The Top 22 Most Hazardous Locations on Earth! – Video

The Top 22 Most Hazardous Locations on Earth! – Video

22 Most Dangerous Places in the World!
From treacherous, rugged mountains to active volcanoes with the risk of eruption at any moment, or islands that have been nuclear testing grounds or extremely perilous snake islands, these are the most dangerous places in the world, where only the brave dare to venture.
Join me in exploring the 22 most dangerous places in the world, such as K2 Mountain, Snake Island, the Danakil Desert, and more. If any of you have dared to visit any of these places on the list, leave a comment below and let me know!

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22 most dangerous places in the world from treacherous rugged mountains to active volcanoes with the risk of eruption at any moment or islands that have been nuclear testing grounds or extremely perilous snake Islands these are the most dangerous places in the world where only the brave dare to

Venture join me in exploring the 22 most dangerous places in the world such as K2 mountain Snake Island the danakil desert and more if any of you have dared to visit any of these places on the list leave a comment below and let me know number 22 K2

Mountain you might think Everest is the most dangerous mountain right anyone who thinks Everest is the most dangerous mountain in the world comment below because K2 also known as Mount Godwin Austin is actually the most dangerous mountain in the world it’s the second highest peak in the world and the harsh

Weather it endures makes climbing it much more difficult storms on K2 tend to last for days resulting in more deaths it’s also steeper and less flat during the climbing process at 24,000 ft when climbing the mountain you encounter a higher risk of rock and snow Avalanches as well as unpredictable

Weather especially with lower oxygen levels as you ascend for comparison over 5,000 people have climbed Everest but only about 300 have conquered K2 do you already sense its Danger number 21 Lake NEOS Africa lake Neo sits at top a dormant volcano in the northwest region of Cameroon Africa the lake covers an an area of over 1.5 million square m with a length of 1.2 km there wouldn’t be much to say about Lake NEOS if it weren’t for its role in

Causing the deaths of 1,746 people and over 3,500 Livestock on August 21st 1986 a massive amount of CO2 gas was released from this Lake causing one of the most devastating natural disasters in history clouds carrying hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 moved at speeds of up to 100 kmh blanketing many

Villages immediately afterward all humans and livestock felt unconscious and died slowly in their sleep and winged creatures in the sky couldn’t escape the hand of death within hours many villages like NE cha and subam were virtually wiped out with no survivors after the disaster a geologist discovered that the water level in Lake

NEOS had dropped by about 1 M from the decreased water level scientists calculated that around 1.7 million tons of CO2 had been released Lake NE formed during the cooling of the volcano and from accumulated rainfall the CO2 released from the volcano had been accumulating for hundreds of years at

The bottom of the lake without being able to escape after that heartbreaking event Lake NS was dubbed the killer lake and Villages around the lake had to be relocated number 20 Fukushima Japan the Fukushima prefecture on the island of honu Japan experienced one of the largest and most catastrophic nuclear

Disasters of all time in March 2011 following a devastating earthquake and tsunami a nuclear power plant exploded here causing extensive damage to life in the area even to this day several years after the tragic incident extremely harmful levels of radiation are still recorded here this radiation has caused

Severe deformities in both humans and animals living in the area truly Fukushima is one of the most dangerous places to live in the world number 19 Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean the Marana trench is the deepest place on Earth with a depth of nearly 7 M below the surface of the

Pacific Ocean it is perpetually dark and frigid but the extreme pressure is the real killer here 8 tons per square in can crush the bones of anyone the temperature near the hydrothermal vents in this trench can reach up to 572 deck the liquid flowing out of the vents is

Also highly acidic however there are bacteria Crustaceans octopuses and fish that have evolved and adapted to these harsh conditions number 18 skeleton Coast in Namibia this is namibia’s most mysterious land also a place warned against for tourism or exploration it features a harsh desert in the north an incredibly Eerie landscape with the

Remains of thousands of ships washed ashore the number of shipwrecks on the skeleton Coast is said to be uncountable due to their sheer volume the reason is there’s no food or fresh water there and the dry Desert Wind will quickly dehydrate you combined with the barren sand dunes offering no shade from the

Sun the Desolation and desolation are not all as this area also Harbors very dangerous wild animals lions leopards hyenas wild dogs always lurking and can attack anyone who sets foot here the sand dunes are also littered with the bones of whales seals and even stranded or washed up elephants dying of thirst

And perishing here in abundance however there are still some adventurers who ignore the warnings and seek out this place number 17 mount cabang in Indonesia Indonesia Asia is home to many active volcanoes among them Mount cabang is one of the most powerful active volcanoes in the world it belongs to the

Type of sporadic eruption strata of volcano since 2010 and has erupted frequently since 2013 the eruptions here are very frequent leaving thousands of people homeless or struggling to survive nearby towns and Villages have been completely covered in Ash and Volcanic dust multiple times in the Years 2010 2013 2014 and

2015 the most recent eruption on March 2nd 2021 ejected ash clouds up to about 3 km into the sky the area around cabong often experiences earthquakes ash clouds and Hot Gas eruptions therefore residents and tourists are advised not to approach this volcano despite that many people choose to visit Mount cabang to explore

Witnessing the terrifying scenes of Mother Nature this could put them in Mortal danger at any time would you like to try visiting this volcano feel free to comment below with your thoughts number 16 amchitka Island in Alaska amchitka island is one of the world’s restricted areas from

1,965 to 1971 it became a site for US nuclear testing there were three underground nuclear tests conducted on Mika Island consequently the land was heavily contaminated with radiation causing severe environmental impacts decades have passed but amchitka is still deemed unsafe for human habitation or tourism however observations indicate

That the island still boasts lush green forests beautiful coastlines and Majestic Landscapes number 15 dava’s a gas crater in turkistan how many times have you wondered what hell would look like how would you imagine it feel free to comment below what if I told you there’s

A legitimate hell on Earth and you can visit it yes that’s right there is a hell on Earth and it’s the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan hellhole created by humans it’s a crater with a width of 230 ft that has been burning for 50 years there’s a place in the world dubbed the

Gates of hell it’s the darasa gas crater located in the center of the caracum desert in turkistan after a natural gas drilling rig collapsed in 1971 a smoldering fire has been continuously burning to this day the toxic fumes emanating from darvaza are highly hazardous therefore people are advised

Not to approach this area apart from gas poisoning you could also be subjected to the extreme heat of the darvaza gas crater causing severe burns The Village near this crater has become a famous camping spot for tourists despite being called the Gates of Hell people from all over the world still

Come here to witness hell in its glorious Blaze this fire is also one of the contributing factors to global warming and experts are still researching how to completely extinguish it number 14 Snake Island Brazil anyone here afraid of snakes like me feel free to comment below ilad quar

Grande snake island is one such place this Island located within Brazil’s jurisdiction in the South Atlantic Ocean is now considered the most dangerous place in the world to the extent that humans are absolutely prohibited from setting foot there ilim grandi is a 45 hectare Island isolated in the South

Atlantic Ocean and 35 km off the coast of Sao Paulo it is one of the most dangerous places in the world for tourism and habitation due to its snake population which reaches around 400,000 this island is the only place on the planet where the golden Lance head

Viper species is found when fully grown this snake can measure over half a meter and as Venom five times stronger than Mainland snakes because they feed only on birds instead of mammals with Venom so potent it can melt human flesh this snake send shivers down everyone’s spine just thinking about it

A bite from this snake can kill an adult by causing swelling vomiting bruising internal bleeding kidney failure brain hemorrhage and severe muscle necrosis in Just 2 hours due to to the extreme Danger on the island the Brazilian government has banned tourists from visiting in addition it is famous for

The story of those who died instantly from snake bites especially Lighthouse Keepers researchers estimate that there are about five snakes living per square meter on this island therefore since then the lighthouse on snake island has been operated automatically and only researchers or the government are allowed to visit here what do you think

About this dangerous location please comment below with your thoughts number 13 oakin Village Russia located in the heart of Siberia is the village of oon in Russia known for its extremely low temperatures and being one of the coldest places on Earth the lowest temperature recorded here is- 71.2

De only about 500 people live in this Village Under harsh weather conditions Mobile phones do not work in such a cold climate and there are hardly any crops that grow so residents mainly eat reindeer meat and horse meat in winter in Oaken there are only 3

Hours of daylight with the rest of the time being dark with thick snow and ice surrounding however people still go to work and school unless the temperature drops below 52 day chi in August the weather changes and the temperature in this freezing place can easily drop to

15 de shei in the warmest month temperatures above 30 de shei are not uncommon every March a traditional Russian Festival is held in this extremely cold place attracting many adventurous explorers and curious tourists from around the world Santa Clauses have all visited and established their residence here during the festival

Tourists we traditional costumes join in the music and dance of the locals in addition they participate in adventurous activities such as reindeer racing ice fishing dog sledding and enjoy local Cuisine making many people excited if given the opportunity would you like to visit the coldest Village in

The world please comment below with your thoughts number 12 North Sentinel Island India famous for its picturesque scenery stunning beaches and captivating nature North Sentinel Island is an island in India however the inhabitants of this place are extremely hostile to any Outsiders they tend to use violence when

They see people from outside their tribe and refuse to communicate this is the only place on Earth inaccessible to human civilization the residents of this place Express extreme hostility toward any Outsiders there have been many attempts to approach this place and those who tried were immediately expelled the inhabitants here resort to

Violence to drive away Outsiders and are willing to kill anyone who encroaches on their territory they prefer to live with their tribe and refuse to establish contact with anyone else this place is completely off limits to tourists so you cannot visit here number 11 Death Valley California located near the Nevada and

California border Death Valley has extreme extremely harsh temperatures Summers here can reach up to 5 6. 7° C the winters in this area have dangerously low temperatures threatening the lives of humans and animals the extremely hot sunlight here will cause you to lose water and become exhausted

Very quickly without water you can only survive here for about 14 hours Additionally the storms in the mountainous areas around Death Valley can easily cause unexpected floods Death Valley faces severe drought conditions and Frozen mountain peaks so there is a cont that makes this place even more beautiful the most astonishing thing

About Death Valley is badw Basin a breathtaking landscape that tourists often mistake for snow however in reality at bad water basin storms create a lake so when the water evaporates only salt remains creating a surreal landscape looking at the landscape of this place do you want to visit here leave a comment

Below number 10 Fraser Island Australia known for its beautiful beaches with white sand and pristine Waters Fraser Island in Australia is also among the top most dangerous places in the world from tropical forests to beaches danger can be found everywhere Fraser Island looks like a perfect Paradise with inviting turquoise Waters

And pristine sandy beaches but this remote island is home to many deadly creatures this remote island is home to many venomous spiders and ferocious wild dingos the waters also have deadly jellyfish and sharks number nine danakil desert erria the danakil desert covers an air area of about 100,000 km making it the

Driest terrain on Earth National Geographic magazine us called this area the harshest place on Earth it is an area with many active volcanoes with average temperatures reaching up to 120° F equivalent to 50° C only the most desperate Birds try to pass through this desolate area and even

Try to drink very little water but below the depression is a boiling brine just 20 km below the surface the soil here is also Getting Thinner due to tectonic movements during droughts this place is littered with the corpses of birds and camels dying from thirst the intense heat of the desert evaporates water

Quickly leaving behind crystallized salt layers the land in the danakil depression is unlike anywhere else on Earth as it is enveloped in Sulfur salt and minerals giving it a distinctive smell danakil is likened to a swollen patch of the Earth for this land water is extremely scarce and becomes a valuable commodity because

It contains sulfur so there are not many places with fresh water to drink there are very few freshwater reservoirs and almost no rainfall throughout the year this is currently the convergence of deadly disasters such as volcanoes geysers earthquakes and extremely harmful hot water but the danle depression still has a strange beauty

That not every place has do you find this desert beautiful or extremely frightening leave your comment ments below number eight bikini ATL Marshall Islands at first glance this island looks like a paradise but in reality it lies within the area of nuclear testing programs this has turned the beautiful

Island into a dead land used to trigger radiation bikini ATL a 6 Square km coral island in the Marshall Island Pacific Ocean has witnessed over 20 nuclear weapons tests conducted by the US military in 1946 the US military requested the evacuation of residents from 19 Islands to turn the atal into a

Nuclear test site radiation from test activities turned them into deserted islands for decades indigenous people were relocated and lived in Exile on other Islands however by 1987 many began returning to the area to live today the aisle is relatively safe to visit with radiation levels lower than in major

Cities but there is still dangerous radiation concentration in the soil Environmental Studies have shown that crabs food crops and even the soil in the area are still contaminated with radiation they can affect women’s reproductive ability nevertheless bikini atal is still considered one of the most beautiful coral islands in the world

When you look at the pictures of this island do you want to visit here once please share your thoughts below number seven Lake Natron in Tanzania looks like a landscape from outer space but this is a photo of Lake Natron in Tanzania The Alkali salt crust

On the surface of this lake is extremely dangerous is all living creatures that come into contact with its surface die and obviously swimming in this lake is completely prohibited Additionally the surrounding Hills also contribute to The Alkali nature making the lake produce sodium carbonate a substance used in ancient

Egypt to embal corpses however this is also a thriving habitat for flamingos the lakes’s pH is around 10.5 making it highly corrosive and burning to animals not adapted to it making it one of the most dangerous places in the world do you find the lake beautiful please share your thoughts it looks beautiful

Like this but this lake is very dangerous number six meu Su city this city in kyrgistan was once a secret nuclear City during the Soviet era it has a uranium mine but when mining operations ceased the area was not properly secured residual radioactive waste has turned meu Su into the most

Polluted town in the world with about 23 ,000 people living in the area the town poses a great risk to those living here because melu USU was where 10,000 tons of uranium were processed for the Soviet Union’s nuclear programs regular exposure to Radioactive chemicals can slow development and cause

Many deficiencies for generations of residents here there is a high risk of radiation pollution due to frequent earthquakes landslides and floods here therefore this is one of the most dangerous places in the world number five D Blue Hole in case you’re wondering let me reveal that the

Blue Hole dahab is one of the largest sink holes in the world most of it is safe but poses risks to divers who cannot resist the temptation to dive into this beauty the dangerous area deep under the ocean off the coast of Egypt is called the graveyard of divers as

Many have become trapped in underwater caves here it has claimed the lives of over 200 divers who wanted to venture into the adventure inside the lake and even divers searching for their fate so obviously you can visit here just not dive here right number four Bermuda Triangle one of the most popular and

Dangerous places in the world the Bermuda Triangle is a terrifying area this area lies between Miami Bermuda and San Juan the Bermuda Triangle is closely associated with the mysterious disappearances of many ships and airplanes for many years the Bermuda Triangle has been famous for numerous mysterious disappearances these disappearances have been explained by

Various reasons from magnetic forces to extraterrestrial beings although most of these cases have been given reasonable and logical explanations some remain a mystery considered one of the most dangerous places to travel the Bermuda Triangle is for those who are curious and adventurous number three Mount Washington USA listed among the most dangerous

Places on the planet Mount Washington has sparked much curiosity among scientists here not only is there strong and fast wind reaching up to 300 27 kmph that can sweep everything in its path but also it’s freezing cold the temperature can drop to -40° C along with dense persistent snowfall with a

Thickness of 1.2 m in a 24hour snowstorm due to such continuous snowfall the snow depth increases by 7 m every year as part of the White Mountains range Mount Washington has an interesting feature famous for its extreme weather conditions at the summit this is about Mount Washington which attracts tourists

From all over the world located in New Hampshire in the northeastern United States it is one of its main attractions the height of the mountain is the highest in the region 1917 M the most dangerous and treacherous place with strong winds is Mount Washington this mountain has a convergence of strong

Winds blowing from three directions the strongest storms occur between November and April it can last 16 hours a day the record maximum wind speed was recorded on April 12th 1934 census is recorded a speed of 103.3 m/s almost equal to the speed of a tornado on the ground the

Temperature on this mountain in the United States also reached a record low for example on January 29th 1934 a temperature of -43° Celsius was recorded snowstorms are not rare on the mountain I can even say that the Arctic air rains at the summit of Mount Washington at the

Summit a scene of abandoned buildings once the residences of workers is seen now this place place is completely uninhabited only rare tourists and those who dare to conquer the summit of this mountain have enough courage to climb to the top number two medidi national park in Bolivia does anyone here like to visit

Parks try commenting to see how you like to visit Parks because the park I’m introducing here is extremely dangerous you probably won’t like it established in 1995 medidi National Park Bolivia stretches from 182 M to 6,000 m above sea level and covers about 18,160 Square km it is located in the transition zone

Between the Amazon basin and the andies the two most famous landmarks in South America according to the New York Times the special geographical location and significant altitude variation make the ecosystem in medidi diverse with all kinds ranging from cloud forests lowland forests to Rivers streams swamps and even Perpetual

Ice this place has a large Rich variety of animal bird plant and insects species containing almost all representatives of different ecosystems here are about 4,000 species including up to 1382 species previously undocumented in medidi are found including 100 mammals 41 Birds 27 reptiles 25 amphibians 138 fish 611 butterflies and 440 plant

Species the total number of animal bird reptile amphibian fish butterfly and plant species in medidi documents currently is about 8,000 524 species in theory and in practice the current number of species is about 11,395 species this number does not include other soft-bodied animals arthropods or about 120,000 insect species in

Medidi despite its biodiversity this place Harbors many dangers biologists advise against touching any plant species in medidi National Park as it can cause itching skin irritation and even dizziness if you are unlucky enough to get a scratch on your skin you may be at risk of life-threatening tropical parasitic

Infections do you dare to visit this park let’s try to express your thoughts in the comments number one volcanoes in Hawaii by now I’m sure you’ve heard of Hawaii as well as its beautiful islands and beaches yes it’s even more than that did you know that Hawaii organizes volcano

Tours and this is also where the largest volcano in the world monaa erupted since 1983 and Hawaii is also home to one of the last active volcano Kaa if you come here and visit the volcano the trip will give you a close-up view of these volcanoes and

Nowhere else in the world can you see volcano at such a close distance you can join a boat tour at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where you will be taken through rivers of flowing molten lava and you can also witness molten lava waterfalls and other geological formations this is one of the most

Dangerous places in the world because there have been many casualties over the years due to molten lava causing Burns and Falling Rocks making making this place quite frightening it sounds scary but this is still the riskiest place you can visit and you will have a lot of fun

Participating in this tour would you like to try a volcano tour in Hawaii once try to express your thoughts below for me to know so we have explored the 22 most dangerous places in the world what do you think of the places I shared above or have you visited any places on

This list yet remember to comment and let me know thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay up updated with the latest videos from us see you in the next videos

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