10 TV Shows That Are Extremely Uncomfortable to Watch – Video

10 TV Shows That Are Extremely Uncomfortable to Watch – Video

If you’re a fan of TV shows that push the boundaries and make you squirm in your seat, then WatchMojo has got you covered with their latest video titled “Top 10 Most Uncomfortable To Watch TV Shows.” From cringe-worthy moments to challenging themes, this countdown features some of the best shows that will leave you feeling uneasy.

Starting off the list is “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson,” a Netflix comedy series that takes social faux pas to absurd extremes, leaving viewers laughing and cringing at the same time. Moving on, we have “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” a refreshing comedy that tackles mature conversations about sexuality, womanhood, and mental health in a fun musical format.

If you’re a fan of satirical humor, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” will have you hooked with its surreal and unsettling sketches that parody public access television. And if you’re looking for a teen drama that doesn’t shy away from graphic content, “Euphoria” is a must-watch with its raw depiction of adolescence.

From Nathan Fielder’s awkward antics in “The Rehearsal” to the dysfunctional family dynamics in “Arrested Development,” this list has something for everyone who enjoys a little discomfort with their TV viewing experience. So grab a snack and get ready to cringe as you dive into these top 10 most uncomfortable TV shows. Let us know in the comments which show made you squirm the most!

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Video Transcript

And we’re husband and wife so what could go wrong welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the best shows that elicit discomfort unease or feature challenging themes number 10 I think you should leave with Tim Robinson in 2019 comedians Tim Robinson and Zach Cannon

Found their place on Netflix where their unique brand of comedy can flourish and I think you should leave but when you try and jump in they yell at you and they say you’re not part of the turbo team don’t run you don’t run with us we’re the on who run the sketch comedy

Show takes social faux PA to unnatural and often absurd Extremes reving in the discomfort created by its characters hey Meredith I’m worried that the baby thinks people can’t change Shane can we stop talking about it cuz I’ve worked really really hard to change ask Mark premises for the series sketches can

Range from inappropriate computer games to demonic doggy door in rter making it hard to guess just what kind of strange setup you’ll be met with next what have they done to us what did they do to us thankfully each Short episode has as much to laugh about as it does to cringe

At oh you FL now you have to marry your mother-in-law yeah because he landed it and you Flinch you have to marry your mother-in-law I did not flinch number nine crazy exgirlfriend if you ever encounter someone dismissing a show that is aired on the CW solely because of its

Network you might want to tell them to give Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a try for almost years I’ve known something was wrong but Mom said weakness causes bloating so I try to be strong the clever comedy series is a refreshing departure from the Channel’s typical lineup featuring mature conversations about sexuality Womanhood and mental

Health in a fun musical format get a DI of course as revolutionary as it can be some of its sensitive subject matter can get a little a little bit uncomfortable especially when it’s expressed in a song from Troublesome infections to healthy reproductive cells nothing is off limits I got the quantity

And the quality no IUD is stopping me and while most of these unconventional songs are worthy of playing on repeat others are a bit harder to stomach even for Fans AEP number eight Tim and Eric awesome show great job imagine falling asleep to an airing of chowder only to be awoken by the panicked desperate screams of grown men this could have easily been the reality for kids and adults alike from 2007 to 2010 when Tim and Eric awesome

Show great job ran on Adult Swim Cartoon Network’s late night programming block miss the answer to your question is she’s not in but you had we come up four flights of steps because the elevator’s out the satirical comedy often parodies the kinds of shows and infomercials seem seen on public access television giving

Them an unsettlingly surreal spin in some cases the sketches even start out fairly normal before slowly descending into disconcerting Darkness look at this discounted price there’s no meat on it you throw it back stay in the water I’m not going to serve you to my family

That’s a setup that seems tailor made to throw off even the most impenetrable nighttime Channel Surfers if that was their intention well great job spett and the Quest for the golden treasure number seven Euphoria this teen drama has its fair share of comedic moments but they aren’t what makes us

Cringe oh my god do I look like I’m in Oklahoma why would your play be set in Oklahoma instead it’s the series Frank depiction of sexuality violence and substance use that has many viewers watching through their fingers I’m sorry but I need you to tell me where they are

I need you to tell me where the pills are mom I need you to tell me what the suitcase is sure broaching serious Topics in a high school setting is nothing new deg Grassi did it for decades but Euphoria dials the intensity up to 11 open the door I can’t do it

Open the door open the door open the door this choice to depict such serious subject matter in a graphic way has drawn criticism from a number of media advocacy and Drug education groups but the controversy has never diminished its popularity with younger Generations uncomfortable or not its harrowing performances and unique visual flare

Make it must see television you said that memories exist outside of time and have no beginning or end number six the rehearsal although Nathan Fielder’s career in comedy started prior to 2013 his Comedy Central series Nathan for you made him a name to watch playing an awkward offbeat version of himself

Felder suggested eccentric marketing ideas to real life business owners and let them play out to their natural and occasionally uncomfortable end I was scared what do you mean you were scared yeah sometimes you’re scared for for something what youing accident or something about 5 years after the show’s

Finale Fielder up the atie with the rehearsal I mean how would as a woman how would you take that if you touched a guy’s hand and he just left it there she could read that as you flirting back right what begins as a strange social experiment in which Nathan helps prepare

For big events takes an uneasy turn when a kid is added to the picture oh hi hi I’m here to see the doctor I Dr far came have SE indeed his attempts to help a woman rehearse parenting’s spiral out of control until he realizes he’s becomes something of a

Surrogate father to a real life child actor yikes you going to say bye hi I don’t want to leave you it’s okay it’s okay we’ll see each other soon Number Five Arrested Development the year was 2003 and Arrested Development introduced audiences to TV’s wildest formerly Rich family our lives have not

Quite been the same s they are going to keep dad in prison at least until this gets all sorted out also so the attorney said that they’re going to have to put a halt in the company’s expense account right out of the gate the pilot ushers in one of the series’s most consistent

Cringe inducing plot lines George Michael’s crush on his cousin maybe yes it’s as disconcerting as it sounds I’m tempted to kiss again so we could teach them a lesson why would that teach them a lesson no I mean uh to to freak them out yeah but that doesn’t make any sense

But isn’t that what makes it funny believe it or not that weird relationship is just one of many uncomfortable parts of the show’s season run hey look at that we didn’t get swallowed up into hell whether it’s maybe’s accidental Teenage Love Affair tobias’s brief experimentation with hair plugs or something else Arrested

Development is the master of making fans winse before they laugh is that Chen oh my God D are you all right I fooled his own son I am a leading man number four big mouth Purity is an uncomfortable time for everyone but it seems to hit the characters of big mouth harder than

Most luckily they have hormone monsters to help them get through it knock knock who’s there it’s the hormone monster no no no no no you got to be kidding me the show’s in yourf face depiction of some of the most unpleasant and awkward parts of adolescence paired with its ugly cute

Art style are not for the faint of heart even your M monster thinks you’ve gone too far but if you can handle the cringe big mouth is one of the most surprisingly sincere and all-encompassing depictions of being a teen ever made Mom I’m sorry you were right really wow

What am I right about I do need help well if you ignore the monsters and anthropomorphic pillows that is this might be my only chance to have a baby I mean I am 40 what I’m from your grandparents house number three the Eric Andre show whether you’re aware of it or

Not You’ probably seen a clip or still from the Eric Andre show in your lifetime never said that why did you say why would you say something so controversial yet so brave in spite of or maybe because of its strange sense of humor the series has inspired numerous

Memes that have stood the test of time online there’s of course the who killed Hannibal image we also can’t forget the one of Andre desperately trying to enter the DNC here both are fun bits but they don’t begin to touch the sheer levels of off-putting absurdity the sketch comedy

Series itself reaches in an average episode it’s a talk show that messes with its guests as much as its audience getting some extreme reactions out of a surprising number of stars in the process she’s a great guest I like her number two pen 15 what’s more Awkward

Than being 13 how about watching two women in their 30s act out their embarrassing adolescent alongside actual teenagers hey Maya come over here yeah come over here oh my God come with me come with me I can’t no no they didn’t say me they you okay you got it this is

The premise of pen 15 a bizarre Coming of Age Tale starring actresses Meer kkin and Anna conl throughout the show the women women act out first periods first kisses and even first stolen thongs um why it’s hilariously relatable in a way that you wish wasn’t relatable and frequently inspir some of the

Strongest cases of secondhand embarrassment one can get from a TV show but as you know something of Heathers was stolen a thong please call it underwear mom said in 2000 it also makes sure to Riff on some very Millennial specific sources of cringe like a scream name and the screeching sounds of

Dialup oh my God good job I got mine before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions Kung on Earth filamina Kung asked the questions no other investigative reporter would dare to which was more culturally significant the Renaissance or Single Ladies by Beyonce Hannibal the cannibalism stuff is pretty

Unsettling you intend me to be my own Last Supper yes the White Lotus do the stomach turning Surprises cost extra at this hotel someone broke in and took a dump yes send someone It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia some of Danny DeVito’s best work also happens to be his most

Uncomfortable I just want to be pure the office David Brent makes Michael Scott look like a normal boss last year I took a year out and and I went traveling um exploring exploring yourself and Asia before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and

Ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one the curse following the success of Nathan for you

And the rehearsal off-kilter comedian Nathan Fielder created the curse with uncut Gem’s co-director Benny safy it’s a match made in discomfort Heaven you can’t just sit here and say this is the show or this isn’t the show you can’t do that all right there’s a reason there isn’t a network executive hounding over

Us time okay the dark comedy series sazesh GTV star protagonists Whitney and Asher seagull who are attempting to bring sustainable homes to the community of Espanola New Mexico the beauty of a passive home is it actually functions like a thermos so it’s never going Below

66° in the winter or above 78° in the summer Whitney is a pathological altruist constantly attempting to amarate things in increasingly cringy ways while Asher becomes obsessed with a curse he believes was placed on him I curse you okay okay I’m going to go get change okay the relationship and lives slowly

Deteriorate and it culminates in one of the most inexplicable finales we’ve ever seen Seen On TV watching this has us wondering what exactly we’ve gotten ourselves into but we can’t deny we’re entertained grab a snack we’ll be right back guys thank you so much which of these TV shows made you the most

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