The TCL 115-inch TV: A Massive Screen with Blazing Brilliance – Video

The TCL 115-inch TV: A Massive Screen with Blazing Brilliance – Video

Colossal Size and Searing Brightness: TCL 115-inch TV Is a Beast

The TCL 115-inch TV is making waves as the world’s largest QD mini LED TV on the market. In this YouTube video, the host introduces the massive size of the TV and describes its impressive features. The TV boasts a 20,000 local dimming zones and up to 5,000 nits, providing viewers with a super bright and searingly vivid picture quality. The host emphasizes that the TV’s mini LED backlighting technology ensures excellent contrast, black levels, and color accuracy, making it a step up from previous models.

Despite its colossal size, the TV is praised for its image quality and brightness, outshining traditional projectors. In terms of pricing, the TV is positioned as a premium product, with TCL stating that it will be available for under $20,000. However, the host points out that for individuals in the market for a large-sized TV, the TCL 115-inch model is a compelling choice.

Additionally, the video provides a preview of other upcoming TCL TV models, including the qm8 series successor, the 98-inch qm7, and the q6 Pro Series. These models are also equipped with mini LED technology, promising excellent picture quality and brightness at various price points. The TVs are also noted to feature Google smart TV systems and gaming-oriented features to cater to a wide range of consumers.

Overall, the video serves as a comprehensive overview of TCL’s latest TV offerings, positioning the brand as a contender in the large-sized, premium TV market.

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Hey everybody I got a huge TV right here this is the TCL 115in television TCL is saying this is the world’s largest QD mini LED TV that’s kind of their own brand long story short I haven’t seen a TV that’s mass-produced at this size yet we’ll see

What happens later in the show maybe somebody matches it but this TV is gigantic at 115 in this is the 115 qm 891 G that’s a mouth full and the TV itself is just gigantic so you’re looking at it’s about 9 1/2 ft diagonal 8 and 1/2 ft along the bottom a little

Bit under 5T up and down and I’m standing next to this thing I’m 6 feet tall uh this thing is almost as tall as me on the stand now TCL put all the good stuff into this television for picture quality it’s mini LED back lighting they’re saying 20,000 local dimming

Zones up to 5,000 nits it’s super bright I’m sitting here watching it the colors really pop This TV is kind of the stepup version the larger version of My overall editor’s choice for image quality for the money last year that was the TCL qm8 series they also make that we’ll talk

About that in a little bit the new version of that but this 115 absolutely gigantic if you were looking for a projector for example projector image quality not going to be anywhere near this good because it just can’t get nearly as bright or as dark of course

That black levels local dimming all the good mini LED nness and that’s going to really get you a great picture so again haven’t reviewed this TV yet but from what I’ve seen so far really really nice now the price TCL saying under $20,000 of course that’s

Not cheap but if you’re in that price range and you’re looking for something you know around 110 maybe you want to step up get a 115 this TV is available uh coming a little bit later this year going to look at some other new TCL TVs right

Now so not every TV TCL is showing is 115 in this guy behind me Mir 85 this is the qm8 series successor to my editor’s choice last year one of my favorite TVs they’re saying it’s twice as bright this year that’s 5,000 nits 5,000 local dimming zones again expect the image

Quality to be extremely good for the money last year the 65 in was about 900 bucks sometimes even less than that during sales so we’re expecting really good price to the money from this one again this year that’s the qm8 follow me couple of other series here we have

This guy is a 98 in qm7 now TCL saying this guy gets around 2,000 n it’s local dimming as well with mini LED so again really really good picture quality probably not quite as bright caveat I haven’t review these yet these are based on my previous experience and what I’m

Seeing here but this 98 in size again that’ll step all the way down to 55 in which is really nice they’re actually having a 55in mini LED this year so you can get into your smaller places but again expecting very good picture quality for the money and finally not

Manyi LED this is the q6 Pro Series this does have full array local dimming though so again coming in that lower price point they’re saying it’s nice and bright as well so beyond the picture quality all these TVs have Google smart TV system they’re also 144 Herz on the

Two higher end Series so again lots of gaming features on these models we do expect excellent picture quality for the money there’s a lot of TVs coming out this year they’re going to have that mini LED combination so we’re going to see how they look when we test them but

Good things so far from TCL I’m David catm from CET

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