The Incredible Dr. Pol Treats a Furious Feline – Documentary

The Incredible Dr. Pol Treats a Furious Feline – Documentary

An Angry Cat Gets Vaccinated | The Incredible Dr. Pol

In this episode of the Incredible Dr. Pol, we join a couple and their two cats, Apollo and Luna, as they visit the vet’s office. The cats are exhibiting symptoms of the “kitty cold” – with crackly voices, puffy eyes, coughing, and sneezing. Dr. Pol quickly diagnoses it as a virus that can lead to pneumonia, which can be life-threatening for the animals. He decides to vaccinate them to help their bodies fight off the virus and prevent secondary infections.

However, the visit doesn’t go as smoothly as planned, especially with Luna. She growls and protests, making the process difficult and humorous. Dr. Pol and his team have to come up with creative ways to get Luna vaccinated and treated. As they struggle to manage Luna, Apollo is a complete contrast, being easy and cooperative throughout the process.

The episode showcases the challenges of treating and vaccinating cats, especially when dealing with difficult and uncooperative pets. Dr. Pol’s unique approach to handling the pets with patience and understanding adds a heartwarming touch to the episode.

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Are these a bunch of cats? MAN: When it rains, it purrs. Oh, little kitties. This is Apollo. This is Luna. I think they both have the kitty cold. Let’s go look. Kind of like crackling voice, and their eyes are all puffy and stuff. Coughing, sneezing? DANIELLE BEATTY: Yeah, yeah, especially Luna.

It’s a virus. OK. DR. POL: But you get secondary infections. So that’s when you get the snotty nose and everything. It’s just like our flu, and they get pneumonia on top. I gotcha. MAN: Pneumonia can be life-threatening. DR. POL: Oh, cool it. I’m not hurting you.

I like to vaccinate them so that their own body can take care of this virus. Hold still. You’re fine. Sit. I can’t even listen because she growls all the time. She’s funny. Hey, that is not necessary. You hear that? DANIELLE BEATTY: He kind of treats, I think, the animals like children.

Like, you’re not going to do that. Stop doing that. You know? Man, she is kind of weird. DANIELLE BEATTY: Luna doesn’t listen when I speak, so I mean, she likes the pats, but she doesn’t understand. And he was really trying to reason with her. Just, OK, take it easy. It’s OK, baby.

DR. POL: OK, we have a net we can catch them in, and we’ll vaccinate her. And then, we’ll get the antibiotics. This is the neatest invention for cats. Gosh, she draws blood. She has very sharp nails. I don’t understand why she is that way, to be honest with you, because–

DANIELLE BEATTY: I don’t either. DR. POL: No. OK, that’s the vaccination. DANIELLE BEATTY: Wonderful. DR. POL: Next. Hi, big guy. Apollo is completely different. This one is no problem. Treat [inaudible],, check [inaudible].. We got them vaccinated. He go home with antibiotics, and we done.

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