We’re obsessed with emulating Ariana Grande’s look! #ytshorts #truly #hookedonthelook #arianagrande #twins – Video

We’re obsessed with emulating Ariana Grande’s look! #ytshorts #truly #hookedonthelook #arianagrande #twins – Video

In the video titled “We Love to Look Like Ariana Grande”, twin sisters express their admiration for the pop star and discuss their obsession with emulating her style. They have even adopted the name Pink Sweetener as a representation of their love for Ariana, with pink being one of their favorite colors and “Sweetener” being one of Ariana’s album names. The sisters admire Ariana’s singing talent and unique style, particularly her signature ponytail which they have replicated to be 30 inches long. Their bond as twins is incredibly strong, leading them to dress alike every day and they credit this practice with boosting their confidence. With over 75 Ariana-inspired outfits in their closet and multiple exact replicas of her iconic looks, the sisters showcase their dedication to embodying the essence of their idol. Subscribe to Truly for more fascinating stories and if you have an amazing story to share, email [email address] to potentially be featured on the show. #ytshorts #Truly #HookedOnTheLook #ArianaGrande #Twins.

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