Angie Dickinson’s Top 10 Films of All Time – Video

Angie Dickinson’s Top 10 Films of All Time – Video

In the world of Hollywood, Angie Dickinson’s name stands out as a symbol of elegance, talent, and versatility. With a career that spanned decades, Dickinson graced the screen with her stunning looks and impeccable acting skills, captivating audiences with every role she took on. From femme fatales to complex characters, Dickinson’s range was truly impressive, earning her a legion of devoted fans.

To honor her illustrious career, Stream TV has put together a top 10 list of the best Angie Dickinson movies of all time. From her early Western roles to her iconic performances in crime dramas, this video highlights some of Dickinson’s most memorable films that have solidified her status as a Hollywood legend.

Starting off the list is “Young Billy Young,” a 1969 Western that showcases Dickinson’s charm and charisma alongside Hollywood heavyweight Robert Mitchum. Moving on to “Big Bad Mama,” a 1974 crime film that sees Dickinson leading her family on a dangerous journey of crime and betrayal, proving her versatility as an actress.

“Sam Whiskey,” a 1969 Western comedy, and “The Last Challenge,” a 1967 Western drama, both feature Dickinson in roles that highlight her emotional depth and acting prowess. In “Pretty Maids All in a Row,” a 1971 black comedy, Dickinson plays a mysterious teacher caught up in a string of murders at a high school, displaying her ability to command the screen with her presence.

In “Captain Newman, MD,” a 1963 war drama, Dickinson shines alongside an ensemble cast, showcasing her ability to hold her own among Hollywood heavyweights. “The Killers,” a 1964 adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s short story, sees Dickinson playing a pivotal role in unraveling a mystery of murder and betrayal.

Moving on to “Dressed to Kill,” a 1980 thriller, Dickinson delivers a captivating performance that leaves a lasting impact on audiences. In “Rio Bravo,” a 1959 Western classic, Dickinson plays a widow caught in the midst of a tense standoff, further solidifying her status as a Hollywood icon.

Finally, topping the list is “Point Blank,” a 1967 crime drama that sees Dickinson opposite Lee Marvin in a gripping tale of revenge and betrayal. With its engrossing storyline and unforgettable performances, “Point Blank” serves as a fitting finale to this list of Dickinson’s greatest films.

Overall, Stream TV’s top 10 Angie Dickinson movies of all time pays tribute to one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses, showcasing the range and talent that has made her a beloved figure in the world of cinema. From Western classics to crime dramas, Dickinson’s filmography is a testament to her enduring legacy in the entertainment industry.

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Video Transcript

Synonymous with class and charm Angie Dickinson’s Grace and Poise captivated audiences for decades she lent her stunning looks and Stellar craft to everything from Fen fatals to complicated characters from Studios to Independence she’s done it all truly she has an impressive range no wonder movie gor couldn’t take their eyes off her so

Let’s honor her illustrious career with a stroll down memory lane as we count down the top 10 Angie Dickinson movies of all time I better go before I make a fool of myself I don’t know why I should go though because we’re all fools we ought to get along very well together

All of us number 10 Young Billy Young all along deep down she’s nothing but a $2 a night by 1969 Angie Dickinson was already well established as a major name in Hollywood particularly when it came to westerns so that’s why it should come as no surprise she was cast in young

Billy Young then the story of a deputy Marshall searching for his son’s killer who becomes something of a father figure to a young man on the lamb as for Dickinson she portrays the role of Lily benoa the love interest to the deputy Marshall played by Robert Mitchum and

While this role doesn’t give her a huge amount to work with she’s able to create a spellbinding performance that threatens to steal the show anyway and that’s pretty impressive considering she doesn’t enter the film until the 43 minute Mark but the real star remains Mitchum someone so devoted to what he

Was doing here that he even insisted on singing the theme song himself after being inspired to do so by Dean Martin you want to see the rest of the show boys come on inside curtains going up in 5 minutes and tell them Lily sent you number nine big bad mama you got the

Money oh oh oh yeah yes it’s right here I’m sure nobody followed you here oh oh no man leave it there and get 1974’s big bad mama sees Angie Dickinson move in a different direction with her career as here she plays wima mcache a single mother whose circumstances have forced

Her to turn to a life of crime in order to get get by and it’s not just her who has to go to Dark Places either no her two daughters played by Robbie Lee and Susan CET also join her on this journey needless to say then over the course of

The 83 minute movie which follows lots of hij Jinks ensue and that includes appearances from the likes of Tom scarrett William Shatner and Dick Miller as Dickinson continues going from state to state all while continually evading the authorities and given she was the star of the show here the North Dakota

Native felt the need to lead by example which was was exactly why she performed all of her own stunts during scenes where she was asked to fire a Thompson submachine gun stop it we’re all a family aren’t we the only problem is we want Paulie’s baby born with a proper

Name well and have her marry Pie Face s number eight Sam whiskey there’s a quarter of a million dollars in gold bars sunk on the bottom of the Platt River in the steamboat Bonnie Blue my husband stole it well it may not have been a big hit at the time subsequent

Critical reappraisal has seen history be a lot kinder to 1969’s Western comedy film Sam whiskey and the reason it’s more appreciated now is because modern viewers have been able to understand the style of light comedy the flick is going for so what’s the story here well it

Tells the tale of a widow who hires an ex- Gambler to help her retrieve some gold bars her husband had stolen and then return them to the federal mint and with this Widow being played by Angie Dickinson and the ex Gambler being played by Bert Reynolds it should

Surprise no one that what follows is laugh out loud so much did Reynolds enjoy filming this one in fact he’d keep a photo of himself and his co-star hung up in his home afterwards and below the photo was a caption which simply read an actor’s life is pure hell guys what the

Hell you going to come with you just let me show you the pl I’ve got the blueprints Sam I know you can figure out a way you promised number seven the last challenge stop it stop it give me that bottle I swear everybody’s gone crazy around here

1967’s the last challenge saw Angie dick in return to the Western genre she was always so great in by playing the role of Lisa Denton a brothel owner who’s madly in love with the film’s lead Marshall Dan blae as for the rest of the plot well that sees a deadly Gunslinger

Arrive in town looking for a shootout with a legendary Marshall and while it’s the interplay between these two dualists which drives most of the interest in this one in many ways it’s Dickinson’s performance which emotionally anchors the proceedings as she’s there to ensure her lover maintains his Humanity but

Then what else would you expect from someone with as much emotional range as she has sadly though this would also be a film of last as it was not only the final movie from character actor Frank McGrath before his death but it would also be the last movie ever directed by

Richard Thorp he you just keep that to yourself huh cuz I’m going fishing if you aren’t the rudest man I ever saw and the nicest number six pretty maids all in a row that certainly is a a problem and the solution is a mature woman’s you

Want me to be his friend part black comedy part sex comedy and part murder mystery pretty maids all in a row certainly has a lot to offer to audiences when it was released in the spring of 1971 and with the all-star cast which included Rock Hudson Telly seales and of

Course Angie Dickinson helping to drive the plot forward fans were engaged from start to finish so what was the plot about well it involved a California State Police Captain’s attempts to investigate a string of murders carried out on teenage girls studying at Oceanfront high school as for

Dickinson’s role in all of this she plays a substitute teacher named Betty Smith who may or may not be involved with the killings one interesting trivia note about this one though has nothing to do with what happens on screen rather it’s about the behind the scenes as the

Script was the only one written for feature film credited to Star Trek Creator Jee ronberry yes tonight can you I thought you might want to expand your notes on Milton into a term paper see you later then PS at number five we have Captain Newman MD we cure them make them strong

So they can go out and get killed while many movies in Angie Dickinson’s filmography could be described as star studded few have more heavyweight performances in them than 1963’s Captain Newman MD and that’s because alongside the Hollywood Legend the film also includes appearances from Gregory pek Tony Curtis Bobby Darren and Robert

Duval as to what they all do on screen together they’re telling the story of a doctor during World War II who’s posted at a neuros pych ward at an Army aircore hospital in Arizona and while there he has to deal with a variety of different patients that said the doctor’s main

Focus soon shifts from his patients to trying to win the affections of first lieutenant Francy Corum a nurse played by Dickinson herself do they end up together you’ll have to watch it to find out but one thing you won’t be able to watch is a spin-off TV show of the same

Name developed in August of 1972 as unfortunately this never got beyond the pilot stage before being cancelled gu what makes you think I’d join that big funny farm of yours and joining your crowd as is like taking the veil not for me friend Number Four The Killers Jack

Finally ran him down where he was working and and then he hired you thank you lady it uh doesn’t bother me anymore in 1964’s The Killers Angie Dickinson gets the honor of bringing to life the words of legendary novelist Ernest Hemingway and that’s because this is an

Adaptation of one of his short stories of the same name written in 1927 as to the story it tells well that’s a tale of two Contract Killers trying to find out who hired them to kill their latest victim after the circumstances surrounding it caused them to grow suspicious during their journey

Of Discovery then they eventually come into contact with Sheila far the two timey girlfriend of the man they just assassinated who’s played by Dickinson and she’s able to give them some information which helps them to uncover the whole thing interestingly though despite the cast here also included big

Names such as Lee Marvin and John cassavetes the thing it’s most notable for now is being the final film made by Future US President Ronald Reagan before he retired and entered the world of politics there’ll be just the two of you in the getaway car that’s right just the two of

Us and more than a million dollars promise me you won’t kill him number three Dressed to Kill my mother’s driving me crazy as usual she’s hinting around about surprising me for my birthday despite starting her acting career way back in the 1950s Angie Dickinson was still going strong enough

By the beginning of the 80s that she was personally sought out by Brian dealma to play the key role of Kate Miller in dress to kill sure she may not get a huge amount of screen time here as it’s her character’s death which kickstarts the overall plot but she makes every

Second she’s on screen count in this tale of a killer trying to hunt down a highclass call girl who witnessed the murder but even if her screen time is relatively brief she still got a great behind-the-scene story out of the whole thing and that’s because while filming a

Scene where she gets seduced in the back of a New York taxi cab onlooker shouted right on policewoman at her a reference to her previous television role as the title character a 1974’s policewoman do you find me attractive of course would you want to sleep with

Me yes then why don’t you number two Rio Bravo this is all I can do for you I thought you said I could think about it in case you make up your mind I left my door open in a good night’s sleep in the pantheon of Great Western movies 1959’s

Rio Bravo has to rank right up there at the top alongside other masterpieces such as the Searchers and Once Upon a Time in the West and that’s because this Howard Hawks classic expertly tells the story of a small toown sherff who enlists the help of a disabled man a

Drunk and a young gunfighter in order to hold the brother of a local rancher in jail until a US Marshall can arrive and what role does Angie Dickinson play in this one she plays feathers the Widow of a cheating Gambler and a wanted young woman herself who ultimately Falls for

Our lead as played by John Wayne that said there was almost an even bigger star that’s featured here as at one point Howard Hawks wanted Elvis Presley to play The crucial role of Colorado Ryan but when Colonel Tom Parker asked for too much money for his client the

Director was forced to look elsewhere instead so you’re going to have to prove I’ve got them and the only way I know you can do that is to search me search you that’s right isn’t that what a sheriff usually does to a prisoner our number one pick is point blank men

Everywhere you’re going to have a lot of trouble getting in but you’ll never get out there are plenty of potential options for the choice of the number one movie featuring Angie Dickinson but for our money the best of all is 1967’s point blank and the reason reason for that is it’s a

Near-perfect crime drama as it tells an engrossing story of betrayal theft and Revenge from start to finish more specifically it tells the story of Lee Marvin’s Walker a man who’s been double crossed and left for dead by his friends after they all commit a robbery together

So looking to get revenge on the people who betrayed him then he goes on an odyssey in order to track them down of course along the way he comes back into contact with Chris his sister-in-law as played by Angie Dickinson and she helps him to reach his end goal but that’s not

The most interesting part of this film no the most interesting part is a trivia note of it being the first movie to ever be shot inside the infamous alcatra prison after it was decommissioned in 1963 forget it you forget it and there we have it the top 10 Angie

Dickinson movies of all time no doubt you have your own list so be sure to let us know in the comments below also don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and get alerted of our next video we’ll hope to see you Soon

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