YouTube cracks down on AI content mimicking crime victims

YouTube cracks down on AI content mimicking crime victims

YouTube is taking steps to combat cyberbullying and harassment on its platform by updating its policies to prohibit content that uses artificial intelligence to simulate minors and other crime victims narrating their own deaths or experiences of violence, as per The Verge. This move targets a disturbing trend in true crime content, where AI-generated voices, often childlike, are used to describe gruesome acts of violence in high-profile cases.

The emergence of this genre of content has raised serious ethical concerns, particularly among the families of victims who have been depicted in such videos. These AI-powered depictions, which realistically simulate the voices of minors and other victims, have been described as “disgusting” by those affected. YouTube’s policy update aims to address these concerns by removing such content from the platform and imposing penalties on creators who violate the new rules.

Under the updated policy, any content that violates these guidelines will result in a strike against the creator’s channel. This strike not only leads to the removal of the offending content but also imposes temporary restrictions on the user’s ability to interact with the platform. For instance, a first strike could prevent a user from uploading new videos for a week. Repeated violations within a 90-day period could lead to harsher penalties, including the potential removal of the channel from YouTube.

YouTube’s stance on synthetic content

The policy update comes as platforms like YouTube introduce AI-driven creation tools, necessitating new guidelines around synthetic content that could mislead or harm users. Other platforms, such as TikTok, now require creators to label AI-generated content. YouTube has also implemented a strict policy regarding AI voice clones of musicians, alongside a set of more lenient rules for other types of content.

YouTube’s decision to update its cyberbullying and harassment policies reflects a growing need to regulate AI-generated content, especially when it involves sensitive subjects like crime victims. By taking a firm stance against such disturbing content, YouTube is prioritizing the safety and dignity of individuals, particularly minors, and addressing the ethical challenges posed by advanced AI technologies in content creation.

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