10 Criminals Who Eluded Capture for Decades – Video

10 Criminals Who Eluded Capture for Decades – Video

Criminals who manage to evade capture for decades always captivate our imagination and spark fear in our hearts. The thought of these ruthless individuals walking among us is a chilling realization of the dark side of humanity.

In this video by WatchMojo, we delve into the lives of ten notorious criminals who managed to escape the clutches of law enforcement for years. From the Grim Sleeper to the Long Island serial killer, these criminals remained free, leaving a trail of terror in their wake.

One such case is that of the Golden State Killer, Joseph James D’Angelo, who terrorized California with a string of burglaries and murders for over a decade. It wasn’t until 2018 that he was finally apprehended, thanks to advancements in genetic genealogy.

The video also sheds light on the chilling story of Carla Walker, a young girl who was abducted and murdered in Fort Worth, Texas. Her killer, Glenn Samuel McCurley, managed to evade justice for almost half a century until DNA evidence caught up with him in 2020.

These stories serve as a stark reminder of the dangers that lurk in the shadows and the persistence of law enforcement in bringing these criminals to justice. As we watch these tales unfold, the question remains – who else is out there, walking among us, waiting to strike?

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