10 Awkward TV Sex Scenes You Won’t Forget – Video

10 Awkward TV Sex Scenes You Won’t Forget – Video

Looking for a cringe-worthy laugh? Look no further than WatchMojo’s latest video, “Top 10 Most Awkward TV Sex Scenes.” From “Gossip Girl” to “Modern Family,” this countdown includes moments of on-screen intimacy that will have you squirming in your seat.

Whether it’s a threesome gone wrong, parents getting it on, or an unexpected walk-in, these scenes are sure to make you blush. And if you happen to be watching with your parents, you may just earn double cringe points.

But it’s not just the characters who are cringing – viewers will feel the awkwardness firsthand as they watch these moments unfold. From major plot-related awkwardness to unexpected hookups, there’s plenty of secondhand embarrassment to go around.

So, if you’re in the mood for some uncomfortable laughs, grab your popcorn and settle in for WatchMojo’s “Top 10 Most Awkward TV Sex Scenes.” Just be sure to watch at your own risk – these scenes are definitely not for the faint of heart.

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Oh ja stop come on welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for moments of on screen or imply TV intimacy that have us or the characters cringing whether they actually go all the way or not spoiler alert major plot related awkwardness will abound think um I’m

Going to go um get like I’ll see if the front desk has a seam ripper number 10 Dan Olivia and Vanessa makes three Gossip Girl the phrase to his company three is a crowd has never been more aopo have no when Dan and Olivia decide to include roommate Vanessa in threesome

Things get predictably dull it doesn’t help matters that the scene is brief after weeks and weeks of hype also Hillary Duff of Lizzy Maguire Fame is involved so that has the potential to feel strange Gossip Girl has never failed to deliver on sexy soapy goodness before but even fans were shrugging at

This perfunctory and unmemorable scene in short making a fictional threesome disc conventional can and should be considered a misdemeanor against television what’s going on you BOS have a threesome or something oh God number nine Monica’s parents get it on Friends hiding a love affair with your parents friend from

Them who hasn’t been there arguably however is hiding your romance from them in a bathtub while they decide to make out and more he told Johnny that he thinks he’s falling in love with her Monica and her older boo Richard may be forbidden lovers tempting fate and social convention but they were slowly

Getting ready to come clean maybe we should just tell them maybe we should just tell your parents first my parents are dead and yes Monica herself has gotten into her fair share of inopportune situations regardless no one Des deserves to witness their parents being intimate in the bathroom

With no way out her reaction says it all honestly we feel the same while watching this is not an interaction we want to be in the room for it’s my birthday number eight poloo and Ander connect while gozman sleeps Elite people these days can be so rude in the second

Season of elite Ander and Polo help an intoxicated gozman get to sleep that’s nice but then the pair gets a little too cozy one thing leads to another and they grow intimate beside Guzman’s unconscious form seriously guys did we mention Guzman is still mourning the loss of his sister Marina this is mood

Whiplash at its worst plus Ander may have had a fight with his boyfriend Omar but he is still essentially cheating on him oh and also Polo is Marina’s murderer needless to say this scene is truly unnecessary on all levels number seven caught in the act Modern Family and unfortunate walk-in incident has

Truly awkward consequences Alex Haley and Luke decided to surprise their parents CLA and Phil with breakfast only to get the surprise of their lives 1 2 3 we know it’s totally natural but it’s not something any kid wants to see their parents doing it’s also not something any parent wants their offspring

Witnessing them due for that matter they screamed they dropped a tray of dishes and they ran out of here like they were on fire this chaotic panicked scene though brief makes that plenty evident funnily enough the kids later give their mom and dad a lock as an anniversary

Gift now every time they use it Alex Haley and Luke will know what is going down our sincerest sympathies we’ll use it all the time number six Marshall and Lily picture their parents How I Met Your Mother it might be healthy to marry someone like your parents but Marshall

And Lily didn’t need to know that psychologically speaking it’s perfect L normal to wind up with someone like your parents once the power couple hear this common psychological observation they each start thinking a bit too hard about the other’s habits suddenly neither can look at the other without visualizing

Their respective fathers and thanks to this sitcom’s clever narrative device we can’t either I am going to rock your world in order to represent Lily and Marshall’s imaginations actors Chris Elliot and Bill fager bachy actually take the the place of their onscreen children we cringe as much as the

Characters whenever we watch this Force vomit inducing interaction the I factor is all in their head but it’s enough to make even the first base of this hookup scene scary no I can’t go through with us thank God me neither number five first time flashbacks new girl it’s

Often romanticized as a momentous life altering moment but sometimes losing your virginity is just a mess in this episode new girls Ensemble character characters talk about their first experiences and we’re treated to some wild Tales promise you mine’s worse than all of yours it’s hard to choose the

Most awkward yet hilarious one there’s Jess demanding that her prom date rip off her dress trying to hook up with a musician and finally getting intimate with a fireman named Teddy take me home Teddy take me home there’s a very greased up Schmid struggling and Nick ultimately having to give him a hand

There’s Winston’s very brief encounter oh and there’s CeCe whose first time was with MC Jagger let’s just say they all deserve their Moment In the Hall of Shame hello I’d like to make love to you number four authentically cringeworthy sex education speaking of cumbersome sex scenes here’s a show that opens with one

Of the clumsiest we can imagine High School sweethearts Amy and Adam fool around to typically tricky results we can’t show much of it here but it ends with Adam faking enjoyment and Amy catching him out did you you just fake it it’s a horribly uncomfortable situation for the pair and it isn’t a

Walk in the park for us either that’s probably because it’s so real the show does an incredible job of portraying Intimacy in all its complications and yes cringiness in fact if we’re including almost sex scenes this attempt between Otis and Lily Midway through season 1 would definitely be up there for secondhand Embarrassment number three Jamie and cersi Lannister are discovered game of Thrones the TV adaptation of George RR Martin’s epic novels grew Infamous for its graphic sex scenes indeed there is no shortage of embarrassingly Frank and sometimes disturbing ones of most every kind perhaps none is as freakish as

Seeing twins Jamie and Cersei Lannisters trist to the eyes of Bran Stark everything from what the siblings are doing to the way they’re discovered to the violent way in which they react has us hiding our faces behind a pillow it’s simply too hard to watch he so

I heard you the first time the shenanigans don’t stop there either in season 8 Arya the Stark we’ve grown up with seduces Gendry the things we do for love number two Archie and Veronica in the shower rivel as we know Nature’s mating imperative can strike at the most

Inconvenient of times one minute you’re washing your dad’s blood off yourself after he’s been shot the next minute your girlfriend wants to join you and of course the answer answer is yes Arie you okay granted this scene wouldn’t feel so completely odd under different circumstances but Fred’s life

Is literally hanging in the balance and these two are doing this thought you might want some company oh and of course there’s not a piece of jewelry or hair out of place on Veronica the whole time hey Riverdale is going to be Riverdale after all we wouldn’t call this shower

Scene steamy thankfully it’s brief but it remains oh so awkward I thought I wanted to help before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if

You’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one the Obama moment flea bag the 44 president of the United States has never been so beloved for all the wrong reasons whatever your political persuasion there are a few things that can best watching flea back

Pleasure herself to Barack Obama’s press conference speech divisions tribe divisions of sector we also know that naturally her boyfriend is also there and wakes up at the most in opportune time yikes you doing talk about making an impression in your pilot many online couldn’t help but react when Obama later included the

Show’s Following season in his yearly best of list perhaps he felt flattered not to be top Phoebe Waller Bridge gave him a cheeky shout out in her Golden Globes acceptance speech flea back remains flea back Inc corbly inappropriate as always what he talking about IR roq what other hookup scenes

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