Turn Your Smartwatch into a Wearable Mouse with This App #shorts – Video

Turn Your Smartwatch into a Wearable Mouse with This App #shorts – Video

This App Turns Your Smartwatch Into A Wearable Mouse #shorts

The wow Mouse app from Double Point is an innovative new way to control your computer using your smartwatch. In a video showcasing the app at CES 2024, the narrator demonstrates how the app can be used to control not only your computer but also your lights. By simply tilting their arm, the narrator is able to adjust the brightness of the lights and even turn them on and off without touching anything.

The app is designed for Wear OS Smartwatches and is available for download from the Google Play Store. This means that users with compatible smartwatches can easily turn their device into a wearable mouse, offering a new level of convenience and control.

This innovative use of smartwatch technology opens up a world of possibilities for users, allowing them to interact with their devices in new and exciting ways. Not only does the app offer the traditional functionality of a computer mouse, but it also extends its capabilities to control smart home devices like lights.

The wow Mouse app from Double Point is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of technology, and its ability to adapt and innovate in our daily lives. As the narrator suggests, this app is undoubtedly a must-have for smartwatch users looking to enhance their devices’ functionality. With CES coverage like this, it’s clear that the future of wearable technology is full of exciting possibilities.

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So this is the wow Mouse app from double point that I’m checking out at C 2024 and you can basically use this to control your computer just like you would with any other Mouse but without touching it but what I’m going to show you right now is how you can also use it

To control your lights so once I tilt my arm one way the light’s going to get brighter and then when I tilt it the other way it turns off just like that so once again this is for we OS SmartWatches you can find it in the Google Play Store and don’t forget to

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