Construction of Pakistan Dams: Multi-Billion Dollar Project in Progress

Construction of Pakistan Dams: Multi-Billion Dollar Project in Progress

Pakistan has embarked on an ambitious project to construct one of the world’s tallest hydro-electric dams, the Diamer Basha Dam. With a hefty price tag of around 14 billion dollars, it is not only Pakistan’s most expensive project but also one that holds immense promise in alleviating the country’s energy crisis.

Located in the Diamir district of Pakistan, the construction of the dam is crucial in harnessing the potential of the River Indus and providing much-needed electricity to the nation. However, the project is facing potential delays due to security concerns in the region.

The Diamer Basha Dam project is a testament to Pakistan’s commitment to sustainable development and energy independence. Once completed, it is expected to significantly contribute to the country’s economic growth and energy security.

Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder is on the ground, bringing you the latest updates on this monumental project that holds the key to Pakistan’s future energy needs. Stay tuned for more developments on this groundbreaking initiative.

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