ones they have like small ones and the the dish is already cooked so and this that one is like really um it’s um fish perment fermented an tropies yes you don’t want to try that hey Darren thank you so much anytime bro go to lutong Pinoy penr

Pines North Miami Beach and we have a new location Kanto in Lake wart Beach how many language did you speak uh just two Tagalog and um English Tagalog and English and then give me something in Tagalog uh Mahal which is I love you andar masarap is delicioso and in terms of Filipinos in

American cuz you’re um from the Philippines and then your daughter obviously is like more like a first generation here what’s the differences uh I mean what do you feel differen see being Philippines if you grow up in the Philippines as a first generation here

In in the in in um the US you’ll really attach to your culture and right now I’m really really attached to my cult culture that’s why I’m actually bringing Philippines here in the US I’m trying to introduce some of the things that you will only get in the Philippines here in

The US too and some um I have like other news uh media in the Philippines that come here because I’m introducing different things also most people don’t know this Miami is the farthest city in the US from Asia yes the farthest it’s a day it’s 24 hours actually it’s uh

Sometimes 48 hours for me to travel or 36 hours to travel so Miami are 15 and then you add another like nine or 10 of flat Manila oh my gosh it’s very tiring next time my man hey thank you again thank you so much no problem best Moi

Ever ever let’s see it’s a nice rice cake it’s too good actually that’s a good question so Filipinos I feel like within our hearts and in our culture where we come from um in our native um like traditions we’re more Pacific Islander versus on the Asian Community

Because um even like our culture with the water and how we how we love seafood and how we tend to each other’s islands and become basically a whole community of 7,000 Islands I think that’s definitely more Pacific Islander of US versus Asian yeah I know I’m like David

I feel like you we should have just added this on the Leon over here like I think it would be be a good spice for this David’s handcrafted been here hot sauce by Lino no Fit For A King thank you so much it was very nice meeting you Sal po Sal

Po yes it’s thank you in Filipino oh thank you so much thank you thank you I’ll see you next time next time we’re going to do the fight yes The Bu fight with the kamayan style with your hands and the banana leaves so it’ll be amazing thank you so much and next we’re

Going somewhere very special this is jolby fast food Filipino fast food it’s like their McDonald’s there’s one right here about 5 minutes Drive jalabi is the McDonald’s of the Philippines founded in 1978 by Tony tan and they have, 1500 locations worldwide they have an LA in

New York here first time I Tred this in many years tried in Manila everybody does the first time trying jell bee look got the bee right here iconic like the Bee Movie right hello how are you good how’s everything good yeah yeah mhm so I haven’t had

Jolobe in a long time since Manila mhm what do you recommend I could recommend you guys our bestseller chickens over here it’s good with the gravy that we have chicken and gravy yeah and how about the spaghetti somebody recommended I try the spaghetti yeah um it’s quite different spaghetti because it’s sweet

It’s sweet yeah because it’s a unique or distinct spaghetti of the Filipinos oh wow yeah the Italian are s right spaghetti but in the Philippines we have a sweet spaghetti sty spaghetti and where are you from I’m from Philippines but where in the Philippines which island uh Manila oh you’re from Manila

Yeah so you speak Telo Telo yeah I speak in tagalo tagalo yeah tell me something in tagalo um po k s Jollibee to try our bestseller chickens po thank you I love it I love it I’m shy is everybody from the Philippines everybody it’s a mix yes

My super viser is also she’s also from t and n Ruby and ate debor and also our fry Master also comes from the Philippines so it’s really authentic Filipino dish but by the way see if you go to any other fast food place in America they’ll

Be like get the camera stop these guys are awesome I love it I love it Filipinos always let me film so it’s good yeah Filipinos so you must try our dishes over here okay so I’ll try we’ll get the spaghetti and then uh and then we’ll

Also get what you said the the Famous Fried Chicken yes sir how many pieces of chicken do you like to be honest uh what is the three uh you can choose from one two or three pieces of chicken let’s just get three three you want it with a

Drink Ser no I’m good okay three pieces of chicken and you want a side of spaghetti right yes correct spaghetti right here yeah anything more else guys that’s it okay that would be 1369 cents thank you so much and how long have you been in Miami uh I’ve been um Miami since June

2023 I just migrated from the Philippines you just migrated yeah so so what is it like being over here cuz you just got here it’s good that’s good it’s like Philippines as well because the temperature is tropical like the Philippines it’s also Sunny there’s no winter here in Florida that’s why you

Guys like it here yeah sir can you please uh try it one more time thank you so much thank you sir sir we just call your number it’s ready okay perfect perfect thank you so thank you well they also have what what is this look at that pies they have

Bunch of Pies they have chicken Joy buckets recommend also sir the pies that we have um we have the coconut and the peach mango pie but if you want something to recommend I could I’m I prefer much the peach mango pie it’s really good with the chickens and

Spaghetti I mean I’ll tell you I already ate too much food today in Lon Pino we we ate a lot of food a lot of year food Adobe s oh c yeah the best it’s really good C is with the um toppings of eggs right it’s really good with the halaman

And too you’re the best she’s so kind I’m a legit you’re a big foodie yeah oh great I can’t wait to try it this is going to be a unique experience oh wow your is almost done yeah and so right here we have a $25 anniversary deal huge chicken

Bucket they’re competing with KFC of of course you got the spaghetti with chicken on the side and you have chicken sandwiches order guys enjoy your meal oh thank you thank you sir this going be great yeah enjoy your food thank you thank you Sal I got something I got

Something all right let’s see here hello hello hey how you doing you like Jellaby yeah yeah definitely where you from Philippines where in the Philippines mind men oh so minute now we heard of that’s in the South correct yeah that that was the Gangster City no I’m

Joking that’s where the came from yeah that’s what that’s where everything happened I’ve heard so total price $ 12279 for three pieces of chicken hand spaghetti not bad the fried chicken oh wow smells incredible and then over here we have a spaghetti to be honest I’ve never eaten

Spaghetti at a fast food joint but this is the first I got cheese on Top Tomato spaghetti this is gonna be hard to satisfy me dude I’m Italiano it’s hot you know what it’s actually very interesting it’s sweet spaghetti like a it’s almost like they put caramel in there or something man

Lots of sugar for sure diving straight into the chicken now look at that so juicy oh my God it’s scorching guys got to be careful here oh so juicy it’s too hot don’t buring yourself no it’s too hot bro it’s too hot don’t worry I like this though the

Skin Al so you should definitely try this this everything’s scorching though wow and right here we have the gravy this is for the chicken oh wow another super hot so I’m just going to grab some of this dip it that oh yeah it’s like a mushroom gravy actually super

Tasty yeah soak up all this I have no meat in here this is just crunchy skin hey jobby pretty good doesn’t beat KFC though oh you’re Filipino yeah I I tried in Manila in 2017 and then uh it was good it was good yeah I also tried it in

New York many years ago three years ago yeah tastes different back home though I’m sure it does always does the spaghetti is weird sweet sweet yeah like I’m Italian so this is like an insult it’s like it’s like what are we doing here what are we no the chicken’s good yeah just

Everything’s too scorching you know this this is David yeah I’m David I’ll show you I’ll show you here so can see I’ve been to Manila oh yeah yeah yeah one time manila’s amazing yeah yeah I stay right here no worries no trespassing no trespassing so your name is Joe yes sir

And where you from vanilla actually panga panga yeah you know it no I don’t know it this the 7400 Islands I think so yeah it’s hard yes yeah here we go that’s how many islands there are yeah it’s a second largest in the world after Indonesia so here we go and uh has

Everybody been here since the beginning or like cuz I know this one’s open 3 years ago now I think 2021 yes it be 3 Years sir three years but how long how long have you been like in a States here oh since 2014 2014 okay so you like it

In America compared to Philippines or well no sir of course not of course not but for the for the works of course of course I I need to adopt I know I know and yeah how’s the food so far sir the food’s good you know the spaghetti was

Uh strange yes sweet so what’s it is it cinnamon or or sugar it’s just because it’s a Filipino style spaghetti so our spaghetti sweet sweet because it’s a banana ketchup that we use banana ketchup it’s not a it’s not a tomato God it’s not a tomato ketchup it’s yeah I

Was thinking I was like why is it but also you guys gave it to me so hot I like burned my gums no but but in Asia they like hot everything hot hot hot yes we do what’s your name Deborah deorah yeah you know what I love about Filipinos you guys are

So friendly it’s like ah and this Ruby what is she Ruby Ruby but what’s your real name Ruby is the real name yeah R do you speak Spanish how many language you speak well in our dialect I speak like three dialect and then here English and then

The Spanish oh wow so yeah so remember the Philippines are like the ladin of Asia you know it’s amazing how that works and where are you from what Island Philippines but what island what island uh lady lady different yeah like we here we have like different so you speak T and thenal

Talo kangan and then the tagalo also I’m she speak wow yeah there’s 150 languages roughly in the Philippines it’s amazing mhm this this is really experience here but we have a lot of yeah and it’s so far so far to get there 24 hours so where have you been sir in in

The Philippines I just went to Manila I spent 5 days she went to next time borai Pala andalo like there so many places to go it’s forever I’m glad you came here and I’m glad you like the food and I hope to see you again thank you same go

Single I’m single too single too good luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck she sold her off what is happening my God she’s solding me so much so much too much for you guys are so kind thank you so much we love Filipinos we love it thank you thank you

It amazing jollie definitely try it the spaghetti Fried Chicken though and come back again for her soon I I will I that’s the Philippines in Miami peace

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