The Triplets Who Do EVERYTHING Together | A Special Family Connection – Video

The Triplets Who Do EVERYTHING Together | A Special Family Connection – Video

The Capo triplets, Hannah, Katherine, and Nadia, are inseparable. Born first, second, and third, respectively, these identical sisters have been doing everything together since they were in the womb. From waking up, working out, eating, and even dressing alike, the 27-year-old triplets share a deep bond that nothing can break. They have their own language, a shared passion for music, and a dream of living in a big, interconnected home with their future partners. Their older sister Regina, who struggled to find peace growing up alongside the triplets, also makes an appearance in the video. Despite people thinking it’s odd that they do everything together, the Capo triplets believe that others are just envious of the strong connection they share. This heartwarming story of sisterhood and togetherness showcases the unbreakable bond between these extraordinary siblings.

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Video Transcript

I was born first I was born second and I was born third and we’re the Capo triplets we do everything together and we’ve been living together since the womb and that’s never going to change we’re never going to be a part our older sister Regina is coming over today to

See us do you ever worry that they’re too close I want carrot I want to do the green juice I told you I love the taste of green I’m Hannah I was first I’m Catherine I was second and I’m Nadia I came out third they saved the best for

Last and we’re the cap triplets we’ve lived together since the womb it just works best for us I can’t imagine just ever separating there’s just no need anyway Cheers Cheers why wouldn’t you do green juice with us I want carrot that’s okay because I actually want some of that too

We do everything together from sleeping to getting ready to working to learning gaming cooking is there anything you guys don’t do together we wake up together we go we check our news feeds together and then once we make it out of bed then that’s when we start to taking our vitamins and

Start replenishing ourselves my life would be over if we ever had to separate I would never be off of my phone cuz I’ll just stay in the find my you know find my friend app and I’ll just be tracking 24/7 cuz I do that that now but

Then I’ll be like where are they where are they where they are they home wait for me workout workout wait do you guys want to stretch or warm up first yeah let’s stretch stretch I’m more flexible than she is oh yeah yeah wow you’re good at that oh

You’re so flexible as we were growing up honestly we were taking advantage of the fact that we were triplets and you know we used to switch classes we used to cause a ruckus I think we were troublemakers yeah only slightly wait give me in wait oh yeah this triangle throughout

High school we developed our own little secret with we also taught our brother and our sister how to speak it with us when we’re out so this way we can all communicate and be on the same page wait say the g with a gut oh no I know but should I the gab

With the get we’re the G we’re the G to the get we’re the gab the there’s really not much uh difference between the three of us like when it comes to our personalities we’re pretty much all the same I got the pink one but there are

Like I guess a few differences she loves to make a mess and no that’s not true at all and she also is very um very weird that’s the thing she’s very weird and the only thing that I probably do more than you two is probably have more fun

Than you two you guys don’t know how to do do that oh it’s 111 oh my goodness please you got to make a wish like our ritual please oh freaking change good energy good energy good energy what I love most about my sisters is that they’re my best friends with the three

Best that was like an that was never ever ever ever ever leave each other never a lot of people do judges for the way that we live our lives they just always say like we’re immature they always say like are you guys going to like grow up and stuff and we’re like

What is your definition of growing up because like we are grown up yeah like we already have responsibilities some negative things people have said that we live in our own bubbles we’re not really like aware of like the real world and we think that’s so ridiculous because we always talking

About the things that are going on in the real world they just tried to tell us wait till we get older you can’t live like this forever I think some people are just jealous of the bond that we had three p’s in a pod what are your dating lives

Like we don’t date I don’t date yeah I don’t see the needs the world’s is a better place with my sisters by my side I have the best relationship with my sisters like I have already like such a fulfilled connection so you’ve never you guys never had boyfriends or anything no

So if we did ever find partners and get married our Dream would be either to have like one huge house that would fit all of us or three different houses with connecting wings and we would all just like be able to like walk over to the

House and be like hey what’s up like what you doing that would be perfect time to get dressed did you pick out our outfit I mean I threw a whole bunch down from the closet cuz we want to rock all white we always try to coordinate and match our

Outfits it’s just because we love doing that and we’ve been dressing alike since we were little and we just even if we color coordinate as long as it’s something it’s very similar we just love matching the same I like it perfect I’m ready me too me three our older sister Regina is

Coming over today to see us Regina can definitely find us in waying she thinks we’re really loud Regina is here you look so cute I love your growing up my sisters were really Rowdy something crazy always going on what have you been up to when my sister

Are all together I almost kind of want to wear earplugs cuz they are so loud don’t we look so alike today it’s kind of almost hard to follow the conversation because there’s three different ones going on uh and they all try to compete for your attention hi

Aeden it would be nice to hang out with them one onone but they’re always together so it’s kind of difficult CU we good my sisters have their own little language it’s basically like some form of Pig Latin yeah I understand it and I speak it too the [Laughter]

The the we should probably head out reg you’re coming with us right yeah sure perfect yeah come on let’s go girl group we’re going to be late yes today we’re going to go to the studio and we’re going to try to find the vibe and the

Sound to some of the lyrics that she wrote and then we’re going to show it to her big sister Regina right now we’re in the starting phase and we’re just trying to find our Rhythm we all realize that we have a big passion for music and we love creating

Things with each other and it’s always just a great fun experience I kind of find a little overwhelming you know like there’s a lot of creative ideas floating around but yeah I mean it also comes in handy because there’s so much input we definitely have to find a way to work

Together yeah you guys just need to like uh better organize you know maybe take turns give each other a chance I will tell the trolls just to keep doing what they’re doing cuz it just fuels fire in me and I don’t care what the trolls got

To say I would just say to feel too blessed to to like even give negativity thought what I was going to say I was going to say what I say what I would say to the trolls is that I’m too blessed to be stressed and it’s so true hey how are

You this is our older sister to meet you well I actually had some lyrics oh you got some lyrics yeah seem like we could build around it okay okay sweer than your no sweeter than an apple you’re my favorite anth I can hear youing in these voices I can’t stop the

Motion now I’m ruining this this this okay I like it actually we could do something with that I don’t even think a day would be worth living if I didn’t have my sisters my family I just feel so blessed and so lucky to have the support system that we

Have we don’t ever plan on separating it’s like a worst nightmare if people say that it’s weird that we do everything together I would just say that they’re jealous that they haven’t found someone that they can be completely open and honest with they haven’t found their other half tried yet yeah

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HANNAH, Katherine and Nadia, are identical triplets. Previously featured on truly’s Hooked On The Look, these girls are unique in many ways. They grew up attached at the hip and nothing has changed. The 27-year-old sisters share an apartment and the same routines. They wake up together, work out together, eat together, dress the same and go to sleep at the same time. The three girls even have their own language. In this episode of My Extraordinary Family, we meet their older sister Regina who struggled to find a moment’s peace growing up alongside the triplets. Hannah, Katherine and Nadia are adamant that they will never separate. While people think it’s strange they do everything together, they think that people are just jealous of their special connection. They dream their future involves living in a big connected home with their future partners.

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