Having Trouble Capturing the Perfect Selfie (Hint: No Giant Rats Here) – Video

Having Trouble Capturing the Perfect Selfie (Hint: No Giant Rats Here) – Video

Struggling to get the Selfie Everyone Wants! (Not a Giant Rat)

Struggling to get the Selfie Everyone Wants! (Not a Giant Rat) takes viewers on a journey to Rottnest Island off the coast of Western Australia in search of the friendly marsupial, the quoka. The video follows the host as he navigates the island, hoping to snap the perfect selfie with these adorable creatures. The audience learns about the quoka’s habitat, behavior, and the importance of respecting their space. Despite the challenges of the midday sun and elusive quokas, the host remains determined to capture the perfect shot. Along the way, the video is briefly interrupted with a sponsorship message for Flexi Spot, showcasing their standing desks. In the end, the host’s perseverance pays off as he finally gets his selfie with the cute and smiley quoka. Through humor and adventure, the video highlights the beauty and uniqueness of these endangered animals while emphasizing the importance of wildlife conservation.

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Video Transcript

What’s going on guys we have landed on rot Ness island off the coast of Western Australia home to one of the happiest creatures on the planet the quoka has become a viral sensation for its Smiley demeanor so we brought our cameras with us in hopes of snapping a selfie with

Australia’s friendliest marsupial let’s go find a quoka the only way to get to rotness island is by boat where it’s easy to see that spotting a qua is one of the main reasons that people make this Voyage now these boats follow a very strict schedule for leaving the

Island so let’s not waste any time and get right to searching here we go I’ve got 3 hours to explore rotness Island to get that selfie with the quoka now of course they’re friendly but there are some rules about encountering the quoka it’s important to know that we can’t

Actually touch a quoka we have to respect them and not give Chase if they want to walk away now they are curious so hopefully they’ll approach us if they’re feeling friendly but at the end of the day they are wild animals and we don’t want to stress them out but

Hopefully I’ll be able to get up close enough with this camera to snap a selfie what I have here is a 360 camera and it’s capable of capturing images from any direction so this will come in handy when trying to get our quoka [Applause] selfie throw that in the trash beautiful

Place great view but I think the quas will be closer to the bushes and the shrubs off of the beach those plants are their food source so that’s where I bet they’ll be now these animals are endangered but are found in their highest concentrations here on rot nest

And they could literally be anywhere we’re seeing lots of quoka poo all over the place this is a good indication that we are on the right track this is fresh do you guys know what that is what do you get when you mix a quoka and a

Poodle quoka poo so far no cus so we do see one we should be able to get some good video a lot of the quoka are likely taking cover already to retreat from the Sun so looks like this line of trees might be a good bet to get our encounter

We are very far south of the Equator it’s only 9:45 in the morning but the sun has already risen to really high above the Horizon and our guess is the quas are already Sheltering for the afternoon so we’re going to scan this tree line here

And see if we can find any huddled up now these aren’t very large creatures uh they grow to the size of a average house cat but when early settlers first landed on Rotten s island they confused the quoka with giant rats so that’s actually how this island got its name rot Nest or

Rat Nest uh is a uh long-standing term that’s held the test of time but of course it’s highly inaccurate the quoka is not a rodent it’s not a rat it’s actually a marsupial and arguably one of the friendliest little furry creatures living on our planet today so

I told myself if I was ever going to get the chance to explore rotness Island I was going to do it because I want to get my opportunity to get up close with the happiest creature the quoka and get my Selfie all right here we go we’re going to have a Scan oh got one guys we got our first quoka hey buddy Hello hi I heard you are the friendliest animal in all of the world doesn’t really care to say hello right now though let’s see here let’s try going around this way Hi how are you you want to come over to me say hi you like cameras no no you don’t like cameras huh that’s okay we’ll leave you be and find another quoka for our selfie let’s move on all right guys we have a quoka go go be calm I’m going in for the Selfie there it is hi buddy that ladies and gentlemen is a quoka and it’s hopping away hi let me uh let me go with my camera see if I can get my selfie that’s a quoka let’s see if I can get my selfie ready hi hi nope didn’t get it this little guy

Doesn’t want us getting super close so we’re just going have to film with our zoom lens and find a happier quoka for our selfie oh there’s one on the other side of this Wall look at this guy he looks like he’s smiling look at that he’s just hanging out on the other side of the fence though so we’ll leave him be hello we’re here for a quoka selfie can we hang for a bit now these quas in the fall will

Give birth to joies that will be carried around in their pouch while they’re being reared just like a kangaroo but it is nap time check that out see this qu is about ready to go down for its afternoon nap I think that means no selfie from this little Guy got to be under these trees all right guys we have our quok I’m going to come in try to get my selfie with the quok look at how tiny they are look at their hind feet definitely classic marsupial rear leg and they can hop no no no no all

Right this is becoming tough we are in the last hour of our search unfortunately this midday sun is not working to our advantage this is proving to be a little more challenging than I think any of us expected got to find the friendliest quoka we can and we got to find it fast

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Quok this makes sense got a lot of shade and we’ve got a quoka right there guys this is our quoka here we go hi buddy hi going approach slowly go around this way okay got him there he is going to take off my pack carefully I’m going to grab this

GoPro in case we want to done with it hi buddy you guys come around to the other Side yeah a little lunch hello how are you okay guys we’ve got one we are so happy to see you I’m just going to put this here it’s okay no no come back come back it’s okay come on back here here it’s okay Yum Yum Yum so the quoka is very difficult to locate in Mainland Australia you can see why they would get into so much trouble with invasive species or other Predators here on rot Nest they do a very good job limiting the amount of feral cats and foxes that would make a

Snack out of aoka so it makes complete sense why their population is doing so well and you are so cute and friendly I’m going to get a little closer okay just a little bit just a little bit closer look at it how cute this animal is there you go you want

This want this I thought you were having lunch okay we’re going to get ahead just a little bit you can see this quok is about to go down for its afternoon nap but we came all this way got to get that selfie I don’t think I’ve ever held so many cameras at

Once we’re going to get that selfie all right let’s go Guys Hey hey we found it nibbling on this Branch there you go yum all right we’re going to let the quoka get a little more comfortable then I’m going in H that looks good I’m hungry too hungry for a selfie all right This look at you it’s you it’s You dang it all right we spooked the quoka that’s not what we Needed all right guys we’re so close gosh Our Fair is coming up soon we got to get out of here just when it started to look like the quas of rot Nest Island might be too shy for this selfie Mission something unbelievable happened oh we have more

Quas I’m going to have to leave these cameras behind going with the phone I’m only going to get one more shot hi here oh my goodness this is it we just hit the quokka mother load this is what appears to be two parents and a little baby

Joey oh my gosh okay I’m going to try to get my selfie before I lose my chance Hi there it is hey buddy smap for the camera hey got it all right that was it we got our selfie with the quoka let me talk let me check it let me check it hang on are you kidding me guys we nailed it maybe my best selfie of all time that was

Awesome what a day here exploring rotteness Island and getting up close with one of the friendliest creature and possibly the happiest animal on the planet the one and only quoka

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