The Sanctuary of Truth: A Symbol of Thailand’s Rich Heritage in Pattaya ūüáĻūüá≠ – Video

The Sanctuary of Truth: A Symbol of Thailand’s Rich Heritage in Pattaya ūüáĻūüá≠ – Video

The Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, Thailand is a magnificent museum that seeks to showcase a blend of cultures and religions from around the world. Located just a 10-minute drive from Pattaya Beach, this place is a must-see for anyone visiting the area. The construction of the sanctuary began in 1981 and is still ongoing, making it an impressive work in progress. The museum is an awe-inspiring sight, with its grandeur and attention to detail.

In this video, the host takes viewers on an adventure to the Sanctuary of Truth, giving viewers a glimpse of the journey and the sights along the way. The video captures the essence of the experience, showing the beauty of Pattaya and the attractions it has to offer.

Throughout the video, the host also shares tips and resources for travelers, including recommendations for travel insurance, the equipment and tools that he uses for his trips, and even discount codes for products and services that he finds valuable.

The video captures the energy and excitement of exploring new destinations, making it a valuable resource for those looking to visit Pattaya and the Sanctuary of Truth. Whether you’re planning a trip to Thailand or simply enjoy armchair travel, this video offers a glimpse of the beauty and wonder that can be found in this unique part of the world.

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Video Transcript

Sanctuary of truth how much one one uh three¬† three bikes 100 100 yeah yeah B okay wow this¬†¬† is so beautiful it’s even more gigantic when¬† you’re sitting at the base of it all right is¬†¬† what is this going to be it’s going to be a¬† Chinese traditional lion Chinese traditional¬†¬†

Lion yeah wow you guys are so talented what’s up¬† everybody welcome back to another beautiful day¬†¬† here in Thailand now today I’m I’m actually¬† talking to you guys from pataya a city that¬†¬† is located about 2 hours south of Bangkok on a¬† good day without traffic and one of my favorite¬†¬†

Places in the country now right now I’m actually¬† standing right outside the terminal 21 Mall here¬†¬† in pataya and let me just tell you guys this¬† place is incredible they have an amazing food¬†¬† court um great place to hide from the rain it was¬† actually raining about an hour ago but very light¬†¬†

Drizzle however right now the rainy season in¬† Thailand has really gotten the best of us it’s¬†¬† been pouring pretty much every single day since¬† we’ve arrived um so it is what it is we’re still¬†¬† trying to make the most out of it and today¬† we’re actually going to head off to check¬†¬†

Out the sanctuary of Truth which is a temple SL  Museum that has been currently um being built for   over 40 years now I believe construction started  in 1981 it is still not complete but even after  

The many times that I visited pataya I have still¬† never made it there so that’s the goal for today¬†¬† glattus is with me hello h hello and so is Andrew¬† what’s up guys are you guys excited to go and see¬†¬†

The sanctuary of truth that’s amazing I want to¬† go now you actually saw it what 3 months ago when¬†¬† we were here yes and I love it it’s very it’s¬† stunning it’s stunning and she’s been telling¬†¬†

Me ever since we left um to be to be completely  honest with you guys she had went about 4 days   prior to us leaving pataya that last trip and the  entire week she kept telling me Chris you have to  

Go you have to go you have to go today so today¬† four or 3 months later we’re finally making that¬†¬† happen all right let’s cross on over and check¬† what the price of a moto taxi is to get on down¬†¬†

That way obviously we can take the bot bus or even¬† a grab and it’s still going to be cheaper but part¬†¬† of the adventure is getting to the destination¬† so let’s see what prices we can get down there

For CRA uh sanctuary of truth how much  one one uh three three three bikes 100   100 100 yeah three bik three bik okay  um let me check the grab okay grab says   81 for the whole car I think that is too  expensive okay you do 80 80 80 80 80 by 80

B look here standard here oh it’s a standard¬† yeah yes okay let’s do it let’s do it let’s do¬†¬† it all three of us cool cool cool okay awesome¬† to be fair Moto taxi is always more expensive¬†¬†

All right down here down here are the bikes¬† all right from the traffic exactly It Gets¬†¬† You Through the traffic gets you to locations¬† fast let’s see if we can actually get on down¬†¬† there oh excuse me first things first um first¬† can I pay excuse me can I pay 1,000 all three¬†¬†

I don’t have change 1,000 for all three I got¬† to make sure we get this out the way first cuz¬†¬† sometimes it’s hard to get change oh yeah this¬† man’s balling we’re good K crap all right oh¬†¬†

The lady’s going that way all right see you guys¬† there all right time to moto taxi through Paya k c so yeah the sanctuary of Truth definitely¬† one of the best or most popular tourist¬†¬† attractions here in the city but usually¬† when I come to pataya we’re here to work¬†¬†

So I never really have time to make it on  down there pataya is the city that I choose   to come to when I just got a lot of work to  do on the computer and every once in a while  

I’ll film a few videos here in the city¬† but uh never too many however this time¬†¬† around this next week and a half that we have¬† here In Paya I plan on filming so much for you¬†¬†

Guys to show you you know a lot more that¬† I haven’t covered in Pre in previous videos¬†¬† and of course plenty of nightlife videos on¬† the way because I know how much you guys love those so yeah these streets are super beautiful¬† and it doesn’t matter which part of Paya you’re¬†¬†

In there’s always so much going on here you find¬† a lot of massage par parlors a lot of good food¬†¬† restaurants and a lot of like real bougie¬† restaurants as well things can get pretty¬†¬† expensive quite fast I’m also noticing that¬† every time I Step Back In Paya there’s more¬†¬†

And more Indian restaurants popping up I don’t¬† know how so many people just eat Indian food¬†¬† when they come to Thailand especially when¬† you know you could be eating that amazing oh¬†¬† this is the space very expensive hotel I actually¬† went up there for a massage treatment few months¬†¬†

Ago we went up there for an onent at a spot¬† called let’s relax and to be honest with you¬†¬† guys it was a very great experience but very¬† expensive um hotel to stay at it’s about $350¬†¬† a night which for Thailand is crazy expensive¬† and for anywhere in the world in general that’s¬†¬†

A lot of money so uh I didn’t stay there I¬† just did a massage in the onon and I believe¬†¬† it came out to like $21 an absolute deal all¬† right well it doesn’t look like there’s much¬†¬†

Traffic going on wow this Tesla is beautiful¬† you know where I live it’s super common to see¬†¬† the Teslas rolling around everywhere but¬† here in Thailand I only see a few on the¬†¬† streets and that could be because there’s not¬† many like Tesla Chargers or charging stations

Everywhere got to love yourself a nice¬† grab delivery driver they always save¬†¬† the day or I should say the nights when¬† you’re hungry they always come through clutch The only positive to being in Thailand during¬† rainy season is that there’s a lot less people¬†¬†

And well there’s actually quite a few positive¬† there’s a lot less people um you obviously get to¬†¬† enjoy the wonderful things that Thailand has to¬† offer like the foods the massages all the great¬†¬† shopping centers interacting with the people¬† especially when it starts pouring and you just¬†¬†

Sit down at the closest like food stall that’s¬† on the street to hide out from the rain there’s¬†¬† a lot of birds but one of them is obviously that¬† uh the streets are a lot more calmer than there¬†¬†

Are than they are when it is pink season so  hopefully sanctuary of Truth is that same way   because literally people come all the way down to  Paya just on day trips from Bangkok to see this Sanctuary now these little streets here remind  me a lot of Bangkok once you get off the main  

Uh Beach Road area the city starts to reminding  me a lot more of Bangkok you get a lot more of a   of a city feel compared to like you know  the beach Life Field which I feel like a  

Lot of people come to Paya looking for well¬† you know what I’m not going to bore you guys¬†¬† too much longer with a a motorcycle ride¬† I feel like we’ve done a lot of these this¬†¬† series here in Thailand because it’s it’s one¬† of my favorite ways to get around and I’ll see¬†¬†

You guys once we make it to the sanctuary¬† of Truth we should only be about yeah 7 8¬†¬† minutes away by now it was only a 12-minute¬† moto taxi ride so I’m not sure exactly how¬†¬†

Far in we are at the moments but we should¬† be there very shortly look at how many 7vs¬†¬† there are in Thailand this is what’s impressive¬† there’s one here on this corner and then there’s¬†¬† one literally right across the streets and I¬† can see a few more straight up ahead as well

Oops oh man I love this country so much I hope  to one day be able to live here fulltime I mean   I could nowadays however as far as like my goals  and what I have planned for the channel I just  

Don’t see it happening just yet but it will it¬† will happen in the future absolutely this is the¬†¬† only country I could honestly see myself living¬† in outside of the US anywhere in the world I think¬†¬†

It’d be between Thailand and Mexico two countries¬† that I just love so much and a large majority has¬†¬† a large majority for those reasons is because of¬† the street food scene I love street food I love¬†¬†

Just being able to walk outside and run into  a nightlife scene anywhere any time of day uh   or any time of year I should say and I just love  navigating around on public transportation I mean  

My dream is to live in a huge City to be honest¬† I love cities so I want to live in a huge City¬†¬† and just not own a car be able to just get around¬† on Moto taxis public transportation buses that’s¬†¬†

Honestly like the best best feeling all right well¬† enough small talk see you guys at the sanctuary of Truth sanctuary of Truth wow thank you I’ve never¬† been here before so yeah this isn’t exactly what¬†¬†

I was expecting the entrance to look like but it¬† is beautiful super stunning all right time for us¬†¬† to come on in and yeah there’s definitely a lot¬† of uh tourists here a lot of tour buses pulling¬†¬†

On in I can see the signs for the ticket agent  entrance and the kitchen which is Straight Ahead   K thank you thank you guys all right we made it  he and it does feel a little fresh here because  

Of all the trees how was the Moto taxi ride good  yeah that was smooth that was smooth huh if you   guys are wondering why Andrew is like a little  a little off this morning is because that boy  

Has been inj that that Tha Greenies he’s been¬† he’s been eating his vegetables for morning for¬†¬† breakfast huh breakfast lunch to dinner oh man too¬† much but yeah these here are the admission prices¬†¬† guys look 500 bought for Ault 250 for children¬† then they also have a night entry fee which is¬†¬†

Only on Friday Saturdays after 5:00 p.m. for 750¬† bought for adults 350 for children wow they have¬†¬† elephant riding here don’t do this they also¬† have horse riding here but you know what who¬†¬†

Am I to judge because then you know I say no to  the elephants but I say riding horses it okay   but then the moment I ride a horse on YouTube  everybody complains and says oh my God horses  

Shouldn’t be riding I don’t yeah do do what you¬† want right guys elephant riding horse riding¬†¬† horse carriages rowing boats wow I didn’t know¬† that there was all these activities here I told¬†¬† you that’s crazy then they have foot massages¬† that’s where glattus is going to be for sure my¬†¬†

Favorite you know what that’s where we’re both¬† we’re all going to be there let’s all do a foot¬†¬† massage then you can even rent a tie costume¬† for picturers for 400 bu and visit the hopan¬†¬† forest which is included in the ticket price¬† and the speedboat is 450 bu one person 700 bu¬†¬†

I’m confused yeah one of those prices has to be it¬† though all right and then real quickly before we¬†¬† actually head on in there let me show you guys um¬† a couple of the rules that way you don’t come on¬†¬†

Out here with things that you’re not supposed to¬† and have to go all the way back to your hotel so¬†¬† uh no smoking inside the museum no food drinks¬† and pets allowed in the sanctuary no drone we¬†¬† almost brought that today I’m glad I left it¬† no commercial photography and video shoots are¬†¬†

Prohibited well luckily we’re not professionals¬† we’re just sharing Adventures of our trips in¬†¬† Thailand all right well let’s get on in there oh¬† and also guys shorts have to cover your knees and¬†¬† girls you guys have to wear shirts that cover¬† your shoulders or pants or bring something like¬†¬†

Glattus she always carries a shirt around when in¬† Thailand Andrew just do one of those good to go¬†¬† you look like you came prepared all right let’s¬† do it let’s go on inside and buy our tickets all right so yeah they have a lot¬† of strict signs that say no¬†¬†

Drone allowed so I definitely¬† wouldn’t bring one of those in yeah the outfits are beautiful huh¬† they make for great pictures yeah and¬†¬† you know what’s funny is it doesn’t matter¬† what temples you go to around around the¬†¬† world there’s always people wearing¬† the costumes for pictures thank you¬†¬†

500 mods per person can I pay card yes can¬† 5% 5% 5% sh yes wow okay that’s fine three Yes 1,525 sounds like a deal okay excuse me what happens on the evenings¬† Friday and Saturday is it something¬†¬† special yes special more light more light¬† very nice very nice very special so the¬†¬†

Ticket is 70000 so we have to come¬† now and then come again no no come¬†¬† yeah you want to come again 5 okay okay¬† uh but we have only Friday and Saturday thank you so much I had no idea about that but uh¬† at night time it’s very quiet not many people okay¬†¬†

So it’s a lot a lot more peaceful except right now¬† it’s rainy season so it might rain you got to take¬†¬† advantage of all the time just just no rain no¬† rain no rain yeah just okay let’s hope it stays¬†¬†

Dry for us today we got a lot we want to do in¬† Paya PR nice now and then we have only Friday and¬†¬† Saturday maybe you don’t have soon not soon maybe¬† don’t have now just maybe next time then now I know

Please the what the times oh for the tours¬† they got Korean Chinese Thai English and¬†¬† Russian tours wow so you have to do a tour¬† when you’re here yeah next next one is oh my¬†¬†

God according to that is 3 no 2 220 220 okay¬† so we got about 20 minutes that’s not too bad have thank you so much 220 put on so tour starts at¬† 2:20 yeah right you go to the viel point first you

Walk thank you here’s a map for you and I guess¬† I’ll hold on to one and then you have to wear¬†¬† helmet as well inside now we have helmet for you¬† okay and the helmet’s included in the price yes¬†¬†

We okay for the we have Cobo for you you can B coo  inside for the we have long than you so much K C   all right well that was easy guys so I guess we  do have to wear a helmet inside of the sanctuary  

Because it’s still under construction that’s what¬† I was reading online and I had no idea that that’s¬†¬† also included in the cost so that’s good to know¬† and right now I guess first things first we’re¬†¬†

Going to walk up to the Viewpoint where we can  see the sanctuary and then our tour will start   in about 20 minutes which is perfect because that  gives us time to take all the beautiful pictures  

That glattus wasn’t able to get last time she¬† was here so we’ll make that happen as well but¬†¬† yeah look here are the horses and to be honest you¬† can say what you want but these horses look super¬†¬†

Beautiful and they look very well uh maintained  like they definitely take a lot of pride in their   horses so not bad you know a great place to bring  all the kids and have a full day of activities  

H swipe my crop I just told the horse that she’s¬† beautiful hopefully she understood me because she¬†¬† is so beautiful wow they are gorgeous huh horses¬† are just lovely animals all right well let’s get¬†¬†

Over to the Viewpoint and please do let me know  along the way how do you guys feel about this   video would you guys like to show me or would you  like me to show you more temples around Thailand  

As we explore them glattus and I were always on¬† the hunt for new temples that we haven’t seen¬†¬† before and we always go out and see them but¬† we don’t often times record them because well¬†¬†

To be quite honest with you guys a lot of people¬† when I post a video about something historical or¬†¬† something like important people don’t care about¬† the video it never gets any views you guys want to¬†¬†

See the the nighti and the crazy videos which is¬† fun but I like to share both what is here a little¬†¬† Pond oh it looks like they got like a little¬† high Ropes Course that’s cool maybe another¬†¬†

Little project that they’re working on right¬† now fun it looks fun huh I would do that if it¬†¬† was open right now in this Sanctuary it’s not only¬† about the sanctuary but you can do activities all¬†¬†

Around you know it’s more like you can come here¬† to spend a KN yeah I just noticed there’s a sign¬†¬† over there it says mini Zoo yeah there’s some¬† mini Zoo yeah wow yeah definitely very unique¬†¬†

Experience especially because well it’s quite cool¬† under here there’s a lot of Green Space a lot of¬†¬† trees so it really blocks out that heat quite¬† well all right so we’re approaching the entrance¬†¬† now it looks like there’s also a car park if you¬† bring your own Vehicles actually the car park is¬†¬†

Probably um where we saw all EV ANS parked outside¬† yeah this is staff parking only then straight¬†¬† up ahead they have a Muslim prayer room so if¬† you’re Muslim and you won’t have to worry about¬†¬† missing your here prayer times there’s a there’s¬† a special place for you guys here at the sanctuary¬†¬†

The kitchen and the entrance are this way but yeah¬† to my surprise I’ve truly been blown away by how¬†¬† many I’ve been seeing a lot of Russians here this¬† trip huh haven’t you a lot of Russians and a lot¬†¬†

Of the menus and shops are all switched in Russian¬† uh language I’m not sure if that’s the the time of¬†¬† year for Russian tourists to come maybe it’s just¬† absolutely freezing in Russia so everybody’s here¬†¬†

Now but usually I only see that in puket however¬† this time around In Paya it is crazy full so it¬†¬† looks like here’s a smoking area nice little¬† place to lounge around and I can already see¬†¬†

The the sanctuary so let’s get on a little closer¬† and enjoy it from the Viewpoint wow okay you know¬†¬† what I’ve seen this on a lot of pictures but¬† I have never been this close before and it is

Huge wow that’s a nice place to take a¬† photo right let’s actually try to weave¬†¬† around and get a nice view of this place¬† wow that is impressive guys that is so beautiful okay you know what I’ve seen so¬† many pictures of this place but it definitely¬†¬†

Doesn’t look as big in the photo as it as it¬† is this is massive it’s huge tell you this is¬†¬† impressive and look at the the the scaffolding¬† people still working up there people look very¬†¬†

Little I don’t know if you guys can see them¬† they’re right there in that tip and you know¬†¬† what makes this Temple super special we’re¬† going to learn a lot more about it obviously¬†¬† as we go on but is that here there’s no nuts¬† or bolts or screws that are used onto this¬†¬†

Temple it’s entirely made of wood and the wood¬† pieces um are actually how it’s connected wow¬†¬† this is beautiful here you can see the the way¬† they put the the pieces to together yeah wow¬†¬†

Instead of using um screws this is what they use  a lap joint tongue and groove these are for the roofs butterfly joints wow what are these some  sort of rods connecting rods man this is awesome  

Maybe wrong that a screw yeah these are nails¬† too I’m not sure if this is for the display¬†¬† though but you know what I think these are made¬† out of wood they are they’re wood screw they’re¬†¬†

Wood nails like pieces of wood that’s crazy¬† and this is what you can see on the top see in oh in every pillar so yeah on one side you¬† got a man holding a Lotus represents the strong¬†¬†

Intention to be good over here you got a woman  holding a book which represents learning the   truth and of life and the or from the past then  you got another one that says a man with a child  

And the Elder represents the generosity towards¬† others man it’s awesome over here a woman with a¬†¬† bird on the shoulder holding a rice Patty¬† represents the peace can start within an¬†¬† individual and then the highest point is um well¬† a goddess on a horse and it says that the highest¬†¬†

Top is the goddess with goddess on a horse with  a dove and a flower on her hand represents the   product of all four characters which is the life  which is the life purpose and peace okay very cool  

Isn’t it let’s get a little closer and get one¬† more view wow that is gorgeous guys let me know¬†¬† what you guys think of this so far I mean that¬† view alone is is priceless it’s completely worth¬†¬†

Uh coming on out and exploring for a few hours¬† I can see some horses running down there with¬†¬† carriages as well I’m excited to dive on down¬† there and get a little closer what a place and¬†¬†

The View with the sea behind is just amazing  so the English tour has just started and now   we are making our way down the steps now um she  basically just went over all of the rules right  

Now in the beginning that I kind of told you  about as we entered the museum and um basically   yeah you need to have clothing that covers your  shoulders and your knees or else you will not be  

Allowed to enter and if they are done renting¬† well all of the stuff that you can borrow then¬†¬† you’re going to be forced to actually have to Pur¬† purchase some coverings for your shoulders and¬†¬† your knees which tend to be quite expensive¬† inside of the gift shop here oh wow this is

Beautiful look at the elephants to be honest this whole Adventure¬† is just getting started but I already feel¬†¬† like I’ve missed out on so much because well¬† I’ve been to Paya so many times and this is¬†¬†

The first time I’ve actually made it down¬† here to this point so I think down here is¬†¬† where we’re going to be mounting our helmets¬† I see a lot of ladies holding helmets hell¬†¬† everyone good afternoon so please deserve¬† your helmets because we have construction¬†¬†

Inside the museum can adjust our helmet CRA¬† so we will just wait for the others and we¬†¬† will go all together inside the museum hello¬† s hello SAA okay please reserve your helmets¬†¬† everyone and let’s proceed this way¬† while waiting for the others this way

Feels like we chose a nice day to come here¬† huh there’s no rain it will be rain there¬†¬† will be rain later oh all right let’s keep that¬† down then oh that looks like a nice place for a¬†¬†

Massage yeah so did we get an opportunity to  do that after the tour we will have a lot of   walk to do okay awesome inside and outside okay  please have a seat first everyone while waiting  

For the others please have a seat wow those are  the boats man that is gorgeous wow you can sit   there and get a nice little boat ride while  drinking the Coconuts you know what I think  

We’re doing that this trip we’re going to make¬† sure we do that before we leave for Russian we¬†¬† have a Russian tour 230 after the English for¬† English theat ride that looks amazing we will¬†¬† just wait for the others and we will go all¬† together inside the museum all right is so

Everyone okay so everyone good afternoon and¬† welcome to the sanctuary of trth Museum so my¬†¬† name is Kim and I will be your English tour¬† guide for today so our tour will take about¬†¬† 45 minutes to 1 hour but don’t worry because¬† after the tour you can have your free time¬†¬†

Until 6:00 p.m. in the evening and I will¬† do my very best to make it quicker so you¬†¬† can have your free time earlier so by the¬† way the reason why we’re wearing a helmet¬†¬† is because our museum is under construction¬† it is only for our safety purposes so follow¬†¬†

With me first until the very end of the tour I¬† will just give you informations and directions¬†¬† inside and outside the museum so let’s¬† proceed on the workshop first this why everyone wow I’m excited and you know I’ve¬† traveled all around the world and you guys¬†¬†

Can say what you want I’m not being an¬† [¬†__¬†] but I traveled around the world¬†¬† I always pay for English speaking tour¬† and the English is never very good but¬†¬† here what her English is is Bomb it’s better¬† than mine but yeah look at the boats we’re¬†¬†

Doing a boat ride so beautiful it is this¬† is such a beautiful experience especially¬†¬† coming here as a kid I can imagine would be so¬† amazing okay please be careful with your steps everyone All right everyone is safe looks like¬† that’s where they’re making all kinds¬†¬† of flower arrangements and here’s the workshop on everyone okay let’s move here for a [Music]¬† while wow yeah a lot of construction is going¬†¬†

On you got this man filing they’re doing some¬† sanding over there a lot of woodwor okay so if¬†¬† anyone of you wants to use the toilet you¬† can use it first because inside the museum¬†¬† we don’t have any toilet okay so everyone I¬† know it’s a bit noisy and Dusty here but I’m¬†¬†

Sure it’s very difficult to witness a real¬† traditional process like this so everyone¬†¬† this part this is our cutting Department area¬† so this is where they bring all the woods to¬†¬† cut them and for form them into round shape¬† or Circle form once it has been formed here¬†¬†

They will transfer it inside the carving¬† Department area okay let’s move on this way so this is where so over in the¬† on the left is where all the wood is¬†¬† actually formed into the different¬† pieces and here is where they do all¬†¬†

Of the carving and look at these pieces¬† of of work that they have how amazing is that it’s quite impressive that all of this is¬† done by hand imagine one mistake and it can be costly okay wow that is impressive this is¬† our paring Department area so here you can¬†¬†

See how the wooden Carvers doing their¬† work patiently you can also see here how¬†¬† the museum has created piece by piece in¬† terms of the design we already have the¬†¬† original plan from from the owner¬† himself okay let’s move on as well

Everyone okay so everyone on my left  side you will see the biography of the   founder so in 1963 he built the ancient  city museum in 1994 he built the aaan   museum Museum and in 1981 our very own  sanctuary of th Museum was built and is  

Still under construction until now okay¬† let’s move on this way we can come closer everyone okay so everyone this is the original¬† model of the museum which is made of entirely¬†¬† wood so it has a scale of 1 to 10 1 cm here¬† and 10 cm there which means the museum is 10¬†¬†

Times bigger than this model so what we need  to do here is we demonstrate here first all   the artwork before we conduct the real work so  our museum is unique and different from other   places because we did not use any concrete Nails  however later on inside you will see some part  

That there are still some nails but that part  is not yet done so they only use the nails to   fix the wood together but once the woods can hold  on its own already they will remove the nails and  

Replace it with a wooden joint technique that¬† I will show you over here please come to the¬†¬† front everyone this way wow that is impressive so¬† this this model that’s sitting next to us if you¬†¬† guys didn’t hear her clearly is 10 times smaller¬† than the actual Sanctuary which is right next to

Us okay you know what let’s come over this way¬† said once the wow guys look at this this is¬†¬† amazing remil and the gentlemen that are all the¬† way up there in the scaffolding they’re so high¬†¬†

Up and W W so our museum has over 170 poles and  columns supporting its weight so we actually use   two to three pieces of woods like this and put  a glue to hold them stronger and at the top is  

The caring pole so this one won’t be moved while¬† in our balcony and columns we this kind of food¬†¬† and Joint technique and as you can see it has no¬† nails and this is how we interlock them together¬†¬†

While in our walls we use the butterflying joint  to attach two pieces of woods and put a glue to   hold them stronger but this one is only for the  single if they want to add more they will use  

The long Dove tail and what they do is they just  keep adding more and more and at the back is the   decoration and the carving of it so this knowledge  came from the ancient Tha Workers code Pasay which  

Is pass on from generations to Generations so  later on after the tour you can come back here   you can touch them so you know how they function  you can also come back to the carving Department  

Area and you’re allowed to do the carving as well¬† but for now let’s proceed on our to room one this way okay this have one wow this is so beautiful it’s even more¬† gigantic when you’re sitting at the base of¬†¬†

It wow okay please come closer this way okay so¬† everyone as you can see our museum has different¬†¬† colors so the fresh brown color is the new¬† artwork the old color over there that is the¬†¬† old artwork and and it has the effect from¬† the rain sun and sea salt because we’re very¬†¬†

Close to the Sea the green part it is due to¬† the chemical that we use to control termites¬†¬† and insects so the structure of the museum was¬† designed as chatura M four holes built by four¬†¬† directions it is inspired by an ancient Royal¬† Palace called fratin sfed Maha Prasad that’s¬†¬†

Why if you look at it it looks like a palace  but everyone I want to remind you this is not   a temple I repeat this is not a temple this is  a museum all the artworks here are inspired by  

Many traditional cultures such as Indian Thai  Chinese Cambodian and so on however even though   this is not a temple the reason why we ask some of  you to cover is because we have a Buddhist Relic  

Inside the museum it is only our way to show our¬† respect okay let’s move on this way everyone let’s proceed wow that is amazing so I actually was¬† under the confusion that this was a temple for¬†¬†

So long because of all the rules and stuff that¬† I had seen online but that is because of all of¬†¬† the um Buddhist relics that are inside and uh¬† formations of all the other religions it’s just¬†¬†

To respect um the temple as a whole because as¬† she mentioned this Temple is a it’s a safe house¬†¬† for everyone everyone’s welcome here Chinese¬† um what what Buddhists Catholics Muslims every¬†¬† religion is welcome here it’s a tribute of¬† Life yeah exactly and what they explained to¬†¬†

Us earlier everyone this part this is our exit  point so this is where our tour will end later   on I repeat the exit Point not the entrance so  by the way at the top as you can see so this  

Is narashima Mantra and Daka so they symbolizes¬† the victory of good over evil so they use their¬†¬† power to remove any negative aspects in life so¬† again again this is narashima Mantra and duraka¬†¬† okay this everyone let’s see so as the lady¬† was explaining in the entrance um the symbol¬†¬†

Of this Sanctuary is to symbol that symbolize¬† that all humans can live together no matter¬†¬† what religion or race you are and I think that is¬† beautiful wow all of the details is just amazing¬†¬† it’s very impressive I don’t think I’ve ever¬† seen yeah something so gorgeous before in my

Life all right so everyone  okay everyone you can come closer okay everyone still good still okay  everyone start already okay so everyone the   museum is divided into three main parts so the  roof that is five tier from lowest to highest the  

Body which is composed of walls Windows vent and  floors and the base which is divided into three   parts so the first one is the plain base because  it has no decoration the second one is the singha  

Leg or the lion leg and the third one is the Lotus  base because it is inspired by a lotus flowers so   the gap between each base are all decorated as the  Thai tradition cultures because the owner wants  

To show to people that in the old days Ty people  create cultures to connect the people to society   so in this part this is all Tha F place so in  the past they used but they have in the nature to  

Create games like here they use banana 3 to create  fake hores here they use coconut shell to create   a game and this one is [ __ ] fighting while  from here up to here this is all related ated  

To the rice Farmers because in the old days most¬† of Thai people are rice Farmers so from planting¬†¬† the rice harvesting it and praying for the¬† rain okay let’s move on this way everyone let’s proceed see these tours are super important¬† to take because then you you you know you’re¬†¬†

Looking at everything but you don’t really¬† know what you’re looking at and the way that¬†¬† she’s describing everything is just extremely¬† important and I would have never been able to¬†¬† put two in two together just by looking¬† at it I would have just been like oh wow¬†¬†

It’s impressive great architecture great¬† design the artist was a mastermind but¬†¬† once she tells you about all the different¬† stories and why they’re there okay so by the¬†¬† way everyone this part this is decorated as¬† the ramayana epics story which is in every¬†¬†

Society we always have the good and the bad¬† so here the monkey represents varana which is¬†¬† the good one and the giant represents Aura¬† which is the by okay let’s proceed this by everyone but yeah you can see¬† all of the construction workers¬†¬† logging around different pipes and plumbing right now it’s very

Impressive okay this way all right so everyone  this is the sing habon balcon so it is inspired   by a royal balcony it is used to Grant a public  audence in a special location and as you can see  

It’s decorated with ban Nakata jar which inside¬† has a branches of flowers and leaves and that¬†¬† represents wealth happiness peace Beauty and¬† creativity okay let’s move on this way everyone let me know what you guys think of this down in¬† the comments section as well and let me know if¬†¬†

You guys are thoroughly enjoying this video¬† because it’s more so a tour of the sanctuary¬†¬† and although there is a lot of information¬† that she’s giving us it’s quite impressive¬†¬† information so it makes super nice to to listen¬† to there everyone this way all right so before¬†¬†

We proceed I want to show you first this one  so this is the only mechanical that we use in   the museum so it is only used to live physical  handicap people pregnant woman or some Elders  

Who cannot go up on the stairway so moving  on over there at the top as you can see that   is the four faces of Brama which represents  the four golden states of mind and that is   the loving kindness compassion sympathetic joy  and Equanimity below the four faces of Brahma  

Is the Indra riding aroan which is the three¬† headed elephants and that represents the three¬†¬† characteristic of a good leadership and that is¬† avoid thinking saying and doing negative things¬†¬† to the other people okay now we’re about¬† to go up on the museum this way everyone

It’s quite impressive how many¬† people are currently working¬†¬† on the sanctuary as well I mean¬† they have a lot of construction workers excuse me ma’am how many people¬† are currently working on the construction¬†¬† site well actually now there are 300 300 people¬† yeah wow before they are 400 but because of the

All right this everyone so we also¬† have a Brer over here with different¬†¬† languages you can get one if you want so please go inside e turn right everyone go inside wow it’s awesome¬† and the breeze that you get through¬†¬† the windows is amazing but look¬† at this guys look at the detail

It is gorgeous and you can tell that these  um big figures are actually made out of one   solid piece of wood you can imagine  like I mentioned earlier one mistake   and you know that whole piece of wood is  damag okay everyone this way please go inside wow look at this

Everyone more inside everyone still good everyone  still okay yes everyone still with me okay so   everyone inside the museum we will explore the  seventh rot of life and this one is the first   one so who are we where we came from the first R  of Life represents human equ that no matter how  

Rich you are where you came from what religion¬† you believe in we’re all the same and we’re all¬†¬† compounded with four elements and that is the¬† element of earth water fire and wind so we’re¬†¬† all the solving of the same respect and treatment¬† so the first one is the element of Earth which¬†¬†

Is the most solid comparing to other elements So  Below you you will see forest and animals in our   body it could be our bone skin teeth and organ  or any other solid in our body the next one is  

The element of water so below you will see some  waves in our body it could be our blood plasma   sweat tears or any other liquids that we have in  our body the next one is the element of fire So  

Below you will see the dragon breathing a fire  in our body it could be your body temperature   and energy and lastly the element of wind so  here you can see the moving of the cloth and  

The trees in our body is our oxygen so these¬† are the four elements that made us all humans¬†¬† equal so again the first rot of life is all about¬† human equality so now let’s proceed on the second¬†¬†

Thre of life don’t worry after DET tour you can¬† always come back here to take photos and videos¬†¬† again okay let’s move on this way everyone¬† okay guys well I think I’m actually going to¬†¬† put the camera down now and enjoy the rest of¬† the tour without filming to really embrace all¬†¬†

The information but I mean look at this guys this¬† here is the construction that’s going on hard at work man that’s a lot of hard work I wonder how¬† they all learn these techniques because not just¬†¬† your average construction worker could come and¬† start building on something like this right all¬†¬†

Of this is new really when I came this was open  only the balconies so all of this they put like   two months I wow within the last two months all of  this has been created that is impressive well yeah  

Actually I’ll show you guys a little bit more of¬† the sanctuary then I’m going to put this down to¬†¬† enjoy the rest of the tour um without filming you¬† know I I I don’t know how you guys are holding up¬†¬†

Let me know if you guys are bored are you guys¬† entertained I need to know the feedback from you¬†¬† guys that way I and continue to U make videos¬† like this but here we’re standing like right in¬†¬†

The center of the sanctuary right now or the  museum and wow this is massive I mean those   walls are huge these pillars are just incredible  so beautiful and you know you almost feel like a  

Sense of you feel like a sense of Peace when you¬† walk in here even though there’s a lot of tourists¬†¬† like you can definitely um appreciate everything¬† that’s that all the hard work and thoughts and¬†¬† knowledge behind every specific design inside¬† of here and it doesn’t matter which way you go¬†¬†

Now as you start learning bits and pieces from¬† the tour guide you can kind of like put together¬†¬† little stories as you’re looking at them even¬† just using your imagination like here you got¬†¬† the dragons more trees waves elephants it finished¬† until the end from there to top they need to they¬†¬†

Still got to keep going huh wow okay well you¬† know what guys um I’ll see you once we make it¬†¬† outside of the museum maybe for the boat ride¬† or uh what should we do first boat ride or foot¬†¬†

Massage boat ride boat ride all right we’ll see¬† what the prices are for the boat ride and um we’ll¬†¬† potentially go on a boat ride and then of course¬† absolutely do a foot massage just finished up the¬†¬†

Tour of the museum and this place is incredible¬† guys seriously a place you must visit now right¬†¬† now I’m actually going to walk back into¬† the carving and woodworking area to see if¬†¬† I can actually get my hands on some some of the¬† pieces of wood and maybe leave a little carving¬†¬†

Behind and of course give a tip to one of these¬† hardworking individuals here at the Museum I mean¬†¬† there’s so many of these people and they are so¬† so talented I mean it takes a lot of work to be¬†¬†

Able to carve all of these pieces of wood into  Perfection so our tour guide actually told us if   we went inside that they would be more than happy  to let us um leave a little piece of carving on a  

Piece of wood that is going to be installed into¬† this incredible Museum here within the next few¬†¬† months or a few years so let’s see if we can do¬† that here in a second so this here is the carving¬†¬†

Area I and I want to see if maybe I can put a¬† little bit of work into one of these pieces of wood oh that is so beautiful isn’t¬† it lookss like it takes a lot of

Work how’s it going sir all right is what is this¬† going to be it’s going to be a Chinese traditional¬†¬† lion Chinese traditional lion yeah wow you guys¬† are so talented it’s amazing how you guys do

That takes a lot of practice huh is there any  way I can maybe leave a little carving behind on the lion okay all right I can sit down right here awesome wow this is amazing just like that okay can you hold  this for me yes let me try let me try it  

Real quick okay so just very lightly huh yes¬† very LLY don’t try to push too hard okay yes¬†¬† you’re doing good there we go yes okay you know¬† what yes do that piece too yes okay here the

End so if you mess this up you have to redo the¬† whole thing huh it’s yeah we don’t need to do¬†¬† the whole thing like if you make a mistake you¬† got to do piece of wood a little bit of mistake¬†¬†

Is okay but when you get the whole out off it¬† it it’s not okay it’s not okay huh all over¬†¬† where are you from BMA Myanmar yes wow you know¬† that okay you know what here I let you do this¬†¬†

Because I don’t want to mess this up but thank¬† you so much for letting me leave a memory here¬†¬† yes um so you’re from me you’re from me and Mark¬† man I hope to visit your country one day one day¬†¬†

One day not right now not right now when it gets  better right everything is going to get better   one day I hope so okay here you go um is every  all of you guys are for me and yes wow how did  

You learn how to do this from here from here  they teach you yes wow well here I leave you   um 60 60 okay okay thank you that is amazing  how many hours you have on this piece um five  

Days on G 5 days on the Chinese dragon alone or  Chinese lion wow so yeah if you make a mistake on   that you you not only wasted the wood but you  wasted 5 days or a week of your time man you  

Speak very nice English too I learn you learn¬† here no I learn from YouTube from YouTube oh¬†¬† man you got to watch my YouTube I’ll leave you¬† my card here let’s leave our cards that way we¬†¬†

Get some some views coming in hot from here okay¬† let’s see where the where’s my card oh no find it oh no you know what I only have glattus¬† is card I’m a good boyfriend so I only have¬†¬†

My girlfriend’s card let me see actually¬† can you help me for a second okay I okay¬†¬† thank you let me see I know I got one my¬† wallet’s a mess Don’t Judge Me guys no you¬†¬†

Know what I don’t have one on me I’ll give¬† you my name though that way you can find it so how many days do you think¬† this will take to complete I four days four days left four days left so in¬† total 10 days for this lion wow okay let me leave¬†¬†

You my name right here I’m going to subscribe to¬† your channel yeah please do please subscribe man¬†¬† travel with Chris travel with Chris yes thank¬† you sir yes I show the world to the people but¬†¬†

Man thank you guys so much for what you do this is  amazing and I hope that um one day everything gets   better in Burma you can put a footage on your  channel yes of course we got some good footage  

Thank you so much thank you so much brother take¬† care guys wow that was cool so I was just able¬†¬† oh let me take the helmet don’t leave the helmet¬† bye guys so that was awesome I just got to carve¬†¬†

A piece of the Chinese Chinese lion that’s going¬† to be inside of the sanctuary next time we come¬†¬† we got to look for that yes I wonder what piece¬† that is finding it well yeah this here is where¬†¬†

All of the carving takes place now I think we’re¬† actually walking the wrong way should we go to the¬†¬† to the foot massage area or the boat I think¬† the boat all right let’s go check out a foot¬†¬†

Massage you just want to sleep true she’s right¬† all right let’s go check out the boats maybe¬†¬† we’ll purchase a coconut from there and then go¬† on a nice little boat ride but this is amazing¬†¬† guys such a good experience and definitely come¬† on down and leave a little bit of your visits

Behind so according to the the gentleman I was¬† talking to they actually learned how to do all¬†¬† of this carving here in Thailand how amazing is¬† that so they definitely have to pay very close¬†¬† attention and the school must be kind of intense¬† because you can imagine they don’t have like large¬†¬†

Pieces of wood to just be throwing away due to¬† mistakes all right so I think theat boat ride¬†¬† actually leaves from down here let’s check¬† the prices of the boats and then we’ll head¬†¬† on we’ll head on down for a little Adventure¬† let me see what the prices are down here where¬†¬†

Where do you purchase drinks though oh there’s¬† a small little like Cafe Restaurant over in this direction um yeah what is the price¬† of the boats yeah price of the boats¬†¬† okay 3% oh maybe you have to¬† purchase the ticket somewhere

Else I have three persons with me how much how  much Bots how much 1, 300 oh one person 300 okay   you no ticket I do have no not ticket for boats  okay um I grab a drink and then we come okay thank

You all right so I guess we need to purchase a¬† ticket it’s 300 B per person let’s try and see¬†¬† if we can’t get a drink and then we’ll go on¬† a little boat ride to be honest that’s almost¬†¬†

As expensive as it cost to enter the museum¬† the whole Sanctuary experience on its own but¬†¬† you know what When in Rome we’ll do it why not¬† all right I see gladus over there making some¬†¬†

Stories let’s actually check out this little snack¬† area and see what we can get our hands on okay¬†¬† so these here are like some of the pictures¬† that they were running around t prior to the visit umbrella over here and then down here is¬† the food and drink like little snack station¬†¬†

So we came to a decision very fast I don’t think¬† we’re actually going to do the boat ride because¬†¬† it’s 300 B per person the entrance was 500 bucks¬† so that’s one reason and then also because we just¬†¬†

Checked the forecast and rain is going to come¬† you can almost smell it when it’s about to pour¬†¬† here in Thailand so I think we’re just going to¬† take advantage of the time maybe grab a smoothie¬†¬†

And then go sit down at the foot massages and I¬† can actually see that the elephant riding tours¬†¬† start up here as well I noticed a couple people¬† doing laps in the elephants and it’s quite funny¬†¬†

Because on the the brochure they actually put in  red writing that says do keep in mind that our   elephants are constantly main are constantly  being visited by a veterinarian and they are   all properly nourished and healthy because of  course they work at such a big um site so yeah  

You can take it as what for whatever you are if¬† your belief is to not ride them then don’t ride¬†¬† them but if if other people are doing it and¬† they say it’s okay then it is what it is who¬†¬†

Are we to judge well I definitely pass on the  elephant right and if you if I have to make a   choice between the Bold right and fot massage of  course foot massage foot massage all right so foot  

Massage it is before this rain comes let’s get it¬† are you ready for a foot massage yes I’m always¬†¬† ready for a foot massage try to get like two out¬† of two times a day but you don’t want that’s my¬†¬†

Boy that’s my boy I am not about the two times¬† a day massage I’m more about the one time a day¬†¬† but Andrew and glad man they do two three times¬† a day minimum it’s crazy I think that’s a little¬†¬†

Too much two times a day and then a full body¬† yeah that’s my body it’s too much and you know¬†¬† what before we go to town I need a smoothie all¬† right let’s get a smoothie what do you want what

Flavor can we order here or order here okay¬† thank you which one do you want Andrew take¬†¬† a coconut smoothie coconut smoothie one for you¬† what do you want o that’s hard decision coconut¬†¬† or mango I’m not sure okay well C wow you sell¬† beer here too amazing what will see I definitely¬†¬†

Don’t want a beer right now though I want a nice¬† smoothie I’ll take a mango and a water please okay¬†¬† okay take your time take your time but look they¬† got smoothies 80 Bots coffees 80 to 100 Bots soft¬†¬†

Drinks herbal juices as well as shrimp chips onion  rings chicken pops chicken fries you know a little   bit of stuff to snack on wow this look delicious  what is that a butterfly tea lime oh herbal teas  

Yeah that does look nice and they also sell fresh¬† coconuts by the way oh I’m always down for a fresh¬†¬† coconut yeah same here fresh coconut always hips¬† the spot yeah you need two all right sorry no it’s¬†¬†

Okay take your time you guys are so busy here  yes many people every day huh yes aw some day   2,000 2,000 visitors a day oh my god really really  busy where are you from are you from uh from Paya

Yes where you from United States California but¬† she’s from Venezuela Venezuela you know no I¬†¬† don’t I have my from R USA same oh okay Minnesota¬† Minnesota [Music] oh it’s funny because every time¬†¬† gladus says uh Venezuela everybody especially in¬† America says Minnesota and that just happened here¬†¬†

I don’t know it doesn’t sound the same but for a¬† lot of people it does okay we’ll do one uh mango¬†¬† no you want a mango right one mango smoothie¬† two coconut smoothies coconut smoothie no no¬†¬† more yeah okay now one mango smoothie then uhhuh¬† actually two mango smoothie two pineapple smoothie¬†¬†

And one pineapple one and then um two waters¬† no beer no beer no beer it’s too early it’s¬†¬† never all right it’s never too early I just don’t¬† want one right now you know I have a few later on¬†¬†

Right now I just really need a water 280 280 bus¬† oh look at the water sanctuary of the truth it’s¬†¬† like Waton in Waton they make their own water¬† as well sanctuary of the truth lovely s the TR¬†¬†

If you go to Waton Waton [Laughter] water oh¬† no that is dangerous job you take your hand off every day she every day¬† she does that yes bring a t thank all right so let’s sit down let’s have¬† a t let’s get ourselves a table and then we’ll¬†¬†

Um go on down to get our foot massage you know¬† what oh we can leave our helmets here I missed¬†¬† that station Saadi cop thank you kop all right¬† let’s go and sit on sit on down by this little¬†¬†

Pond Lake Area you know what guys to be honest  with you I just like to keep it 100% real all   the time I am a cheap ass but 300 bus to cruise  around this little man-made Pond for me I think  

That’s expensive especially when you’re spending¬† 500 to enter the museum we just spent 300 B on¬†¬† smoothies and Waters and personally that feels¬† like a better decision because I can enjoy the¬†¬† same view without being on the boat now let¬† me tell you something if you’re here with your¬†¬†

Children then that’s probably a great little¬† activity to do but as some adults In Paya eh¬†¬† I could think of a million better way better¬† ways maybe not a million a couple handful of¬†¬† better ways I could spend 300 Bots do you agree¬† I know foot massage I’d rather foot massage or¬†¬†

Tight massage okay fair enough fair enough but¬† that’s what I’m saying I’d rather spend an hour¬†¬† in some air conditioning getting rub down all my¬† uh or five pets to use yeah you’re right there’s¬†¬†

A million ways to spend 300 B in Thailand and¬† I don’t want to spend it on a small little boat¬†¬† ride so we’re passing on that you either way¬† on the massage you can have this view you’ll¬†¬†

Have this view on the S 2 houri so it’s amazing¬† oh awesome yeah it’s very relax and it’s 100 B¬†¬† for 1 hour yes oh man no 100 or 200 I read 100¬† Bots maybe that’s I think that’s half hour no¬†¬†

That’s the boats yeah the B looks beautiful it¬† does look beautiful you can take your smoothie¬†¬† there yeah you can it’s cool it’s cool it’s¬† cool still ain’t worried my 300 bot though¬†¬† but yeah um we’ll see exactly how the massages¬† are priced out in a minute once we get there the

Smoothie worth every bit of the 80 Bots and  glattus actually just purchased some bread   that they actually use at all the temples to feed  the fish however here the small piece of bread is  

30 Bots per slice and at all the temples that¬† we go to in t in Bangkok every time we arrive¬†¬† for the first time at WWA for for example¬† the whole loaf of bread is 20 Bots and it’s¬†¬†

Huge so that is a big difference however it’s¬† always fun feeding the fish and we actually¬†¬† just learned a few days ago that a lot of the¬† different fish that are released into these¬†¬† ponds and lakes they’re actually released there¬† for different reasons some for health some for¬†¬†

Um yeah wishing wishing themselves a great¬† work week others to send blessings to their¬†¬† families and of course just like every other¬† temple in Thailand people feed the fish and¬†¬† it’s illegal to fish where the fish are there’s¬† a huge red one yeah I just saw that oh man he’s

Massive and there’s also um a lot of little ones a¬† lot of little ones as well wow that red one’s huge need oh he came I’m taking all right well we’re¬† going to enjoy a bit a few more minutes here and¬†¬†

Then we’ll make our way over to the football¬† massage we left Andrew back at the tables¬†¬† basically because we’re short on time and the¬† rain looks like it’s coming and they were taking¬†¬† forever with his food he actually just ordered¬† french fries and was sitting there for about 25¬†¬†

Minutes and nothing came out so we were like you¬† know what we got to get going so we’re walking¬†¬† through the rainforest now the little rainforest¬† that they have here at the temple it’s actually¬†¬† super beautiful and there’s all kinds of like¬† sculptures throughout it as well and then down¬†¬†

Here they have a resting point with chairs where¬† you can actually Overlook the Little Pond and the¬†¬† restaurant that we’re eating at and then of¬† course over this way is the foot massages so¬†¬†

Let’s make our way over there now see what we can¬† get for a little bit of time but wow look at this view incredible right now we¬† actually came down from that¬†¬† way is that how we leave as well¬† yes oh yeah there’s the exit and¬†¬†

Then down in this direction are the¬† massages let’s see how much a massage cost how much the massage uh¬† 30 100 B 30 minutes 100 BS okay um okay how many more minutes for you 15 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes okay okay¬† thank you so we’re actually not doing the massage¬†¬†

So there’s only one masseuse available right now¬† and there’s three of us so I actually don’t want¬†¬† to sit there for an hour by myself without um¬† yeah everyone else around so you know what I’m¬†¬†

Going to take one for the team I’m not going to¬† do my massage even know gladus is like yeah do¬†¬† it do it do it we’ll wait for you I don’t want¬† to have them waiting for an hour so definitely¬†¬†

If you’re planning on coming to sanctuary of the¬† truth this is a full day activity I mean you can¬†¬† spend the whole day here yeah or half day yeah I¬† think so right but you got to come here with time¬†¬†

Is basically what I want to say if you think it’s¬† one of those places you can come take a picture¬†¬† of and leave no you’re wrong this is definitely a¬† minimum 2hour place but you can easily spend about¬†¬†

5 hours to do all of the attractions Now by far¬† what has been your favorite part of the sanctuary¬†¬† o I really love the tour I think the tour it’s¬† very detail they I I like that it’s included on¬†¬†

The price so and the massage of course that’s my¬† favorite part like you are going to have a lot of¬†¬† food massages in Thailand all around Thailand but¬† nothing like a massage with the sanary of the TR¬†¬†

As a background exactly and to be honest with you¬† guys I’m a bit disappointed that I can’t do the¬†¬† massage right now but we’ll come back we’ll come¬† back um with time and probably not film it next¬†¬†

Time because of course um I think next time I’m¬† coming to this place I’m not bringing any cameras¬†¬† we’re going to come and just enjoy it without¬† filming because this is a job it does take a¬†¬†

Lot out of you and I feel like there’s a lot of¬† stuff that even I miss when I’m out filming that¬†¬† I never even really see until I go back and view¬† the video I’m like oh so that’s what was she was¬†¬†

Pointing at like you know I’m too worried about¬† making sure the camera isn’t overheating in this¬†¬† heat that I’m not overheating in this heat and¬† just um all around focus on everything else but¬†¬† what I’m doing in that actual moment so um the¬† tour to amazing I would really like to come back¬†¬†

And do this look in this little house you can  Dr a Tha custom for 400 b so that way you take   amazing pictures like with you know the Ty C and  so yeah that would be awesome now you know what  

Let’s actually get a little closer to the elephant¬† I want to show them the elephant oh here they come¬†¬† actually guys here comes two of the elephant rides¬† that I man it makes me so sad to see to be honest¬†¬†

I think um for everybody watching for all those  Thai government officials that are going to see   this video I think this is one of those things  that should be should be removed from the the  

Park now I actually um just got done seeing they¬† that they say that they don’t hit the animals or¬†¬† anything but I’ll be honest with you guys I just¬† saw this um so the people that are up in front¬†¬†

They’re actually called Mah Hoots and the people¬† that are riding them are tourists but I actually¬†¬† just witnessed right as they were walking away I¬† didn’t want to say it too loud cuz I don’t want¬†¬†

To start any problems but I noticed that uh one  of the mots hit the elephant on the top of his   head with the wooden stick and the wooden stick  actually has like a chisel end and he was like you  

Know scraping the the top of the elephant’s¬† head probably in a hurtful way because the¬†¬† elephant didn’t want to move so I don’t know¬† just things that I noticed and I personally¬†¬† don’t think it’s right and I think that a lot of¬† people would actually enjoy it a lot more here¬†¬†

If that wasn’t present what you say or at least¬† keep the elephants there and you know maybe put¬†¬† in a little area where you can feed them bananas¬† and you know give them water why not stuff like¬†¬†

That is fine but there’s no need to um do laps¬† around the the museum with Taurus on your back¬†¬† but whatever um I can’t change the world can’t¬† change people’s opinions all right Andrew is¬†¬† still sitting here with no french fries man these¬† These are 45-minute french fries they better be¬†¬†

The best I hope you ordered them with like some¬† truffle butter or something I hope like I don’t¬†¬† know they’re coming from France no they’re on the¬† way they’re out looking for the potatoes right now¬†¬† but what with we passed on the massages because¬† there’s only one massuse available the other one¬†¬†

Just started and they’re 1 hour massages well 30¬† minutes for 100 Bots 1 hour for 200 B which is an¬†¬† amazing deal by the way guys that’s super cheap¬† like um 200 B is what we find in the local sides¬†¬†

Of Bangkok like or 170 180 um but around like¬† pataya pataya walking Street any other tour areas¬†¬† you’re looking at like 350 350 300 for an hour so¬† 200 bu great great option but yeah anyways I think¬†¬†

This is where we’re going to end today’s video¬† we’ll probably be spending all night here waiting¬†¬† on your fries but that’s all good if you’re coming¬† here order a smoothie and forget about the food¬†¬†

Go eat it somewhere else about 5 minutes to get a¬† refund in about 5 minutes man he’s five he’s about¬†¬† 20 minutes later than what I would have asked¬† for a refund but more power to more impatient¬†¬†

Than yeah fair enough well it’s nice seeing you¬† guys of the truth by grab by grab or by Moto¬†¬† taxi we’ll probably take a moto taxi to be honest¬† but um yeah see you guys again soon for another one I was the one to take a love

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