San Pancho, Mexico: The Peaceful Alternative to Sayulita! – Video

San Pancho, Mexico: The Peaceful Alternative to Sayulita! – Video

San Pancho, Mexico, is a hidden gem located just 10 minutes from the popular town of Sayulita. Despite its close proximity to a more well-known spot, San Pancho has managed to maintain its laid-back and peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy a quieter beach town.

The town is known for its colorful streets filled with street art, boutiques, and artisan products. Visitors can also expect to find a variety of restaurants and cafes, serving up both local and international cuisine. The beach in San Pancho is long, clean, and perfect for swimming or simply relaxing under the sun.

In a video exploring the town, the host describes his day trip to San Pancho, highlighting the delicious seafood, vibrant street art, and the peaceful beach experience. The narrator expresses a love for the town and a desire to return for a longer stay in the future.

Overall, San Pancho offers a perfect balance of tranquility and charm, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a more laid-back beach destination in Mexico. With its relaxed atmosphere, good food, and beautiful beaches, San Pancho is definitely worth a visit.

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Welcome to the peaceful Little Beach town of Santo Mexico located in the state of narit on the West Coast of Mexico about 40 minutes north of Puerto viarta and only about 10 minutes away from the more popular town of Sayulita San Pono still maintains the laid-back hippie Vibes that once Drew so

Many to Sayulita on this trip I’ve been using bueras as my base and exploring the beach towns on day trips starting with San Pano the place I was most looking forward to returning to Good afternoon welcome to Sano this is my second time here but I’m here for a day trip to explore a little bit more enjoy the beach and try some new restaurants which is where I’m headed now to go have some fish tacos so let’s go Sano is a wonderfully colorful town

With street art around every corner I drove here from bsas along the winding jungle roads but once I parked I was able to walk everywhere for the rest of the day since the town is pretty Small for lunch I decided to try a few places starting with ciche hiel there were two Google reviews for this place which literally called it voodo Street Food Magic so I had to give it a try so Good after that I headed across the street to Mariscos Don where I drank drank an aqua Fresca bigger than my head and sampled some aqua Chile tuna Ceviche and some smoked Marlin Tacos full from all that Seafood I wandered the streets of Santo to explore the cobbled laneways full of cute boutiques and the occasional Street stall or grocery store it has a true artistic Vibe here with not only street art but art galleries scattered around and boutiques stocked with locally made Artisan Products of course there are still souvenir stalls and tourist centered shops and restaurants especially as you get closer to the beach but it feels worlds away from Puerto buas and even Saul After my stroll I headed to the beach for an afternoon of relaxing and battling the bigger than usual winter waves the beach here in Sano is beautiful it’s long clean has plenty of space to set up blankets and umbrellas for the day and the water is a blast to swim In look at break my far away as the sun was starting to set I headed back to the car to make my way back to Buss with the firm belief that I will be back here even perhaps using it as my future base the next time I’m in this region of

Mexico as much as I love Puerto viarta as it continues to grow I also love the idea of escaping the crowds to somewhere a little bit more laidback like San pantro sun-kissed and a little salty but it has been such an amazing day in S pantro I really enjoyed revisiting

Actually got to know the town a little bit better there’s so many cool restaurants and cafes definitely the sort of town that you can bend a couple of days so I think it’s definitely on the list for a return trip for more time I highly recommend it San Poncho wow I

Loved it so so much it is the perfect balance for a Beach town of sleepy quiet I went during one of the busiest times of year which is right around the Christmas period and it was still so laidback there were still plenty of places to eat available plenty of

Parking if you’re coming on a day trip uh the beach is so big and because it’s not so crowded uh it’s so easy to find a place to just chill put your blanket down and enjoy the waves I like how it has like a little bit of a mixture of

Cool cafes and some foreign food but also there’s so much good Mexican food still tons of great fish tacos little places to get Ceviche the best Seviche I highly recommend Ceviche Kel it was unbelievable the reviews were hilarious ious about it being like voodoo magic street food but it was really excellent

Uh some of the best saiche that I’ve had on this trip so don’t miss out on that I hope you enjoyed exploring Sano with me if you have any questions about Rivier and nit or uh visiting Sano let me know in the comments below and I will do my

Best to answer them thanks as always for watching and I will see you next time

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