Nine Amazing Children Who Overcome Adversity | UNIQUE FROM BIRTH – Video

Nine Amazing Children Who Overcome Adversity | UNIQUE FROM BIRTH – Video

9 Incredible Kids Who Defy All Odds | BORN DIFFERENT showcases the remarkable stories of young individuals who have faced seemingly insurmountable challenges with courage and resilience. From Zoe, who was born with brittle bones and has broken countless bones since birth, to Versa, who was born with her heart outside of her rib cage, these kids inspire us with their strength and positivity.

Despite the numerous surgeries and medical treatments they have undergone, these kids continue to smile and find joy in life. Zoe, for example, enjoys racing other kids at a wheelchair accessible playground and has speech therapy to improve her communication skills. Versa, on the other hand, has defied the odds and survived despite a low survival rate for her condition.

Their stories remind us that strength comes in all shapes and sizes, and that being different is something to be celebrated. These kids were born to stand out, and they do so with grace and determination. Their inspiring journeys serve as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit.

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Video Transcript

Some kids are just born to inspire us and no one does that better than this group of amazing young people what does it take to stay positive when you’ve broken 100 bones before your first birthday or when you’re born with a condition that forces you to look and live differently to everyone else

Christian’s condition is about one in 50 or 60 documented cases in medical history these young people can smile their way through that and more she can have both of her legs broken and still look like a total boss in her sunglasses while other kids have the courage to face things many of us

Would cower from instantly I’m not afraid of handling snakes or alligators these kids were simply born to be inspiring you can’t fit in when you’re born to stand out this is who I am starting with Zoe who was born with a rare condition that makes her bone so

Fragile even the smallest of knocks or a wrong move can cause them to shatter or break instantly Zoe has broken countless bones we stopped counting cuz it’s pointless does it hurt when you break a bone yeah Zoe’s condition is osteogenesis and perfecta which means brittle bones and it has nothing to do

With Calcium deficiency which is the most common suggestion I hear from strangers have you tried giving her calcium supplements you want to give her some milk I thanks she’s going to be seven years old I haven’t tried that the sh of pink we were told it was

A 1 in 15,000 chance for it to happen to her she has a mutation in her DNA which causes her oi and we were told that it was nothing that either of us did or have ever done the first time Zoe’s parents had any sense of something think

Being seriously wrong was during a routine scan while Chelsea was pregnant we were doing a 4D Ultrasound and they were able to see her multiple fractures that were fresh and healing already she had broken ribs the arms and the legs were about 6 weeks behind what they

Should have been so they told us that she had a really severe condition and that she possibly wouldn’t make it until her birthday I’m going to give them some toys to play with Specialists recommended or suggested um that we could just terminate the pregnancy but

It was more than that to us it was our first child together we actually did contemplate the abortion that she was telling us that was the only thing that was Humane and then we were in a panicked State there are a couple different types of OI with different

Severities and so Zoe was misdiagnosed with the type two the most severe and ended up her genetic results told uh us that she had type 3 oi which is still very severe born with multiple healing fractures Zoe was kept in hospital for a week before being allowed to go home and

Her parents adjusted to life with their new arrival when we were changing Zoe’s diaper it in the beginning it took three of us uh one person to lift up her pelvis one person to slide the diaper in and out and then another person to hold her arms because babies have a startle

Reflex and I was on arms Duty I gave her just a little bit of room it was a qu inch to a half an inch and she startled into my hand it sounded like a broken chicken bone her radius and her own just snapped woohoo feet are ahead of

You Zoe has endured a number of painful surgeries including one to stop her spine collapsing because of a condition called surgical kyphosis which could lead to internal decapitation a really interesting series of X-rays and scans for Zoe here in the first picture was one of the first scans

That we got for her you can really see that the spinal cord is completely compressed back there Zoe has been in her neck brace from the time she was diagnosed with her cervical kyphosis at about 2 and 1/2 years old and is still currently in it now 6 years old things

Are beginning to get easier for Zoe and her family her being able to tell us I just broke or no you didn’t break me or hold on please don’t move me oh you’re using your elbow good job it’s so much easier means it’s day and night nice

Job that was a really great job Mhm today we came to tnle park to have fun at the wheelchair accessible playground are you excited yeah it’s one of the only ones in Orange County that zo able to play on because the ground is made out of foam instead of wood chips or sand she especially this playground

Is able to do everything that the other kids are other than run on their feet so she can race them just as fast in her wheelchair two One yay sometimes I worry about her getting hurt if other kids don’t know the extent of her condition Zoe has a big enough voice where she will tell someone please don’t touch my wheelchair please don’t push my wheelchair and that’s very helpful we have prescription volume prescription hydrocodone just in case

She does fracture and all of the splinting supplies to do it ourselves we’ve had that since she was an infant we carry it with us in our bag everywhere we go as well as regular physio to improve her quality of life Zoe also has speech therapy she has some

Little bit of like some structural issues with her mouth she’s working to increase her Clarity in Her speech and also some of her language some of her word orders and things like that so that way she has more clarity when she’s speaking and talking to her friends and

Family is Bailey going to do speech with us today yeah okay show me your s oo you remembered it right away I like it so’s amazing she’s so fun and she makes everything positive she a cute yep kind of soup oi does not give you a a shortened life

Expectancy there’s no cure for osteogenesis imp perfecta for now I’m very grateful that there’s at least treatments because even 20 years ago there wasn’t as many despite the challenges she faces Zoe’s parents are confident that her tenacity and charm will guarantee her a bright future in

The future I hope that Zoe has just as well of an opportunity as everybody else meow meow from brittle bones to a young girl who was born with her heart in the wrong place literally my condition is called pentology of control it basically means that my heart is outside of my rib cage

So it’s not protected by my rib cage anymore there’s no known reason why versa’s heart is outside of her chest we don’t know what caused this condition they just pulled out the feeding tube of your nose I remember I was crying so much about that because you you was crying a

Lot and that was it was hard times really sorry I found out that veravia have a condition with her open heart when I was 26 weeks pregnant and it was it was a shock for me I remember I fell on the floor right in the hospital screaming that because I

Thought she going to die because this is what they told me they told me she will die and she will not survive the survival rate for babies born with pentology of control is less than 40% but vavia made it through the difficult early days of infancy people often think that since my

Heart is outside of my body that I feel pain there but I don’t seeing my heart outside my body does not necessarily feel like anything because I’m used to it except it might feel like something to other people but not to me so this is my room this is where I

Draw and do all my hobbies and do my homework school is nice but sometimes it can be hard because the people that know about my condition try to use it against me or make jokes about it in a mean way so sometimes it could be more difficult other

Times it’s still okay and other times it’s okay yeah my condition affects my daily life because I can’t do some normal things like I can’t run or I can’t walk too fast and I can’t go up and down the stairs because my oxygen drops really really low I have to use

This when my oxygen levels go really low because sometimes they do go under 50 or when I’m having an asthma attack I think a big misunderstanding is that um that I’m really really fragile or that I’m always in pain but I’m generally really happy in life my mom

And I decided to um start posting on Instagram about my condition it’s important for me to spread awareness because there are a few others out there that uh also have similar conditions to me and if they want help from like doctors on it people should know more

About it so that they would learn how to help it or treat it or something along those lines I’m grateful for proving the doctor’s wrong that I can still eat and walk and be alive I would like to push my limits on what I can and cannot do because I want

To inspire other people and because I want people to know that I am more than just my heart and I am beautiful just the way I am and so are you our next story is about 11-year-old Sophie despite being born without arms the things that she’s taught herself to

Do with her feet are truly inspiring I’m going to tell you about my morning and this is where I go back to bed so yeah just kidding I have to get up and do school hi my name is Sophie I go by Sophie and I am 11 years old wait hello

Bter I am in fifth grade I have an obsession for horses and I have a new dog and his name is Baxter doing breeds with just two toes is pretty hard so I like having Jesse doing my hair so I’m going to start out with some

Breakfast so now I’m going to make a fried egg sandwich for my breakfast this Perfection I learned how to cook by just watching my parents and watching my brothers and sisters Sophie has so many skills she can do almost anything that someone with arms and hands can do she’s just absolutely

Amazing blows my Mind finally so I did wash my feet but I’m going to hand hand sanitize or should I foot sanitize that’s good she’s always been good at drawing and writing in fact her handwriting is better than some of our other children’s who shall remain nameless but her artwork is just

Fantastic I recently learned how to cross stitch and to sew and of course horseback riding hi there dny I think the thing that is most impressive is just that she tries everything with horseback riding I initially told her I wasn’t comfortable with it I didn’t know

How it would be safe but she kept persisting and she was just determined she did research and she found others that were born without arms that were horse riders she’s not afraid to try something sometimes I use my brother as a horse I had the best siblings in the

World don’t go hi they helped me with so many things one more one more let’s go break it out yeah and I try to help them with some many things too and Lexie’s blind they do everything together Lexi and Sophie are like two PE in a p wo

Sophie and her older sister Lexi were adopted together from China when Sophie was two Sophie and I are best friends and I love her so much and we always help each other get around basically I am her eyes and she is my arms and it just kind of works how we

Was her dog wo one of the things that is really neat for me is watching how our children impact other people’s lives hi guys this is me sopie and welcome back to my YouTube channel today follow me along as I hike with this really nice backpack um in Zion National

Park so let’s get to do it I have a YouTube channel called me Sophie and it’s so much fun Sophie was the one that had the idea to have her own YouTube channel and we thought it was a good way for her to spread her Sunshine Sophie

I’m impressed you’re carrying all of our water for both of us what kind of a father am I yeah what kind of father are you dad a lot of people say a lot of nice things which makes me feel really good about myself for anyone out there with disabilities

Or just is having a hard time right now just for you throw good you can’t fit in when you’re born to stand out and standing out is something that our next amazing young person loves to do when other people watch me they say oh my God how do you do that and they’re

So impressed but when I do it it’s not that hard it’s pretty easy at just 10 years old gymnast cha is on the fast track to the Olympic team she’s always wanted to be a gymnast as long as I can remember my favorite thing about gymnastics is that I get to meet new

People and I get to go to a lot of places and I get to show off my new skills and I get to perform I do love Performing On floor I get to perform more and show off all my cool dance moves and personality the whole gym will just stop and watch when I start to do my Flor routine because it’s really sassy T Chandler started gymnastics quite some time ago I would

Say about 6 years ago when she was about three four years old we kind of noticed um she had a little gift for balance and strength around 6 years old that’s when she said I want to go to the Olympics that’s when she kind of really got serious and that’s when she started

Doing a lot of hours um she practices almost 30 hours a week and you hear sometimes you know oh well why do you make your child do that no you can’t make a child be somewhere for that amount of time like it is her passion when she comes home she’s still flipping

In the living room she’s still practicing on the beam she’s constantly doing tricks and stuff like around the house oh my god daddy Charla shot up from level four to level seven in her gymnastics out of a possible 10 with numerous competitions under her belt charler is already on the

Invite list to the US national squad oh my God that’s I ever I at this rate the Olympic team should be very much within her reach while many kids love animals this young man has built up a particular passion for some of the deadliest creatures on the planet I like

Alligators because they launch out of the water and you know when they’re launching out of the water in Clear Water but sometimes when they’re not in Clear Water they wiggle their tail and you can’t see them and so um sometimes they launch and eat

You I’m CH I’m 8 years old and I like to play with alligators snakes and lizards and frgs my passion with animals first started when I holded my first snake when I was one when I was a baby my favorite snake is the reticulated python because they squeeze their prey what

Does it feel like um feels smooth I’m not afraid of um handling snakes or alligators because I’ve worked with them my whole life and um I build it up a trust to Them it’s very natural around animals and also with reptiles say good day to some of them he’s like a little David Aton bar really 8-year-old Charlie’s parents own and run the Ballarat Wildlife Park so he’s been around these animals since he was born there’s about 50 species of

Reptile and then we’ve got about 20 species of mammal we believe um passionately in conservation and we believe that you cannot promote conservation without people meeting the animals up close I was three when I interacted with my first alligator it launched at me and um launched at me again and then it did

A big jump and I fed it pretty cool my favorite animal is crunch the crocodile crocodile made used to be named to De because um he used to get um out of all the traps crunch is a 5 m saltwater crocodile it probably weighs around about 700 Kilos he respects crunch you know he’s a a big wild CAU crocodile and uh quite dangerous Charlie goes in there all the time I certainly wouldn’t put him at risk if I thought he was going to get it there you go got his PA doesn’t it and

We’ve all got you know bitten fingers and few scars um over the years and Charlie’s ACR a few himself I’ve been bitten by a uh blue tongue snake crocodile alligator venomous snake that’s called a copperhead blackheaded python Olive python and Pig p Charlie can interact with most of the

Animals here at the park yeah enjoys working with the Penguins she enjoys working with mammals she’s a big Baby and you mainly the reptiles some for you some for them mhm he really helps out and I think everybody really appreciates how good he is with the animals my friends think I’m cool because um I work with animals all the time and they want to be like me one day

Charlie has his own following at the Park yeah when people see me um they’re amazed because I’m So Young when I grow up I want to be a um professional Zook black um Ste like Charlie Rebecca has always known what she wanted and that was to be who she felt she really was a girl my

Name is Jamie and I am married uh we have three children they are 10 8 and almost 3 years old so I write a blog called I am totally that Mom in the past few years my blog has really uh become more focused on our journey with a

Transgender child so Rebecca has always been gender non-conforming um as young as two or three she gravitated to typically feminine things she loved pink and sparkles and all things girly and that was fine with us this is a soft blanket that I have and this has

Benjamin on it so we put it with my Benjamin box as her gender non-conformity intensified we started Ed to notice some distress around things like being grouped with boys at school or um in activities so by the time she was seven all of this kind of um hit a

Crisis point and her anxiety was crippling and her Depression was uh becoming life-threatening and we were at a loss there’s a picture of me I don’t look so happy we were faced with a seven-year-old kid who wanted to die one time she punched out the screen in her

Second story window and tried to jump out the hardest part of all this was when I didn’t transition and I was not happy and it didn’t feel right so we sought the support of a gender specialist and so through conversations there Rebecca came to tell us no this is definitely me

I’m a girl I’m a girl in in my head my heart I felt like I was a girl because I liked the color pink and I liked girls clothes and how they wore their hair and stuff having confirmed to her parents who she felt she was Rebecca began to

Live her life as a girl at the time it was the happiest I’d ever seen her uh frolicking through the girls section of the clothing store picking out clothes and and seeing what she liked she was just a different kid it was like a cloud lifted it feels good to have like a

Sister instead of a brother since I already have a baby brother and I think a big brother would just be too much for Me when I see pictures of Ben I just think of it as part of my past and now I’m me when she told me I didn’t believe her I was shocked and she and I was like I don’t believe you that is not true Rebecca really doesn’t like

Thinking about the medical side of this she doesn’t want to develop into a man so medically transitioning involves a lot of different steps and uh every transgender person chooses their own adventure for Rebecca the first steps will be puberty blockers which will will pause puberty um and prevent her from

Going through male puberty and uh developing secondary male characteristics like facial hair and a deeper voice and an Adam’s apple that are irreversible The Next Step would be cross hormones so um Rebecca’s a natal male and so she would take estrogen to develop and go through female puberty as

Far as surgery she hasn’t indicated a desire for that but that um is a decision she gets to make down the road anyway um that’s not something she would do before she’s 18 I’m always worried about a reaction with Rebecca um both in the community and the church in the

World um I’m very worried about how the world’s going to treat her because I see a lot of ugliness in the world on a regular basis so this is a picture I put up on my blog Facebook page that went pretty crazy viral it started out with some

Really wonderful comments and lots of affirmations but if I keep scrolling here so I’ve got this one this is embarrassing first she is what 10 I think I read k at 10 she isn’t mature enough to make this decision this decision was forced on her by her

Parents this is a form of abuse not recognized parents forming their child into a social media Spotlight seeking their 15 minutes of fame I do honor her courage to stand in front of people and speak when she feels due to the forced dialogue of her parents this whole

Transgender issue is a mental illness but it’s cool because we have parents forcing their kids into it we haven’t had anyone uh in our community and our families say that we are pushing this on to her um we have had that through social media and through my blog and and

That kind of thing who who go so far as to say this is child abuse and we should have our children taken away and that that we are sick and we need mental health and everything else um and luckily every major medical organization says otherwise and every uh Medical

Professional we’ve seen says otherwise and so we feel pretty confident that we have the best resources we can and that we’ve supported her the best way we can and that we’ve gotten the support we needed as parents our hopes for Rebecca’s future are that she gets to be

Who she is um as boldly as she wants to be um and that you know folks are going to accept her for who she is and I guess at some point that being transgender is something that she can advocate for but isn’t going to be a limit for her in

Terms of who who she is and who she wants to be as an adult I want to make a difference in the world by speaking out and spreading hopeful messages hi my name is Rebecca I am a transgender girl I’ve been living as myself since I was 8 years old and now I

Am 10 this is who I am my friends don’t use even believe me when I tell them that I’m transgender I’m just a girl I want to send the message of You are not alone and you are safe to other transgender Kids parents of 18-month-old Gavin have become advocates for their son because of a rare condition he was born with who’s that yeah one thing everybody says when they meet Gavin is that he is the happiest kid that you’ll ever meet I mean everything that he’s gone through you’d think that

He would be somewhat down and you know have an attitude or but he’s always happy always smiling always laughing gy gety we didn’t know what this condition needed or how to treat it it’s not like any normal condition it’s super rare to get sideways good job sympatic malformation

Is an abnormal growth of cysts within the head face neck and it could even happen in wherever there is lymphatic vessels and it occurs in only one in every 4,000 Births so we first discovered that Gavin was going to be born different when we went to our 18we anatomy scan yeah we were there to figure out if he was a boy or a girl and obviously to measure all of his Limbs and heart crazy fro

The doctor came in she started doing her scan and she looked at us and told us you know he has some sort of mass and she said it might be what’s called a cystic kyoma or lymphatic malformation when I first found out that Gavin would be different I was terrified I didn’t

Know what to think when he was born his Mass was a lot more severe than what they expected it to be when we saw his we were like damn that’s nothing like we had ever seen that and the doctors were even I think we while we had so much care as the

Doctors were like that’s the worst we’ve seen in 10 years so that was uh scary in itself I first saw him and you can see like the machines behind him but I wasn’t crying I wasn’t you know upset I was that was him that was my baby take a

Video everything was worth bringing him home because as a parent of course you don’t want to see your child going through that but at the same time it’s just who he is that’s who he is that’s Gavin’s story bringing baby home Dicky here we go oh it’ll be grumpy

Adjusting to life with Gavin has meant that parents Victoria and Joseph have had to get used to more than just the medical side of caring for a child with a rare condition they’ve also had to get used to how other people react when they see him having a child with a visible

Difference has taught me that life life is precious it’s not always going to be the way that you think it is for me I don’t I don’t really think that he looks different and it doesn’t really bother me I guess now we’re on the other side of spectrum versus seeing somebody’s

Child look different I think now I’m more so like you never know their story when people stare at Gavin in public I don’t really pay any attention to it I’ve had people come up to me and ask and I think they want to ask what’s wrong with him or but they just don’t

Know how so they’ll be like how old is he and and he’s so cute but they just don’t know how to I guess approach the situation but if they just say hey what condition does he have that’s all right just ask honestly I’m not going to get

Offended I want to raise awareness what if they they not going to by sharing Gavin’s medical Adventure on social media it has opened so many doors for you know raising awareness I’ve had moms contact me with their children who have uh lymphatic malformation and they don’t know what

Treatment to go with or they’d ask me for advice and hopefully they didn’t feel as helpless as we did when we first started out there’s [Laughter] Grandpa Victoria turned 29 a couple days ago it’s actually your first birthday with him home with him home this time last year we were still

In the hospital so um this the first one we would both of our birthdays we were cele at home it’s good to be home it is it’s going to come get you she’s going to get you with the pi get you happy birthday to you happy birthday

To you through the hard parts of the journey allowed us to learn when he was in the hospital I always said we have to stay positive I didn’t want any negative energy in there and I think that with him overcoming everything and him being

So strong made me that way and a lot of people reached out to me through his Instagram page they’re like wow you are so strong and I’m like that’s just how I had to be when parents see this story who are in a similar situation I hope

That they take away the fact that we are trying to be as normal as possible yes there’s always going to be that obstacle that you have to go through ask for help ask for support you know the first day you’re going to think the first why why

Do I got to do this why me why me but we always say this and people always say this to us is there is a reason he is our son it’s made us stronger as parents as husband and wife with our friends you know so it’s going to have its

Challenges but I promise you it will have equal and probably even better rewards parents of Luna have also had to adjust to life with a child who looks different Luna is one year and a half she was born with the giant neas is the like the birth mark and that can become

To a melanoma like a bad cancer actually she already had three Nas on her body that was cancer we found out the nil when she was born I thought that she was dirty for the like this stuff from the labor we were in shock because we didn’t know

About it I didn’t want to meet Luna after the labor I was kind of I don’t know depressed he came to my room and he took me like you need to see your daughter she’s like perfect he doesn’t even see the mark like you know I’m more Realistic the Nas is not painful for her um now if you like if you don’t remove it with the time the years it can be painful it gets thicker it’s very like hairy yay yay yay y y yay just uh putting some moisturize on her body like a lotion remove a lot of

Nles on her body so we need to be careful that I need to uh the nil is very dry so right Luna’s parents were unsure about whether they should try and remove or reduce her neas but an unpleasant experience forced them into an early decision about it good

Yes we didn’t decide about the surgeries in the beginning one day we went to a church with her and uh we faced a very bad bullying situation um old lady called her a monster she was like I think two months old and we decided that day the church

To take out the nas we chose like a doctor in New York but he didn’t accept Luna’s health insurance and that surgery would be $400,000 we went to Russia we were there for 6 months they did her forehead her nose the eyelid and a little bit under

The her eyes when we decided to go to Russia and we needed to get the money to pay for the surgeries we started to do a lot of events um campaigns go fund and all over Brazil and us when Luna was about two months old um somebody made

The doll and sent to us as a gift and everybody that was like coming to my house to visit Luna asked about the doll so we had an idea to call the girl that made it and start start making the dolls to sell to people because not everybody that can

Donate money but there’s a few people that can buy the dolls and give as a gift to somebody now Luna is kind of famous cuz people came oh this is Luna can I take a picture of her oh she’s so beautiful this and that but people that don’t know

About the story they point they just laugh they ask stupid question so now we know how to deal with that the beginning was very hard you know people calling her names and saying she was ugly today is like 20% bad This shirt is like a UV protection for from the Sun okay Y Luna’s condition like for now that she’s going through surgeries uh she can’t deal with the sunlight but I mean she’s going to have a normal life as soon as possible she looks the mirror all the time she plays with the hair she wants to put makeup on but she I don’t

Think she realizes that she has something you know she’s active you can see she can’t stop she’s super happy a super happy girl all the time playing dancing for her future just want her to be happy Yi our final story is about a young boy who was born missing two important body

Parts his eyes Christian is a very typical six-year-old little boy he’s learning to read he likes to wrestle with his little brother and um you know just all the things that any six-year-old would enjoy but he does have some um special things about him Christians um condition is called

Tessier cleft lip and palet um he has classifications 3 four and five which includes micro opthalmia so his condition um was caused by amniotic banding syndrome so fibrous bands can form in the womb and if they attach to the baby they cut off blood flow so Christian’s banding happened to attach

To his face so it cut off um blood flow and so as his you know face was knitting together literally in the womb it um blood flow stopped so the the knitting together just stopped Christian could not eat when he was born because he had large just gaps in his face where the

Clift was his mouth just wouldn’t close um and so he got the feeding tube when he was 4 days old Christian’s condition is about one in 50 or 60 documented cases um in medical history no I I think you’re crazy boy I when I first saw Christian I was kind of

Shocked at how he looked but it didn’t stop us from loving him what is this one what is this it’s just a healthy happy little boy what is it can you tell us very good okay the biggest way that Christian’s condition affects his daily life is his vision impairment so because

He’s completely blind he um you know he just has to to learn to navigate um the world you know in the dark so um it takes some uh fangling and we have to do things a little differently sometimes but um you know it’s totally doable and possible and and he’s doing it really

Well what is it one two 1 2 4 5 and it’s letter g g give me five give me five Christian has had seven surgeries so far he’s had three reconstructive surgeries um on his space to help uh close the gaps that the Clift left so

That he’s able to speak and eat properly then he’ll look for what do you find on the beach seashells seash shells he’s had several um procedures to put ear tubes in Christian’s going to have a lot more surgeries in the future um that’s just the nature of this Beast

Now press down on the first string and let’s see what it does ready there you go I think we need some rosin yeah I think we need some rosin too oh very good like so many of our stories one of the most difficult things Christian’s mom has had to adjust to is

How other people respond to Christian in public I was unaware of before Christian was born that there is this huge social stigma about being different looking different most people didn’t know how to handle um somebody with that type of difference or how to be around them like

The lady just a few weeks ago who blurted out ew um he had no idea that it was directed at him people coming up to us and going oh what’s wrong with him you know and I just want to say well there’s nothing wrong with him Christian do you like it

When your mom helps you do things or do you like to do things by yourself on your own I to things my my oh my like playing with friends I would definitely describe Christian as independent um I remember a few years ago when he started saying I

Want to do it all by myself mommy he’s curious and he wants to explore the world and he’s not afraid to do it and I think that’s a great thing and Christian’s desire for Independence has led to some unexpected Hobbies okay good Go right Christian’s first karate lesson he sat in the middle of the gym floor in my lap crying um he was terrified and he didn’t really understand exactly what it was anyway cuz I couldn’t just show him videos of karate go R good job Christian all right now don’t

Sit down yet what are you doing we’re not taking a break yet okay I was really proud of him for getting outside of his comfort zone Christian and I have been working together for almost 2 years he has earned his gold stripe belt and now we’re currently working on his orange

Stripe belt I’ll correct him on it just like I would any child um but uh I’ve seen a lot of changes in Christian over the past almost two years his confidence is increasing his abilities are increasing two all right man of the hand oh did a pretty good job today

Okay how many tips do you have on your BT two now how many do you have on there three three tips give me a hug come here good job proud of you I think sharing our story positively inspires others I want to share my family’s story to raise awareness for um disabilities

In general and specifically facial differences I want to raise awareness of the value of people who have different I want to do away with that stigma that is attached that is so negative I feel like allowing him to sort of be you know out there you know I’m kind of saying to

The world I’m I will not hide this child um he deserves to be out in the world like anybody else um he deserves for me to share his photos like a proud mom would he is so independent now and so Fearless um and you know he’s

Just he’s not afraid of anything I feel like that has given him such a boost of confidence to know that I mean if I can do this I can you know I can do anything and I’m like yeah you go baby you can do Anything if you enjoyed watching these incredible stories please like And subscribe now do you know an inspiring young person who would be at home amongst this group of incredible kids if so get in Touch

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MEET 9 kids who were just born to be inspiring. From six-year-old Zoe who’s rare condition meant she’d broken more than 100 bones before her first birthday, and 9-year-old Chandler who’s skills in gymnastics have put her on the path to Olympic stardom, to six-year-old Christian who was born with Tessier Cleft Lip and Palate, a condition so rare there are only 60 documented cases in medical history. These young people show that some kids might not always fit the mould, but they do stand out in the most incredible ways.

If you know a young person who would be at home amongst this group of amazing kids, please get in touch with us at: [email protected]

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Editor: Shiona Penrake

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