Experience the Best of Bologna: A Food Tour of Top Local Delicacies – Video

Experience the Best of Bologna: A Food Tour of Top Local Delicacies – Video

…they started bringing out complimentary snacks. This is a great way to start your evening in Bologna and enjoy some light bites with your drinks. Whether you’re a fan of spritz, pasta dishes like ragu or lasagna, or want to explore the apertivo culture, Bologna has something for everyone. Join us on our food tour and discover the top foods to try in Bologna, Italy! And if you want to support us, consider buying us a coffee or using our affiliate links. Happy eating!

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Holy cow! We are in bolognia the food capital of Italy  and today we’re going to walk through the Top   Foods you need to try when you come to bolognia  Italy let’s go bolognia is the culinary capital   of Italy and in addition to the city’s iconic  medieval architecture bolognia is actually the  

Birthplace of some of Italy’s most famous  dishes so in this food tour we’re eating   our way through bolognia and sharing some of  the top food s you need to try when visiting   bolognia Italy our first stop on the food tour  is taking us to a highly rated restaurant to  

Try two bia’s most famous dishes so here  we have one of the most famous dishes in   all bolognia this is called the Ragu it’s very  similar to what you’d expect a bolognese a sauce   to be back in the States but here they call it  a ragu and it looks unbelievable so instead of  

Being served on Spaghetti it’s actually served  on these flat noodles which we believe this   restaurant has homemade flour egg noodles and  they look amazing Courtney took the liberty of   already pre parmesianing this for me so it  looks beautiful and hopefully it tastes as  

Beautiful as it looks cuz it looks like a work  of art I’m going to go in for my first bite here here goes nothing even just the smell smells  amazing holy cow mhhm that is just bursting with   flavor it’s got a really nice tomato to it  without being overpowered by tomatoes and you  

Really do taste the meat in there I think there’s  both beef and pork in there and it gives us this   really hearty flavor and the noodles are so  soft and T I got to have another bite that’s

Amazing I want the sprinkle of Parmesan on there  might be my favorite pasta dish we’ve had on this   Italian trip so far and I got another classic  thing to get here in bolognia this is lasagna   and specifically this is the vegetable lasagna  we’ve been having a lot of meat in Italy so it’s  

Nice to have a little bit of vegetables even  if they’re baked into pasta and cheese here   but I’m going to go in for my first bite  already I’m noticing a lot of vegetable   layers it actually looks like they’re using  zucchini for the noodles so let’s see if that’s

True Mhhm I think it is zucchini noodles which  I wasn’t expecting and it’s almost more creamy   than cheesy too they have a really nice creamy  sauce in between each of the layers that’s really   good I don’t think there’s any pasta in here  which is actually pretty impressive for how  

Intact it is going for H one more bite here  Mhmmm okay there’s also a chance to actually   put vegetables in the dough for the pasta I’m  not really sure I just know that it’s green   and it doesn’t fully taste like normal pasta has  that veggie flare to it that’s really good very

Unexpected next on our food tour we’re partaking  in a centuries old Italian dining tradition called   apptivo originally invented by the ancient Romans  and repop poize in the 1800s the apptivo culture   is thriving in bolognia for our apptivo we  found a highly rated local spot in the Heart  

Of the City Marcelino so we’re at Marcelino  right now and we’re about to have our first   bolognia appertivo apparently it’s pretty big  that the locals will sit down after work and   have a cocktail as well as some snacks so  I have here a lemon cello Spritz this is  

A combination of club soda lemon cello and prco  it’s supposed to be pretty light and refreshing   which is great because it’s literally 99°  out so I’m going to dive in for a taste here M that’s really good I’ve had lemon cello  before but never lemon cello Spritz that’s really  

Light and refreshing especially if you don’t  really have the taste for Apperol spritz I know   for some people it can be pretty offputting  this is a pretty safe bet you can definitely   taste the prco in there and just a hint of lemon  and they actually gave me a a cute little dried  

Lemon in there as well so this is really nice so  we’re recording one with the lemon jell Spritz I   want the aperol Spritz I think this is the more  common of the two and I’m laughing to myself cuz  

I keep thinking this is a straw and going in for  a sip we’ve had April spritzes elsewhere in Italy   so I don’t think this is Bolognia specific but  they are really good and they definitely are in  

Iconic taste in Italy so we’re here right around  7:00 this is called Apertivo it’s kind of like   an Italian happy hour where you typically there’s  drink specials and they start bringing out light   food to you so we sat down they gave us some  complimentary potato chips here and our waiter  

Told us there’s probably going to be pizza and  bread and some places will have meats and cheeses   that come out as well so we’ll see if those  come out but as now not a bad way to start the

Evening similar to Courtney it’s very light  it’s not very sweet at all which is almost   surprising cuz nor think a prco is being  very sweet but it is nice it’s cold and   it’s got that nice April flavor not a  bad Spritz so apparently it’s not just  

The locals that know it’s apptio time we got a  little local pup who came out and joined us we   have no idea whose it is but he’s making his  round looking for potato chips bread crumbs   or any spilled Apple sprits so he hasn’t  found any yet but he’s found tons of loving

I think someone knows what time it is okay so  it’s officially attivo hour the Clock Struck 7   and the waiter immediately started bringing  out plates of food to every table so what   we have here kind of looks like a take on  Pizza just using bread looks like we just  

Have bread with some sauce and some what I  think is mozzarella cheese so going to go in that cheese is absolutely amazing so we  didn’t really understand how the apptivo   concept worked we didn’t know if we showed up  to order and we just said we’d like an apptivo  

Or if it was kind of like a happy hour generic  term seems like it’s kind of both at least in   the place that we went to we just showed up  and ordered drinks and at 7:00 they brought  

Out food to everybody so I think it’s kind  of a generic term where at some restaurants   where you sit down to order tricks they’re  going to bring out food so this is such   a fun little concept to partake in and it’s  nice to unwinded after the work day with some

Munchies really good so we’re leaving  our apptivo that was actually a really   affordable experience we’d highly recommend  this place the waiters were really friendly   and our total only came out to €10 and that  was for those two drinks we had they gave us  

A bowl of chips and that little pizza so  pretty affordable I’d say our next stop   on the food tour takes us to one of bia’s  highest rated sweet spots in the city this   is located near the city’s famous Basilica  Santa Stefano the ancient building comprised  

Of seven churches which we’ll be covering in  our upcoming top things to do in bologa video   so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss  it here we track down a classic Italian tree gelato all right so I think this is the  prettiest gelato we’ve had had in Italy  

So far they gave us a little cookie on the  side as well as chocolate dled on Top This   flavor came highly recommended to us this is the  Biscatto della Nonna flavor and then we also got   coffee as our second flavor and this was actually  pretty reasonably priced too I think it was 350  

For a small cone with two flavors I’m dripping  already so I’m going to go in for the first bite wow that is really good  and I’m so happy they drizzled   a chocolate on top too I’m going to  get a top bite here with the bisato

Flavor oh my gosh I actually think the chocolate  is more of like a Nutella drizzle oh my gosh I   can’t keep up with it yeah the Biscotto flavor  is amazing it almost has like cookie crumbles  

Within it that is so good and we’re definitely  going to have to eat this fast so signing off   and I know some people probably think it’s  disgusting to share ice cream cones but so   what having tried Courtney’s cone I this might  be the best chelato we’ve had in Italy so far  

Yeah we knew coming into bolognia that this  was a foodie City but that’s truly the case   we’ve been so impressed with every single meal  we’ve had so far it’s so good our next stop on   the food tour is taking us to bia’s famous  Marcado dezo this has been a public market  

Since the Middle Ages and is still an amazing  spot to sample some of the iconic dishes   Bolognia is famous for we grabbed a seat  on the top floor to try a handheld Italian delicacy we’re currently in the Marcato  di Mezzza and we got ourselves an Italian  

Classic this is a pizza fritta this is  essentially a fried pizza instead of   being traditionally baked it does seem  like this style originated in Naples   but we’re excited to try this bologan  take on it so I’m going to Dive Right  

In and hopefully I don’t get pizza burn  cuz this essentially looks like a big hot pocket so I pretty much only got crust on that  bite but man is that good it’s still maintained   like the chewi of the dough that you typically get  with pizza crust but it has the deliciousness of  

Being deep fried on the crust so that’s really  good let’s see if I uh find any fillings in here still dough but still delicious so I took  a couple bite myself and feel inspired to turn  

The camera around I don’t know if this is a  hot take or not or even okay to say in Italy   but it tastes like Chuck-E-Cheese pizza or as  Courtney said Pizza Hut pizza just that classic   mozzarella taste so I don’t know if that’s saying  Chuck-E-Cheese and Pizza Hut are really good or  

If this is on that level but I think it’s really  good so those are some of our favorite foods that   we tried in bolognia if you could please like  this video and be sure to subscribe to see our  

Upcoming bolognia travel guide as well as our  other videos from Italy Europe and all over the   world thank you so much for watching and we’ll  see you in the next one ciao before you click   away consider supporting our Amazon store courtney  designed these packing cubes from scratch to make  

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