The normalization of plastic surgery and the impact of pretty privilege – Video

The normalization of plastic surgery and the impact of pretty privilege – Video

In this thought-provoking video, the discussion revolves around the concept of pretty privilege and the increasing trend of plastic surgery worldwide. The video delves into the reality of pretty privilege, with research and studies showing that attractive people are treated differently, make more money, and are perceived as friendlier, healthier, more competent, and trustworthy. This phenomenon is known as the halo effect, where societal biases favor attractive individuals.

Moreover, the video addresses the societal reinforcement of pretty privilege and the advantages that come with being beautiful, highlighting how appearances can impact various aspects of life, including career opportunities, relationships, and social interactions. The influence of pretty privilege on the rise of plastic surgery is also examined, with discussions on the decreasing stigma around cosmetic procedures and the unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by societal norms.

The video also touches on personal experiences with cosmetic enhancements, the potential risks of procedures, and the impact of pharmaceutical companies downplaying these risks. Additionally, the discussion extends to the impact of pretty privilege on men and the overall thoughts on the topic.

Overall, the video provides a comprehensive exploration of pretty privilege and its influence on the normalization of plastic surgery, shedding light on the various societal, psychological, and economic implications of this phenomenon. With insightful perspectives and engaging discussions, the video offers valuable insights into the complexities of beauty standards and their effects on individuals and society as a whole.

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Video Transcript

I’m just going to say it pretty privilege is real there are two worlds okay there’s the common people world and then there’s the hot people world for starters people are just so much nicer to you when you weren’t attractive it was like everything you did was like annoying like your presence just like

Pissed people off and I had a mini eyebrow lift and I had lip injection and everyone is finally starting to talk about it and I have just got to chime in on this one hi guys welcome back to my channel welcome back to my Commentary series you guys really like the last one

About the loneliness epidemic so this is one I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time about pretty privilege this idea of pretty privilege and the rise of plastic surgery I’ve actually been researching this for a while because I want to make a documentary style video about it I’ve interviewed some plastic

Surgeons some nurse injectors and just looked at a lot of studies about this first thing that we’ve just got to address pretty privilege is for sure a thing I feel like a lot of people have kind of subconsciously known this but now there are there are actual studies

On it it the people who speak on it the best are people who have had a glow up just listen to what they have to say for starters people are just so much nicer to you it’s not even that they were overly rude to you before but you were

So used to not getting positive attention that now that you’re consistently getting it you’re like oh my God what’s going on why is everyone so nice all the things you used to like that made you weird suddenly make you even more attractive when you weren’t attractive it was like everything you

Did was like annoying you asked to question you were the biggest like irritation of life but when you’re like stereotypically attractive like whatever you get to wa was so much more people are so much nicer to you it does affect so many parts of your life your dating

Pool is going to be very different depending on how you look and the amount of money you end up making can even be impacted random strangers even can treat you differently based on how you look let’s be real it’s not fair but it’s the reality let’s talk about the money part

Of this on average more beautiful people are going to make $230,000 more in their lifetime than people with average looks although I would argue arue that this is going to vary greatly depending on your job there are studies that you’re more likely to get even just hired based on

Your looks if you have a client facing job that can be very beneficial even if you’re just a bartender or working in a restaurant the tips are higher for people that are more attractive certain jobs it’s like an unsaid thing where you’re required to be like pretty think

About the devil weare’s Prada they’re hiring a certain type of person even glossier that company there was this tell all book that came out called glossy and the writer talks about how they talk to people that worked there and it was like an unsaid thing they

Were H they would hire people that were conventionally attractive in the book this really stuck out of me when I when I read this it was they said it was okay to be chubby if you dressed well I’m editing this now and I found the clip

From the book you guys listen she was unconsciously replicating Kai Nast your skin could be imperfect if you were beautiful and it translated to relatability online you could be chubby if you had a gorgeous face and dressed well it’s pretty messed up there are jobs where your looks can help like if

You’re a model or an actor or even an influencer but even people in pharmaceutical sales I’ve heard is notorious for hiring more beautiful people that can sell those products a little bit better but really any job because of What’s called the halo effect so let’s talk about the halo effect cuz

This was like a groundbreaking thing in figuring out pretty privilege I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard this essentially it’s a cognitive bias where we associate conventionally Attractive people with good traits what they found this is on Attractive people are often perceived as friendlier healthier more intelligent competent

Generous and trustworthy I mean that’s a lot of traits that honestly have nothing to do with how you look I could see healthiness perhaps but competency and intelligence really doesn’t have anything to do with how you look but there is a cognitive bias that’s been proven in these studies one of the

Studies they basically took random people and showed them this these yearbook photos and the people that were more conventionally attractive these random people described them as more socially desirable they assumed that they lived happier lives they actually assumed that they got married earlier and probably had happier marriages and I

Think all of this just is affirming to what we all already know just going through life obviously we see it like this is no shock to anyone I’m sure another thing I want to talk about is a newer pH phenomenon that I’ve seen online and that is lucky girl syndrome

This is basically this idea that if you tell yourself you’re a lucky girl and you just like believe that you’re lucky then lucky things will happen to you and I do think there is some truth to that if you’re being positive and seeing opportunities and like believing that you deserve those opportunities you’re

Going to be more likely to go for them and such but I’ve seen some Tik toks where it’s like no that that was just pretty privilege actually any of you guys get annoyed when you see a TiK ToK by by a influencer that talks about how they manifested their dream job or a

Million dollars in a month or their dream partner and then you look at the influencer and they’re like a really attractive person I find that really annoying because I always roll my eyes when I see that they always say like oh it’s a law of attraction the law

Of abundance but what I want to see is I want to see someone that manifested that but I want them to be like butt ass ugly I just feel like I always see the people that are talking about lucky girl syndrome are conventionally attractive and that is a part of pretty privilege

It’s not just how much money that you make but you can get random opportunities one example of this is reality TV think of people cast for The Bachelor love Island they’re not casting ugly people and by going on the shows you can get a bunch of followers and a

Lot of people that go on these shows end up making a career out of social media after it but you’ll get random opportunities people are just generally nicer to you you might get random stuff for free there are a handful of apps that give models and influencers free

Food drink drinks anything so this one is called Beauty pass it gives you free coffee lunch Etc just for posting a story and tagging the business the third app I have is a little different this one’s called OT meaning on the house each influencer gets a weekly balance to

Spend at these businesses in exchange for two stories this app reminds me of the nose dive episode in Black Mirror where more attractive people get better apartments for Less cost a little more than expected there’s options you know our Prime influencers program do I qualify

For that no no you don’t we’d need you around a 4 five I know this is an episode of a fictional show but it’s not far off from real life I’ve actually been offered an apartment for like an 80% discount if I were to post about it

I didn’t end up doing it there is an influencer benefit and it’s obviously way easier for people to become influencers especially on Tik Tok if you’re pretty I also noticed it when I had platinum blonde hair this was my own little social experiment you guys the

Amount of free drinks I got when I had platinum blonde hair if I went to a bar when I had platinum blonde hair I got a lot more male attention I think that the platinum hair wasn’t even the most flattering it’s so obviously fake looking in my opinion you’re also going

To have way higher chances of being successful as an influencer if you’re conventionally attractive especially on Tik Tok a lot of the people that blow up on Tik Tok their Niche their whole stick just is being beautiful and just turning back when your heart’s under attack imagine

Making a video of yourself lipsyncing in your bathroom just wearing you know a nice dress nice makeup and it gets over a million views on these platforms if you’re trying to be a content creator you have to provide value in some way and I’m not kidding being beautiful is

One of those ways people are just fascinated by it you can do kind of regular stuff but if you’re doing it whilst being very beautiful people actually watch it the two examples I think of here are a no shade to these creators at all but Alex Earl and

Addison Ray Alex Earl actually is like a pretty normal college girl at least from when she blew up but the whole stick really was that she was like really pretty but down to earth like she would just do regular stuff like going out partying like a normal college girl

We’re hosting the last pregame at our College house all of our girlfriends and our guy friends are coming over and then we’re going to hop around to a bunch of different bars there are a lot of people who just live that same lifestyle and make content about it and again no shade

Like she seems like a nice girl but I do think that is you know a part of it and guys totally benefit from this too you can get away with just doing like a little lip sync video or check yourself out in the camera show your outfit and

Uh people like it if you look good but if you were quote ugly it would be considered cringe on Tik Tok it’s definitely more of a thing like your looks play more of a part than on something like YouTube people get to know you more you can provide value and

In other ways I feel like I got to be hustling to get b roll and provide some value and like interview people and work so much harder just to get the views that someone who is like Drop Dead Gorgeous will get just by doing a basic ass makeup routine you know I’m really

Not trying to sound bitter like I like making the type of content that I make but like it’s true I think we can all recognize it’s not totally fair but it is life it is the reality but why are we like this I’ve come to realize that part

Of it is kind of this like hard wirring as hum that we’ve evolved into and part of it is societal reinforcements a lot of it is just human nature unfortunately evolutionary psychologists think some of it signals your health so if you have a more symmetrical face it might signify

That you are healthier and your offspring are more likely to survive so there was a study at the University of exiter they took one day old babies they showed them a conventionally attractive face and a not attractive face they spent more time fixated on the more

Attractive face at one day old and have you ever been around a little kid like they’re very Honest yeah they’ll tell you if if they think that you’re pretty or not little kids they they pick up on it I do think it is a biological thing largely with the Symmetry aspect of it but it is societally reinforced as well I mean when we’re young and we watch Disney

Movies the they make the princesses have small nose and big eyes and then the ugly step sisters look like this reinforcing it from a young age not to mention everywhere in the media people tend to be above average looking even like back when Victoria’s Secret models

Were the big thing that was a really interesting one like that was in our society like the Pinnacle of beauty like what every girl wanted to look like but the funny thing is even those models would say like it wasn’t sustainable like they were on these crazy diets I

Was 100% sure that there’s no way they think looking like this is real when you look back at our old vs campaigns it’s like obviously there’s like retouching and like I would stand next to the big window Billboards on the street and I could stand there for like 30 minutes

And not a single person put the two people together no I’m de and they thought it was really obvious but like no people didn’t know that so I do think it is both biological this cognitive bias that we just have kind of ingrained into us but then it’s really reinforced

In society like a lot L this pretty privilege is I think why we see such a rise in plastic surgery like we do know there tend to be benefits to being conventionally attractive now and people want in they’re like if you can’t beat them join them plastic surgery is more

Common I mean plastic surgery is on the rise a 2023 report found that cosmetic surgeries increased nearly 30% in 2021 compared to 2019 and nearly 50% compared to 2020 so a lot more cosmetic procedures going down the top cosmetic proced procedures are rhinoplasty blepharoplasty so eyelids face lift breast augmentation and lipos suction

And bbls it didn’t make the list but that’s definitely a popular one as well and then for men it’s also rhinoplasty blepharoplasty cheek implant liposuction ear surgery like pinning the ears back and hair transplants of course that’s probably like the biggest one for men so

One huge reason I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about that I think plastic surgery is more common is we all look at ourselves way more than any generation ever has especially once the pandemic hit and people were on Zoom calls you know you kind of see yourself all the

Time think about back in the’80s people had film cameras and you would take some photos and get them developed and let’s be real those film cameras they’re more flattering they definitely are more forgiving than your iPhone selfie camera is not always super flattering obviously social media is a big part of it people

Take photos of themselves more to post on social media they want to look good on social media there’s like that pressure too and when I interviewed Dr Modi who’s a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills he agreed that social media plays a role do you think people are getting

More things done um with like the rise of social media yes 100% people are getting more things done with social media a people are spending a lot more time looking at themselves but also looking at other people many times they’re more exposed and educated to things so they are aware of these things

Before plastic surgery was kind of done and the you know in the background and the cloudes nobody talked about it now everybody’s talking about it it’s all over social media and and people are getting exposed to it at a younger age as well people now growing up being

Exposed to it so there it’s a lot less Stigmata and a lot more exposure so it’s much more common due to social media the filters certainly do not help you can so easily see now what you would look like with a nose job I mean this one is

Ridiculous I don’t look anything like this and when you take it off you feel like wo I look worse kind of we’re all looking at ourselves way more than we used to and it causes you to notice things that you otherwise wouldn’t and maybe pick apart how you look when we

Just wouldn’t have even realized it back in the day I think we’re seeing ourselves really more than we should but I don’t think that is going to be changing anytime soon I think also just people have always had insecurities that they wanted to change but there was such

A stigma around it and there isn’t really as much I’m sure some of you guys remember back in 2009 when Heidi moneg now Heidi Pratt got all those surgeries she got 10 surgeries in one day and they raped her over the coals they basically tried to cancel her for doing this she

Was really the first person to be so open about it and she walked so the Kardashians could run today people are getting a lot of procedures done to their face and body but they’re not as scrutinized for it there definitely is less of a stigma I know like five of my

Friends who have gotten nose jobs and like some of them posted on Instagram stories after like with the little cast thing and all and everything a lot of people get work done and just you’ll never know a lot of celebrities too and influencers so it’s always been happening it’s just people

Talk about it more and it really is everywhere you would think La was the number one place but it’s actually not Miami is now the plastic surgery capital of the US it’s Miami then Salt Lake City and then LA and really if you drive around any random small town you’ll see

Plastic surgery offices if they’re in business people are getting it done it’s happening everywhere but people just aren’t as loud about it if you live in a place where there might be more stigma about it I do think Salt Lake City is pretty interesting that that was one the

Daily Utah Chronicle they posted this article about how Salt Lake City’s Mormon culture encourages plastic surgery see this was something I had no idea about but they do seem to care about their looks there and let’s talk about the actual plastic surgeries in general cuz I don’t judge anyone for

Wanting to get something done if you are someone who was born with maybe a larger than average nose I’ll use as an example I can see why you might want to get work done to that because there are cases where people get bullied and it’s right

In the middle of your face and it can have actually a huge impact on how you look and the societal standards are real although it’s a shallow thing people are shallow and you’re treated differently because of it so I really don’t blame people if they want to get something

Done it’s interesting to see these people who did get a nose job and were treated differently this Reddit user said people smile and talk to her more her opinion is even more valued at work the biggest thing is usually that people just are more confident after they fix

That thing that was making them insecure if you’re insecure about it and it’s going to make you more confident and just like solve that thing I understand where they’re coming from this is just my opinion with most people if they have one thing they’re insecure about and

They do go forward with changing it I do think it usually does enhance their beauty if it’s just one little thing that they change I’ve literally seen it change people’s lives I’ve literally seen people come in that have not necessarily been bullied but close to it or no self-confidence you know coming in

Head down not not you know wanting to go do things not wanting to socialize not wanting to pursue their dreams to fixing one or two things and completely changing their life and and that’s kind of the power of it it’s not that you are necessarily doing that but you’re giving

Them the ability to come out of their shell but at the same time there are people who go too far with it they get work done that’s really not even necessary and just because you get more procedures done doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to look better there are diminishing returns to cosmetic

Procedures most people you might be able to get one or two things done it might enhance how you look but anything more than that actually just starts to make you look like everybody else and can take away the uniqueness of a lot of people’s faces and there also are the

People that go overboard and it just makes you look worse than than how you started off and I noticed that we’re kind of moving in a direction of the beauty standard being this kind of plastic look and The Hollywood Reporter actually coined a term for it it’s

Called The alienized look and I would characterize it as like really overfilled lips Hold Back Eyes a dramatic amount that just doesn’t really look natural and then usually like filler in the cheeks as well a lot of times it’ll be Buckle fat removal so getting rid of the that fat there and

Gives people more more of a narrow cheekbone look I think this look goes too far the fact that the beauty standard is more moving towards this and more and more people are looking like this it just causes everyone to start to kind of look the same I saw a Tik Tok of

This actress who was very naturally pretty and then she got this work done and she kind of has the alienized look now and I think why this one has such attaction is because it’s another case of so beautiful why are you touching you’re so young in your 20s like why are

You touching your your face people are sensing that like this is becoming bigger it’s no longer just a few Hollywood actresses a few influencers this and that no this is like more and more young women especially it’s just crazy because she already was pretty she probably was benefiting from pretty

Privilege I mean she was a famous actress so definitely she was the standards have started to move in a way where she felt the need to look more like that and I don’t think she really needed to do anything I don’t want to judge or say anything mean about it

Let’s be real like she looks good in both cases but I just don’t think she needed to do anything what’s kind of crazy about plastic surgery now is there are Trends and they’re very much influenced by celebrities and influencers celebrities impact on plastic surgery I think they’ve inspired

A lot of procedures the one that really comes to mind is Miss Kylie Jenner when Kylie Jenner got lip filler it started a movement I even got lip filler at one point I have very naturally thin lips the thing that we know now with filler is that it Mig rates it doesn’t actually

Dissolve like they say it does in 9 months Dr Gavin Chan was the first one I saw to make a YouTube video about his own research on this he said he had clients coming in like 10 years later that still had filler in their face that hadn’t dissolved it doesn’t okay I had

Filler and I can tell you I know I noticed it moving around so I got it dissolved with hyon days I went to go see Jasmine who has been a nurse practitioner and has 10 years of experience injecting she also has quite a Tik Tok following so if you’re

Interested in this kind of stuff check out her Tik Tok it was when I saw this photo of myself that filler migration mustache look that I was like all right I’ve got to get this dissolved I’ll spare you the footage of the needle actually going into my face but what you

Need to know is it actually Burns to get lip filler dissolved it hurts more than getting it injected and it makes your lips puff up like crazy I had never seen myself look like this before and it was pretty hilarious so this definitely did the trick it got rid of that filler

Migration but since then I’ve seen some stuff come out about hyon days that it might not be great to use either the problem with hyay so that is a dissolving agent and it can dissolve some of your own collagen as well so I would just personally recommend stay

Away from filler it might look good the first couple times you get it but if you’re not regularly getting it dissolved in the long run it’s not a good look there is just something really really crazy about living in the age of filler I keep seeing commentary like

This about Kylie and her fillers I think it’s important to Kylie started getting filler pretty young she was a teenager we’ve always been told that if filler doesn’t sit well if we don’t like it we can just dissolve it but more and more we’re beginning to see even if you try

To dissolve it filler can still stay and migrate altogether I think it’s kind of sketch personally I don’t think I’ll ever honestly get filler again I think I can get the same effect with botox which works very differently it doesn’t migrate although I’m hesitant to recommend anything at all because we

Just don’t know the long-term effects but back to the trends Brazilian buttlifts have been another big one in the Last 5 Years this is honestly scary the fact that there are different cosmetic procedures that become trendy and then the trend is out and people don’t want to look like that anymore

There’s speculation that the Kardashians are taking out their bbls I don’t even know if that’s possible to do and whether they did it or not the fact of the matter is we’re seeing the body type Trend changing and I think we can all agree that body types being a trend is a

Very weird concept it’s crazy because you have to get a whole surgery to look like that A big one was bbl’s the Kardashians really made this popular there’s a lot of speculation and then we saw a big surge in the amount of people that got bbl’s 37% increase and that’s a

Very dangerous procedure actually they’re injecting fat into your butt and if it goes into the wrong spot it can block your blood flow and you can die like it’s actually kind of risky the crazy thing is now we’re seeing that that’s not as popular anymore now everyone’s getting on OIC and getting

Really thin it’s just super Weir weird that body types become trendy and I think we really need to we need to overcome the cognitive bias on that one but this is not the only risky surgery it does seem that plastic surgery on your body rather than your face has more

Risk to it also boob jobs people have had a lot of issues with it was back in the ’90s when people started to get kind of sick from their implants so allergen the company that makes these had to recall them in the early 2000s they aggressively lobbied for them to be

Considered safe again the FDA eventually did consider them safe again but a lot of people still have issues with them if you look up breast implant illness so many people get sick from them their body essentially rejects the implant so here’s a Tik Tok of someone’s experience

With breast implant illness this is what breast implant illness looks like for me I frequently get dry itchy and inflamed eyes you don’t need them you’re beautiful without them they will make you sick it’s crazy crazy because like the medical industry is still not even fully recognizing this recognizing this as a

As a real illness when thousands of people get it every year and the studies that are conducted on this illness are by the pharmaceutical companies so can we really trust them the vast majority of these big studies are funded by implant companies and they’re performed by plastic surgeons who are paid

Sometimes millions of dollars by these implant companies to be spokespeople and I started going to bii websites put up by women who believe they have bii and I started looking at the articles that they posted and I’m like I haven’t heard of this article why didn’t somebody tell

Me about this cuz it was not in the Plastic Surgery literature it was in the Rheumatology literature there are certain things that they almost become the standard if everyone’s getting Botox it’s kind of jarring if you see someone who just ages naturally and I would argue that these standards are moving in

A direction where people are feeling the pressure to get procedures that are risky sure you guys have heard this idea that you’re not ugly you’re just poor to an extent you can buy you can buy beauty to an extent and it reminds me of this

Book I read a long time ago called the Uglies in this book when you turned a certain age you would undergo a procedure to be made beautiful and then your life was really easy after that everyone underwent this procedure when you turned a certain age it was like a

Ride of Passage and it’s starting to feel like that is a thing in certain areas Once you turn 18 people get veneers they get a boob job they get a nose job they get all these things if they can afford it on the one hand I don’t judge people for getting something

Done if they’re insecure about it and it makes them more confident but on the other hand I hate that has kind of become a standard and it’s almost it might become like really weird and unusual if you don’t follow that standard and the cost of these procedures are not cheap and they’re

Usually not oneand done it’s very expensive and these companies are profiting quite a bit from it veneers are like $10,000 and you have to get them redone every 10 years if you’re getting a boob job that’s again probably around $110,000 and you got to get a redone every 10 years it’s very pricey

And in a world where things are getting more and more expensive to then feel like you need to keep up with this beauty standard too that’s just crazy like let’s talk about the companies that are profiting off of this it’s pharmaceutical companies mostly imp plastic surgeons allergen is a really

Big one they own Botox they actually are the ones who make implants they also own juvaderm which is a filler brand they’re all owned by pharmaceutical companies which are Super Cur usually are lobbying for different things I don’t think they really have patients Wellness always in mind anyway

They’re making a ton of money from this popping in here again while I’m editing to say that like any industry there’s going to be some people who are money hungry and I’ve experienced this firstand I went to get BOTOX in my forehead it’s the only place I get BOTOX

I honestly think it’s fine and this was not Jasmine from earlier in the video this was just a place near me that was really convenient but this injector was like oh have you thought about getting cheek filler too like I think this is what you should do and I was just like

Nope I don’t want that and I know Phil is sketchy but you know there are people who would fall prey to that become insecure about whatever they point out and start getting it let’s talk about men and the surgical procedures they’re getting I feel like the big one I hear

About is hair transplants some notable people who have gotten it Elon Musk I mean look at that before and after David Beckham is rumored to have had a hair transplant I could see it hair really does make a big difference in how you look like let’s just acknowledge that

And so I can see why a lot of men are stressed about that and don’t want to lose their hair it really does have a big impact on how you look so a lot of men are getting hair transplants it’s a pricey procedure it’s actually a pretty long and painful procedure apparently it

Can take 6 to 8 months to fully recover the procedure can take 6 to 8 hours average cost in the US is around $10,000 but we’re seeing that a lot of people people are going to Turkey for this people have posted online flights coming back from turkey with bandaged heads

It’s crazy I’m not even going to lie you guys I’m so sick of the societal standards being mostly on women that it’s kind of nice that men have something to worry about too you know I think it makes them a little more empathetic maybe although I don’t want

Anyone to feel like they need to get work done I want to end this with my overall thoughts on pretty privilege and plastic surgery as you know I definitely think that pretty privilege is a real thing like I’ve been saying for years you guys like I’ve been noticing this

I’m like it’s definitely real and the rise of plastic surgery I personally have mixed feelings about because on the one hand I do think it’s great and I have seen firsthand people in my life who have gotten one little thing done and there was no complications and it

Really wasn’t a big deal and it improved their confidence and it did seem to actually make their life better and they weren’t addicted to plastic surgery after that was all they did and they were done so in that case you know if you have an insecurity and you can just

Take care of it in that way and never worry about it again like more power to you but on the other hand I really don’t like the direction that things are going I hate the alienized face and the fact that people are kind of looking more and

More the same I think that if you are going to get something done ever like you should just really limit it to one or two things when you start changing like more than five things then it goes from enhancing your own Beauty to just looking like something totally different

I don’t like the idea that a world might move in a direction where that’s a standard someone turns 14 and they want to get a bunch of things done like it feels like that book the Uglies is becoming real life and honestly I think that’s scary okay those are my thoughts

On the whole thing let me know what you guys think especially if you’ve had a cosmetic procedure done how did it impact your life and yeah what do you think of the alienized face and all of that let me know comment down below don’t forget to subscribe and I hope

That you enjoyed this video my throat kind of hurts we’re talking for so long so I’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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