The Most Advanced Technology I’ve Ever Witnessed in a Car! – Video

The Most Advanced Technology I’ve Ever Witnessed in a Car! – Video

The Most Tech I've Ever Seen in a Car!

Have you ever seen a car with so much technology packed into it? In this video, we get an up-close look at BMW’s full-size fully electric i7, which is filled with some of the most advanced tech features you can imagine. Despite its unconventional appearance, this car is longer than a Cadillac Escalade, providing plenty of space for all this cutting-edge technology.

The interior of the car is filled with screens that are powered by wireless, Android Auto, and CarPlay. There are sensors placed throughout the car, allowing for unique features such as changing the volume with a simple hand gesture. The car also includes wireless charging, speakers in various locations, and even woofers in the seats so you can feel the bass.

One of the most impressive features of this car is the backseat, which includes hidden cup holders, USB-C ports, and screens in each of the doors that allow passengers to change modes. By activating theater mode, all the shades in the car are raised, and a massive 30-inch 8K touchscreen drops down from the roof, allowing passengers to watch videos. The car even includes strategically placed microphones throughout, allowing for seamless voice commands.

This is truly a car that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. If you want to see all these amazing features in action, be sure to check out the full video and subscribe to the channel for even more incredible content.

Watch the video by Marques Brownlee

What’s up guys? my name is not forest but this ugly car behind me is the most tech i have ever seen in a car. So this is bmws full-size fully electric i7. It is longer than a cadillac escalade so it’s got a lot of room for tech inside despite looking

Kind of like a squinting pig. So inside there are screens powered by wireless, android, auto, and carplay. There’s sensors up here so you can do this to change the volume. There’s also a wireless charger here. Their speakers everywhere including in the

Doors there’s a headrest one and there’s woofers in the seat so you can feel the bass. But also the driving sounds are composed by hans zimmer. But what you really want to be is definitely this backseat. So of course, you’ve got

A wireless charger here in front of some hidden cup holders. There’s a hidden usb c port, but there are screens in each of the doors where i can change modes. And if i hit theater mode, it puts up all the shades, including the back in the roof

And drops down a 30-inch, 8k touch screen so i can watch videos and strategically place microphones all around the car. Hey, bmw, open my shade. It just opens mine and none of the others also subscribe to forest he does. He’s way better than me!

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