Unbelievably Low Prices at this Vietnamese Buffet! – Video

Unbelievably Low Prices at this Vietnamese Buffet! – Video

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly buffet experience, then look no further than Chú Béo BBQ. With multiple branches throughout Vietnam, this barbecue buffet is not only delicious but also incredibly affordable. The Youtube description gives a sneak peek into the variety of food available, including beef, marinated pork, seafood, fried foods, and more. From the video, it looks like the buffet includes a wide range of items that will satisfy anyone’s cravings.

The video showcases the abundance of food available at Chú Béo BBQ, with a particular focus on the amount of meat and grilled items available for an unbelievable price. The narrator is genuinely surprised by the low cost of the buffet, emphasizing the value for money that customers receive.

The Youtube video provides a detailed look at the buffet experience, from the variety of dishes available to the cook-your-own-barbecue station. The narrator also highlights the different sauces and condiments that complement the meal, adding to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience.

Overall, the video provides an enticing look at the Chú Béo BBQ buffet, showcasing the delicious offerings and unbeatable prices. Whether you’re a local looking for a great meal at an affordable price or a tourist wanting to experience Vietnamese cuisine, this buffet is a must-visit. You won’t believe how cheap and satisfying this dining experience can be!

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Video Transcript

Oh it’s been a minute since we’ve done a buffet and y’all are going to like this spot you’re not going to believe how cheap this place is I’m not going to tell you right off the bat oh and just to clear up this is a buffet barbecue

Not a BB2 just to clear it up um anyways that’s they open at 5: not even at 5:00 yet and there’s so many aunties in here already fighting to get that first spot of the fresh food kind of bothers me cuz I’m competitive I do have a saying when it

Comes to be face if you ain’t first you’re last so let’s get in here and just to clear up on the name true bail Bale like fat right so anytime you go to a place and you see baale like in the name of the restaurant probably like a 94% chance

It’s going to be delicious so you got what you want to not just thinking about at the very end right here right fruits fruits fruits fruits fruits fruits and then corn other things you can Grill things that aren’t meat I so they got oaka here I got mushroom I didn’t know

You could Grill cucumber app you grill cucumber you noi mushrooms but what you want is here we got meat we got fried food yeah I’ll break down the price of this place later maybe maybe I’ve seen it I have to blur it so first looks like

We got some beef here we got like beef slabs looks like it’s almost been spread with like the bitney butter all over cheick it out so you got beef Wy and Noki I like the move it probably saves them some money cuz it’s like mushroom and meat and pulls back how much meat

You consume but I’m always like a meat and mushroom gu together and other little things they’re cheap but they’re delicious you got like little um cabin so like fish cakes right here let’s go to the other side it’s going to be prettier these are the aunties I’m

Fighting with over here this whole big area of aunties is who we’re going to be fighting today for the buffet so you got all the like fried stuff you’ll have like fish cakes you have little sausages oh but they do have which is that is clutch for me like the fact that

You do something like like that something so tedious that takes so much effort and you got it a buffet we’re going to fill up on that uh they got marinated beef I got marinated pork looks like kind of like um some type of intestine I I guess it’s

A root hail I’ll have to ask and then we’ll have like everything like pork on the bone got some type of like seafood here eggs kimchi chunga so that’s actually like the chicken feet and you even get primes you can get some seafood here all right let’s finish run through

This another thing easy way to fill you up right got all the fried stuff I don’t know what this is but it’s actually got like a little piece of lemongrass on the inside I’m going to assume something kind of like a fish cake oh I think it’s fried squid it

Looks like onion ring my American Western sensors want to tell me it’s onion rings um fried popcorn chicken somebody give me a guess what the heck would that be something else fried mozzarella sticks buns and just what you thought you get a Vietnamese buffet same as the buffet I hit back in

America right you got fried Sushi fried rice fried noodles and then condiment station there’s not enough time to figure out the logistics and stuff we got to hurry people are piling on and people are coming in it’s 5: so here you got Chopsticks Cutters uh what are these called in English I don’t

Know should be a r you can’t do Buffets by yourself I should always have a friend where I do this look at this Frozen big slabs of beef I can’t believe you get that much beef I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying I’m trying I’m feeling the pressure everybody’s beating

Me out here okay you see the food you see my plate you seen my table give me a guess how much does this cost just give me a guess what you’re wrong you do the barbecue right here the beef barbecue 139 the drinks which you get up there you get as

Much as you want they have like chassa and like chadow and things like that 25k and then each one of these is 3K 139k for the barbecue isn’t that insane it’s like $5 $550 and I think we’re pretty secure for round one so let’s start it off is nobody helps you

Here I think it’d be very hard but if they had just like a touch I mean just a touch of like her herb here that’ be perfect cuz you got all this meat I just want to wrap it and eat it like if it had like some just like raw garlic or

Something o we but I ain’t complaining for $5 either I think I’m In and we’re finally done it is cooked they were too nice they were cooking I told them I was like hey don’t worry I got it we’re going to cook this together y’all so it’s all ready to go we’ve cut the fire off cuz what we’ll do is we’ll

Eat this and then we’ll maybe get after some prawns I don’t know why I got vegetable I guess that’s part of why I like being in Vietnam I love my vegetable we saying yeah pretty good oh my gosh so this is the beauty you get the wrap stuff right I’m actually going to

Go this kind of in crazy I got a B right here and a piece of pork belly wrapped together I’m just feeling insane and I grabbed the smallest Le of sleep ever wrap it and now check out the sauces typical just lovely Vietnamese green chili sauce got like a kumquat

Sauce I got the just salt and pepper with a little tack cuz I’m just like OG like that I do believe this is a Tamarind I do not remember and I’m going to do the honorary thing and the thing we deserve right there but using lots of uh

Sweet and condensed milk so everybody has like a different sauce or a different way of making mu but this one’s got a lot a lot a lot of sweet condensed milk in it cuz you can tell for that viscosity in it tell you the truth that sauce is

Actually really good it does have like a lot of sweet condensed milk in it but there’s a lot of green chili in it as well if I had just a touch more salt in it that’d be delicious you can check here as soon as I get through this I

Actually got the Salted egg yolk and some cheese as well so I kind of want to get these heat up so I can dip I’m meat in this as well but I feel they’re going to yell at me cuz sometimes as a foreigner they act like they don’t know

What I’m doing so if I try cooking something I think they go crazy how about a little fish cake in the T sauce the kumquat sauce yo that tack sauce that t that kumquat sauce is really really good I feel like you got to have good sauces if you got seven

Branches and you’re selling a $5 barbecue buffet the stuff you dip in it’s got to be good those aunties over there be crazy yo this pack sauce right here oh my gosh yo straight up I would pay $5 just to come try the sauce and this is where they get you so

Much sauce you getting after it you don’t know what’s going on next thing you know you got it everywhere and you got to pay 3K for a wet towel pork no though right there in that t room one look I’ll be honest with you Vietnam sometimes we get some meat pieces where

Got to chew a little bit like a chew sometimes I do but this right here had that melty component to it let’s see if I was just lucky or if that’s how it is okay ain’t bad though look I’ll be honest with you the beef got a little bit of that that shoe

To it right not my favorite but man again when you put it in the sauce all is okay I’m doing this for everybody who’s been in America been to a buffet had fried sushiana buffet and loves Vietnamese flavors fried Sushi into the green chili sauce

Here like is there a Hall of Fame cuz I feel like mu sand should be in it I need to talk to the committee and putting in the ballot I want the sauce in the sauce Hall of Fame come come come I’m Jun yet makes me so nervous they always come

Over here and they like stare at me I feel like I’m being judged even though I know they just want to help what do y’all think pork and salted egg yolk I’ve never had salted egg Yol and pork I don’t think I ever want to try it again

Surely like Balou and like cheese would be good right this should be better you may be seeing a new dish out of Saigon soon right this is what the bread right here got pork belly B oh my cheese okay look I got to try the mystery fried stuff and then we’ll get

To the part I know youall care about any any idea orange liquid filling not not not what I was going to guess all right boom the part we’re all waiting for got a big sucker here oh dang look them head juices honestly I’m surprised by the amount of head juices was in

That you know what compliments to the chef hey it ain’t bad if you can get as many as you want for $5 I’ll tell you right now that may be $4 worth the pra’s right there in the US that was fun I think it was really

Hard I think I had the most fun talking with the workers there the younger the workers are all younger like today was some girl’s birthday she turned 17 and they’re just they’re just really outgoing a lot of fun uh they’re they said they’re all going to follow me I

Said oh y’all going to follow me like a herd of uh Buffalo just walking the countryside of Vietnam it was really fun uh it was good cannot believe 139k that’s crazy definitely worth coming out and trying if you just want a cheap buffet and get a lot of food six

Branches so they’re doing something right let move it got

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