War of the Carnivores (Full Episode) | World’s Deadliest: Unleashing Your Curiosity – Video

War of the Carnivores (Full Episode) | World’s Deadliest: Unleashing Your Curiosity – Video

What Happens When World’s Deadliest Carnivores Go Head to Head

When some of the world’s deadliest carnivores go head to head, it’s a war for survival. War is the law of the jungle – kill or be killed. They are armed with deadly weapons and an instinct to kill. It’s a battle of death or glory. Welcome to the war, welcome to Florida’s pinnacle of predation.

Team feat and a thousand pounds of power

Florida’s apex predator, the American alligator, is a war machine at the cutting edge. But no alligator starts as the swamp’s deadliest. They start here, as young cadets beginning their long mission to become five-star swamp generals.

Water is full of Submarine enemies

The largemouth bass is a highly mobile hunter, a dedicated meat eater. Now, only two remain, the alligators and the water moccasin, also known as the cottonmouth. The alligators are ectothermic, meaning they must leave the water to warm their bodies in the sun, as must the water moccasin. It uses heat-seeking sensors to home in on prey, its strike is accurate, and its venom is deadly.

The gator will slowly die and the cottonmouth will dine alone

Only the gator survives, as the largemouth bass is still not done. Luckily for the gator, it’s a frog that fills its jaws with every passing day. The gator’s odds improve as it grows bigger, becoming an apex predator in four years time.

The iconic Bengal tiger

The Bengal tiger, weighing in at 500 pounds, is a hunting power to reckon with. They fight for territory and dominance, with most disputes being settled through posturing. However, the presence of a female raises the stakes, leading to aggressive encounters.

Most disputes are settled with posturing

The tiger’s presence is enough to command respect, even when all he wants is a simple drink of water. Scars on his face tell the story of the violence he must fight to wear the crown. The encounters are rarely deadly, but there are always exceptions to the norm.

Fur Seals, Great White Sharks, and Predatory Gauntlets

Fur seals, carnivorous colonial powers, live all over the world, chowing down on whatever’s available. They face great white sharks as they hunt for fish in the subtropical waters of South Africa. As they make the crossing, sharks lurk below, looking for a seal silhouette to pass over.

Sharks wait below looking for a seal silhouette to pass over

If they miss the first strike, the chase is on. The seal has maneuverability, turning in tight circles to escape the jaws before making the ultimate sacrifice. One seal’s death allows the others to make it to the shoals, but they still have to get home.

Jungle Commandos

In the jungle, there is one golden rule: stay alert, stay alive. Frogs are jungle commandos, with hundreds of species in the rainforests of Central America alone. Each is a deadly amphibious assault weather that will kill pretty much anything it can fit in its mouth.

Most frogs simply lay their eggs and abandon them

But one ferocious father, the reticulated glass frog, stands by his young. He guards his clutch as squadrons of carnivorous rainforest wasps approach. His skin is patterned to look like the eggs, drawing the hungry wasps towards him instead of the helpless young. It’s a battle fought in the shadows, requiring courage, stealth, and nerves of steel.

The Ultimate Mercenary Anteater

The zodarian spider is the ultimate mercenary anteater, but ants move in deadly armies. She must become an ant to catch one, walking on six legs instead of eight and raising her front two like antennae to mimic her prey.

She carries her still living prey like she’s an ant medic removing a casualty

A suspicious soldier ant probes with its antennae, but the tiny spider taps them with her false bear exposed. That was close, but at a safe distance, she sucks up the ant’s juice until nothing is left but an empty shell and disappears back into the shadows.

As the spider leaves the field of battle, a new brigade of combatants enters for survival, ready to fight to the death. Nature’s war is not just fought in the jungles; carnivores must fight in the deserts, the forests, and even under the microscope.


Video “War of the Carnivores (Full Episode) | World’s Deadliest” was uploaded on 06/19/2023 by Nat Geo WILD Youtube channel.