The Impact of Samsung’s Rollable OLED on Automotive Design – Video

The Impact of Samsung’s Rollable OLED on Automotive Design – Video

Samsung Rollable OLED Is Changing Automotive Design

Samsung’s rollable OLED technology is set to revolutionize automotive design in the near future. The latest generation of this technology is flexible, lightweight, and takes up less space in vehicles, making it a perfect fit for the evolving electric vehicle market.

The prototype of Samsung’s rollable OLED display is about 30% thinner than previous models and can be rolled up into a compact package, making it ideal for use in cars. While the prototype currently has a slightly off-color balance, Samsung assures that the production display will be improved.

The application of OLED technology in cars is not a new concept, as we’ve already seen it in the interior of the new Mini Cooper. However, the advancements in rollable and flexible OLED displays are set to take automotive design to the next level. With the ability to provide a small, unobtrusive display for driving, and a larger, more immersive display for activities such as watching movies or playing games while the car is charging, the potential for functionality and convenience is substantial.

Though OLED technology has been considered expensive in the past, the benefits it offers for automotive applications are becoming increasingly apparent. As automakers continue to embrace this technology, we can expect to see more innovative uses of OLED displays in the cars of the future.

In conclusion, Samsung’s rollable OLED display is poised to change the way we interact with technology in cars, offering a versatile and efficient solution for the evolving automotive industry.

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Samsung is one of the Heavy Hitters in OLED technology look at the phone in your pocket and there’s about a 50% chance that Samsung made that screen and that technology is coming to the car very soon this is the latest generation of that technology it’s Samsung’s flexible rollable OLED display technology and

This screen right here rolls up into a package that’s about the size of a chunky highlighter and that means that it takes up less space in your car it weighs less which in a world of EVS means more efficiency and more range so the color balance is off a little bit

It’s a little blue but this is a prototype in this very early days and I’m told that as we get closer to an actual production display it’ll get better so this display technology is around 30% thinner than the previously Illustrated rollable display technology which you can see over on this large

Display over here with the rest of Samsung’s OLED technology so we’ve got a screen right here here which uses the previous generation and it’s showcasing both its ability to roll the display in and out but then you can also fold the display which you can see down at the

Bottom now I know what you’re thinking you may be a bit of a lite and you’re thinking to yourself why do I need all of this technology in my vehicle well it’s exactly for people who don’t need a display all the time this way you can get a small and unobtrusive display when

You’re driving with low distraction but when you’re sitting and charging your electric car for 30 minutes on a road trip you can fold that screen out and get a big old display for watching movies playing games or whatever you need to do until it’s time to get back

On the road now rollable oleds are cool and flashy but we’re already starting to see OLED technology show up in cars today for example this round OLED display may look familiar if you’ve seen the interior of the new Mini Cooper which uses this exact display for its

Main Center screen we’ll also start to see more things like curve displays as automakers start stretching the screen more and more towards pillar to pillar now one of the reasons that OLED technology is just now making into the cars is that up until now it’s been expensive and also the requirements for

A screen in a car are very different from the requirements of a screen that lives in your pocket for example but there are also advantages you can learn more about the specific advantages of olet technology for cars and the vehicles that are using today over on

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