10 Times Celebrities Failed at Being Relatable – Video

10 Times Celebrities Failed at Being Relatable – Video

Celebrities often try to connect with their fans by showing a relatable side of themselves, but sometimes, things can go awry. In this video by WatchMojo, we see 10 instances of celebs failing to be relatable, ranging from humorously awkward to cringe-worthy moments.

From Bill Gates struggling to guess grocery prices to Kylie Jenner buying a school bus for her daughter, these moments showcase the disconnect between the lives of celebrities and the average person. Jennifer Lawrence scratching an itch on sacred rocks, Ellen DeGeneres comparing quarantine to jail, and Madonna claiming the pandemic was an equalizer are just a few examples of celebrities missing the mark when trying to connect with their fans.

While some of these instances may have been well-intentioned, they ultimately came off as tone-deaf or out of touch. Whether it’s Bella Hadid lamenting her lack of designer items growing up or Gwyneth Paltrow failing the food stamp challenge, these moments serve as a reminder that not all attempts at relatability are successful.

So, which celebrity do you think tries a little too hard to be relatable? Let us know in the comments below. And remember, while celebrities may try to show a down-to-earth side, sometimes it’s best to just let them be the glamorous stars we admire from afar.

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Video Transcript

Imagine no possessions welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our piics for the moments where celebs tried to be just like us and failed Mom puts us to work like we we planted a lot of lavender she made us get on our hands and knees for the for the

Garden number 10 guessing grocery prices Bill Gates it’s hard enough for a millionaire to relate to the rest of us let alone a billionaire during the Ellen degenerate show Bill Gates played a game with one objective correctly guessing the prices of groceries what do you think

$4 no no they want they want me to go higher yeah between estimating $5 for a box of reron and $10 for a pack of Tide Pods it was clear he hadn’t stepped inside a store for a long time I mean it’s one banana Michael what could it

Cost $10 well it’s understandable that he wouldn’t know the exact prices some of his guesses were so far off that the audience had to help him the response was mixed some found it hilarious While others were less than impressed it’s branded you know you guys think less

Than $10 yes yes at the very least Gates maintained a positive attitude showing that he was very aware of his lack of knowledge number nine scratching an itch on sacred rocks Jennifer Lawrence where were these rocks were they kind of on the coast were they in the mountains um

There were we were filming in Hawaii and there were sacred rocks and they were I I don’t know her ancestors who knows at one point she was the queen of relatable celebrities but perceptions can shift with a misjudged anecdote Lawrence told a story on The Graham Norton Show about

Her time working in Hawaii the cast was filming by ancient sacred rocks that were forbidden to sit on and she decided to ignore this so she could scratch and itch oh my my God they were so good for butt itching just like this caused stones to Tumble down

Endangering the crew needless to say f found her anecdote to be particularly Charming let’s have a big hand for our very first volunteer Katniss evine she was called out for not only disrespecting local beliefs but framing the situation as comedic thankfully she did Apologize number eight cutting a

Cucumber Kendall Jenner while it isn’t surprising that someone raised in wealth wouldn’t be a culinary genius you’d think they’d still have some basic cooking skills do you want um the chef to make you a snack I’m making it myself just got to chop up some cucumber during an episode of the Kardashians Kendall

Jenner decided to make herself a snack rather than have the chefs prepare her one she even mentioned how easy the process would be she then proceeded to pull out a cucumber and cut it in a mo most bizarre way I’m not a good cutter so don’t zoom in on me I’m not

Professional whatsoever the way she both held and use the knife made some question whether she had ever used one before while she was good-natured about the ribbing she received from it it was another instance of how disconnected she could be some fans took to social to call out what they perceived as a

Kitchen nightmare one says watching Kendall Jenner cut a cucumber is one of the most painful things I’ve ever seen number seven comparing corn team to jail Ellen degenerous the beginning of the pandemic was tough for many especially those who had to continue working or were locking down in smaller spaces a

Lot of people online were able to relate to one another but then celebrities tried complaining about it as well and among the CBS Ellen degenerous stood out I miss all the things they used to complain about I’d give anything right now to be stuck behind a Corola trying

To make a leftand turn she released a video discussing her thoughts about the crisis and cracked a joke about how quarantining was comparable to being in jail her saying this from her vast multi-million dollar mansion was not well received this is what you do when you’re home and you have nothing to do

You work out you you get in the gym and then you look at this TV show that makes you happy she was immediately called out for it leading her to quietly delete the video and pretend it never happened unfortunately for her the internet never forgets since I’m I’m here uh I’ve had a

Lot of time to sit and think sorry I meant sit and drink number six opining on the pandemic Madonna that’s the thing about covid-19 it doesn’t care about how rich you are different Stars had varying responses to the spread of the Corona virus while some complained about lockdowns others tried to put an

Optimistic spin on the ordeal early on Madonna added her two cents to the situation she posted a video explaining that she saw the pandemic as an equalizer what’s terrible about it is what’s great about it what’s terrible about it is it’s made us all equal in

Many ways she was attempting to make a fair point about how anyone could get sick regardless of who they were in society but she didn’t take into consideration how some would have better access to health care than others or that some would be at higher risk her

Saying this from a rose petal bath in her undoubtedly expensive bathroom annoyed people even more I know you scared tonight I’ll leave number five buying a school bus Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott stormy Webster got a special surprise from Dad Travis Scott the chance to explore a whole school bus by herself after

Finding out that his very young daughter wanted to try riding a bus Travis Scott did the logical thing he bought her one of her own telling followers that the three-year-old has been talking about riding a big yellow bus non-stop lately so her famous father came through with

The real deal Kylie Jenner then posted the photos clearly proud that they had made stormy happy but Jenner didn’t get the response she had expected while school buses aren’t exactly a luxury vehicle they are still expensive and they could have just rented one the next pick showed stormy standing in the aisle

Of the empty bus seemingly taking in all its Glory it was perceived by many as a wait for the celebrity couple to cosplay as normies without having to actually live like them while it is great that they did something nice for their daughter it wasn’t interpreted as the relatable parenting moment they thought

It was Kylie revealed in a cover story for interview Germany that she quote always knew she wanted to be a young mother and reflected on how much stormmy shifted her priorities even more than she expected number four not having designer items while growing up Bella

Hadid I feel blessed that that I made it out while being interviewed by Vogue model Bella Hadid decided to get personal she lamented that she never had a designer piece growing up and how she was happier as an adult because she could buy them this caused a collective

Eye roll online with many noting that it was the definition of a first world problem you know my mom wouldn’t let me I think I got my first pair of lub Vuittons when I graduated high school and while her parents may not have allowed her to get luxury shoes it

Wasn’t because they couldn’t afford them her father is a successful real estate developer and her mother was a reality star many fans also found it hard to sympathize when so many people have trouble affording basic necessities this is for you guys what it’s nothing it’s just my my will number three the food

Stamp challenge gwenneth paltro while celebrities highlighting injustices can help bring awareness they sometimes go about it in the worst way possible while doing publicity for a food bank Gwen paltro participated in the food stamp challenge where she’d have to stick to a weekly grocery budget it taught me that

Um you cannot eat fresh whole affordable food if you are living at the poverty line palro started off by buying large amounts of produce and quickly hit her limit after a few days she admitted to buying extra groceries and quit know people who are barely making ends meat

Are really um not given a lot of option in what they can feed their family and um it was very eye opening for me to top it all off she celebrated ending the challenge by going to an expensive restaurant while she may have had underlying good intentions the execution

Made it clear that she wasn’t aware of how people with less income actually survive it gave me a lot more understanding um and a lot more gratitude that I can afford fresh produce and organic chicken number two comparing life experiences Kim Kardashian are you excited to be getting

Married to after her Infamous 72-day marriage Kim Kardashian struggled with negative feelings that came with divorce I feel awful that like I made him move out here and like change his whole life and I feel bad for him I feel sad I feel bad for the guy she discussed this

During an interview and mentioned an experience that changed her Outlook she had met a young woman with cancer who told that while it was scary it had taught her more about herself Kim then took the moment and centered herself saying that the patient’s emotions were similar to her own comparing her

Relationship to a deadly disease did not go over well while she later insisted her words had been taken out of context many weren’t buying it it was a reminder early on that the Kardashians were living in a different world than most of us I failed at this and you think that I

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Notifications number one singing imagine galgadot and Friends imagine there no Heaven the world was traumatized by the onset of the pandemic with people beset by stress worry and hardship so galgadot and other entertainers decided to cheer everyone up by singing a cover of John Lennon’s imagine she claimed to have

Been inspired by quarantine people playing music from their balconies but the song didn’t really have the effect GDOT intended and the world will be as one many non-abs were acutely aware that famous stars wouldn’t be able to truly understand what everyone else was going through this admittedly well-intentioned cover

Version was widely criticized with countless parodies made in response you don’t know that other kids are starving in Japan so eat it which celebrity do you think tries a little too hard to be relatable let us know in the comments below hey Chef do you want to cut this

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