The Ultimate Jackie Chan Fight Scenes: Top 20 – Video

The Ultimate Jackie Chan Fight Scenes: Top 20 – Video

If you’re a fan of martial arts and action films, then you’ll definitely want to check out this video from WatchMojo titled “Top 20 Jackie Chan Fights.” In this video, WatchMojo counts down some of the greatest fight scenes from films starring the legendary Jackie Chan.

From classics like “Police Story” and “Rumble in the Bronx” to more recent hits like “Shanghai Knights” and “The Forbidden Kingdom,” this video covers a wide range of Jackie Chan’s impressive fight sequences. Each fight scene is analyzed for its creativity, choreography, and overall impact, showcasing just why Jackie Chan is considered a master of his craft.

So if you’re looking to relive some of the most epic moments in Jackie Chan’s filmography or discover new favorites, be sure to check out this video. And if you think there’s a fight scene that should have made the list, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section. This video is a must-watch for any fan of Jackie Chan, action movies, and jaw-dropping fight choreography.

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Game’s over fin welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the greatest fight scenes from film starring Jackie Chan I’m speaking to you Monk number 20 Amazon fight Armor of God the first in a film series that’s basically Jackie Chan’s take on Indiana Jones this fight sees Jackie the

Character faced with four four female assassins sporting high heels and 80s hair the cave setting and overhead walkway allow for some fantastic use of the environment in the choreography additionally all the high kicks from the women have Jackie dodging and leaping out of the way there’s also plenty of Comedy throughout although initially

Overmatched Jackie is able to use his opponent’s choice in Footwear against them with its fantastic atmosphere rare female foes and some spectacular stunt work just look at those flips this fight is a real treasure number 19 sword fight the myth this is no ordinary sword is it Yours another film in Jackie Chan’s treasure hunting o this one sees him play Jack an archeologist in search of a treasure once sought by himself in a past life Jack seeks answers from a guru master of kalari payata an Indian martial art the guru has him battle one

Of his students hoping to reawaken memories of his past life the ensuing sword duel is Fast and Furious and features many Cuts between Jack’s previous life and the present the Dual time periods bring plenty of novelty to the fight plus the relatively straightforward nature of it makes it surprisingly unique among Jackie’s other

Fights as well we would certainly enjoy it in this life or the next now do you have the answer in your heart you can become one with your sword number 18 bicycle Chase project a as tempting as it was to discuss the final battle against Pirates in the film we

Ultimately chose this one since we think it showcases Jackie’s talents better due to a misunderstanding former Marine policeman dragon is arrested after escaping on a bicycle he’s pursued by police who follow on bikes of Their Own the sequence evokes silent comedy films with its madcap visual comedy though it also incorporates the creative

Choreography Jackie Chan’s fights are known for Dragon uses the Backstreet’s inhabitants to his Advantage flips pots with his bike and even uses bamboo poles and the bike itself as a weapon it’s just so much fun and endlessly [Applause] rewatchable number 17 gwendal Trio Fight The Fearless hyena the penultimate fight

Of this classic Kung Fu film sees Chan’s character Ching Hing L against the three Disciples of a villainous Kung Fu Master the three men all wield folding gendell’s long-bladed Chinese Spears while Ching initially faces them barehanded he eventually claims one of their weapons for himself cutting two of

Them down and chasing the third away the synchronicity of the Trio’s movements is impressive meanwhile Jackie is incredibly flexible throughout and some of the ways he Dodges the gwendal have to be seen to be Believed number 16 Street Fighter fight City Hunter while it’s certainly arguable that the final fight of this film that pits Jackie Chan against Richard Norton is superior on a technical level this fight is just so dang entertaining Rio Saba finds himself in an arcade with his hands tied

Confronted by the big bad’s right-hand Man Kim Rio is thrown into an arcade machine and electrocuted this causes him to hallucinate that Kim is Ken from the video game Street Fighter 2 after selecting his own character as E Honda the two exchange Blows after an initial defeat Rio returns as Chun Lee to finish kimk for good the entire sequence renders Street Fighter perfectly in live action complete with all the special moves Hilarious number 15 Jackie Chan versus Wang inik the young master jackiechan has many fights in his films but his battle with hapkido Master hang in shik is easily one of his longest Chan’s character Dragon confronts escaped criminal C in shik’s C has the upper hand for most of the fight first

Delivering blinding fast kicks and then devastating arm and finger locks Dragon brings the fight closer to the ground with more success however upon drinking water from an opium pipe dragon becomes nigh impervious to pain tanking comm’s attacks and throwing himself and his opponent around with abandon Jackie has some positively backbreaking Falls in

This fight and inik skill as a 10th degree black belt is on Full display but in a battle between skill and endurance endurance wins this time number 14 wind tunnel fight Armor of God 2 Operation Condor in search of gold in the Sahara Jackie AKA Asian Hawk escapes some

Mercenaries and goes running for a wind tunnel above in a control room his friends continually mess with the switches that regulate the wind speed and direction leading to all kinds of Mayhem eventually the two groups learn to coordinate which allows them to dispose of the mercenaries for good

While the actual hand-to-hand combat is sporadic it’s still quite excellent additionally the creative use of the wind in the choreography leads to some Hilarious Moments such as Jackie going all in on that Superman punch Superman number 13 Jackie Chan versus Jet Lee The Forbidden Kingdom the staff doesn’t belong to you you have to give to me or somebody might get hurt despite both martial arts movie Legends appearing in dozens of films this marks their first onscreen appearance together as well as their

First fight and it’s fittingly Larger than Life Lou the drunken Immortal played by Chan gets into a fight with Lee’s silent monk over possession of a powerful staff initially each holding on to the staff leads to a lot of great footwork however after the staff is

Lodged in a pillar the duo sets into each other using a variety of Styles as well as anything nearby praying mantis very good for catching bucks but not tiger while the wire workk does make the fight a bit floatier than most of both the actors previous works it’s done by

Legendary choreographer Yuen Wu ping so we can’t really complain number 12 Wang F hung versus Thunder leg Yim tsam Drunken Master in this film Jackie Chan plays a version of real life folk hero Wang Fe hung who’s been trained in the art of drunken boxing pitted against

Thunder leg in a final fight Wong showcases each of the eight drunken Immortal Styles when Thunder leg’s own secret technique proves too quick for him to handle Wong has to improvise his own final style to defeat his foe out of jacki’s older Kung Fu fights we’d argue that this is the best the rhythm of the combatants is like poetry in motion and The Comedy of

His drunken Antics during the fight is hysterical although we’d argue that this isn’t the peak of Jackie doing his drunken style this is still a magnificent fight scene how Choy you number 11 Jackie Chan versus Donnie Yen Shanghai Knights the fight in the market was also a contender for our list though

It’s more of an exhibition of Jackie skill alone who could possibly hold their own against Jackie well the star of the itman series might be a safe bet in this aborus comedy sequel Jackie returns to the role of Chan John Wayne Wang who finds himself trading blows with Donnie

Yen villainous woow as he tries to prevent the British royal family from being assassinated of course this isn’t your average brawl between two Master martial artists since the pair has to avoid being mowed down by a machine gun as they duke it out number 10 on the ropes

Miracles that’s more like it I hate cheating even in the director’s chair Jackie doesn’t hesitate to throw himself into The Fray when it comes to Wild fight scenes in this Hong Kong variation of Frank ca’s Lady for a Day Jackie takes on the role of a kind-hearted individual who finds himself in the

Awkward position as leader of a notorious gang coming into conflict with a rival boss Jackie ends up having to take out an entire swarm of goons inside a rope Factory there he is come on as you can gu yes the Rope work is damn impressive made all the better by the

Fight’s comedic Edge don’t jump told you not to jump number nine Jackie Chan versus Brad Allen gorgeous rules no rules anything goes but no dirty tricks the course of true love never did run smooth but when Jackie is involved you can expect there to be some kind of

Fight added to the mix after becoming smitten with a gorgeous woman named Buu their Whirlwind romance is interrupted by a rival businessman who becomes so determined to take Jackie out that he hires some extra muscle played by Australian martial artist Brad Allen to take him down a

Peg try not to Blink otherwise you’ll miss the flurry of fists and comedic dance that takes place Number eight don’t break the artifacts Rush Hour who would have guessed that all Jackie needed to smash into mainstream Hollywood is his usual brand of action choreography and Chris Tucker while at a Chinese art exhibition inspector Lee finds himself not only having to take out multiple thugs but also ensuring

That the exhibits don’t end up destroyed which is pretty tricky when you’re getting the crap kicked out of you the only thing more Priceless than the artifacts on display is the look on Jackie’s face when one of them gets blown to bits number seven environment takedown Rumble in the

Bronx you are garbage this is the film that gave the West their first real look at the awesomeness that is Jackie champ it may have been long overdue but it’s certainly made an impression with audiences with one hell of a fight scene being especially memorable caught up in

An escalating Feud with several gang members Jackie’s Hong Kong cop shows them why he’s not to be messed with as he takes down the villainous Tony and his cronies Single-handedly not only does he get to show off his martial arts prowess he also uses everything from tables and chairs to shopping carts and even a fridge to his Advantage number six the ladder police Story 4 First Strike call the cops please wait one of Jackie’s longest

Running Series has no shortage of epic moments and while the playground fight from police Story 2 is all well and good there’s just no comparison to the now legendary fight scene in which the chanman man takes a ladder and turns it into a Lethal Weapon even the plot which

Involves nuclear warheads and a killer shark pales in comparison to Jackie artfully wielding a ladder and taking down a room full of Triads in the process just goes to show that you can give this guy anything and he’ll find a way to make it an Exquisite source of

Pain for his foes Alan brother he didn’t kill our father number five rooftop fight who am I this underrated film sees Jackie Chan play a protagonist with amnesia who may or may not be Jackie Chan himself I like the three Choice i k the this and I throw

You both off faced with two Hitmen Jackie first fights against quen young despite a creative use of a shirt things get kicked up a notch literally when Ron sorenberg steps up his his high kicking style puts Jackie on the back foot and when quen joins in two things get really nuts the

Fight ranges all over the roof with the fighters dodging obstacles using bricks and trying not to fall off the edge featuring stunts comedy and some jaw-dropping moves this fight raises the roof in more ways than one it’s perhaps the finest or at least the most even two-on-one fight in Jackie’s filmography

Number four Jackie Chan versus Benny ydz wheels on meals what you if there’s one man who could give Jackie a run for his money even back in his prime it was Benny the jet ydz playing a fast food truck owner with some serious skills when it comes to martial arts

Jackie finds himself once again caught up in a criminal syndicate’s activities eventually leading to a confrontation with the jet himself in a full-on East versus West showdown these two masters of their craft prove what they’re made of With a castle for their Battleground you can practically feel the impact of every punch that St out bone appeti number three Jackie Chan versus Benny yores round two dragons forever we get to see Jackie and the Jet duke it out again this time Chan is playing a loyal hired by a chemical

Company to try and discredit a local fishery claiming they’re polluting the water Jackie’s investigation soon leads him to take the law into his own hands when he finds himself the target of a Narcotics Kingpin as you might have guessed the villain’s main henchman is played by

Benny who really gets a chance to shine as he takes on both Jackie and fellow martial artist extraordinaire Sam o hung yes you just can’t beat the jet when it comes comes to playing minions number two the mall police Story The Stunt work in this scene alone is a sight to behold trapped in a mall hunted down by a slew of goons Jackie goes fullon Super cop and not only takes each of them out but also manages to destroy most of the store in the process whether he’s slamming enemies into glass

Fixtures running them over with a motorcycle leaping over escalators or that Infamous moment when he slides down a pole wrapped in light bulbs a lot of bones are broken and we can all agree that the whole scene is an action Masterpiece before we continue be sure

To subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one the fury of drunken boxing Drunken Master 2 what would later become known as The Legend of drunken master in North America this film’s final fight sequence is unrivaled when it comes to its Cor phography resulting in a furious Feast for the eyes as Jackie exchanges fists with two deadly henchmen inside a Factory while he manages to dispose of one easily the other proves to be far too skilled for Jackie to handle that is until he ingests some industry alcohol what follows is a demonstration of his drunken boxing at its best as he goes full on beast mode and this is is why

Jackie Chan is the [Applause] man is there an essential jackiechan fight we glossed over let us know in the comments did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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