The Chaotic Roads of Cairo, Egypt ūüá™ūüᨠ– Video

The Chaotic Roads of Cairo, Egypt ūüá™ūüᨠ– Video

The streets of Cairo, Egypt are a buzz of activity, and in a new video, viewers are invited to explore them from a unique perspective: the back of a carriage. This video takes you on a ride through the city, passing by the popular Egyptian Museum and providing an up-close look at life in Cairo.

Cruising around the downtown area, the tour gives a glimpse into the bustling city and its historic landmarks. The narrator, who describes this form of transportation as “very popular” and “been around for decades,” introduces viewers to one of the coolest kids they met during their time in Cairo.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. In addition to exploring the city streets, the video also features interactions with locals and a spontaneous negotiation for a carriage tour. The authenticity and excitement of the experience come through as viewers are given an inside look at the city and its vibrant culture.

From the majestic Nile River to the historic Kasr El Nil Bridge, viewers are given an immersive and captivating tour of Cairo. The video captures the energy and beauty of the city, showcasing the magnificence of its landmarks and the warmth of its people.

Experience the crazy streets of Cairo, Egypt from the back of a carriage in this exciting and immersive video. Join this channel to see the incredible tour and support the production of more captivating videos like this.

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I GI my C and tomorrow my daughter you marri  daughter you want me to marry your daughter   tomorrow yeah tomorrow yes what time am uh amer  am yeah Amer good you like good friend Egypt friend Arab no arabin no arabin I only know Inaba

We help everybody we want you to back to your home¬† with a good name I’ve been walking around the city¬†¬† of Cairo for the last few hours and I just came¬† to this bridge called kasar elneil Bridge which¬†¬†

Is very famous for having these huge 19th century¬† bronze lion statues right in the front reminds me¬†¬† of the bridge in Budapest and well I decided¬† to turn back on the camera and film a little¬†¬† bit because man this area is super beautiful¬† hey hey what’s up bro how are you what about¬†¬†

You doing good doing good this area is super¬† beautiful but there’s also like a lot of um¬†¬† things to look at a lot of landmarks right in¬† front of us we got the Cairo Tower right next¬†¬† door is another Novotel which is pretty cool¬† I didn’t even know about that location maybe¬†¬†

I’ll try staying there next time as well but¬† yeah this part of the city is very interesting¬†¬† and there’s a lot going on there’s also a lot¬† of touts walking around trying to tell you to¬†¬†

Follow them this way and they got friends uh that¬† have a tour this way and yeah all kinds of things¬†¬† like that it makes for a very interesting um time¬† though I’m also noticing that there’s horses here¬†¬†

Horse carriages maybe we can go in a little on¬† a little city tour on the back of one of these¬†¬† huh but yeah let’s get a little view of the river¬† this here is the Nile River the longest river in¬†¬†

Africa all right look at this wow what a beautiful¬† view huh there’s all kinds of bridges that go over¬†¬† the river as well I’m not sure what all those¬† buildings are maybe they’re all like Banks oh¬†¬†

No that’s a Sophie tail that’s a hotel and then¬† the Novatel is obviously a hotel Cairo Tower I¬†¬† wonder what’s up there maybe there’s a restaurant¬† up there I know a lot of uh the big towers around¬†¬†

The world usually have restaurants up top but¬† yeah this is uh seriously so real seeing the¬†¬† N River after you know hearing about it in books¬† and movies my whole life pretty much it’s unreal¬†¬† being here and there are some sections that are¬† just incredibly wi as well right now obviously¬†¬†

In around the cities it gets narrow um but there¬† are areas where it literally stretches over 100¬†¬† km all right well let’s keep walking what’s up¬† bro huh I look Egyptian I look Egyptian I look¬†¬†

Like you same same yes same where you come from  us California oh this wife from New York from New   York New York yeah for your wife yeah your wife  lives in New York New York a friend oh you got  

Pictures of all kinds of people there huh New York¬† oh that’s your wife yeah daugh small daughter wife¬†¬† you got a small daughter yes a small daughter oh¬† amazing beautiful family man wow beautiful family¬†¬†

K how long is it here uh 2 weeks time C yes yeah¬† it’s a c very very nice very nice place and Tel¬†¬† is very big yes it’s huge what do you do you work¬† here he’s here this wife now California what are¬†¬†

You doing yeah daughter wife in California are you¬† working right now yes working now here what do you¬†¬† do for work yeah studying you’re studying studying¬† art yeah oh art in car oh okay yeah my name is¬†¬†

Ahmed what’s your name Chris nice to meet you nice¬† you brother yes and and have a big G shop I give¬†¬† my cat and tomorrow my daughter you marriage¬† daughter you want me to marry your daughter¬†¬† tomorrow yeah tomorrow yes what time so I’m I’m¬† tomorrow I marry your daughter yeah you’re funny¬†¬†

Man come oh no no shop today I come back I’ll¬† come back and look for you I my C business card¬†¬† where’s your card here come how far hello sir um¬† how much for the tour you do tour does he do tours¬†¬†

Or what does he do with the horse horse Bridge  he goes that way yes right and how much does he charge this 600 Egyptian 600 how long how long the 1 Hour 1 hour this is your horse you he  rides he rides yes can tell him um he does

400 500 okay 500 450 500 450 500¬† 500 which one’s yours that’s yours¬†¬† okay okay I go I go with him I¬† come back to you tomorrow okay where where you where do we go where¬† do we go yeah yeah okay okay cool thank you oh this is

Awesome okay thank you all right well now¬† we are on on a carriage here in Cairo I¬†¬† mean it’s pretty interesting how life works¬† huh I wonder what’s all going on here oh man what’s

Happening no I don’t want to go to the shop no¬† shop no shop business cut here yeah but it’s¬†¬† okay no shop just t no shop thank you thank you¬† thank you okay thank you I’d come back and look¬†¬†

For you if I want some Arts thank you all right¬† well I guess he was trying to convince him to¬†¬† take him to the shop no shop CD Tour all right¬† well we’re off okay this is pretty cool now I’ve¬†¬†

Actually seen a lot of locals running around on¬† these um carriages as well what’s your name my¬†¬† name’s Chris yours ah hotman H hotman nice to meet¬† you bro you from Cairo you you’re home Kyro nice

Beautiful all right I was I wasn’t expecting¬† to um actually jump on one of these I seen¬†¬† some local families riding them around and¬† I have a feeling that it works almost like¬†¬† a taxi but they hang out around all the¬† tourist areas because that’s obviously¬†¬†

Where they’re going to make the most money¬† on from their clients hey what’s up bro all right baz uh no Bazar just just go around uh 30¬† minutes yeah yeah yeah we can do a little¬†¬† tour look there’s people having picnics oh man¬† fast oh man all right hopefully hopefully these¬†¬†

Horses are well taken care of but like I said and¬† like I always mention when we end up in situations¬†¬† like this this is how this man makes a living this¬† how a lot of people make a living it’s not up to¬†¬†

Us to decide how people should make their livings¬† you know you can’t come from a a Western Country¬†¬† and try and uh tell other people how to live their¬† lives you know what I’m saying what’s up very good¬†¬†

You’re a good driver how old how many years you¬† no you no 10 10 years old 15 15 you 15 yeah you¬†¬† look like you’re 15 man [Music] I actually saw a¬† lot of young uh really young kids out working um¬†¬†

In the bizar selling food running around with¬† aprons and all kinds of teas I mean the people¬†¬† out here are on the Hustle Man The Grind doesn’t¬† stop yeah see there’s more horse carriages over¬†¬† in that direction as well and it’s not hot at¬† all I can imagine that uh during the summer¬†¬†

I can imagine that during the summer man it’s¬† brutal for the horses out here but uh right now¬†¬† it’s so fresh and cool in Cairo oh that’s nice¬† I like it very nice what’s the name Bas basuta basuta I see a lot of McDonald’s advertisements¬† too there’s McDonald’s everywhere huhs I got you¬†¬†

They want tips and the price of the tour I’m¬† going to give the kid the the 500 you want me¬†¬† to sit right there oh okay oh it’s okay I¬† can Captain Captain the uh the horse with you oh that’s cool oh you¬† want me to drive it all right W

Salam thank you thank you oh you take take me picture driving the¬† horse all right found a new job here in Egypt¬†¬† I’m never going home bisti B BCA let’s go go¬† go go thank you bro thank you man Egypt Cairo¬†¬†

Is such a cool City very cool place it’s big¬† huh very big place Pyro mus oh okay mus m m¬†¬† okay that sounds like Marhaba which means welcome¬† in Arabic who’s this guy who statue done in Opera¬†¬†

Opera oh okay Opera statue I think I mean what a  great perspective of the city right I mean being   on the top of this uh Carriage it gives you a  completely different look I mean you get to see  

It really admire all the architecture and move¬† around a lot faster than you would if you were walking hey tips 500 you told me okay¬† we’ll see good sour okay we go to um¬†¬† yeah here I car right here oh yeah thank¬† you good idea I got all my souvenirs for¬†¬†

My hunt there this morning all right that’s¬† a Steinberger Hotel a bunch of cafes what is this oh Ritz Carlton that’s the Ritz¬† Carlton to be honest that doesn’t look¬†¬† like a really nice rich Carlton am uh am am¬† yeah amiki good you like good friend Egypt

Friendi yeah yeah yeah everybody welcome¬† to Egypt huha Egypt Egypt yeah yeah yeah this year is square carage Carriage carage¬† Carriage horse carage horse T tar square is tar¬†¬† oh okay we’re going to go around it but yeah¬† this here is tared square it’s one of like the¬†¬†

Most um Central points in the city from what¬† I was reading online it’s very beautiful as¬†¬† well this is actually where I got onto um to¬† the horse right here at the kasar elil elil bridge I mean there’s truly it’s actually¬† quite nice being up here to be honest I mean¬†¬†

I recommend a little City Tour by Carriage¬† why not brings you back in time a little bits wow what an interesting look from¬† up here huh it’s nice because you could¬†¬† actually look down at all the cars from up here¬† hey Toyota Arab no arabin no arabin I only know amum in

Sh that’s it bro that’s all I know we’re¬† good though cuz Smiles are Universal and¬†¬† that’s all you need to know people¬† always ask me yo Chris don’t you need¬†¬† to know the language or at least¬† some few Basics yeah it’s always¬†¬†

Good too but guys Smiles are Universal¬† Man Good Vibes are Universal you know I actually just got done walking from this¬† street oh this is the tower a better look¬†¬† at the tared tower tared Square okay¬† I think now we’re heading back towards¬†¬†

The bridge um where I actually  jumped onto this horse carriage on police no ambulance ambulancia  emergency Mustafa Mustafa Mustafa but yeah this uh little carriage  right I mean it is quite pricey he told me   500 and um to be honest I was literally  in an Uber for an hour for around 180  

Something I mean it is a drastic difference I¬† should have probably bargained but why not it¬†¬† makes for a real great experience right all¬† right let’s see what happens [Music] here traffic all right I don’t know how¬† he’s going to try and squeeze the¬†¬†

Horse and the carriage in between¬† these cars but we’ll figure it out yo only in Egypt man this is fun Egypt good good good good place casar nil Neil we cross elneil okay I like¬† this tour actually we’re about to cross elneil now¬†¬†

I’m sure he could do without whipping the horse¬† so much but um to be honest I see I I I see that¬†¬† every time you ride horses I mean everywhere in¬† the world they always give them a little a kick¬†¬†

Or a whip of some sort I not familiar with animals¬† at all and I’ve never had horses around in my life¬†¬† so I don’t know nothing about them but yeah this¬† place is beautiful what is this a AER Opera us¬†¬†

Us us oh it’s a house oh damn that’s a big ass¬† house the Egyptian flag is super beautiful as well all right so now we’re about to cross the¬† water and yeah 600 guys is like 600 is man it’s¬†¬†

Roughly like $20 so yeah this is like a $20 ride¬† because I’m going to give him the the 100 as a¬†¬† tip you know uh but yeah I guess that’s that’s¬† actually what I paid in Tunisia around 20 bucks so¬†¬†

Maybe that’s just the going price I’m not too sure¬† all right now we’re back at the bridge we actually¬†¬† started the tour right there and now we’re coming¬† up this way the lion wow that’s beautiful kaido

Tower and this is the Nile theil the Neil the Neil¬† River the biggest river in Africa okay okay yeah¬†¬† a lot of people come here to take pictures you¬† see a lot of tourists on the bridge it’s very nice there’s like restaurants along the side too¬† that’s a restaurant night oh discotech discotech¬†¬†

Oh that’s the club we might go there tomorrow¬† then Friday tomorrow tomorrow good tomorrow¬†¬† deep party no no no no no you you party you¬† no let’s go me you all right all right me you¬†¬† party all right we’re gring man this is fun¬† okay I don’t know exactly what I’m going to¬†¬†

Do once we make it to the opposite side¬† I think he’s bringing me back to drop me¬†¬† off back across the bridge but to be honest I¬† might want to just hang around and walk around¬†¬†

This area for a while cuz then I’m going to¬† have to walk back across this bridge and I¬†¬† really don’t want to do that no Hotel Noel good¬† hotel good no Hotel good yeah Noel’s good place¬†¬† SEL sopel good too Sheran Sheran oh okay marot¬† marot’s over there okay many hotels Season Four¬†¬†

Seasons wow I see it I see it Four Seasons  the round the round one huh okay wow Four Seasons you know what can you can you  take me to kaido Tower to kaido Tower   yeah I I I drop off there okay Shan  Habibi you say Habibi in Egypt Habibi  

Habibi’s brother right all right or my¬† abibi means brother or my love that way okay water water no I don’t¬† want water I’m okay no no no¬†¬† thank you you have radio shck uh music music nice nice okay you know what I think¬† I’m going to actually have drop¬†¬†

Them off have him drop me off right¬† here and then um we’ll continue on by¬†¬† foots right now can you drop me right¬† here leave right here stop stop yes please police Z oh no good for you you get¬† in trouble by police oh okay okay I stay¬†¬†

Right here right here right here because¬† then the other guy’s going to take me to¬†¬† his shop I get off here yeah thank you oh¬† oops oh no I’m tangled up in his rope all¬†¬† right how do I get off of this thing without¬† dying let’s see all right you know what let¬†¬†

Me see where is my my dinos all right that¬† was a good little ride huh nice little fun ride here I give you you have um wait what¬† is this God I’m so confused right now 50

Okay here let me get off oh let me grab my¬† backpack and we’re going to do this thank¬†¬† you where are you from I am from here here¬† you have um this is you have change 50 give¬†¬†

Me 50 how much you deal with him 500 but¬† I’m giving him a tip 50 I need I need 50 Back there’s no change in Egypt huh I gave you 500 tips and then 50 tip 50 me¬† okay 50 tip and 50 me okay then I will give you¬†¬† a change I give you 50 give me 50 now yes I will¬† give you I will give you this is no no worry this¬†¬†

Is your 200 I’m not running away yes yes yes yes¬† but I I will okay let’s go let’s go I will give¬†¬† you thank you thank you I tried to solve problem¬† thank you thank you don’t be a child I’m not a¬†¬†

Child know I know thank you thank you I appreciate  you that was nice nice little ride all right so   this is a book area yeah come to near my car for  a second okay wow this is awesome little book shop

Okay so we’ll see what happens what a beautiful¬† place huh see happen good man and welcome to¬†¬† Egypt and I know you you are a YouTuber and how¬† you know me I’m more Rich than you man if you¬†¬†

Need your 200 take it back I solve your problem¬† man I don’t I don’t need 200 I just I heard you¬†¬† to say you get to see what happened not people¬† Egyptian people there is De people no one said¬†¬†

Anything bad are respectable people yeah but  no one said nothing bad my friend I solve I   solve your problem I tried to look for a chance  he just made it he just made it something it  

Wasn’t give it I was just taking it change but¬† I was like okay let’s see what happens okay my¬†¬† friend let’s see what will happen why you expect¬† something will happen I didn’t I didn’t expect¬†¬†

Nothing to happen and you told me to follow you¬† to your car so obviously when you’re in another¬†¬† country and you follow someone to their car come¬† my friend come come I don’t have a chance come on¬†¬†

Come this this is the 200 in your hand I don’t¬† want it I just I want 50 yours yes when I give¬†¬† you the 50 give me the 200 this guy thought that I¬† was going to talk about like he was trying to scam¬†¬†

Me or something I didn’t know what if I don’t give¬† you 5050 don’t give me my 200 okay okay fair but I¬†¬† was not trying to say that you are a bad person¬† that’s not what I was saying as a as a YouTuber¬†¬†

Yeah but I wasn’t saying that for a mistake yes¬† but I wasn’t I wasn’t saying that feel at home¬†¬† thank you thank you but I wasn’t isn’t saying¬† nothing bad about you all right well let’s get¬†¬†

Our change and let’s get out of here we’ll go¬† somewhere else cuz he just made that something¬†¬† that it wasn’t but it’s all good hey that little¬† tour was awesome though wasn’t it but obviously¬†¬† like come on if you’re in another country and¬† someone tells you follow me to my car you’re¬†¬†

Going to be like oh let’s see what happens it’s¬† common sense but I guess he just doesn’t have¬†¬† common sense but yeah obviously super nice guy¬† but he took it the wrong way so it is what it

Is thank you sir thanks for helping me yeah cuz¬† the horse carriage guy didn’t have any change and¬†¬† he was going to keep the 6 uh 600 but that was a¬† little bit too much I just wanted to give him like¬†¬†

A little 50 tip you know cuz obviously the ride¬† was already expensive but there no change huh in¬†¬† Egypt it’s so hard to find change man it’s very¬† hard no worries bro my old brother are going to¬†¬†

Get the change okay is this your shop no this is  my my brother shop what do you do me I will tell   you later okay all right we help everybody here  man we help everybody know Egypt is good I love  

It we help everybody we want you to back to your  home with a good name about the Egyptian people   I know I love about Egypt yes I have good time in  Egypt man and I want you to give a good impression  

About your friends to come back here again thank¬† you thank you in Egypt if you stay in the street¬†¬† until 2:00 3:00 midnight you are safe you’re safe¬† yeah Egypt is very safe so safe I love Egypt you¬†¬†

I you misunderstood me I was not talking bad¬† about you I invite you tonight yes but I yeah¬†¬† but you need to you need you need to accept my¬† apology because I didn’t I didn’t um this this¬†¬†

Is your 250 okay this is 250 this is my 200 back¬† you need a 50 yeah just one and I will give you¬†¬† the new not that’s a new one not the old one I¬† will I will keep the old one for me and I will¬†¬†

Give you the new one thank you thank you can I see¬† the can I see the difference yes yes it’s oh this¬†¬† is yeah this is the new one this is the new one¬† he kept the old one this yes I keep the old one¬†¬†

For me and I will thank you thank you I appreciate¬† it where are you from the US California California¬†¬† my best friend from California really yes my best¬† friend I hope that if he can see me he’s from San¬†¬†

Francisco from Pacifica yeah that’s C his name¬† Matthew Willie Simons Matthew Willie Simons if¬†¬† somebody know Matthew Willie Simons please help me¬† to contact with him because I don’t see him for 30¬†¬†

Years 30 years I don’t see him for 30 years and I¬† like to see him his name Matthew Willie Simon from¬†¬† San Francisco he he used to work he used to study¬† in American University in Cairo and now he’s a he¬†¬†

Working in a Perle University wow do you mind if  I show my my my phone number no show your business   somebody of your you got a bus card yes no super  nice guy thank you so much bro Al yes if somebody  

Know Matthew please please let Matthew to contact  with me in this number and you do you do tours so   you can contact Mr s if you want to go to the  Pyramids of Giza look man everywhere anywhere  

You want to go in Egypt that’s cool what is more¬† important for me to contact with my friend mat¬†¬† Matthew and Matt okay as we said his nickname and¬† what’s your name Chris and I hope Chris not delete¬†¬†

This uh no I’m not delete nothing man I not I¬† don’t delete nothing okay my friend thank you¬†¬† I appreciate you bro close your phone and I tell¬† you thank you man how long close your phone oh¬†¬†

Close your phone what was that so I actually ended  up following s back to his car man very nice guy   uh misunderstanding we had nice guy but if you  come to Egypt I wish I would have known about  

Him before because look he actually just showed me  this little Journal that was made by a journalist   in Germany and his pictures are everywhere in here  and you showed her around you took her everywhere  

In Cairo yes wow and you can imagine like being¬† in a private car with a local you have an amazing¬†¬† experience so next time when we come with some¬† time I’m going to come see you all right s man¬†¬†

This is awesome wow this is so cool this is an  Islamic Kyo Islamic Islamic Cairo The Old City   many places here more than 700 years is that by um  KH KH KH this is the tourist area I speak up the  

Other side where is the city of the Dead oh okay  city of zad where where is the people live in the   Tomb there and there is a lot of a beautiful old  mosque and there is amazing Church the cave Church  

Inside the mountain Simon Simon Simon Church yes  have you visited mon yes have you visited no not   yet okay yet but when you go there be sure that  you are inside car because you have to pass by  

The city of garbage and there is too much smell  okay okay and this is only the road to the Simon   Church okay okay all right well thank you s okay  my friend again please I wish to contact my with  

My friend Matthew mat through you Matt because  maybe Allah send you to me exactly could be it   could be contact with Matthew well I hope you see  him again inshah all right well take care s thank  

You sir this is this is my my number again if  somebody can I keep this okay sir if somebody who   know Matthew let Matthew to contact with me okay  thank you thank you m take care sir take care s  

What a legend man good guy so um yeah if you guys¬† want to do a little tour right here on the El Neil¬†¬† Bridge you’ll be able to find him so yeah just a¬† little misunderstanding and he had it completely¬†¬†

Right A lot of people come to Egypt and literally¬† just talk about all the scams in Egypt and try and¬†¬† just film the negative things but yeah I don’t¬† know it’s I’m I’ve I’ve just arrived and it’s¬†¬†

Been nothing but love this entire day obviously¬† there are a little touts a couple touts like in¬†¬† torist areas but that’s pretty much everywhere¬† however for the most part I feel like Cairo is¬†¬† yeah very welcoming friendly City at least as of¬† right now but yeah um completely understand what¬†¬†

That man is saying I think I talked to you guys  about that in the first video that I made here on   the channel a lot of people come here only share  the negative sides of Egypt and completely just  

Avoid all the positive things and that kind of¬† sucks so don’t be one of those people Egypt is¬†¬† awesome um love it so far I’m excited to see¬† what the future holds here in this uh country¬†¬†

And I look forward to sharing a lot more videos¬† with you guys now for now I’m going to I’m going¬†¬† to sign off and I’ll see you guys again for a¬† new adventure from somewhere here in Cairo or¬†¬†

Who knows maybe I’ll sign back on on in a second¬† here actually you know what maybe we should walk¬†¬† towards the base of the Cairo Tower actually you¬† know what let’s walk towards the base of the Cairo¬†¬†

Tower and then we can actually all I can show you¬† what it looks like around there and then we can¬†¬† head off back to well where I’m staying to freshen¬† up a little bit and relax we have made it into the¬†¬†

Area of the Cairo Tower this here is like the main¬† entrance and the tower is right there to the left¬†¬† of us and yeah it is pretty big it does look like¬† there’s some observation decks up at the top and¬†¬†

At the bottom it does look like there might be a¬† a restaurant or something I’m not too sure we’ll¬†¬† get a little closer right now and I’ll show you¬† guys but I don’t think I’m actually going to go¬†¬†

Up right now because I have plans on doing that¬† later on this week oh wow I wonder what’s cooking¬†¬† up in here hello oh sweet potatoes wow that smells¬† nice if I hadn’t well if I had an appetite I’d¬†¬†

Probably eat something but man every time I have¬† long travel days my appetite’s like thrown off for¬†¬† a solid 3 4 days and I haven’t really had much of¬† a craving to eat anything last night at the Nova I¬†¬†

Had a big dinner and this morning in omelets but¬† yeah other than that the last two days I haven’t¬†¬† ate much so wow look at this tree this looks like¬† a ban tree it is awesome look at the horse eating¬†¬†

He’s trying to get all the last bits and pieces¬† hello so yeah a lot of tourists here in this area¬†¬† but that’s obviously because well we’re visiting¬† the Cairo Tower which is one of one of the like¬†¬†

The most popular landmarks in the city and I can¬† only imagine that the views from up there are stunning so there’s a ticket office right¬† behind me and the entrance is actually only¬†¬† 70 Egyptian pounds to enter and they actually¬† have different prices they got a ticket for¬†¬†

150 and one for 300 but I couldn’t really um see¬† what all that entails but look at this this here¬†¬† is the Cairo Tower it is impressive it’s super¬† tall and it’s nice to see that um you know they¬†¬†

Have places like this viewing decks observation¬† decks for uh tourists and the locals to both be¬†¬† able to come and enjoy well you know what guys¬† I think um I’m not actually going to go up there¬†¬†

Right now I’m going to save that for my plans¬† for later on this week but for now I think I’m¬†¬† going to I’m going to go home relax take a little¬† bit of time to um catch up on some sleep this jet¬†¬†

Lag is absolutely killing me right now and I’ll¬† see you guys again soon for another video from¬†¬† here in Egypt a lot more videos from here in Egypt¬† later guys you always smart I was the one to take

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