Protesters forcefully enter Nairobi’s parliament building #AJshorts

Protesters forcefully enter Nairobi’s parliament building #AJshorts

Protesters in Nairobi, Kenya have taken to the streets in response to government tax hikes, culminating in a dramatic scene as demonstrators stormed the parliament building. Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb was on the scene to witness the chaos, with reports of police firing at the protesters. At least 10 people have tragically lost their lives in the clashes.

The protesters are voicing their discontent over the government’s decision to increase taxes, which has sparked anger and frustration among the public. The situation remains tense as protesters demand accountability and change from their leaders.

The footage from Nairobi serves as a stark reminder of the power dynamics at play between the government and the people, as well as the consequences of unpopular policies on the citizens. The protests continue to unfold, with uncertainty looming over the outcome of this display of public dissent.

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