30 Epic Product FAILS of All Time – Video

30 Epic Product FAILS of All Time – Video

The Top 30 Worst Product FAILS of All Time is a video that takes a look at some of the most memorable product failures in history. From Harley-Davidson cologne to New Coke, and everything in between, this countdown showcases some of the biggest business fails that should be studied in business classes around the world.

Featuring products like Friendster, Blockbuster Total Access, and the Philips CDI player, this video delves into the reasons behind the failure of these products and why they were unable to capture the attention of consumers. With examples like the Microsoft Kin, Cheetos lip balm, and Google Glass, it’s clear that even the biggest companies can make missteps when trying to introduce new products to the market.

Whether it’s a brand stepping out of their comfort zone, like Colgate with their kitchen Entrées, or a company failing to anticipate consumer needs, like Apple Maps, the Top 30 Worst Product FAILS of All Time covers a wide range of product failures that have left a lasting impact on the business world. So sit back, relax, and prepare to cringe at some of the biggest product flops in history.

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