Uncovering the Reality of Pyramid Schemes in Egypt ūüá™ūüᨠ– Video

Uncovering the Reality of Pyramid Schemes in Egypt ūüá™ūüᨠ– Video

The TRUTH About the Pyramid Scams in Egypt is a compelling video that takes viewers on a journey to see the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt. The host of the video also explores the inside of the Great Pyramid and sheds light on the various scams that take place in the country. Despite warnings about potential scams at the pyramids, the host recounts that the experience was filled with nothing but love and awe. The video also provides practical information such as ticket prices and requirements to enter the pyramids. Overall, it is a fascinating and eye-opening look at one of the last remaining ancient wonders of the world. You can join the channel to get access to perks and support the host’s adventures through various means. If you’re planning to travel to Egypt, this video is a must-watch to gain valuable insights and tips for a memorable visit.

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Video Transcript

No it’s okay it’s okay I don’t like I know but¬† I don’t like gifts man I like yours too to meet¬†¬† you oh you’re going to make me an Arab yes I know¬† you’ll have a good everybody says I look Arab if¬†¬†

You’ve ever wondered what it looks like inside¬† of a pyramid this is what it looks like maraba¬†¬† Egypt welcome give me 400 no it’s okay thank you¬† have a nice day I love Egypt man welcome thank you¬†¬†

Brother yeah I heard that this place gets like 10¬† million visitors a year all these working people¬†¬† out here in the Giza complex they’re not scammers¬† they’re hardworking people and you know no one’s¬†¬† taking money from you no one’s um forcing you to¬† do anything they’re offering you their service¬†¬†

They’re offering you to sell things and it’s¬† up to you to pick and choose whether or not¬†¬† you want to participate in those things what’s¬† up everybody welcome back to another beautiful¬†¬† day here in Cairo Egypt now right now I’m at the¬† Giza complex home to the Great Pyramid of Giza¬†¬†

And today we’re going to go on in and explore¬† this beautiful site that is known as a wonder¬†¬† of the world now I’ve been able to see the¬† pyramid from quite different spots different¬†¬†

Angles of the city so far but let me just tell¬† you guys when you’re here at the bottom of it¬†¬† it is massive now there’s already all kinds of¬† tour buses I’m here at 8:00 in the morning but¬†¬†

Most people already have their tickets so they’re¬† walking straight in I need to wait in line though¬†¬† however for the tickets they do sell tickets¬† online but I always prefer to buy them at the¬†¬†

Location that I’m at so yeah super surreal to be¬† here right now now I’m going to turn the camera¬†¬† off for a second I’m going to purchase tickets¬† and then I’ll let you guys know about all the¬†¬†

Requirements to enter but yeah look they got a¬† couple rules right here where a face mask and¬†¬† enclosed places I don’t got one of those I’m¬† guessing those are Co restrictions that are¬†¬† probably not too valid anymore and payments are¬† cards only visa and MasterCard okay so here are¬†¬†

The prices for visitors um 540 Egyptian pound¬† to access the grounds and then you can actually¬†¬† pay to enter all of the pyramids so I actually¬† paid to enter the kufu pyramid for 900 and then¬†¬† yeah 540 so I spent what was that like 1,440¬† Egyptian pound to enter now there’s all kinds¬†¬†

Of other tombs that you can enter in complexes¬† but to be honest um I just chose the ticket to¬†¬† the Great Pyramid so time to explore I’m super¬† excited man I’ve been waiting for this day for¬†¬†

A very long time all right so there’s get some¬† information and here’s the entry let’s head on inside hello sir hello sir okay sir thank you¬† okay and now we have officially entered the Giza¬†¬† complex and yeah there’s a bunch of um people¬† hanging around waiting for their tours but when¬†¬†

You don’t have a tour booked you walk straight¬† on through all right I’m excited this is going¬†¬† to be a fun day and you know what I actually¬† showed up here extremely early on purpose to¬†¬† completely beat uh the crowd and the weather¬† because everybody told me it gets extremely¬†¬†

Brutal out here and I didn’t bring sunscreen or¬† a hat or water so wish me some luck let’s see if¬†¬† there is some water out um being sold around here¬† now the problem is is that I actually don’t have¬†¬†

Much cash on me at all the ATM at the hotel this¬† morning wasn’t working so I have no cash I had¬†¬† to make it on out here I think I have actually¬† let me set aside the money for the Uber I got¬†¬†

About like 800 lb so not a whole lot but we’ll¬† make it work I’m so glad that they actually¬†¬† received Cardon payments upon entering but yeah¬† here we are guys the Great Pyramids of Giza now¬†¬† there’s actually many different pyramids here on¬† this complex I believe in Egypt as a whole they¬†¬†

Have found over 180 almost perfectly preserved¬† pyramids or fully intact pyramids so there’s quite¬†¬† a bit but obviously the big three here in Giza¬† are the most iconic and the ones that you know¬†¬† the whole world undoubtedly knows about wow it’s¬† hard to to put into words how insane this place¬†¬†

Is now you know I was warned and I saw plenty of  videos on the internet about all of the touts and   scammers here at the pyramids and to be honest  there are a lot of touts just like everywhere  

Else every other tourist site in the world but  guys you can simply walk away from anybody in   this world you can walk away from anybody you do  not have to purchase anything so the fact that so  

Many people come on out here and make all these¬† videos called the biggest scam in Egypt is here¬†¬† at the pyramids that is in fact the biggest scam¬† that’s one of the reasons why I’ve put away this¬†¬†

Trip for such a very long time was because I was¬† so worried about all the scams here in Egypt and¬†¬† literally it’s been nothing but love it’s crazy¬† what people do for money huh they’ll literally¬†¬†

Ruin a tourism industry for a little bit of¬† Clouts and a little bit of a little bit of¬†¬† Fame but yeah this pyramid is huge wow now I was¬† reading online that it’s actually prohibited to¬†¬†

Um go up the pyramid and that most people that¬† actually go up they get prosecuted and you can¬†¬† actually face 3 years in prison now first things¬† first we’re going to enter the kufu pyramid which¬†¬†

Is right here the entrance is right there before¬† all the groups and the rest of the tourah guides¬†¬† all start coming this way so let’s go knock¬† this out right now now I can’t say that I’m¬†¬†

Going to actually like walk all the way to the¬† top but we’ll we’ll have at it why not I’m okay¬†¬† right now thank you sir thank you I look like¬† Egyptian huh huh no I’m going inside right now¬†¬†

Thank you thank you oh um no California us happy¬† New Year brother I speak Spanish my family is from¬†¬† Guatemala nice to meet you brother it’s okay right¬† now thank you no it’s okay it’s I don’t like like¬†¬†

I know but I don’t like gifts man I like yours¬† too where yours what are what are those I like¬†¬† those Egyptian like aviators you look like Tom¬† Cruz Tom Cruz you look like Tom Cruz right now¬†¬†

You look like Egyptian I know everybody says  that if you want to change I change with you   maybe next time bro okay all right thanks brother  have a good day take care brother from where um  

The United States close your bag my bag’s broken¬† bro no money in there man do a good picture from¬†¬† this boy we do one picture with his street peram¬† one maybe maybe later I’ll look for you what’s¬†¬†

Your name hammad my name hammad hammad nice¬† to meet you bro I am a camel man if you change¬†¬† your mind about the camel you don’t look like¬† a camel man you look like a skateboarder sure¬†¬†

You’re a camel man thank you brother yes all¬† right I’ll look for you later Ahmad thank you¬†¬† thanks brother you too all right good people see¬† that’s exactly what I’m saying though it’s real¬†¬†

Easy to avoid look at all the people taking their¬† pictures oh my god this is amazing guys it is huge¬†¬† and these stones are unreal now I was reading¬† online that these Stones there’s actually 2.5¬†¬† million of these stones that make up the kufu¬† pyramid all right well I believe the these are¬†¬†

The steps to climb on up hello how are you sir¬† have a nice dayam from where the US California¬†¬† Califor Alaska to Che my son what you’ve been¬† to Alaska took the photo okay photo I got you¬†¬†

Photo photo together nice to meet you oh you’re¬† going to make me an Arab yes I know you have a¬†¬† good everybody says I look Arab yeah okay here¬† you go sir thank you I’ll see you on the way out¬†¬†

Okay thank you thank you okay thank you all right¬† time to walk on up the steps no you put that on me bro yo this is so awesome I can’t believe this you know¬† there’s some things that’s you know you¬†¬† dream you dream your whole life about¬† visiting and then once you’re finally¬†¬†

There you’re like man what the hell how did I¬† end up here dreams come true and it’s [Music] crazy just a few steps and I’m already starting to warm¬† up definitely a good idea to get on out here early¬†¬†

If you’re going to explore the pyramids and you¬† can see the town of Giza city of Giza out into the distance and look at these Stones¬† they are huge it’s hard to put in¬†¬† comparison the size of these things¬† in photos but I mean look I’m fully¬†¬†

Standing up and one stone goes all the¬† way up to my waist pretty crazy all right hello sir there you go thank you so much¬† you’re welcome Friend by thank you¬†¬† sir wow this is awesome okay so we¬† are entering now wow this is unreal

Man what in the world yeah I got to¬† get some cell phone videos too man¬†¬† but here let me turn the camera around¬† so you guys can enjoy this this is so incredible if you’ve ever wondered what it looks¬† like inside of a pyramid this is what it looks like this is so

Awesome all right let’s cam up these steps and this is the little ramp that I’ve seen¬† all over the Internet that everybody tells me¬†¬† it get super claustrophobic oh man definitely¬† does you know what let me take off my sweater¬†¬†

Real quick all right I’m good to go let’s climb¬† up okay yeah it’s definitely super narrow and¬†¬† you have to be in like somewhat decent shape¬† to visit this place hopefully we don’t have¬†¬† to come back down the same way that would¬† suck you have to come back down the same

Way all right let’s go I think¬† there’s people waiting to come down this is brutal actually so yeah there’s only one way in one way up I just made it outside of there and let me just¬† tell you guys man that was brutal I’m sweating my¬†¬†

Ass off and I actually made it to the top of the  staircase and then no joke I found myself like in   a complete panic attack I mean there was a couple  hundred people up there and everybody was coming  

Up and down just like a little narrow ramp and I¬† was oh man I was freaking out but super cool glad¬†¬† I went up there but now it’s time to walk around¬† and cool off a little bit I’m sweating Oh my legs¬†¬†

Hurt off that actually you know what I need to  relax for a secondo no guys seriously say what   you want if you guys have gone up there before  let me know how you guys felt but that one was  

Not for me man I didn’t realize how uh uneasy¬† I get in tight spaces and my legs hurt so bad¬†¬† going up there if you’re not in even decent shape¬† I wouldn’t recommend going up there especially if¬†¬†

You know you’re one of those elderly people but¬† yeah there’s a lot of people I guess they’re I¬†¬† just talked to a couple from Spain they’re walking¬† through looking up the tunnel and then just¬†¬† completely coming back down and wrapping around¬† the pyramid but man that was brutal glad I went up¬†¬†

Never doing that again though all right I’m going¬† to call off for a bit maybe about 15 20 minutes¬†¬† and then we’ll start walking but my legs are beat¬† to [¬†__¬†] right now so yeah I definitely wasn’t¬†¬†

The only walking out of there but yeah as you’re¬† walking out there’s all kinds of people constantly¬†¬† trying to say Hey sir Hey sir you want a tour you¬† want a pitcher but like I said it’s pretty easy¬†¬†

To avoid but wow I’m glad I went in can’t say I do¬† that again though and to be honest I can’t say I’d¬†¬† recommend it because that really messed me up to¬† be honest with you guys oh [¬†__¬†] there goes the¬†¬†

Cheap backpack oh man I should have bought one  yesterday this bag has ripped in every possible   way I might just have to toss this here in a trash  can somewhere but um guys quick little update too  

Um I was actually I actually oh man I’m messed up¬† I actually brought my passport with me because I¬†¬† thought hey maybe you need your passport to enter¬† the pyramids but you don’t in fact need a passport¬†¬†

So um leave those documents at home don’t bring¬† those with you but sometimes around the world when¬†¬† you enter UNESCO world heritage sites or sites¬† that are of this importance often times they ask¬†¬† you for it especially to verify your identity¬† because obviously Nationals versus foreigners¬†¬†

Get different um ticket prices now this pyramid¬† was actually fully covered in Limestone from what¬†¬† I was reading and now the only remnants of the¬† Limestone that’s left is actually on that pyramid¬†¬† right there which I’m not going to pretend like¬† I know what the hell I’m talking about because I¬†¬†

Don’t but um it is super impressive so let’s walk¬† over towards that one now a lot of people said¬†¬† that the best way to get around is like on a horse¬† or a donkey wow they even got some camels right¬†¬†

There but I’m not too sure I actually want to¬† do one of those right now yeah look at the camel Riders how cool is that huh camels are always a¬† Vibe whenever you’re in a in a desert environment¬†¬†

Especially by the pyramids why not but yeah¬† super beautiful let me know what you guys think¬†¬† so far is this on your bucket list has this¬† been a place that you’ve been dreaming about visiting now I have been listening to a¬† lot of the tour guides um with the groups¬†¬†

Of people walking around and it sounds¬† like they’re they’re getting a lot of¬†¬† very valuable information so taking a tour¬† especially if you’re not short on time is¬†¬† definitely the way to do these things¬† if you’re into um the Egyptian history

Man I’m so beat right now I like to be always¬† be fully transparent with you guys and man that¬†¬† one right there really got the best of me to be¬† honest I was almost contemplating like just going¬†¬†

To the bathroom cuz I felt very very nauseous wow¬† there’s actually tour buses over in that direction¬†¬† too so I’m guessing if you come here on a tour¬† bus they probably Drive You from One pyramid¬†¬†

To the next because this complex is incredibly¬† huge now the ts are very easy to avoid um all¬†¬† those people that you see on the internet that¬† are purposely getting themselves into scams man¬†¬† those people know what the hell they’re doing all¬† right anybody that’s makes YouTube travel videos¬†¬†

That has been around for more than a day that  has been to several destinations in the world   knows when a scam is coming up or when somebody  just wants to take advantage of you yet people   will still get themselves into those situations  just to make a video titled the biggest scam in  

Egypt and that right there alone is the biggest¬† scam because most people are you know they’re on¬†¬† the hustle they’re on the grind they’re trying¬† to sell you something take you on a tour show¬†¬† you some pict take you some pictures but they’re¬† not bad people you know I bought some souvenirs¬†¬†

But I think I’m going to have to actually do¬† some souvenir shopping here as well because why¬†¬† not I got to go home with something from the Giza¬† grounds the Great Pyramid from what I was reading¬†¬†

Out last night it was known as the Empire State  building of its time and they were saying that the   Great Pyramid was actually built by over 100,000  enslaved people and that it reaches 480t tall and   for 4,000 years as I mentioned it was the tallest  man-made structure in the world 4,000 years can  

You imagine 4,500 years ago they built these and¬† Guys these Stones like I said are massive and it’s¬†¬† hard to put in comparison until you’re actually¬† standing right here below them and I’m just super¬†¬† glad and grateful that you know even the last¬† like 3 400 years um when people started Civil¬†¬†

Um well I guess living in these areas again that¬† these were never destroyed and that they’ve always¬†¬† been preserved for us to be here and enjoy wow¬† I can hear the the horse carriage is going like¬†¬†

Crazy but to be honest I probably wouldn’t mind¬† taking one of those right now the way that my¬†¬† legs feel the way that my body feels and you know¬† what the worst part about this is I didn’t have a¬†¬†

Breakfast this morning because I woke up a little¬† bit late so I’m feeling very nauseous right now¬†¬† at the moment and I’m just sharing all these with¬† you guys that way you guys can mentally prepare¬†¬†

Yourselves and you know come here prepared because  the last thing you want to do is you know feel the   way I feel right no how are you sir how much huh  how much what are those the Arab Arab F any color  

How much are those black one how much are they¬† $1 million $1 million no they’re cool I like them yeah those are cool no no no don’t put it¬† on me what’s the price first what’s the price¬†¬†

American money no Egypt I’m in Egypt why would¬† I pay an American money yeah I give you two no¬†¬† I don’t I one one yes okay I give me 400 no¬† it’s okay how much have a nice day no no how¬†¬†

Much that’s how you walk away from touts¬† 200 the pyramids nope it’s okay thank you¬†¬† sir you can sell that to someone else sir all¬† right let’s keep walking yeah 200 sir I’m okay¬†¬† I’m okay thank you 100 no I’m okay thank you¬† 100 see if you would have told me the honest¬†¬†

Price first I would have bought it from you no¬† it’s okay thank you I’ll find someone else thank¬†¬† you but see that’s what I’m saying most people¬† you can just easily walk away from but yeah I¬†¬†

Don’t like this honest people you like my you¬† like my beard I know everyone says that where¬†¬† you from um the United States I silver what¬† happened America forever America’s good Egypt¬†¬† is good thank you sir B one like this maraba¬† Egypt welcome excuse me loose your back it’s¬†¬†

Broken nothing inside it’s okay take a picture¬† how much for the camel picture whatever to give¬†¬† me no problem whatever how much I gave you 100¬† for one picture easy 100 one picture 100 let’s¬†¬† do it see that’s that’s a good price for¬† one photo excuse me I’m not looking with¬†¬†

The money no it’s I know I know because you¬† not come I like you not come here every day¬†¬† I hope I make you happy me you you are making me¬† happy you’re a good man you’re a nice guy thank

You oh yeah I’m going to get a good picture¬† right here look at this legendary man I host¬†¬† silver America forever your name’s what¬† what’s your name Charlie Brown Charlie¬†¬† Brown Charlie Brown Christmas yes merry¬† Christmas happy New Year Happy New Year to¬†¬†

You brother come on here you go I’ll give you¬† this phone thank you here maybe you can hold¬†¬† this one too okay one second put it my legs¬† here like a horse oh put my legs here like a

Horse oh oh oh man I almost fell off this¬† thing yes oh that was scary look here okay I’m looking Minit not can you take¬† one yeah vertical okay this is¬†¬† safe right yes all right you happy¬† make us happy I know one handle like¬†¬†

That yes like that like can grab the¬† pyramid huh yes brother have one hand yes thank you sir oh that’s cool y those¬† are cool excuse me you need one only video¬†¬† you need video Yeah here one video okay¬† thank you you know what I’m giving you¬†¬†

200 good man good man good man excuse me¬† don’t look with the money I hope we make¬†¬† you happy promise you make me happy I I¬† work here brother I know you make me happy bro oh this is scary man I’m scared bro no¬† no no don’t scared Hold On Tight the back¬†¬†

Where we going here yeah only here okay not too¬† far right not too far oh he’s getting some good video thank you brother can you do¬† me one vertical yeah wo welcome to Egypt okay thank you

Brother lean the body back okay go look here¬† this is picture this sh hey it’s scary when it¬†¬† comes down on the camel then scary wait wait oh a¬† shoot my legs hurt from climbing kufu okay thank¬†¬†

You brother you honest you’re a very honest guy¬† thank you so much thanks for helping me take my¬†¬† memories bro you’re happy for that I wish you the¬† best you’re happy for that I’m very happy thank¬†¬† you s for help and that’s why I’m telling you¬† there’s so many honest people here hardworking¬†¬†

People and look he took my memories and I gave  you what I think you deserve I hope you make it   not happy I give you money back no you happy  for that more than happy thank you sir take  

Care brother have a good day you too man what¬† a nice guy if you guys come here look for him¬†¬† are you always here in this area every day this¬† is your spot yes they’re going to come look for you great guy but see that’s how¬† you handle the situation guys all right

Well the horse carriage doesn’t sound like¬† a bad idea right about now now I’m not sure¬†¬† where the Sphinx is but I’m pretty sure it’s¬† on this same complex if I’m not mistaken so¬†¬† we’re just going to get lost for the next¬† few hours and wander around one of the most¬†¬†

Legendary places in the world the Pyramids¬† of Giza once in a lifetime destination if¬†¬† you’re lucky enough to come more than once¬† then you’re blessed but this year has been¬†¬† a dream of mine for a very long time and¬† to be honest no pictures no videos could¬†¬†

Ever do this Justice this is amazing hello sir¬† good morning how are you how much what’s the price but what is the price first she¬† price 300 for how long 300 over there¬†¬† it where’s the Sphinx s is down there after¬† you the everything 300 all the big 600 600¬†¬†

You come back well how what what do¬† you do for 300 how long you go take¬†¬† over there you will come back for 300 you¬† sure okay I’m coming can I come with you okay huh okay come on we good yeah yeah¬† yeah I know but I went to three I want¬†¬†

A tour told 300 no more let’s do it¬† let’s do it yes you wome thank you¬†¬† thank you brother thank you you’re¬† so nice I love Egypt man thank you brother all right let’s see¬† where where we go we’re going¬†¬† to the first pyramid on the other side behind okay

Hello what’s your name sir Nas Naser CH nice¬† to meet you nice to meet you happy New Year¬†¬† Happy New Year to you brother wow you work in¬† a you work in the most beautiful place in the¬†¬†

World yeah okay okay cool you want to you go with¬† a nine pyramid no problem oh because there’s nine¬†¬† pyramids here huh nine pyramid here and no the¬† problem is I I only have a little bit of cash¬†¬†

Thank youy I’m very happy I’m very happy thank¬† you I’m having a good day today this is my dream welcome this is what the horse eats yes¬† he eats the horse yeah wow your horse is¬†¬†

Beautiful what’s his name cigarettes no not right¬† now not right now okay no all right I’ll take one¬†¬† thank you thank you funny funny why not in Egypt¬† everybody smokes cigarettes it’s part of the uh¬†¬† the culture Egyptian breakfast coffee cigarettes¬† Maro what is the name of this pyramid sir macarine

Yeah okay some macarine and then the pyramid we  just left was kofu in a second in a second oh   yeah I see it right here so macarine yeah here  Kos Kos okay yeah I am a terrible historian I  

Mean I don’t know much but yeah guys you know what¬† um I’m going to put the camera down for a second¬†¬† and I’ll see you guys here um once we make it to¬† the iconic photo location but yeah definitely a¬†¬†

Great way to get around oh my legs are loving¬† me right now oh man and it’s perfect weather¬†¬† out here I can imagine that during the summer it’s¬† probably quite brutal for the horses to be walking¬†¬† around but right now it is cold out here it’s¬† nice it’s beautiful weather hello wow legendary

Views the kufu pyramid is the biggest pyramid¬† right 418 ft 480 ft I think it is yeah this¬†¬† all the temples these are all the temples¬† right here yeah the temple ruins what is¬†¬† that restaurant Cafe Hotel yeah coffee coffee oh¬† Coffee coffee shop how’s business today slow good good

Wow they have a l Paris Cafe fancy¬† the King kofu Center wow this place¬†¬† is beautiful in the summer it gets very¬† hot here huh August August September¬†¬† too hot ni it’s nice yeah oh okay are¬† you from kaido yeah you kaido yes oh okay I love kaido

Those are the three small pyramids huh¬† one you have three small the over there¬†¬† you got the three small ones yeah three¬† small from here and the one go over there¬†¬† with nine pyramids nine pyramids yeah three¬† big and six small okay yeah I’m here take for¬†¬†

Three pyramid behind you come back thank¬† you bro yeah thank you so much yeah sh you guys have heard me say shran a lot shran¬†¬† means thank you fan means you’re¬† welcome what’s another important word I’m learning little by

Little I hope I get better inshah come from  where United you thank you brother salum   amazing place you guys have great jobs man you  get to see this every day every day wow what a

Place oh you know where all the good spots are  look at the view behind me guys but good wow man bro you brought me to the best spots  look at this oh this is why you need to do  

The little horse carriage tour and and look¬† at this this is beautiful I would have never¬†¬† made it here look at this view okay thank¬† you sir don’t take phot oh okay thank you¬†¬† take okay thank you brother sh come come this¬† okay here let me put this here I put it right

Here yeah okay you tell me how  how like this like this how like this okay one like this thank you can you take me one like this up thank you sir can you turn  me one like this no just one   like this like this normal standing down like

This you’re good man man thank you brother¬† okay I just got done taking some amazing¬†¬† photos great photographer he knows the all¬† the good spots the good angles and this view¬†¬† is legendary it doesn’t get more iconic than¬† this man I’m so happy to be here right now¬†¬†

It’s unreal looking at this view crazy place¬† okay ready thank you sir I love that he lets¬†¬† me take my time everywhere oh man amazing oh¬† my legs are feeling better yes woo all right¬†¬†

To go the big trip you want to go back theh no¬† to the Sphinx but you know what look Sphinx but¬†¬† look here I’mma pay you now I’m going to give¬† you tip no I give you tip here 400 see I’m a¬†¬†

Good man you good man 300 yeah but I give you¬† tip no just thinkx please I’m so tired man my¬†¬† legs hurt you’re a good man you always tip the¬† good man thank you so tips are important huh¬†¬†

Thank you so much welcome brother thank you oh  man what an amazing experience this has been so far Egypt is so beautiful yeah I  love your country welcome egyp thank you how many people come here a  day too much too much 2,000 3,000  

Yes oh okay okay yeah I heard that this¬† place gets like 10 million visitors a year I love it here yeah I’m just truly at a loss for words¬† you know I’ve been to a couple of Wonders of¬†¬†

The World and I’ve been to Mach picu I’ve been to¬† Petra um here where else have I been yeah those¬†¬† are the only ones that I’ve been to so far but I¬† think this one here is truly the most special one¬†¬†

And you know this is the only um have a nice day¬† thank you so much this is one of the only um I¬†¬† mean this is the only ancient wonder of the world¬† that still exists so it’s truly a special place¬†¬†

How many years did it take to build the Pyramid  how many years about 5,000 12,000 yeah 5,000 oh   5,000 years back yeah yeah but how many years  to build me 100 years right yeah to build the  

Pyramid yeah yeah they said it I was reading  online that it took 100 years to build with   over 100,000 people I mean 100 years is still an  incredibly fast time now my facts might be wrong  

But no need to hate just let me know down in the  comments I know a lot of you guys watching these   especially um a lot of you that are going to  be watching these pyramid videos are going to  

Be like really big into the history um but please¬† there’s no need to bash anybody let’s share advice¬†¬† share tips and tricks and let me know how your¬† guys’s experience was here at the pyramids if it¬†¬† was any difference or did you approach situations¬† differently that might have you know impacted your¬†¬†

Your stay or your outlook on your visits here¬† because to be honest mine so far you guys have¬†¬† seen it it’s been perfect it’s been good the lur¬† Bakery most expensive Cafe in the world how much¬†¬†

Is a coffee inside 300 lb one coffee huh yeah  expensive man rich people Rich VIP B you come   here oh the VIPs go there musala when he come here  he go there everybody says musala is the king of

Egypt you like musala you like football what¬† you like football football no no he doesn’t like football you can see the city of Giza¬† from up here too and the haze I think¬†¬† the haze has to do with the pollution¬† to be honest with you guys I mean the¬†¬†

City is 25 million people so it¬† gets pretty um pretty smoggy out here I hope you guys are¬† enjoying this little carriage ride oh this is the second one we’ve done this¬† trip we did one in the city center of Cairo a¬†¬†

Few days ago but this one here is man this is¬† legendary y it don’t get much better than this¬†¬† I mean look at this and to be honest his horse¬† looks incredible I love the um the hair super¬†¬†

Shiny oh man look at this picture guys no if you¬† guys are watching this video right now make sure¬†¬† to follow me on Instagram because that’s where I¬† share like all the behind the scenes pictures and¬†¬†

Stories and um I post on their daily so check¬† it out the links down below and let me know¬†¬† that you came from this video I’ll be sharing¬† these pictures on there so I look forward to¬†¬†

Seeing you guys over on that platform but for¬† now I think I’m going to put the camera down¬†¬† and I’ll tune back in here in a second I’m¬† going to just enjoy this for a second I mean¬†¬†

Not that I’m not enjoying it with the camera¬† but oh man dude this is a dream you know I’m¬†¬† so grateful for the Spanish people I met when I¬† made it down the tunnel too they gave me a water¬†¬†

They saw that I was like shaking trembling¬† and there was many other people in the same¬†¬† situation as me so thank you guys I hope you¬† guys watched this video cuz you guys save me today I think the horse this is the best¬† way to see the pyramids yeah cuz it’s a¬†¬†

Lot of walking if you don’t I mean you’ll¬† spend a lot of time here and if you’re on¬†¬† a time constraint then you know it’s a great¬† way to see them to be able to make it to the¬†¬†

Egyptian Museum and all the other landmarks in¬† the city that are just incredible to see too this more those are more small pyramids huh yeah and these are more temples huh yeah all the it’s incredible how they built these

Things come on how many any of you guys¬† are have difficulties like setting up an¬†¬† Ikea furniture imagine putting together¬† something like this no way couldn’t be me this is definitely the best time of year¬† to visit Egypt though too from what I’ve¬†¬†

Been hearing like December to March very¬† cool weather very enjoyable out here right Now from here so the s’s that way the¬† S is here oh right here minute okay¬†¬† okay oh I see it okay I see the S come¬† okay thank you okay thank you brother here thank you thank you I will walk I walk yeah¬† thank you okay man amazing guy amazing guy very¬†¬†

Happy thank you I am very happy thank you brother  tip for me huh huh you give me a tip before me   I gave you a tip yes this 300 No I gave you 400  no 300 one and two one and two yeah this is one  

Man I I gave you 400 no no excuse me I don’t one¬† here look I thought I gave you 400 let me see let¬†¬† me see let me see let me see I know I know let me¬† see maybe I made a I made a mistake look the money¬†¬†

Let me see what is this one that’s 5 pound yeah oh¬† bro I got no more money that’s all I have okay no¬†¬† here I give you this too dang how am I going to¬† get home now I spend my money thank you brother¬†¬†

You’re happy I’m very happy I am very happy thank¬† you brother appreciate you brother Shan dang I got¬†¬† no more money is there is there ATM over there¬† ATM in the front look here good okay thank you¬†¬† brother you’re happy very happy take care sh¬† okay let’s walk around let’s check this out

Now alikum thank you wow this is beautiful  no I thought I gave him that but I guess I   made a mistake in my in my um in my money yeah  all a lot of the bills look the same wow this  

Is beautiful hello hello how you good good¬† is close here yeah I know I’m just taking a¬†¬† picture you want to go inside he’s open there¬† no I just want to take a picture and then I’m¬†¬†

Leaving I got no more time very short on time¬† the temple and the the pyramid here open yeah¬†¬† but I’m just going to take a picture and then¬† I have to leave five minutes here inside it’s¬†¬†

Okay thank you sir come on thank you thank you¬† I appreciate it let’s take some pictures what¬†¬† for you no it’s okay sir thank you I’m the¬† Watchman here don’t worry no I know I know¬†¬†

But I appreciate it thank you you pict sir I I¬† I appreciate it thank you the temp back around¬†¬† come on all right I’ll take one don’t worry¬† thank you want to be happy sir I am happy I’m¬†¬†

At the pyramids man yes of course smile whiskey  whiskey sisy Cyro come close the statue here   close to the Statue yes what is the statue statue  this is the guardian for the the guardian for the   temple this one yes come close back back back  back back back back close close together close  

Very close Okay touch it wow these are cool huh I¬† don’t know about how I feel about touching it man smile thank you brother come here last one¬† right here in the middle in between the pillars yeah okay 1 2 25 whiskey action¬† action thank you bro thank you sir you’re¬†¬†

Welcome sir oh beautiful thank you thank you¬† you’re welcome thank you very much thank you¬†¬† sir thank you my I bro I had no more cash¬† I just spent it that’s why I didn’t want to¬†¬† take the pictures make money I don’t I don’t¬† have anything thank you bro something bro I’m¬†¬†

Sorry I don’t have anything that’s why I told¬† you thank you that’s why I didn’t want to take¬†¬† the picture because I don’t have for a tip¬† but nice guy thank you sir thank you though¬†¬†

I appreciate it next time next time all right¬† well yeah I mean at the end of the day people¬†¬† are just trying to make a living guys they’re¬† not bad people but yeah that’s the reason why¬†¬†

I just you know strictly was trying to avoid¬† taking a picture because I like I love to tip¬†¬† people too I mean guys I’m so passionate about¬† traveling the world and sharing stories with¬†¬† you guys and I hate when people come and like¬† you know um label these people as bad people¬†¬†

When at the end of the day they’re just trying¬† to make a living come on you spend thousands¬†¬† of dollars to come to Egypt you can spare two¬† three bucks to tip for some incredible PCT you¬†¬† know these people are making like very little¬† money and struggling to make ends meat so you¬†¬†

Know you got to contribute but yeah this here¬† is the the pyramids now we’ll work our way down¬†¬† to the Spinx and then I think our time here¬† at the Giza complex will be coming to an end¬†¬†

But yeah the Sphinx is down there I can see it¬† hopefully there’s an exit that way too because¬†¬† I really do not want to walk all the way back¬† up here again wow look how beautiful that looks D they’re smashing I already did one¬† thank you I just finished thank

You so I guess that is the tour a lot of people  take it straight down to the Sphinx to to be   honest that was completely fair for me um 300 lb  $10 us for a nice little tour and he took me some  

Incredible pictures Trav by yourself I mean often¬† times you got to pay for uh situations like that¬†¬† because then you’re going to be able to leave¬† with your beautiful pictures but I’ll give you¬†¬† guys one more view because well it’s time for¬† us to take on take off from here now and you¬†¬†

Know maybe we’ll make it back one day but look¬† at all the ruins out into the distance as well¬†¬† I mean if you’re into the Egyptian history man you¬† are going to go crazy here all right I’m going to¬†¬†

Put the camera down and I’ll see you guys down at¬† the Sphinx my legs are killing me dude I think I’m¬†¬† actually going to have to go back to the hotel¬† after this seriously that ramp up there nothing¬†¬†

To play with man okay so down here is the Sphinx¬† and man to be honest on pictures I never really¬†¬† knew that the Sphinx was like a complex on its¬† own but yeah it’s actually a fullon complex on¬†¬†

Its own and there’s people down there as well¬† but I believe that’s an extra ticket price you¬†¬† actually have to pay for um the 500 lb gives you¬† access to all of the grounds but then you know¬†¬†

You can add on tickets to enter the pyramids¬† enter all of these different complexes but of¬†¬† course it adds up quite quite quick hello sir¬† have a nice day back open it’s broken man thank¬†¬† you so much everybody in Egypt is so kind man¬† everybody wants you to close your bag and make¬†¬†

Sure that you’re safe but my bag’s broken and the¬† strap broke I’m about to toss this thing in trash¬†¬† you won’t see another video with me wearing this¬† if you do feel free to just call me a cheap ass¬†¬†

Because that’s the reason I haven’t bought a¬† new one I just don’t want to spend money on a¬†¬† new one but I’m going to go buy one today I’ll¬† probably go buy one at the mall and buy a good¬†¬†

Quality one because I got a a lot more countries¬† to visit after Egypt and I don’t know what the¬†¬† hell I was thinking not bringing a backpack¬† but look at the view of the Sphinx wow that is¬†¬†

Beautiful it’s very well preserved too you got¬† like the paws you got the back legs man it is incredible I mean what a legendary view huh this¬† is like the P the pictures you always see is like¬†¬†

From the front of the Sphinx and got the pyramids¬† in the back I’m going to see if I can actually uh¬†¬† copy that one hopefully it’s not one of those¬† things that you go to the front and you’re like¬†¬†

Oh wait that’s Photoshop you know how many places¬† I’ve been to in the world where you’re like wait¬†¬† how come I can’t get that iconic picture and¬† you’re like wait it’s because they like masked¬†¬† five six different photos together stitched all¬† those photos together man that is awesome I love¬†¬†

This thank you guys so much for um you know¬† making my dreams come true and for allowing¬†¬† me to visit destinations like this I’m forever¬† grateful and you know I know I travel the world¬†¬†

Full time I’ve been to so many parts of the world¬† but there is not one day that I wake up that I do¬†¬† not take this for grant that I that I that I wake¬† up that I take this for granted so thank you guys¬†¬†

So much like I I’m truly at a loss for words and¬† man I love you all so much each and every one of you because you couldn’t have told me when¬† I was growing up that uh this little kid¬†¬† from Long Beach California was going¬† to travel all over the world and make¬†¬†

Videos on YouTube for a living I’m okay¬† thank you sir I’m finishing I’m leaving¬†¬† I I’ve been here for a few hours already you¬† good face Mr I look Egyptian s okay thank you bro very nice it actually looks¬† like they got like a you know a¬†¬†

Bunch of chairs set up down there¬† so that you can watch like I don’t¬†¬† know some sort of events they also¬† got like souvenir shops on the back side what an amazing Place well I think it’s¬† time for us to get on out of here I spent about¬†¬†

2 hours here in the complex obviously there¬† was so much more left to explore I mean this¬†¬† place is huge but I’m guys I’m very short on¬† time and to be honest with you guys like I’ve¬†¬†

Been mentioning it the whole time I’m not even¬† joking I’m in really bad shape and climbing up¬†¬† that ramp in the pyramid really messed me up¬† I think not eating breakfast and you know not¬†¬† hydrating enough like in the prior days really¬† messed me up so I recommend you guys do that um¬†¬†

Before coming on out for sure so right now I’m¬† actually going to leave out of this other exit¬†¬† this was actually another entrance that I saw on¬† Google Maps right now that I looked at my map but¬†¬†

Yeah I was told that it’s best to enter from¬† the main entrance especially if you get here¬†¬† super early but yeah super grateful that I’m that¬† I was able to visit this place it’s been a dream¬†¬†

For a very long time I hope you guys get to all¬† make it on out here and please if there’s going¬†¬† to be one thing that you take away from this video¬† since it wasn’t very um historical it’s that you¬†¬†

Know you got to really listen to you got to pick¬† and choose who you listen to on the internet who¬†¬† you take your information from because there’s¬† people out there that are literally just filming¬†¬† videos on the internet for Clouts for clickbaits¬† um obviously my title I’m going to go ahead and¬†¬†

Probably I I don’t know I’m probably going to go¬† ahead and put um the biggest scam at the pyramids¬†¬† in the title because that’s how it’ll get more¬† eyes like everybody else however guys all these¬†¬† hardworking people out here on the street on¬† on in the Giza complex they’re not scammers¬†¬†

They’re hardworking people and you know no one’s¬† taking money from you no one’s um forcing you to¬†¬† do anything they’re offering you their service¬† they’re offering you to sell things and it’s up¬†¬† to you to pick and choose whether or not you¬† want to participate in those things but don’t¬†¬†

Come over here and you know accuse everybody else¬† of being scammers now I’m going to have to review¬†¬† the footage when I get back home to uh make sure¬† that the two bills that I gave the man were not¬†¬†

Two 200s because hopefully um that wasn’t the¬† case hopefully he didn’t you know switch out a¬†¬† bill or something I hope so um I think it was¬† a mistake on my part but we will double check¬†¬†

That and then hopefully um the rest of my claims¬† will actually be valid that people here are not¬†¬† scammers that they’re hardworking individuals who¬† are just working to make ends meet and you know¬†¬†

Show you guys the beauty that Egypt has to offer¬† so you know at the end of the day it’s up to you¬†¬† guys if you buy things from touts if you follow¬† touts if you follow someone that says that they¬†¬†

Can take you to a nice photo spot that is your¬† fault if you follow somebody okay um that’s what¬†¬† they do for a living they’re not scamming you¬† they’re going to give you a service and you’re¬†¬†

Going to pay for it for now I’ll leave you guys¬† with this incredible view of the Pyramids of Giza you always start I was the one to take a love

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