World-Shocking School Prohibitions: A Bizarre Reality – Video

World-Shocking School Prohibitions: A Bizarre Reality – Video

The Strange Prohibitions In Schools That Shock The World !
Prohibiting running on the school playground, saying goodbye to parents before going to school, even prohibiting raising hands to speak in class… What are schools doing with their students?
We all know that each school has its own rules to create a healthy and positive atmosphere for every student to develop and learn. However, some schools still have strange rules that leave people bewildered. Right now, let’s take a tour around the world to see what bizarre prohibitions exist in schools.

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The strange prohibitions in schools that Shock the World prohibiting running on the school playground saying goodbye to parents before going to school even prohibiting raising hands to speak in class what are schools doing with their students we all know that each school has its own rules to create a healthy

And positive atmosphere for every student to develop and learn however some schools still have strange rules that leave people bewildered right now let’s take a tour around the world to see what B are prohibitions exist in school number 15 prohibition on using red pens the acts of teachers using red

Pens to grade papers and provide comments is quite normal worldwide however did you know that in some schools around the world both teachers and students are prohibited from using red pens why is that the reason given by the schools is that red ink can create a sense of pressure on students’s

Psychology making them more susceptible to emotional harm and fear but does red Inc truly possess such terrifying power social scientists at the University of Colorado shared that red pens can weaken the relationship between teachers and students perhaps to avoid adding more pressure to students lives teachers in these schools have switched to using

Green purple or blue ink to make students feel more comfortable when receiving test papers with comments or Corrections what about you do you want to see the presence of red ink in your learning process let us know in the comments number 14 prohibition on loving Teenage

Love is one of the most special emotions for everyone but while still in school this is completely forbidden in some places to create a healthy environment guide students towards a serious lifestyle and prevent the risk of harassment many schools worldwide have strict regulations regarding romantic relationships the U King UK Secondary

School in Zang province Dina has implemented strict regulations on prohibiting love in school with the support of parents to prevent early relationships among students no private conversations with the opposite sex in private area such as under trees parking lots or dark places no accepting expensive gifts especially keeping a

Distance of 60 cm from the opposite sex even when talking standing in line therefore holding hands hugging Etc are considered serious offenses the announcement also States we hope that all students can be moderate and control their actions dedicating All Youthful love to studying any student who violates any of these rules will be

Severely punished and reported to their parents China is also one of the countries with strict regulations on public displays of affection by teenagers even the Chinese government has issued a ban on young people dating in cable cars to outrightly discourage excessive public displays of affection by teens in the UK Kings of Wessex

School in cheda has implemented regulations prohibiting students from kissing or engaging in sensitive actions on the school grounds those Court will face severe penalties including suspension many people believe that prohibiting students from having romantic relationships is truly challenging and violates their personal rights however this ban is still supported to ensure that students

Focus on their studies number 13 prohibition of raising hands for expression raising hands to speak is a common practice in almost old school and even in businesses however one school has taken a highly perplexing step by Banning students from raising their hands to express opinions the habit of raising hands to answer

Questions has been deemed outdated by samworth Church School in Mansfield Nottinghamshire in a letter to parents head teacher Barry F wrote We we have made the decision to dispense with the outdated practice of hands up to answer a question we recognize that only a few Pew pupils regularly raise their hands

And this does not pose a challenge in teaching nor support learning the letter emphasized that raising hands in class is only to establish silence and focus on listening Barry added that they want to use diverse methods to ensure all students are challenged and developed through questioning allowing everyone

The opportunity to contribute to the lesson this decision faced strong opposition from many parents as well as the national Union of teachers calling it absurd and even worse foolish this regulation has made the school a subject of mockery especially considering the irony the school’s logo features an

Image of two people raising their hands high number 12 must wear white underwear imagine every time you go to school someone checks your under underwear it must be the right color and clean for you to enter the classroom and study with your peers it sounds crazy but it’s

Entirely true in Japan in Japan the issue of student uniforms is not a simple matter most schools in the Land of the Rising Sun require their students to wear uniforms with some schools even setting specific standards for the color of backpacks and hair tie colors for female students however if it stopped at

The level of backpacks and hair tie colors the story wouldn’t be noteworthy on the other hand some schools in Japan require female students to wear plain white underwear Japanese teachers want children’s underwear to be simple and tidy to avoid distraction white underwear especially white brass is a

Color less likely show lines when viewed from outside the uniform however the problem here is that the color of underwear cannot be seen from the outside and whether it’s white or not should not be significant students are not required to undress for inspection but in instead a teacher pulls up one of

The Brave straps of female students over the color to see its color I truly do not understand what Japanese schools are thinking but I can affirm that they are seriously violating human rights number 11 prohibition of dying and perming hair once again this regulation appears in Asian schools

Especially in South Korea Japan and Vietnam many schools in Japan and South Korea specify that students are not allowed to perm or dye their hair even if there are opinions or lawsuits claiming that this regulation is outdated in Vietnam the regulations are even stricter with guidelines on the

Length of hair in this country teachers have the authority to cut a student’s hair in front of the entire school if they feel that the hair does not comply with the regulations and culture schools believe that students dying or perming their hair can cause distraction in the classroom and disrupt students

Concentration some schools aim to create a more uniform environment by prohibiting distinctive Personal Expressions such as hair dying if you are a parent or student about to enroll in Asian schools you may directly ask School leaders to understand more about the specific reasons for imposing these regulations and consider the possibility

Of discussing or proposing changes if necessary number 10 prohibition of tomato sauce in French schools I am a fan of tomato sacks and fortun Ely I was not born in France because if I lived and studied there I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it in school meals in 201 the

French government passed a law Banning schools from using tomato ketchup the authorities expressed concerns that this Source would spoil the traditional French dishes when poured over them however if it’s banned why not ban it nationwide instead of just at schools moreover not all School meals consist of only traditional dishes this regulation

Becomes even more absurd when they don’t ban chili sauce while both types of sauce can alter the taste of traditional dishes does the French government have any bias against tomato based saw did they really think it through before implementing this ridiculous regulation I’m not sure but I feel that students in

France are truly missing out on an attractive spice number nine female students must wear short skirts in Winter what would happen if in temperatures of 10° ksus or even 20° C you had to wear a skirt that is only 30 chem long to school if it were me I would freeze immediately

However in Japan female students still wear such skirts to attend classes regardless of the weather influenced by both historical factors and the aim to ensure fairness among students the length of the skirt above the knee originated from the past when Japan faced economic hardships and limited agricultural land consequently the cost

Of fabric for clothing was high and to save costs clothes were often made shorter over time the image of Japanese female students in the uniform of a white shirt a short plated Skirt Long stockings and Boots became familiar to the public this uniform style has been in existence for almost a century in

1921 the principle of a girls school in Fukuoka Province took inspiration from a school in England which she had the opportunity to visit to apply a similar uniform at her school since then this uniform style gradually became popular and has persisted to this day female students do not change their uniform

Even when winter arrives concerned about their children getting cold many parents in Japan tried letting their daughters wear long pants underneath their skirts to keep warm but the schools opposed this schools believe that adhering to uniform regulations even in freezing weather help students concentrate more on studying and not pay attention to how

Their peers addressed however this perspective faces much opposition with some parents believing that wearing short skirts is the reason their children struggle to concentrate due to the extreme cold once again I must exclaim that Japanese schools are truly absurd with a series of rules that do more harm than good to

Students number eight no best friends from distant Japan let’s move on to the sophisticated country of England which surprisingly has its share of absurd regulations such as the prohibition of students having best friends a primary school in Kingston located in Southwest London once enacted a rule Banning students from having best friends citing

Concerns that students would suffer emotional harm if such friendships were to end for any reason instead the school encouraged students to play in groups to enhance a sense of camaraderie however shortly after its implementation this regulation faced a great deal of criticism from the public because no one

Can deny that having a best friend is a sacred and valuable relationship in everyone’s life many studies indicate that best friends add value throughout a person’s life according to a recent study by Rachel Nar a doctoral student at the University of Virginia children with large friend groups tend to have

Higher rates of social anxiety compared to children with fewer but close friends while a policy prohibiting best friends May provide short-term benefits for children research shows that strong connections with best friends contribute to improving the mental health of children during their formative years in a world where teenagers feel lonelier

Than ever it seems that British schools were too hasty in implementing this policy number seven mandatory nap time I must say this is the most laughable regulation as it truly seems absurd all right let’s head to China where all elementary school students are required to take a nap at school and afterwards

The school charges a fee for their nap time China is notorious for corruption issues and it seems like this is one of the ways they’ve devised to make extra money from students families Elementary School students can choose to nap at their desks on chairs with back rests or

In private rooms based on their family income those who don’t pay will be sent home or to the school are to rest to meet the demand for nap time for Chinese students many schools even require parents to pay fees to buy tents for students to nap in all of this is faced

Strong opposition from parents as the nap fee is often comparable to tuition fees and most of the money collected from students is used in an opaque manner number six restroom restrictions it’s challenging to control stomach AES and it’s entirely normal for students to need to go to the restroom during class

Hours however at a high school in Chicago the administration didn’t see it their way they implemented a rule limiting the number of times students are allowed to leave the classroom to use the restroom three times per semester therefore if a student needs to use the restroom they have to wait until

After class the principal explained to parents that this rule was imposed because students could use restroom breakes as an excuse to skip class while it’s understood that this measure aims to reduce treny what about situations where students genuinely need to use the restroom do they have to endure until

The end of the class it’s terrible holding in the need to use the restroom is one of the worst feelings in the world if we were to find the most courageous and resilient individuals I believe you should look the students at this school surely they must have extraordinary endurance even when it

Comes to using the restroom number five AR punishment of kneeling on peas looking at this image many might mistake it for some bizar skin condition but is actually the legs of a student who is punished by kneeling on frozen peas in the Netherlands this form of punishment is believed to be quite

Common in many schools especially in Asia such as China or the Philippines to discipline disobedient students let’s acknowledge that strict punishments can make students more obedient but it seems this goes way too far and harms the physical well-being of the students this is undoubtedly very painful and deeply

Affects the psychi of children forced making them kneel implies a sense of humiliation and inferiority especially in Chinese culture where only subordinates or servants kneel before others forcing students to kneel can be a severe emotional blow coupled with the pain from Frozen peace it is sure to traumatize students worse they might

Develop resentment towards teachers and engage in unimaginable acts number four phone prohibition while phones are becoming indispensable for everyone including children in many countries students are entirely banned from using phones at school the rationale is usually to prevent students from taking photos recording videos and sharing them online impacting the

School’s reputation there’s also the concern that students will be too engrossed in their phones neglect their studies however there’s an opposing view that banning phones violates privacy rights and bringing phones to school has many advantages the need for students to use mobile phones at school is essential besides being a means of communication

In case of illness it is a useful tool for parents to send information smartphones can also greatly support students learning instead of carrying a whole dictionary to class students can look up words directly on their phones additionally students can use their phones for entertainment such as listening to music watching foreign

Films helping them learn other languages if sometimes teachers fail to explain a topic clearly during a lecture students can take advantage of their break time to search online for a better understanding adults can use phones so prohibiting students from using them is illogical and violates privacy rights however allowing students to use phones

Also has many disadvantages at that age they are prone to phone addiction leading to eye damage lack of physical activity obesity and tinitus moreover scientific studies show that phone waves are not good for the developing brains of children it’s challenging to establish the right regulations but in Asia where students privacy rights are

Low phone use will likely be restricted for many years to come number three coffee ban in South Korea oh I think we’ve all experienced that feeling of sleepiness in class and a cup of coffee seems like it could fix that but in South Korea students are not

Allowed to drink coffee at school as it’s strictly prohibited South Korea issued this ban to prevent students from consuming too much caffeine the country hopes that this prohibition will help students cultivate healthy eating habits rather than having an excess of caffeine in their bodies when facing the stress

Of exams especially during exam periods are th caffeine beverages such as energy drinks have also been banned in school a study among 5,400 middle and high school students found that 19% consumed one or more cups of coffee each day more than half of them claimed to drink coffee to

Stay awake even though they were aware of the harmful effects of excessive caffeine consumption therefore the study suggests that merely educating students about the dangers of caffeine abuse is not enough to prevent them from unhealthy eating so this ban was put in place with the aim of protecting the health of the student

Number two prohibition of boys and girls sitting next to each other I used to enjoy sitting at the same table with Friends of the opposite gender when I was in school there were many interesting things that could happen when seated with someone of the opposite gender however if you’re in Vietnam

Don’t expect this opportunity they may even require male and female students to maintain a distance of at least 1 meter some schools May believe that not allowing boys and girls to sit together can reduce the risk of R Mantic relationships especially in areas with conservative views additionally there

Are opinions separating male and female students when sitting can enhance focus on the teaching content teachers also argue that it helps female students avoid harassment during learning as male students can sometimes be mischievous and go beyond the limits of playful Behavior there may be some positive aspects to this but clearly in Vietnam

The focus seems to be more on imposing what they believe is right rather than then listening to the desires of Students number one no goodbyes for parents in London a school in London left students in tears by Banning parents from saying goodbye to their children on the school premises parents were required to stand outside the school Gates they were not allowed inside due to excessive worry the school administration believes that limiting

The access of Outsiders helps ensure the safety of students and staff within the school this could reduce the risk of security and management related issues moreover the presence of many parents in the schoolyard can cause disturbance disrupting the teaching and learning process in some cases parents may not want information about their children

Disclosed to others and the policy of keeping non-school parents away can help protect the privacy of students additionally a large presence of parents on the school premises can create traffic and parking issues affecting circulation and safety however this regulation has faced opposition from parents especially those who want regular opportunities to

Meet and interact with teachers and School staff to monitor their children’s progress one mother shared that her shy son needs to be taken to the classroom as he cries a lot every morning when separated too early from his mother in general these prohibitions are not only about limiting behaviors but also about

Creating a safe and positive educational environment however whether they are truly necessary or not is a question we leave to you our cherished audience feel free to share your thoughts on these prohibitions and if you know of any other peculiar regulations please leave a comment below thank you for joining us

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