Montevideo Uruguay: My Initial Impressions and Its Hidden Gems – Video

Montevideo Uruguay: My Initial Impressions and Its Hidden Gems – Video

My First Impression of Uruguay – Montevideo Uruguay Highlights

In this video, join me as I explore the beautiful city of Montevideo, Uruguay. As a first-time visitor, I am amazed by the historical sites, bustling markets, and friendly locals in this South American country.

The video takes you through Plaza Independencia, the presidential building, and the beautiful Theatro Solis, providing a glimpse of the rich history and architecture of the city. Walking through the old city, it is clear that Montevideo is a city filled with art deco buildings, colonial homes, and vibrant street vendors.

One of the highlights of my visit is Mercado del Puerto, an old port market with many steakhouses. It’s clear that food and culture go hand in hand in this city, and I am excited to explore more of the local cuisine during my stay.

Throughout the video, I also share my encounters with the locals, capturing the warm and welcoming atmosphere that Montevideo has to offer. From smiling faces to engaging conversations, it’s clear that the people of Montevideo are what truly make this city special.

As I walk through the bustling streets, I can’t help but feel the energy and vibrancy of this city. I capture the essence of everyday life in Montevideo, from vendors selling their wares in open markets to locals enjoying the afternoon siesta.

Overall, my first impression of Uruguay is a positive one. While there are some challenges, the warm hospitality and cultural richness of Montevideo have left a lasting impression on me. I look forward to further exploring the city and experiencing all that Uruguay has to offer.

So come along on this journey with me as I discover the beauty and charm of Montevideo, Uruguay.

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Watch the video by Ray Harper intl

So far and this is so far this is like my first day first impression first everything all right guys so let me break this down so this is the main Park out here this is definitely downtown this is part um Plaza independencia or Park Independence whatever you want to call

It but in Uruguay it’s called pla independen all right so basically here this is the presidential building buing this is where the president sits that when he makes all the orders that’s why he be chilling that’s why he be doing his thing right then we have the theater

Like the main theater here in Uruguay is right here theatro Solis um this is another governmental building this is another governmental building and then like you know like out in every country there’s the president’s building and then there’s all the other governmental buildings around the area like the jurisdiction like everything is

Around now here something super super super cool is this gate right here this door or this entrance this from back in the days like 150 years ago I don’t know even how far back this used to be uh a wall City so the there was like a fort here right so

For people to enter the wall City you have to go through here so that you could go cuz this whenever the war in war this is the entrance so it’s the in and out and then as you guys know the ocean is on the other side so you could

See you I’ll show you tomorrow guys but the ocean is all around us and this is the get into the city so everything was gated if you needed to call my here you needed to ask for permission you needed to call me and I will let you in that’s

How it used to be not no longer super super super cool man super cool let’s go see this tattoo from the front so you guys get to see that Um I guess by the way I just went to the Barbie shop over here but they only take people in on like you have to Reser to um your your place um I didn’t I’m like man I ain’t got time for that I don’t have cash anyways but um he’s talking

About come back tomorrow I’m like come back tomorrow boy you lucky if you could fix my my beer today bro this is a celebrity joint right here we should be like whoever is sitting on the shair be like get off man we’re getting some celebrity up in this mother Suer you know what I mean so yeah man I’m actually excited about you Ru man it’s it’s good things it’s good things and not so good and things are kind of off but um it’s better than other countries I’ve been these days no names dropping so let’s look at this from the

Front look at the oh this is so Majestic right here but you can see there’s people like everywhere you go they nice and stuff like that what is he offering don’t tell me he’s offering narcotics oh no narcotics man get out of here okay let’s see what he’s offering what’s

Up oh no no man thanks good looking out good looking out though where are you guys from from here from here nice nice thank you say m wow so I mean he says artigas there so supposed to his tattoo that’s a big big horse though huge all right go so yeah the warer

Narcotics man they like you want to have somebody El I mean again this is better than what we’ve seen so far right I mean some people look like they sat and their cat die or something but for the majority for the majority of the people the majority of the people you know it’s

It’s looking good man I can’t complain I mean I can complain a little bit but I I shouldn’t be complaining because this is way better than everything we’ve seen well let’s not say everything cuz um Mar del Plata was good marel Plata wasn’t bad and then again in Bueno cidis maybe

The rain got people upset and they were not happy but I don’t know we’ll see when we go back hopefully it won’t be raining let’s give him let’s give them another try but here so far is been the best I’ve seen the best I’ve seen so far

People are really cool they see the camera sometimes they smile they wave at the camera so that’s not so bad no don’t run hi hi see I was trying to help them but they messed the up again what’ I tell you maybe they just I don’t know it is what it

Is but to be honest it’s like that everywhere though like some people have fun of the camera some people like it some people don’t I mean to it his own like to be honest it’s not bad it’s that’s a good look I mean when you find

Those that like it then you just take advantage and ask questions and stuff like that the ones that don’t like it just don’t point the camera at them just keep it Moving all right guys so it’s about to be 4: so around this time people are doing the Siesta no they call it something else let me not lie Maranda they’re doing the Maranda as I was telling you in bues they close some of the restaurants so that can

Prepare for the night for the dinner and then only the major restaurants that have like many um different locations will stay open but then during this time people just go out to coffee shops and stuff like that and and you know take their mat tea coffee whatever they have you and

Whatever have you and then spend their time like that and as you can see the streets is uh walkable Street there’s no cars in this direction cars only cross the cars only could go across not straight up and down I need to have the chibo thing I need to come back here for

That so guys um yeah man it’s a good day in Uruguay sun is out finally I just ate there some pretty ladies I just ate there oh yeah so here it looks like an open market where you know there a lot of vendors here selling their stuff I actually want to get something

From them I wanted to get the mat cup I don’t think I’m going to use it here just to take it as a souvenir to bring it back to the US but I don’t know if I don’t get one here I get it buono Isis I do have to come back to Bueno

Isis this weekend so so I don’t get it here I get it over There they probably have more I guess I don’t Know and then this park here super busy with people we need to figure out what’s the name of the park though Boulevard s Sandi that’s the name of the K we don’t know but again like I was saying there are a lot of Bandits send sending their stuff here

See I want to get one of those to take home with me he he’s um he’s sing he saw me standing but he didn’t come up to say what he’s too busy talking crap over there bro these people man I don’t understand how they’re making business they almost be

Rich I don’t know I think the southern the farthest the farthest South you go the coldest people get I mean this is weird I didn’t get this this this interest in Ecuador and Peru like people go over there with like very attentive very cool and mind you here

They’re a little bit more attentive and a little bit more relaxed than Bid is Bid is is it’s a whole different Beast those people here they don’t care about you bro they pass by you like they didn’t see anybody here at least people some people smile and at least pretend they see you

But still man I don’t know I hope Brazil is not like that when I go and they’re selling clothes here looks like all clothes and stuff like that they call those places like bulga it’s I don’t even think it’s not thing I don’t know it’s an a antique store

I like some of those shirts they have there but they’re a little bit on the pricey side I’m going to see if I could get them from buos Iris cuz they look like it’s the same stuff they have B something I noticed there a lot a lot

Of Brazilian here as you notice the guy at the restaurant he started speaking to me in Portuguese so it’s like a lot was I mean and he only right cuz they neighbors right next to the so why not oh look at his SP you have flash tattoos Al

Hard I don’t know if I want to flash it too like I have know I might get me a real one though not here but I might get me a real one look at this they got your boy Dr Dre here I don’t know who he’s supposed

To be he looks like Dr Dre maybe he’s not and I don’t know who that is maybe Missy Elliot I don’t know I mean but they do have graffiti and wrappers which is a big big improvement from B excited um that makes me feel happy all right guys so we are in

Uruguay as you guys already know from everything else that I’ve been showing you um I’m about to walk you guys in into the Mercato this is the market it’s really not a market cuz it’s basically it’s legendary out here man like everyone that comes here is very touristic Place everyone that comes out

Here comes to this place cuz they have some of the best um cuts when it comes to meat in the hall Uruguay man they have some nice restaurants in here and a little bit more pricier than their other restaurants but the quality is I mean it’s worth it and it’s not really as

Expensive as you might say the us but it’s a little bit more pricier that per se um Bueno Iris um nevertheless the quality man is is it’s topof the line and they really know what they’re doing and it’s delicious so I’m going walk you around it so you get

To see what it look like so here we go there’s already one here but these are cute but you need to see the ones in now here we go so this is the market also they have the souvenir stores throughout the market as well the got all this stuff you need to

Take home for your family and friends and stuff like that but here was starting with that the souvenir Stores um there’s a couple here one here so you guys can see there’s one of the restaurants there there’s another one here and then when we going into the

Meat area the kitchen area this is what we see oh I didn’t even see they have a top part so this is some of the restaurants you’re going to see here and show how they display the meat for you guys to see what you’re going to

Get us what city New York New York the Big Apple the Big Apple yeah yeah yeah showing my people a little bit of where ug has to you NX no M NY oh the Nyx no I don’t like the NX I mean no no no no your team Lakers Lakers wow

Your my team is National National at the soccer football soccer yeah yeah my soccer team is the Miami team Miami well for Messi for Messi yes okay welcome here thank you very much what’s your name Fernando nice to meet you Fernando and then number restaurant La chakra elto see this guy

Is very nice thank you very humble so come check him out here man Fernando okay than you so so here we go man here we go it’s more to go you see people really nice they welcoming very welcoming and again this is some of the stuff like don’t of the meat they got

Bro it’s insane like look at they have it all there everything done right in your face I love how they have the cow and they have the lettuce I mean the wors next to it like what it means and what it is what part of the cow you eating I love

That cuz I mean that’s a learning thing for me I don’t even know about but yeah some of these places man they’re legendary this another spot right here and as you guys can see like they’re cooking right there man right there in your face and man if you keep going this way

You go to the port let’s go to the port the and I didn’t come through this part I came through another city which is called Colonia but there’s also another one here see this is where the Puerto de mon so this is another Port like for the

Both cheps and stuff like that that come through here but again let’s go back to the market this is what we’re here for so you can get at all I mean they even have like Italian food too and again like I was saying the prices are not that crazy you know it’s

Okay prices there nothing like that’s going to break your bank or nothing like that let’s keep walking showing you guys there more restaurants in that direction there’s another one here and I just love how they have it there oh see here they have fish as well which is my favorite Thing we have a pretty lady there too she’s very sad I guess something happened to her in her life and she’s not happy anymore because of that so let’s let’s hope God bring brings her joy we are happy she so here we go and then we back out again

That’s the market that’s the famous Market in PTO Marino um again if you get a chance check them out the quality of the food is amazing I should come me one time and put it on video for you guys to see but that’s what it is

That’s what it is and when it come to look at this right here yo what’s up guys BR Harper here one more time so right now I am at the mall last crues this is the same place where you take the bus to um you take the bus to Colonia where

You take the ferry across to Argentina I came to purchase my ticket so I decided to come up to the upper levels to check out the mall I mean the mall is uh it’s okay but I mean I’m pretty sure there bigger better ones so guys like these here are pricey

For people here in South and in South America like this is more one of the priciest um with higher cost countries in South America to be honest and especially if you come from Argentina where things are super super cheap you really feel the difference when you come

Here um because it’s like it’s almost triple the price of the things in Argentina like just to let you know so that you can kind understand like in Uber that I pay here what like I pay for to come here like $8 artina that would been $3 like last night I had

Dinner meat that same meat that I pay $20 in Argentina would only be like $8 so basically it’s almost triple the price of everything from what I hear the people from here from Uruguay they actually buy tickets to go to Argentina no they buy dollars here and go to

Argentina and Shop there cuz they get a better they get a better return on um on the dollar when they exchange it and they go to Argentina so they actually go shop in Argentina I mean and vice versa I’m pretty sure cuz I mean some of the

Stores that they have here they don’t have them over there so I’m pretty sure they actually come come here and Shop from Argentina and then the people from here go shop over there I mean is that pricey for us the from the US you still still cheaper than us and cheaper

Than many of other countries but in South America like compared with Argentina it’s not cheap at all so even the people that live here say that it’s expensive for them to leave out here so so you guys already know when you’re planning your your travel I would say

Come here first and then and then do Argentina cuz if you do Argentina first and then you R like you really feel it you really feel the difference so I would say do euru first don’t do more than 3 days if you don’t unless you have

Something specific that you want to do I would say 3 days is enough for mon now if you’re go to the beach area then it’s different cuz you know you going for beach resort resorts and stuff like that that is different but if you just com to Mono two three days is

Enough and then you could you know continue on your travel all right guys so here we just walk in out of the mall man it was a it was a cool mall it’s I mean you got what you need there you can get whatever you need whatever you’re looking for I’m just

Like I said before I’m pretty sure there’s like bigger better malls I know there’s another mall called the mon mall that is really really nice as well that I got to go but I didn’t spend much time so I I I didn’t think I needed to record

Anything there so but I mean here you get to see a little bit of this the streets a little bit of the city you know what Uruguay look looks like on a normal day so I feel like I wanted to show you guys this you get an idea what Uruguay looks

Like pretty pretty cool City man not big this is this you know Monte VI the capital so that you know there’s going to be a lot of commotions and heavy traffics and you know a lot happening I mean I will give you another option like

If you come again I said it like a couple of minutes back but I will spend like 2 three days here and then I will head to the beach to peste peste is on fire and spend a few days there as well and then continue in my tour through um

South America but that’s my recommendation or you know if you from here if you’ve been here before and there’s something that you com in to see specifically of course you could stay as long as I want my suggestion is 3 days in the capital so you can get it to you

Know you get to actually experience it and then head to the beach and and the same um um bus station here at the mol cruises they also have bses through the nation not just to Colonia you could go anywhere in the nation from that BS stop

Like you could actually go to punes as well which is super super cool I mean I also want to thank you guys for really supporting the channel like I mean I know that you guys are eating up like my two content from um Argentina as well as

The content that I have put out already for OD you guys are responding super well to thank you thank you thank you for those of you guys that have been supporting the Channel with like you know the PayPal the cash apps and stuff like that thank you very much I mean if

You still haven’t and you would like to donate send some donations of course all of the information is is on the the description right below check that out you know you can send your cash app or you can send your PayPal to support the travels the hotels the

Airbnbs airplane tickets and stuff like that everything cost a lot of money and you know we’re doing it for love but you know the idea is that eventually becomes like a profitable business so we could do it in a better way in a massive way and we could get like better equipments

And better everything and we could give you a better of course video I have this guy actually is always complaining about the quality of the video but he doesn’t support nothing he doesn’t give anything he’s just asking for stuff and yo information cost money information cost

Money and you know again I’m doing this out of love you guys really don’t have to but if you would like to to support the channel if you would like to donate like you know thank you thank you very much I really appreciate it but if you’re not going to donate you’re not

Even giving the video a like like take what you got and keep it moving bro all right um again I mean I have a little more things coming up I’m going show you a little bit of the beach and so you guys to get to see the beach I’m going

To show you what a supermarket looks like here in uguay Uruguay as well so continue watching the video it’s your boy Ro Harper check this out coming up now fire all right guys so check out this Supermarket man this supermarket Market looks like any other supermarket in the

US it’s super packed very well organized healthy see how healthy it is like this product everywhere like you could get anything you like anything you’re looking for in this supermarket and it’s not even huge it’s a regular size but you know you have all kind of products

Here and it it looks very well packed it doesn’t look like you’re running out of business or nothing like that so like I can see throughout this City based on like um the infrastructure of the city the products that they have in the supermarkets the restants the bars the

Clubs the the B stop the mall that the economy here in Uruguay is very solid you know they have a strong um economy so that’s really good man so even though it’s a little bit more pricey or than um buenos CIS or better say Argentina you still going to get you

Know like everything you need here like all the products you’re going to pay a little bit more but man why not you know mean if you’re used to this kind of things and getting everything you need of course this is what you need this is

Where you need to be so I think being an expart in a country like Uruguay is actually a good Look So guys this is supposed to be the Rio de La Plata this is the the river that you cross from Argentina to urai like I don’t know why the hell is so dirty it looks like this river is because that color it’s just like Shirt and this is supposed to be like the beach is this even sand I don’t know is a river with sand yeah that’s that’s weird and then you can see there’s a LIF saer over there I don’t know if people are able to go in this

Water all right guys so don’t hate me for saying this the water looks super dirty I don’t know what it is so if there’s anyone that knows about this that has information on why the water is this color that has information about this Beach area people do actually go in

The water people just come here to take the sun whatever information please leave it in the comments and I’m trying to being disrespectful if you feel disrespected I’m apologize I was I’m just curious and I’m actually trying to really know and I couldn’t find anybody

To ask questions at the beach cuz as you can see it’s not a lot of people and it wasn’t actually the right weather it was sunny out and it was a beautiful day but it wasn’t hot enough for people to be out here like taking the sun um so if

You have any information of this situation here please let me know in the comments below otherwise I will talk to you guys on the next one this is my first impression of Uruguay hope you got some value out of this content I hope you got some information and then if you

Can make it if you can make your way all the way to Uruguay please do it’s a beautiful city I mean it has his it’s just like every other city in the world there’s going to be things you’re going to like there’s going to be things that

You might not like and everyone is going to have a different experience based on their energy based on who they are so you know check it out for yourself and really experience it and then you will have your own opinion my opinion it’s good City not something that I will

Probably come back to but it’s a really nice city has a lot of culture good food good people not crazy about this water but it’s a beautiful city so I mean talk to you guys in the next one it’s your boy RA Harper

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