The Top 30 SNL Hosts of the Century (Thus Far) – Video

The Top 30 SNL Hosts of the Century (Thus Far) – Video

Saturday Night Live has seen its fair share of iconic hosts over the years, but today we’re taking a look at the top 30 best hosts of the century so far. These celebrities brought their A-game when they stepped onto the SNL stage, delivering just the right mix of charm, humor, and star quality.

From the legendary Christopher Walken to the hilarious Melissa McCarthy to the charismatic Emma Stone, these hosts have left a lasting impression on SNL fans. Their hosting gigs have been filled with unforgettable moments and iconic sketches that have solidified their place in SNL history.

But who else would we love to see take the stage as host of this iconic sketch program? Let us know in the comments below who you think would make a great addition to the list of SNL hosts.

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