“The World’s Deadliest: Ultimate Predators (Full Episode)” – Video

“The World’s Deadliest: Ultimate Predators (Full Episode)” – Video

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World’s Deadliest Apex Predators

World’s Deadliest Apex Predators

The Great White Shark

The ultimate predators in the world of hunters, one apex predator is legendary for efficiency – the great white shark. Evolution has created the ultimate killer, making it one of the most lethal sharks on earth. Along the coast of South Africa, a great white shark is on the prowl, hunting for roughly 1,000 fur seals for every great white. With excellent eyesight both underwater and above, it spies hops to see what’s on the surface with speed and surprise on its side.

The Green Anaconda

South America’s flooded plains are home to the ultimate muscle power predator, the green anaconda. Weighing over 200 pounds and measuring close to 20 feet long, it shares its habitat with the capybara, the largest rodents on earth. The anaconda lies in wait for the capybara, squeezing and constricting its prey to death, before engulfing its entire four-foot meal whole.

The Australian Dingo

Seemingly domesticated dogs, the Australian dingo is Australia’s top predator, thriving across the entire continent. They hunt in tandem, striking fear into Australia’s largest animals like the grey kangaroo. As they get older, they learn to work as a team, taking down prey as big and powerful as a kangaroo, showcasing the family unit’s importance.

The Grizzly Bear

In Yellowstone Park, the grizzly bear is the apex predator, constantly on the prowl for food – be it meat, insects, or plants. Its size and strong stomach make it a formidable predator, capable of taking down bison and separating calves from their mothers. With salmon providing a fat, rich bounty, the grizzly bear is able to gather and feast on their catch.

Video “Ultimate Predators (Full Episode) | World's Deadliest” was uploaded on 06/18/2022 by Nat Geo WILD Youtube channel.