Top 10 Mel Brooks Movies of All Time – Video

Top 10 Mel Brooks Movies of All Time – Video

In this video, Stream TV presents an entertaining countdown of the top 10 Mel Brooks movies of all time based on his acting roles. Mel Brooks, a comedy legend, is known for his hilarious performances and his ability to make audiences laugh until they cry. From his iconic roles in films like “Robin Hood Men in Tights” to “Blazing Saddles” and “Spaceballs,” Mel Brooks has brought joy to many over the years.

Each movie is dissected and examined for its comedic value, star-studded cast, and the impact it had on the world of comedy. From his satirical take on historical events in “History of the World Part One” to his whimsical interpretation of classic fairy tales in “Robin Hood Men in Tights,” Mel Brooks has shown his versatility and talent as both an actor and director.

Join Stream TV as they take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the greatest moments in Mel Brooks’ filmography. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to his work, this video is sure to make you laugh and appreciate the comedic genius that is Mel Brooks. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the countdown of the top 10 Mel Brooks movies of all time. Subscribe to Stream TV for more great content and get ready to laugh until your sides hurt!

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Mel Brooks was a comedy giant behind the camera and in front of it when he wasn’t directing Hollywood’s best comedies he was clowning around with co-stars to deliver audien’s favorite sidesplitting performances ever whether he was a leading man in uporia comedies or stealing a scene with a quirky Cameo

There’s no mistaking Brook’s onscreen presence as Unforgettable that’s why today we’re shining the spotlight on his best roles as we celebrate the top 10 Brooks movies of all time to be or not to be or not to be number 10 Robin Hood Men and tights I challenge you to a

Duke I accept by 1993 Mel Brook’s reputation as an all-time comedy gr was already solidified so when he announced his next film was going to be a take on the classic Robin Hood story named Robin Hood Men and tights expectations were high so it’s just as well the movie

Lives up to these expectations then as with an All-Star cast which includes Carrie elwis Patrick Stewart Dave Chappelle and even Brooks himself in the role of Rabbi tuckman there’s no shortage of Talent on display and this Talent helps to elevate the script and turn it into one of the best comedies of

The 9s interestingly though when Elis was first contacted by the director about playing the titular lead in this film he had first turned it down as he assumed it was a prank it’s just as well he reconsidered in the end then as things wouldn’t be the same without him

There front and center serving as the hero of the peace it’s good to be the King number nine Dracula dead and Loving It Here pass it along there are probably hundreds of different takes on the Dracula story out there between mov movies television and books but perhaps

None of them have ever found as much humor in the story as 1995’s Dracula dead and Loving It does but then what else would you expect when this is another one not only directed by but featuring an on-screen performance from Mel Brooks sure Brooks doesn’t play Dracula himself here rather that role

Goes to Comedy heavyweight Leslie neelen with the director instead portraying his Archen enemy Abraham van heling but Mel threatens to steal the show at points anyway and interplay between him and his co-star is nothing less than Stellar throughout and as it happens he wasn’t the only member of his family in this

One as his late wife and boft played the part of Madame ensaya a character named after the actress who previously played Mala in 1943’s Frankenstein meets The Wolf Man you may take my hat thank you number eight life stinks who is it Vance cwell sir cwell damn it

While it may not be his most well-known or most highly regarded film ever 1991’s life stinks remains a master class in how to simultaneously direct write and star in a comedy film and that’s because in this tale of a wealthy businessman who bets a rival he can live on the

Streets of Los Angeles without Creature Comforts for a month we get to see Mel Brook’s take on the rich poor divide and what a take it is as throughout the movie’s 92-minute runtime the laughs come frequently particularly whenever Brooks gets to share the screen with either his previously mentioned rival

Played by Jeffrey tamber or his love interest played by leslieanne Warren so much did tamber and Warren help the director to elevate his game in fact to this date he considers it to be the best acting work he ever did an impressive feat given some of the other performances he’s delivered over the

Years excuse me I hate to be compul but you have a little bit of corn right on your chicks number seven the 12 chairs comrade everybody calls me comrade everybody in the new s Union is a Comrade by the time the 1970s came around Mel Brooks was starting to ascend

From the level of cult comedy figure to True Superstar and a key part of him reaching this level was the fact he started off the decade with such a bang by giving audiences the 12 chairs what was the story of this one well in 1920 Soviet Russia a fallen Aristocrat a

Priest and a con artist all venture out together in search of a treasure hidden inside one of 12 dining chairs which were lost during the October Revolution obviously then with this sounding like the setup to a joke it’s no surprise there are plenty of laughs to be found

Here and not just from the Stars Ron Moody Frank langela and Dom deloise but also from Brooks himself in the small role of tyon and as it happens this would Mark langella’s film debut with him being recommended for the role by Anne boft after they’d appeared together in a Broadway production of William

Gibson’s a cry of players headache I have such a headache what I drink all right all right never mind I’ll find it number six high anxiety by the year 1977 Mel Brooks was riding high as the Undisputed king of comedy so no one expected anything less than greatness from his film released

That year high anxiety after all with this telling the story of a psychi rist who goes to work for a mental institution where the doctors are crazier than the patients the potential for Laughs was high and Brooks certainly delivers here not only with his Direction but also with his portrayal of

The movie’s lead Dr Richard Harpo Thorndike of course his performance is helped by the fact he gets to act alongside the legendary meline Khan in the pair’s fourth collaboration together even Alfred Hitchcock whose movies were an inspiration for this one loved what he saw when he was given a private

Screening in fact his only critique was that in one scene where a shower curtain is torn off its rail Brooks uses 13 curtain rings while in Psycho Hitchcock used only 10 down sit sit down down stay stay at number five we have silent Movie Mel Brooks has always been a fan of old Hollywood so it only made sense that at some point he make a film about the old silent movies of the past with this being the basis for 1976’s silent movie but it’s not just the fact that

This one is an actual silent film which makes it great no it’s also fantastic as it’s about a director named Mel fun played by Brooks who’s struggling to make the first movie of its kind to be produced by a major studio in 40 years obviously then this creates a lot of

Hilarious set pieces as a Supporting Cast made up of Marty Feldman D deloise Sid Caesar and more all get their moment to shine whether they can speak aloud or not and given it actually is a major Studio silent flick it makes it the first of its kind to be released since

1936’s Charlie Chaplain classic modern times number four to be or not to be that’s because we do the concentrating and the poles through the camping get it actually no while Mel Brooks may not have directed 1983 is to be or not to be he certainly makes his presence felt throughout it

Anyway as Frederick bronsky a Polish actor who helps a theater troop to escape their country right as it’s being invaded by Nazis yes while World War II might not seem like an obvious choice for the subject of a comedy Brook’s famous satirical bite means he’s the perfect man to make this material work

And to make it easier for him he gets to share the screen with his wife both on screen and off and bftt in an interesting trivia note not though what makes this one notable today is that it was the first movie to acknowledge the inclusion of gay men in Nazi

Concentration camps and that makes it particularly important in the history of LGBT people being represented on screen’s Queen what the hell are you doing help me the r me number three Blazing Saddles sir have the seeds of greatness in you them them in the entire history of Cinema perhaps no movie has ever

Skewered the very concept of racism quite as well as 1974’s Masterpiece Blazing Saddles does and that’s because it shows just how comically idiotic and old Frontier Town of people can be when forced to contend with their new black sheriff of course it’s in the role of sheriff Bart that Cleon little threatens

To steal the show here with the only people who can threaten to upstage him being either his co-stars Jee Wilder and mine Khan or Brooks himself in one of his five different roles that said little almost didn’t get the part of the lead at all as it was originally written

For comedy giant Richard prior but while the studio was unwilling to hire him they were only too happy to allow Khan to play Lily Von stup with her going on to give a performance so good It ultimately earned her an Academy Award nomination I’m working for male Brooks not in the

Face thank you number two history of the World Part One are we Romans are rich we got a lot of gods we got a God for everything the only thing we don’t have a God for is premature ejaculation how did you condense the entirety of human history down into one 92-minute film

Well if you’re Mel Brooks you focus on the laughs and hang a lampshade on the fact that you’re only telling part of the story by calling it history of the World Part One yes this is Brook’s attempt to broaden the scale of his comedy to just about every time period

Humans have ever been around for in fact it focuses its gags on not only the Stone Age but also the Roman Empire the Spanish Inquisition and the French Revolution too and throughout these different eras we get to see the director himself play a number of different parts such as Moses and King

Lewis I 16th but despite joking at the premiere that there would never be a history of the World Part Two eventually this would also be made in 2023 though rather than be a theatrical release it would be an eight-part television series drifting to the left our number

One pick is Space Balls did it work where’s the cake it works sir we have the combination great now we can take every last breath of fresh air from planet druidia in the80s the most popular film franchise in the world was undoubtedly George lucas’ Star Wars so

It felt obvious that at some point before the decade was out Mel Brooks would give us his take on it and eventually he did just this in 1987 Space Balls The Familiar story of a mercenary star pilot and his animal-like sidekick who go on an adventure to both

Save a princess and stop an evil empire by using the mystical power of the Schwarz OB obviously then this is a pretty close parody of Star Wars and fans loved it because of this with particular Acclaim being given to Brooks himself in his dual role of the evil

President’s gr and yogurt his take on Jedi Master Yoda but he wasn’t the only stand out here no Rick Moranis was also on top form as the Darth Vader parody Dark Helmet with this character being a particular favorite of George Lucas himself once he got a chance to read the

Script ahead of time Sanders Sanders you got to help me I don’t know what to do I can’t make decisions I’m a president and there we have it the top 10 Mel Brooks movies of all time no doubt you have your own list so be sure to let us know

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