The Reasons Behind Short Phone Battery Life – Video

The Reasons Behind Short Phone Battery Life – Video

Why Phone Batteries Don’t Last Long 🪫

The video “Why Phone Batteries Don’t Last Long” delves into the frustrating reality that, despite the incredible advancements in smartphone technology, battery life still lags behind. The script points out that even the latest high-end phones, such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Pixel 8 Pro, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra, struggle to last more than two days without needing a charge.

The root of the problem, the video explains, lies in the fact that battery technology has not kept up with the rapid development of smartphones. While smartphone components have been shrunk to make way for slightly larger batteries, there is a limit to this approach. The video highlights that the industry has been utilizing lithium-ion batteries since the 1990s, and despite advancements in capacity and charging time, they have reached their limit.

The video explores potential solutions, such as solid-state batteries, including lithium metal technology, as a promising avenue for future battery improvements. However, the challenge lies in commercializing these new technologies and making them cost-effective and stable for mass production.

As technology advances, smartphones will continue to demand more powerful batteries, creating an endless cycle where batteries struggle to keep up with mobile advancements. In the meantime, the video offers practical tips for extending phone battery life, such as utilizing low-power mode and external battery packs.

In conclusion, “Why Phone Batteries Don’t Last Long” provides valuable insights into the limitations of current battery technology and the potential for future advancements, offering a thought-provoking perspective on this ongoing challenge in the world of smartphones.

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Video Transcript

Why in the year 2024 do I still have to charge my iPhone every night you would think given how much cell phones have improved over the last two decades that their batteries would have also gotten better and yes there have been some improvements with higher-end phones like the iPhone 15 Pro

Max the pixel 8 Pro or the Galaxy s24 Ultra but those batteries still won’t last more than 2 days tops and even his phones have gotten better we’re still pretty much using the same Battery tech now that we were in the ’90s so when will I finally be able to stop stressing

About my phone battery levels the simple answer is that battery improvements haven’t been able to keep up with how quickly phones have developed smarter smartphones need more power but right now the only way to really get more power out of a battery is to make it

Bigger but no one wants to carry around a giant brick phone makers have found ways to shrink internal components to make space for slightly larger higher capacity batteries but there’s a limit and at some point the batteries themselves need to evolve and that’s the the tricky part smartphones have used

Lithium ion batteries since the ’90s and there have been advancements when it comes to boosting capacity and speeding up charging time but we’ve pretty much reached the cap on how much power we can get from lithium ion batteries that means we need a whole new type of battery researchers are exploring

Several new technologies like solid state batteries while lithium ion batteries use a liquid electrolyte to move charge around solid state batteries use Ceramics or other solid materials this has a couple key benefits one you can pack more energy in less space and two solid state batteries move charge

Around more quickly which means faster charging one type of solid state battery that could show up in your electronics one day is lithium metal it’s super light and can pack lots of energy the downside is it’s super expensive and as of right now pretty unstable companies and researchers haven’t really found a

Way to commercialize these batteries yet but they are working on it one company that’s touting its lithium metaltech is quantumscape which is looking to make the next generation of batteries for electric vehicles Volkswagen is one of the startup’s main investors and is testing the tech for its future EVS if

That’s successful you could see the tech pop up in phones someday too but here’s the ironic bit by the time the next generation of batteries is ready for commercial use smartphones will probably have progressed enough to demand even more powerful batteries so it might just be this endless cycle where batteries

Can’t keep up with mobile advancements in the meantime there are ways to extend your phone’s battery life like turning on low power mode or disabl the always on display if your phone has one and for now at least keep that external battery pack close thanks so much for watching

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