The far right and neo-Nazis – An increasing terrorist threat | DW Documentary

The far right and neo-Nazis – An increasing terrorist threat | DW Documentary

The far right and neo-Nazis – An increasing terrorist threat | DW Documentary

Across Europe, the next generation of white supremacists are being radicalized. They fantasize about an ethnically pure Europe and are taking action. The threat posed by the far-right network has never been as present as it is today.

In Germany, a far-right plan to overthrow the state was averted. In France, six men were arrested for plotting to attack politicians. In Bratislava, a student with links to the far right murdered two people outside an LGTB club. The film crew meets with some of the people who see themselves as ideological leaders of a racial war. The film investigates these white supremacists, and the threat they pose.

The filmmakers traveled to Wunsiedel, northern Bavaria. Here, a neo-Nazi political party, Dritte Weg, gathered to commemorate Adolf Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess. Locals watched silently as the neo-Nazis march through the streets in a torchlit parade, carrying banners and banging on drums.
A team of journalists spent two years investigating semi-clandestine networks in France, Germany and Romania. They set up a fake profile on a French neo-Nazi forum. It’s one of many spreading hate online, and has over 3,600 members. There are also online dating sites exclusively for white people, celebrating ‘white life, white love’. Members trade in Nazi memorabilia. The camera team meets a man who served in the SS back in the Second World War. Shockingly, he still feels nostalgia for Nazi ideals.
A role-model for many of these ‘white warriors’ is Daniel Conversano, who left France for the ‘white land’ of Romania. Here, he formed a community. His followers include the convicted terrorist Login Nisin, who admitted to plotting to kill Christophe Castaner and Jean-Luc Melenchon. The team visited Conversano and his supporters in Bucharest. They questioned him about his racist views.
Many see the coming “racial civil war” as inevitable. Far-right extremists are now considered one of the biggest threats to democracy in Europe.

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