Los Bravos – Black Is Black (Happy New Year 1967 (TVE Performance)) – Video

Los Bravos – Black Is Black (Happy New Year 1967 (TVE Performance)) – Video

Los Bravos released their hit song “Black is Black” in 1966 as part of their self-titled album. The song quickly gained popularity and became a hit, reaching high positions on various music charts around the world.

The music video for “Black is Black” showcases the band’s dynamic energy and infectious sound. The catchy lyrics and upbeat tempo make it a timeless classic that still resonates with audiences today.

The performance in the music video captures the essence of the swinging 60s, with its colorful visuals and vibrant atmosphere. The band’s charismatic stage presence and soulful vocals shine through, making it a must-watch for fans of classic rock and pop music.

“Black is Black” is a song that perfectly encapsulates the heartbreak and longing for lost love, with its melancholic lyrics and upbeat melody. It’s no wonder that this song has stood the test of time and continues to be a favorite among listeners of all ages.

Overall, “Black is Black” by Los Bravos is a timeless classic that showcases the band’s talent and appeal. The music video complements the song perfectly, making it a memorable and captivating experience for viewers.

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