“We’re in Love, Not ‘Sugar Daddies’ | Love Knows No Bounds” – Video

“We’re in Love, Not ‘Sugar Daddies’ | Love Knows No Bounds” – Video

In the video titled They Aren’t My ‘Sugar Daddies’ – We’re In Love | LOVE DON’T JUDGE, we are introduced to Ryan, Kenneth, and Jeff, who are involved in a three-way relationship, also known as a thrupple. The video provides insight into their relationship and how they navigate the complexities of being in a non-traditional relationship.

The trio faces judgment and skepticism from their friends and family due to the significant age difference between Ryan and the other two. However, they express their love and commitment to each other, emphasizing that age is just a number. They address misconceptions about their relationship, including being labeled as “sugar daddies” and “boy toys.”

The group acknowledges the challenges that come with being in a thrupple, such as dealing with societal judgment and misconceptions about their dynamic. Despite the obstacles they face, they are committed to making their relationship work and find support in each other. They also express a desire to marry in the future and dispel any doubts about the authenticity of their love for one another.

The video concludes with a friend expressing support for their relationship after initially being skeptical, illustrating the importance of understanding and acceptance in navigating non-traditional relationships.

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Video Transcript

This is Ryan he fell in love with Kenneth and Jeff who are both in their FA these are my two boyfriends not my sugar daddies ran is quite a bit closer in age to my college students than he is to me people judge us for being so far

Apart in age and even their friends and family have questioned their unconventional relationship I mean there’s definitely people who are not cool with it I did have one family member close to me say oh that’s adultery we are being sugar daddies I’m just a boy to today my friend tarnika is

Coming over I know that she does have some concerns wait so Ryan moved in that’s a big change real Quick I’m Kenneth I’m Ryan and I’m Jeff and we’re able we have three dogs and then we have a cat Full House Full House so Jeff and I first met when I was 29 we met on online and after that we basically were inseparable we have been

Married for 12 years it was never a conscious decision to open up our relationship it happened more naturally this is not our first time in a three-way relationship however this is the most successful and the relationship that we see us long term I sort of like

Stalked Ryan online in like the most not creepy way possible cuz during the pandemic Ryan was doing Pilates on like what do you call I’m too old what do you call live live yeah live I thought he was like so adorable funny enough Kenny was also checking him out we just didn’t

Know we were both checking him out which is really what was funny it was creepy right like both of you first time we hung out it was just immediate infatuation and love and fun we became an official thruple I think several weeks after um we started hanging out

We’ve been together for 8 months so Ryan is 17 years years younger than me I’m a professor at a school in Miami and it was brought to my attention from some of my students actually that he’s uh quite a bit closer in age to my college

Students than he is to me some of them have made fun of me to my fa and in the funniest way possible but they’re like oh my gosh it would be like you dating one of us and I’m like oh God but it doesn’t really seem like an age Gap

Especially cuz like I’m sort of childish if you have a lot in common it doesn’t really matter what your age is he’s just going to have to change my diapers when I’m older I noticed the age Gap the most when we’re watching like old films or

Movies and stuff and you know the boys know a lot about like actors and actresses or even songs that came out like before I was born sometimes people judge us for being so far apart in age feel like we get looked at for sure

Looks or like when we all go in the gas station together and like holding hands people get this a side eye yeah I think people are trying to work out who’s the single one so that they can swoop in I mean there’s definitely people who are not

Cool with it most of it has been creepy people hey would you open up to a fourth or or like can I see your blank can I yeah or would you guys start in only fans or things like that people think that just because we’re in a three a

Thruple relationship that means that we’re open to sleeping with everybody which we’re definitely not fully committed to just the three ones I did have one family member close to me say at one point oh that’s Ault Aly when you bring someone into your relationship Ryan is going to cause the demise of our

Relationship or me and Kenny’s relationship or people bring in religion or that we are being sugar daddies which is definitely not the case or that I’m just a boy toy or that you’re just a boy toy we just continue going about our daily business let people think what they want to think

Doesn’t phase us most people think it’s awesome and kind of say things like oh my gosh I wish that my wife would let me do that or I wish my you know that sort of thing like there’s been a lot of people who are like that sounds like a

Great time we sleep in this bed it is a king and it fits us just fine uh I am over here typically I’m always in the middle and this is my sky except for this is not all that accurate because really Kenny takes up this whole half of

The bed and then we are all the way having been in a couple relationship for so long it’s nice to spread the duties around it’s really nice to be honest to just have like the support of multiple people in your life on a daily basis you know not just emotional

Support but like logistical stuff so it’s not sort of falling on one person I also feel like a third person in a relationship offers a different perspective Two Is Better Than One three is better than two true today my friend tarnika is coming over and she’s going

To tell us a little bit about what she thinks about the relationship I know that she does have some concerns but I’m hoping that we can convince her that we are AOK and 100% good for all of each other in the relationship I’ve known Jeff and Kenny as a couple for like six

Years or so I’ve never seen two people so in love when Jeff first told me about Ryan I was scared for them as a couple because I don’t want anything to happen to them I want them to stay together forever and I was worried that a third could break up the relationship Cheers

Cheers great to have you here yeah so what did y’all do today we did some Pilates yeah oh my god did you see that we turned the second bedroom into a pilates studio wait so Ryan moved in yeah yeah yeah a few months ago okay that’s a big change real

Quick I mean what did you like originally think like when we were like oh we have you know we’re open to a third in our relationship I was um a little bit concerned I’m really protective of you guys and I love your relationship together other so bring in

And a third I didn’t know if that was going to hurt the relationship or cause a breakup so um it would really hurt me if that happen so you know if Jeff can deal with me for 12 years nothing else is going to break that up true well that’s really

Important to me because I just want everyone to be happy so how is the thruffle working out I mean it’s like it’s kind of Nonstop Action live our life like it was two of us but there’s three yeah and it’s nice to have another perspective sometimes you know like

Three heads are better than two or that kind of thing so do you all see this as maybe getting married in the future possibly having some children what do you think I don’t know about kids yeah I mean if it and if marriage becomes legal as a three-way couple then definitely

Yeah I mean that’s the direction we’re heading I would love to be married to you guys if y’all get married can I be the flower girl of course I’m so glad that we have your support we appreciate it no one’s getting pregnant anytime soon though oh

Damn now that I’ve observed them and I see that a thropple works for them I think that it is the perfect relationship they’re so in love nothing’s changed it’s only enhanced as a couple or as a frole to people who would judge our relationship I would tell them that they

Really don’t understand it or maybe they’re just a little narrow-minded so I would tell them unless they try it don’t knock it I think this relationship works for all of us we feel like three pieces of a pie it’s really fun like we always have a really good time we all

Compliment each other in exactly the right way a pretty good combo I never imagined that I would engage in a thruple relationship and be so happy all the time

Author Video Description

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RYAN, 28, Jeff, 45, and Kenny, 42, are a throuple based in Florida. Kenny and Jeff first met around 12 years ago on an online dating app and were married soon after. They always loved the idea of adding a third person to their relationship. Kenny told Truly: “It was never a conscious decision to open our relationship, it happened more naturally.” They knew of Ryan from his online presence as a pilates instructor and Jeff approached him: “I sort of like stalked Ryan online in the most not creepy way possible,” he joked. The attraction was there for Ryan too: “The first time we hung out it was just immediate infatuation and love and fun,” he said. They have now been together for nearly a year. “This is not our first time in a three-way relationship, however, this is the most successful relationship that we see as long-term,” Kenny explained. The throuple relationship works well for them as their personalities balance each other out. Although Kenny and Jeff have been together considerably longer, it feels like Ryan has been with them forever and they now couldn’t imagine being a couple again. Despite their happiness, the group have received judgemental comments for their unconventional way of life. “Sometimes people judge us for being so far apart in age,” Ryan said. The original older couple has been accused of being his “sugar daddy” and claim Ryan is their “boy toy”. In this latest episode of Love Don’t Judge Jeff’s friend Toranika comes over to confront the group on her concerns about their set-up.

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Videographer: Carlos de Varona
Producers: Yasmin Walker, Amy Nicholson & Kate Moore
Editor: Garry Sykes

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