15 Bizarre Occurrences Unique to Hong Kong! – Video

15 Bizarre Occurrences Unique to Hong Kong! – Video

15 Strange Things That Only Happen in Hong Kong!
As one of the most densely populated places in the world and a hub of the most developed free – market economy, Hong Kong holds numerous interesting aspects that not everyone is aware of. Hong Kong is considered one of the places with the highest number of billionaires in the world. So, what is it about the life of the people here that attracts many to travel and live in this place?
Join me on a journey to this unique Asian country to explore the life of its people and the fascinating aspects surrounding Hong Kong!

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15 peculiar things unique to Hong Kong as one of the most densely populated places in the world and a hub of the most developed free market economy Hong Kong holds numerous interesting aspects that not everyone is aware of Hong Kong is considered one of the places with the

Highest number of billionaires in the world so what is it about the life of the people here that attracts many to travel and live in this place join me on a journey to this unique H to explore the life of its people and fascinating aspects surrounding Hong Kong number 15 gaps in skyscraper

Buildings foreigners visiting Hong Kong for the first time were often surprised to see skyscraper buildings with a significant hole right in the middle something they perceive as wasting space in a densely populated area I will reveal to you why these buildings here have such gaps according to Chinese fin

Schw Theory these gaps are created as a pathway for divine dragons to enter their dwell Dwelling Places on the mountains behind the buildings according to this ancient Theory the prime location of these buildings follows the principles of backing against the mountain and facing the water meaning

There should be a mountain behind and a river in front thus a passage needs to be opened for the dragon to travel from the mountain to the river blocking this path is believed to bring bad luck to the residents of the building the first building constructed in this

Architectural style is the repulse Bay a Seaside complex built in 1986 on 8887333920 begin to pass through however it’s certain that dragons do not actually reside in Hong Kong or if they do they must be quite stealthy number 14 haunting coffin homes in lowy income residential areas in stark contrast to

The glamorous and luxurious images we often associate with Hong Kong there are also mous hole neighborhoods where life is entirely different serving as the residents for impoverished laborers whose bedrooms resemble cages the exorbitant cost of renting homes in Hong Kong has forced many low income individuals to squeeze into cramped

Living Spaces on rooftops they have to create their own private rooms using metal cages and makeshift partitions made from scrap wood the living conditions of low I income workers and families in these apartments were extremely challenging everything is divided into tiny portions the areas referred to as bedrooms in these

Apartments are only 2 square m commonly known as coffin homes inside these coffin homes the arrangements may surprise many each person’s living space is divided from a larger apartment with plywood partitions at the end of the room there’s a small shelf for a TV and personal items while clothes and other

Necessities are hung on hooks residents in these coffin homes are often retirees impoverished laborers drug addicts and even those with mental health issues they lack the financial means to cope with the soaring housing costs in Hong Kong I believe anyone who has a fear of confined spaces would be quite

Apprehensive about living here however managing daily activities in such limited space must indeed be incredibly challenging if you had to live here what would your thoughts be number 13 grave prices higher than real estate in Hong Kong the resting place for the deceased can be even more expensive then the most

Expensive real estate for the living in the city with a starting price of 53,000 us for a small space and no large than a shoe box this is a pricey location even when compared to other expensive real estate in Hong Kong renowned for having the most expensive property Market in

The world the intricately decorated White marble Interiors of the 12 story Shan Su Tower and Hong Kong are not intended for regular buyers this place is designed for a different clientele those seeking a resting place for their departed loved ones privately operated this Tower designed by a German

Architect serves the purpose of storing the cremated remains of 23,000 individuals Arch from compartments accommodating a single learn some compartments can hold two earns with prices soaring up to 76,000 USD meanwhile compartments designated for families capable of holding the ashes of up to eight individuals can cost up to 430,000

USD with standard compartments measuring about 0.9 square m It is believed that a spot in this Tower is more expensive expensive than the preest real estate in Hong Kong for the living a villa in the peak area sold for 320,000 us per 0.9 square m back in March however Shan Su

Tower nestled in an old industrial area in Quai Chong is not even the most expensive resting place for the deceased in Hong Kong according to the consumer Council of Hong Kong the preest location is in a complex resembling a temple in the northern suburban area of fanling

The resting place cost 660,000 USD and this figure doesn’t even include a management fee of at least 25,000 us despite the high prices places like Shen sum are not Perpetual resting ground cremated remains can only be stored there within the license period granted by the private facility licensed

By the Hong Kong government these licenses have a duration of 10 years and may take several years to obtain through rigorous scrutiny Shan su’s license extends until 2033 truly finding a peaceful final resting place is not easy in this city even in death the cost is higher than buying a home making the

Situation quite challenging especially considering the city’s mortality rate of around 46,000 per year in the past decade the demand for places to store cremated remains is a challenging need to fulfill number 12 the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system stretching over 800 M the escalator system in Hong Kong is recognized as the

World’s longest outdoor covered escalator system apart from assisting residents in easily conquering Steep Street this escalator system allows users to move up and down flexibly to explore bustling markets antique shops museums historical sites and restaurants in the town the escalator starts from the Lively Central District and gradually ascends towards the upscale

Residential area of mid level this system is not a seamless escalator it is divided into 20 escalators with three conveyor belts with 14 entry and exit points you can get on or off at any time the entire Journey from start to finish takes approximately 20 to 25

Minutes with a construction cost of 245 million hasted approximately 31.2 million USD the escalator system began operating in October 1993 and serves over 85,00 people daily if you visit Hong Kong you should experience a segment of this escalator system number 11 Fang shuy plays a significant role in

The lives of the people for the residents of Hong Kong fenu holds tremendous importance many believe that Hong Kong’s current Prosperity is attributed to fangai for example Victoria Harbor tranquil with mountains surrounding both the East and West creates the appearance of a giant Jade cauldron serving as the central axis

That brings prosperity to Hong Kong in shops the working rooms of Hong Kong Traders often feature shrines dedicated to the god of wealth with 72 protective figurines known as Ling Fu hanging Ling Fu mimics the design of traditional ancient Chinese artifacts business owners believe that hanging these figurines can ward off Misfortune ensure

A peaceful life and bring success to their Endeavors shops located near intersections often have altars positioned in Corners near the entrance shop owners must perform daily rituals lighting incense and offering prayers for the wealthy Elites the importance of fang shui becomes even more pronounced many of them have personal Fang shuy

Consultants who provide specific advice every month on how to arrange and organize their living and working spaces for the most favorable outcomes the wealthiest woman in Asia Nina Wang passed away in 2011 the person who forged a will to claim $4 billion dollars of her Fortune happened to be a

Fang shuy Master this incident underscores the profound influence of fang shuy on the people of Hong Kong number 10 many haunted locations Hong Kong is home to many terrifying haunted locations that keeps strangers at Bay one notable example is Brides pool a place shrouded in an incredibly chilling

Story according to Legend a tragic drowning incident occurred here when a bride was being carried on a sedan chair across a waterfall to meet her groom as the bridal party crossed the Rocks over the waterfall one of the sedan chair carriers slipped causing the entire procession to Tumble into the lake due

To the cumbersome wedding dress the bride tragically lost her life in the deep water since then it is believed that the bride Soul still resides beneath the water unable to move on she allegedly pulls down unsuspecting victims to alleviate her loneliness some even claim to occasionally see a woman in a red

Trimmed gray suit cuming her hair by the lake another famous haunted location is dragon large once the most valuable real estate in Hong Kong this Mansion witnessed a death and bankruptcy of two individuals subsequently the entire household vacated the premises leaving an eerie atmosphere during World War II

Japanese soldiers occupied the area and killed several Catholic nuns here in 2004 during the renovation of the house construction workers reported hearing strange noises including the sounds of crying children connected with numerous urban legends the building acts like a magnet attracting the Curious adventurous and those keen on

Exploration the current owner even had to seal off the area with barbed wire to minimize vandalism if you ever visit Hong Kong and wonder if you dare to challenge yourself to explore these spooky locations personally I would pass on that opportunity number nine electable cuisine in Hong Kong one of the most

Enticing attractions for tourists in this country is its diverse and delicious culinary scene it’s hard to believe but Hong Kong boasts around 15,000 restaurants and cafes offering a satisfying experience for both A Taste Buds and the spirit Hong Kong Cuisine is a harmonious blend of various cultural influences including Cantonese Chinese

British Japanese and Southeast Asian wanchai proudly holds the title of having the most restaurants in Hong Kong and is home to one of the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurants Tim Ho One known for its affordable dim sum sells dishes for Less Than 3 us must to Tred dishes when in Hong Kong include

Roast Goose dim sum and barbecue pork noodle it’s truly delightful to have hundreds of delicious options to choose from every day number eight the lives of the super rich in Hong Kong in stark contrast to the impoverished neighborhoods the super rich in Hong Kong lead lives that are hard for many

To Fathom living in multi-million dollar mensions spending billions on horse racing for entertainment this is a part of the extravagant lives of Hong Kong’s super wealthy statistics show that for every seven people in Hong Kong there is one US millionaire there are at least 10,000 individuals with fortunes

Exceeding 30 million USD living here while those with lower incomes pay 500,000 usds for Nano apartments or tiny flats or or even live in cage home or coffin homes the super uich mainly reside in Suburban Mansions especially in the peak the highest point in Hong Kong an upscale home in Hong Kong

Averages around 4.9 million to East however houses in the peak start at around 40 million USD and can go beyond 100 million USD the most luxurious and expensive homes are found in the peak area in March 2018 a house in this region was sold for 178 .4 million us making it the

Most expensive Villa in Asia favorite shopping destinations for the wealthy in Hong Kong include the landmark with Flagship stores like Louis vuon and Tim shyu Kenton Road with a lineup of luxury stores such as Gucci Mark Jacobs Chanel and Di as for dining one of the renowned restaurants frequented by the wealthy is

Fuk La Moon where a table for 12 people can cost around 4,000 us comparing this to the impoverished neighborhood mentioned earlier the peak is truly a world apart one-side life in makeshift homes just getting by day today while the other indulges in a lavish lifestyle with spacious homes that can’t be

Occupied in their enti number seven highest life expectancy in the world when it comes to Regions with the highest life expectancy many people would immediately think of Japan however since 2010 Hong Kong has surpassed Japan and become the place with the highest life expectancy in the world according

To a survey in 2017 the average life expectancy in Hong Kong is 8468 years while in Japan it is 8410 years so why does Hong Kong have such an ideal life expectancy besides environmental and Health Care Factor many experts believe that the longevity of Hong Kong residence is significantly

Influenced by two words diet and eating habit Hong Kong residents have a strong preference for drinking tea in the morning additionally throughout the day they prioritize consuming this refreshing beverage tea contains polyphenols and cogens which have antioxidant properties regular consumption helps combat aging plays a role in weight management and prevents

Cardiovascular and cerebral vascular diseases moreover the summer weather in Hong Kong is hot and humid making people feel tired UNC comfortable therefore Hong Kong residents prefer soup as it helps refresh the body in fact cooking soup is one of the essential skills that Hong Kong women must possess according

To their beliefs consuming hot soup helps regulate the body detoxify and provide better nourishment additionally soup is easy to eat allowing them to nourish themselves even when feeling least inclined to eat furthermore Hong Kong residents place a high value on health check wops in maintaining well-being if they feel fatigued they

Promptly seek medical attention without procrastination as a result most of their illnesses are detected in the early stages allowing for effective treatment even when illnesses are identified at Advanced stages Hong Kong residents can still use health insurance reducing the burden of catastrophic illnesses number six highest Rolls Royce

Density in the world Hong Kong is claimed to have the highest average number of rolls royes per capita globally the largest order in rolls-royce’s history comes from this country Steven Hong Hong Kong tycoon and star of the Netflix series bling Empire New York is the owner of a custom order for 30

Rolls Royce Phantoms worth $20 million notably the five-star Peninsula Hotel located in cun Hong Kong even has its own Fleet of Rolls-Royce cars these Ultra luxurious sedan are painted in the peninsula rooster green the distinctive color of the hotel one of the biggest mysteries surrounding RS Royce regarding

The owner of the one egg a kind sweptail convertible back in 2017 the world’s most expensive car at 12 million UST was finally answered in early 2023 and the answer was Hong Kong the buyer of the car is Sam legel the son of real estate billionaire Samuel take Lee who owns a

Real estate Empire stretching from Hong Kong to London and Geneva with an estimated net worth of $3 6 cents billion according to Forbes for those who love admiring luxury cars just visit Hong Kong you’ll be surprised by the density of these luxurious cars everywhere number five skyscrapers in Hong Kong leading in

The list of destinations with the highest number of skyscrapers with 657 skyscrapers including six supertall buildings of 300 M Hong Kong always attracts travel enthusiasts who come to admire these unique and Incredibly impressive designs here are some skyscrapers that I’d like to highlight firstly International Commerce Center

One of the famous skycrapers in Hong Kong with an astonishing height of 484 M 118 floors located in West kalon and completed in 2010 it features notable amenities such as the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong a luxurious hotel and Sky 100 observation deck where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Hong Kong

Including Victoria Harbor secondly is Central Plaza this renowned skyscraper in Hong Kong is a height of 374 M comprising 78 floors completed in August 1992 at 18 Harbor Road on Hong Kong Island During the period from 1992 to 1996 it was considered the tallest building in Asia and one of the tallest

In Hong Kong finally is Bank of China Tower Bank of China Tower is not only a recognizable symbol but also one of the famous skyscrapers in Hong Kong that you shouldn’t miss when visiting this city in the clouds with a height of 315 M and 72 floors it

Is the fourth tallest skyscraper in the city designed by the renowned Chinese architect I the building impresses with a vad resembling an optical prism and is called yay bar due to its unique shape the design with sharp edges of this building has sparked much controversy as

It does not adhere to the popular fangu principles in Hong Kong many believe that the sharp edges bring bad B Energy and Misfortune to address this concern water features were added around the building therefore to address this issue the building has been equipped with additional water features number four

The busiest International Airport in the world Hong Kong International Airport is located on CCH laap Island built by leveling a mountain and using the excavated Rock and soil to expand the land area with construction costs soaring to nearly 20 billion us over an area of over 12 km in taking 6 years to

Complete the airport officially opened in 1998 is operated by Hong Kong Airport Authority this airport is one of the largest and busiest in the world serving as the main hub for Hong Kong Airlines and the city’s five Airlines it connects to over 220 destinations and serves as a Transit point for countless passengers

In 2018 alone the airport transported 5.1 million tons of cargo and 74.7 million passengers number three interesting public transportation in Hong Kong there are various interesting modes of public transportation to cater to the commuting needs of the locals firstly there are electric TRS an environmentally friendly mode of

Transport widely used in Hong Kong for over a 100 years traway LTD Hong Kong is the sole company providing this means of transportation there are six main routes running along the northern Coastline of Hong Kong Island op op ating daily from 6:00 a.m. to midnight with a ticket

Price of approximately 2.3 HD one of the famous Tram routes is with a history of 125 years is the peak drum taking you to the top of the peak to enjoy the panoramic view of Hong Kong you might feel a bit scared as the tram tilts on

The steep slope but reaching the summit and witnessing the radiant Panorama of Hong Kong will leave you satisfied next is the double jaab buas an excellent choice for anyone visiting h Hong Kong due to the exciting experience of sitting on the open top second floor and enjoying the view around the city bus

Services covering all of Hong Kong are provided by cowon motorbus new world first bus and cityus in Hong Kong Island cowon and the new territories moreover being renowned as the city of Harbours Hong Kong offers fairy services for tourists to sway on Victoria Harbor and admire the colorful scenery of the city

The oldest fery Star Ferry operates on four routes between between kaluna and Hong Kong Island providing a common means for tourists who prefer to appreciate the panoramic view of the sparkling Harbor Lights at night and the skyline many Hong Kong residents consider the Star Ferry as one of the

Most prominent cultural icons of the city since its Inception in 1988 the Lonely Planet travel guide even mentions that if you visit Hong Kong and haven’t taken the Star Ferry you’ve missed out on something very special here if you have the chance to visit which mode of

Transport ation would you like to try the most number two neon signs his Heritage in Hong Kong first appearing in Hong Kong in the 1920s neon signs began to flourish and spread across the city streets in the 1950s through the 1980s although concentrated mainly in the bustling commercial District of Nathan

Road and the one chai nightlife District no part of the city is swallowed by the night after sunset by 1970 entire buildings were were covered with neon lights including the national Panasonic sign on Nathan Road setting a Guinness World Record as the world’s largest neon sign subsequently neon signs adorned

Hundreds of shops representing various types of businesses from restaurants hotels and nightclubs to pharmacies jewelry stores clothing shops or porn shops simultaneously testifying to the extraordinary development pace of this city if you’re a fan of Hong Kong movies you’ll undoubted ly be impressed by the vibrant neon colors of signs here with I

Catching shades of green red purple and gold neon signs have long become an indelible part of the local culture however in recent times neon signs in Hong Kong are gradually disappearing replaced by energy efficient lead signs naturally the process and the stories behind each neon sign have become a

Cultural preservation issue uchai Kai is one of the eight masters of Neon on sign still practicing in Hong Kong he mentioned the workload used to be very heavy he and two apprentices made neon signs sometimes working so much that they couldn’t go home to sleep nowadays reduced demand is forced one to find

Ways to keep the professional life accepting an apprentice who wants to explore combining neon signs with art number one Hong Kong celebrates annual Luna new year as an international and modern city Hong Kong has never faded traditional imprint you can experience the city’s distinctive Customs regardless of when you visit the Chinese

Festivals celebrated throughout the year are a way for Hong Kong people to preserve their Heritage if you want to experience the last celebration of winter visit Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year this is the most important Festival in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year you will see both

Children andal dressed in bright red costumes exchanging good wishes with everyone from Neighbors to shopkeepers immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere the streets are decorated with golden lanterns and zodiac patterns while the markets are filled with a variety of auspicious Foods additionally Hong Kong also has the unique tinho Festival tinha

Is the goddess of the Sea and the patron saint of fisherman providing the locals with complete faith on her birthday locals flock to more than 70 temples across the city to pray for safety peace favorable weather and abundant fishery resources in the New Year therefore the reverence for tinho has passed down

Through generations and many young people even welcome this Festival those who are likely yet to witness a boat full of fish firsthand when traveling to Hong Kong choose holiday seasons to truly feel the vibrancy of this place we have traveled together and explored interesting aspects of Hong Kong life if

You were impressed by any surprising facts feel free to share your thoughts in the comments

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