Trump mocks Biden for not firing anyone in his administration

Trump mocks Biden for not firing anyone in his administration

In a recent video, former President Donald Trump took aim at President Biden for not firing people in his administration. Trump criticized Biden for allowing officials to stay in their positions despite their alleged failures, contrasting it with his own track record of firing individuals he deemed unfit for their roles.

During a recent debate, Trump mentioned his decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey and other top officials, stating that he inherited individuals who were not up to par. He also criticized Biden for not taking action against military personnel involved in the Afghanistan crisis, calling it the “most embarrassing moment in history.”

Trump questioned Biden’s leadership by asking if anyone had been fired for the current border crisis and the influx of individuals from prisons and mental institutions. He accused Biden of allowing the country to be destroyed without holding anyone accountable.

This exchange highlights the ongoing rivalry between Trump and Biden, with each taking jabs at the other’s leadership. It will be interesting to see how Biden responds to Trump’s taunts and whether he will address the criticisms raised during the debate.

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