Top 10 instances when the hero formed intimate relationships with the enemy. – Video

Top 10 instances when the hero formed intimate relationships with the enemy. – Video

Are you a fan of unlikely romances and forbidden love? If so, you’ll love WatchMojo’s video on the Top 10 Times the Hero Slept with the Enemy. In this countdown, we dive into some of the most captivating and confusing moments when protagonists and antagonists hooked up, leaving viewers both intrigued and shocked. From Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to Game of Thrones, these unlikely pairings will have you on the edge of your seat.

Whether it’s the betrayal of Grant Ward in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D or the complicated romance between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones, these relationships will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about heroes and villains. And let’s not forget the infamous romance between James Bond and Vesper Lind in Casino Royale, a love story that ends in heartbreak.

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Thought we could not going to happen last night was the end of this freak Show welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re looking at times protagonist and antagonist hooked up leaving viewers captivated and maybe a little confused too warning expect some spoilers ahead shall we steal their stupid Cers yes number 10 Artesia anistic 300 Rise of an Empire in this sequel to 300 what starts as a negotiation between two opposing military leaders ends in well something a little more than politics robar and you are quite [Applause] impressive kind words Athenian General theistic is summoned to Persian Queen

Artesia’s warship for a quot quote unquote meeting I’d say there’s a spark of the Divine in you after some epic flirtation emesia seduces the mistic and attempts to convince him to join her side and become her Lieutenant you asking me to negotiate a surrender no I offer you a chance to avoid such

Misery and join me while he does uh seiz her glory the mysticle rejects artesia’s offer to team up which the notorious Female warrior does not appreciate following their fling the scorn emesia noticeably amps up her fighting game guess we don’t all take rejection well surrender to me or meet your death who

Would you fight if not for me no one could chall your skill I would rather die a free man than as a slave number nine Grant Ward and sky and may Marvel’s Agents of Shield Grant Ward really got around at least until he was outed as a double agent some people are

Just Bor and evil I guess yeah yeah maybe they are Ward entertains not one but two flings with Shield agents while serving as a false member of the heroic team and ends up betraying and deceiving both women when they discover he’s been working for the criminal organization

Hydra early in season 1 he begins a secret affair with veteran agent Melinda may but their spark dies down when he falls for or at least appears to fall for a hacker named Sky whom he has assigned to train he said he might die so what the

Hell lock the door behind me when Ward’s true loyalty is revealed neither of his two Flames are too happy I have a weapon much better than a bomb that will absolutely destroy you why is that because you slept with her and she’s really pissed off number eight Deborah Morgan and

Brian Moser aka the ice truck Killer Dexter don’t you hate it when you end up falling for the very murderer you’ve been chasing all season in Lieutenant Deborah Morgan’s case that’s exactly what happens at the end of season 1 have you had dinner yet I would love to the titular anti-hero’s adoptive sister

Enters a relationship with friendly prosthetist Rudy Cooper the two have what seems to be a normal courtship and Deborah is obviously smitten however we soon learned that Rudy is the ice truck killer who is being investigated for killing and mutilating multiple women I think a real cop would um at least have

A sense that she was in the presence of the person that she was hunting right you’re Hing me it turns out that Deborah is just a pawn in his plan to get close to and ultimately team up with his long lost brother Dexter the ordeal leaves poor Deborah

Traumatized this isn’t you pretty sure it is no number seven Isabelle rochev and Oliver Queen Arrow season two sees green arrow himself fall prey to yet another enemy in an allies clothing Isabelle rosev an executive at Queen Consolidated Cozy’s up to Oliver Queen AKA Arrow while in Russia underneath

That Swagger I see you pretty clearly really and what do you see you’re intell Driven and lonely as events unfold we learned that Isabel has been in the pocket of evil Slade Wilson the whole time and had been preparing his Deathstroke Army behind Oliver’s back slate you’re working for him with Isabelle Wants Revenge on the queen family after Oliver’s Father Robert

Abandoned her years before why are you doing this I think it’s sad you don’t know the sins of the father are the sins of the son well this is one of those flings on the list that doesn’t go much longer than a single night we can’t help but feel bad

For Oliver for the predicament he finds himself in this will I have to go I’m sorry do I strike you as someone who needs to cuddle number six Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones so this one gets a little complicated as Game of Thrones loves to keep audiences

Trying to figure out who the hero and villain are I wish I could take it back I wish we’d never gone I don’t but daenerys’s actions towards the end of the series paint her quite clearly as bad news by season 7 The Mother of Dragons and King of the

North have formed not only a sturdy Alliance but a romantic Bond as well he loved Her and she loved him unbeknownst to them they’re also related but that’s beside the point John and Danny’s Royal romance crumbles around the time she destroys King’s Landing and he comes to recognize her as the Tyrant she has turned into as a result he’s forced to make an agonizing decision in the finale

We break the wheel Together you are my queen now and always number five Eve pastri and Villano killing Eve if there is a fine line between sworn enemy and passionate lover the relationship between Eve pastri and her arch nemesis villain is pretty much the embodiment of that line wear it down the British series follows

MI5 agent Eve in her hunt for Infamous assassin villain along the way Eve and Vel develop a mutual affinity for one another that may be called love Obsession or a dangerous mixture of both I just want to have dinner with you okay over the show’s Four Seasons we

See their Dynamic evolve from cat and mouse to a tight if twisted Bond at least things appear to end well for the badass couple number four Indiana Jones and Dr Elsa Schneider the Indiana Jones franchise leave me alone I don’t like Fast women and I hate arrogant men Indiana

Jones fans were genuinely surprised when Our Hero’s Rendevous with Dr Elsa Schneider panned out the way it did in the third film Schneider a beautiful Austrian historian teams up with Indie on his search for the Holy Grail one romantic day in Venice the two of them go for a nice little role in

Z Venice not long afterward though Schneider reveals herself as a Nazi sympathizer who has just been using Indie and his father to acquire the grail for Hitler but you should have listened to to your father this spitter Revelation certainly makes things awkward whenever they have to interact throughout the

Rest of the film and it doesn’t help that Schneider is implied to have had a run in with Indy’s dad as well how did you know she was a Nazi she talks in as Sleep Number Three Buffy Summers and Spike Buffy the Vampire Slayer what begins as a bitter rivalry between

Vampire and Slayer becomes one of the most controversial romances in television history history when Buffy first meets spike in season 2 he’s a feared Vampire who’s already defeated two Slayers over the course of his tortured eternal life I’ll tell you what as a personal favor from me to you I’ll

Make it quick it won’t hurt a bit no Spike it’s going to hurt a lot after a bizarre turn of events Buffy and Spike become allies and a little while later a couple as the seasons develop viewers observe every every step of the toxic dance that is their relationship there

May have been a lot of passion between Buffy and Spike but fans often describe their Union as unhealthy and it’s easy to see why touched the nerve didn’t it don’t flatter yourself number two Batman and Talia al gou The Dark Knight Rises the Batman franchise enjoys having its

Heroes fraternize With the Enemy and one of the most notable instances occurs in the Dark Knight Rises what’s that my power has been shut off the 2012 Blockbuster finds Talia al gou daughter of razal ghoul posing as the CEO of Wayne Enterprises she befriends and earns the trust of the brooding Bruce

Wayne and eventually becomes his lover we could leave tonight take my plane go anywhere we wanted whereas other incarnations of Talia have been more sympathetic in this film she’s pretty underhanded very clearly using Wayne in her plot to avenge her dead father and Destroy Gotham tough break

Bruce but at least you’ve still got Selena you think all this can last there’s a storm coming Mr Wayne before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for

Occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one James Bond and Vesper Lind Casino Royale no matter the movie he’s in or the actor portraying him 007 certainly seems to have a type the bad girl I’m the

Money every penny of it from [ __ ] Galore to electri King and Beyond Bon just goes mad for these off limits ladies but the one that takes the cake is Vesper Lind from Casino Royale is this waking you every time I do you look at me as if you haven’t seen me in

Years makes me feel reborn in this installment which chronologically comes before all the other Bond films the sultry seductive Lind forms what seems to be an honest connection with Daniel Craig’s Bond as they attempt to combat a terrorist organization unfortunately for Bondo Lind is eventually disclosed to be

A double agent and ends up breaking his heart all the same name one might argue that Lind brings out a softer side of 007 that we never see again does this mean that you’re Waring to me yeah that’s how I would describe it which is your favorite Date With Disaster feel

Free to tell us in the comments section you sound like you’re looking forward to it I’m adaptable did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos us

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